The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

In the heart of Northeast Florida, a digital renaissance brews within the vibrant streets of Jacksonville. Imagine an ecosystem where innovation thrives—a tech hub pulsating with ideas as bold and as boundless as the St. Johns River itself.

Here, tech companies in Jacksonville are not mere pins on a map; they are catalysts propelling us into a future woven with the fibers of technology.

Dive in, and you’ll uncover an intriguing narrative: from burgeoning startups to established IT giants, each page teems with tales of creativity and enterprise.

I’m here to guide you through this tapestry. We’ll navigate the who’s who and the happening hotspots—the Silicon River, if you will—of this city’s tech landscape.

And it’s not just a story. It’s an opportunity. Join me for an exploration that promises more than insight—it reveals a path to potential, mapping out how you, too, can connect with the tech scene here. No frills or fluff—pure, actionable intel. That’s a promise.

Top Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida

Tech Companies in FloridaPrimary Services/ProductsIndustry Focus/SectorHeadquarters Location
Advantage Design GroupDigital orientation solutions, online training and videosEducation, Corporate TrainingJacksonville, FL
BeelineVendor Management System, workforce solutionsWorkforce Management, ProcurementJacksonville, FL
CSI CompaniesStaffing, workforce solutions, managed servicesHealthcare, IT, Financial ServicesJacksonville, FL
AutoQuotes, Inc.CPQ software for the foodservice equipment and supplies industryFoodservice Equipment and SuppliesJacksonville, FL
Environmental Consulting & Technology CorporationEnvironmental consulting servicesEnvironmental, Construction, GovernmentGainesville, FL
PhilipsHealth technology products and servicesHealthcare, Consumer Lifestyle, LightingNorth American HQ: Cambridge, MA (International HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands)
DISYSIT staffing and consultingIT, Financial Services, GovernmentJacksonville, FL with a global presence
PerficientDigital consultancy, IT solutionsHealthcare, Financial Services, RetailJacksonville, FL (HQ in St. Louis, MO)
PresidioIT solutions, cloud infrastructure servicesVarious SectorsJacksonville, FL (HQ in New York, NY)
ModisIT and engineering staffing, and consultingIT, EngineeringJacksonville, FL (part of Adecco Group, Switzerland)
PAX TechnologyElectronic payment terminals and related servicesPayment Solutions, Retail, BankingJacksonville, FL (HQ in Shenzhen, China)
ServiceNowEnterprise cloud computing, service management softwareIT, HR, Customer Service, SecuritySanta Clara, CA (presence in Orlando, FL)
NYMBUSBanking technology, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)Financial Services, BankingMiami Beach, FL
Breezy HRRecruiting software, applicant tracking systemHR Tech, RecruitmentJacksonville, FL
Tideworks EngineeringPort operation software solutionsMaritime, Port Management, LogisticsFlorida (HQ in Seattle, WA)
OptumHealth services platform, analytics, technologyHealthcareFlorida (HQ in Eden Prairie, MN)
SportsMEDIA CorporationSports broadcasting and technologyBroadcast Media, SportsJacksonville, FL
YardiProperty management software solutionsReal Estate, Property ManagementSanta Barbara, CA (presence in Florida)
The Scarlett GroupIT Auditing, cybersecurity, managed servicesVarious SectorsJacksonville, FL
The Judge GroupIT staffing and consultingIT, Telecom, HealthcareWest Palm Beach, FL (HQ in Wayne, PA)

Advantage Design Group

2-17 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Diving into the world of online orientation software tailored for higher education in Jacksonville? Advantage Design Group® is your go-to. They’re all about crafting a personalized, interactive, and video-rich virtual onboarding experience for Jacksonville tech startups and institutions.

Think of it as a warm welcome for new students, their families, faculty, and staff in the Northeast Florida startups scene. With their platform, you’re not just informing; you’re inspiring. Plus, they’ve got this cool feature where you can translate your virtual orientation into any language, making it a true Jacksonville innovation. Talk about inclusivity!


4-16 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

In the modern business landscape of Jacksonville’s business environment, managing an extended workforce can be a real challenge. Enter Beeline. They’re all about transforming how you engage, manage, and optimize external talent in the Jacksonville tech hub.

Their platform is designed to give you total visibility, helping you mitigate risks, achieve cost savings, and drive business growth. Whether it’s about talent, technology, or workforce design in the Silicon Beach of Jacksonville, Beeline has got you covered.

CSI Companies

6-16 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Looking for workforce solutions in Jacksonville that are a bit…reimagined? CSI Companies is where it’s at. They’re not just another staffing agency; they provide strategic guidance and custom solutions in staffing, technology, and managed workforce services for the Jacksonville tech startups.

Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, CSI has a track record of success since 1994 in the Jacksonville IT firms sector. Plus, they’ve got this cool CSI University thing going on, a part of Jacksonville’s digital transformation. Definitely worth checking out!

AutoQuotes, Inc.

9-16 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

In the bustling world of the FES industry in Jacksonville’s business environment, AutoQuotes stands out. They’ve been the driving force for over 30 years, helping food equipment manufacturers, dealers, reps, and consultants in the Jacksonville tech startups scene simplify their sales processes.

From data analytics to quoting solutions, they’ve got the tools to help businesses sell faster and smarter. And with their vast database of foodservice equipment and supplies, they’re a treasure trove for the industry in the Northeast Florida startups ecosystem.

Environmental Consulting & Technology Corporation

12-16 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Navigating the environmental landscape in Jacksonville’s digital transformation? ECT is your compass. They’re all about facing environmental opportunities and challenges head-on, crafting progressive solutions in the tech parks of Jacksonville. Their mission? To journey towards a better tomorrow, hand in hand with clients and employees in the Jacksonville tech events space.

With a legacy since 1988, they’ve been addressing complex environmental concerns, regulatory shifts, and industry growth. Whether it’s multi-discipline environmental solutions or regulatory expertise, ECT is the name to trust.


13-16 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Ever heard of a brand that’s synonymous with innovation in health technology and Jacksonville innovation? That’s Philips for you. They’re on a mission to improve people’s health and well-being through meaningful innovation in the Florida technology industry.

From personal care products to advanced medical devices, Philips is all about making lives better. Their global reach ensures that they’re touching lives everywhere, making a difference one innovation at a time in the Jacksonville tech scene.


14-16 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

In the realm of technology, finance, and project management in Jacksonville’s tech hub, DISYS, now part of Dexian, is a force to reckon with. They’re all about providing the best opportunities for talented professionals worldwide in the Jacksonville IT firms sector.

With a unique talent management program, they ensure access to top-tier talent. Whether you’re looking for nearshore software development or innovative solutions for the future of work in the Jacksonville tech startups scene, DISYS has got your back.


15-16 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Dreaming of a digital future? Perficient, one of the tech startups in the Jacksonville tech scene, is here to turn that dream into reality. They’re a leading digital consultancy, helping enterprises connect with customers and grow their businesses in this rapidly evolving Jacksonville tech industry.

With a focus on creating seamless, loyalty-building experiences, especially in sectors like healthcare, they’re all about driving real results. From onshore to offshore, they offer a global perspective, ensuring that your digital aspirations are met with expertise and North Florida technology know-how.


17-16 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Presidio, an integral part of the Jacksonville tech networking community, is a trailblazer in the realm of digital solutions, ensuring businesses are equipped for the future. They specialize in designing IT solutions that drive success, from cybersecurity to cloud computing in this Jacksonville tech innovation hub.

With a team of experts dedicated to innovation, Presidio is the go-to for businesses looking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving Jacksonville tech scene. Dive into their offerings and discover how they’re reshaping the way businesses operate in the digital age.

SS&C Technology

18-16 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

SS&C Technologies, a cornerstone in the Jacksonville technology scene, is a global powerhouse in the financial technology sector, offering cutting-edge software and services. Catering to the world’s top institutions, they provide solutions that streamline operations and enhance the client experience in this Jacksonville tech environment.

From investment management to fund administration, SS&C is at the forefront of innovation, ensuring the financial world runs smoothly and efficiently.

AAR Corporation

20-16 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

AAR Corp, a key player in Jacksonville’s tech startups ecosystem, is a global leader in aviation services, delivering unparalleled expertise in the aerospace and defense sectors. They offer a range of solutions, from aircraft maintenance to supply chain management, all backed by Jacksonville’s tech expertise.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, AAR Corp ensures the skies are safer and operations are more efficient. Dive into their world and discover how they’re elevating the standards of aviation in the modern Jacksonville tech era.

MATRIX Resources

21-16 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Matrix Resources, a beacon in the Jacksonville tech job market, is a standout in the IT staffing and consulting domain. As part of the Motion Recruitment group, they’re dedicated to bridging the gap between businesses and top-tier IT talent in the Jacksonville tech community.

Whether you’re a company in need of tech expertise or a professional seeking your next opportunity in the Jacksonville tech sector, Matrix is the nexus where innovation and talent converge. Explore their platform and see how they’re reshaping the IT recruitment landscape.


modis The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Modis, a standout in the Jacksonville tech landscape, is where tech meets talent. They’re on a mission to bridge the gap between businesses and the Jacksonville technology industry. With a focus on smart industries, they’re all about driving innovation and digital transformation in the North Florida technology scene.

Whether it’s tech consulting, talent services, or their tech academy, Modis is strategically positioned to help businesses navigate the digital landscape. Positioned at the heart of the Jacksonville tech scene, they’re not just about today; they’re about envisioning and enabling a smarter tomorrow in the Jacksonville tech innovation hub.

PAX Technology

27-15 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Pax Technology, a global leader in the supply of secure electronic payment terminal solutions and an influencer in the Jacksonville tech scene, has been serving the global retail marketplace for over 17 years and has distribution in over 120 countries with an installed base of over 40 million terminals.

Their innovative approach and secure solutions are trusted by many in the Jacksonville tech community, making them a go-to for electronic payment needs. Whether you’re a retailer, in hospitality, or in any other industry, Pax Technology seems to have a solution tailored for you.


30-15 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

ServiceNow, pioneering the Jacksonville tech innovation hub, is revolutionizing the way businesses operate in the Jacksonville tech landscape. Their digital workflows allow employees to work the way they want to, not how software dictates they have to.

This means customers get what they need, when they need it. From AI solutions to enterprise workflows, ServiceNow, deeply rooted in Jacksonville’s tech industry, is at the forefront of business transformation. They’re not just about software; they’re about providing solutions that make work better for everyone in the Jacksonville tech scene.


31-15 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Nymbus is reshaping the future of banking in the Jacksonville tech landscape. Their banking-as-a-service model offers a fresh perspective on growth for brands, banks, fintechs, and credit unions in the vibrant Jacksonville tech scene. Whether you’re looking to launch a digital bank or modernize a legacy infrastructure, Nymbus has the technology and support to make it happen in this Jacksonville tech hub.

They go beyond just providing software; they offer solutions in the Jacksonville tech sector that ensure you can connect with your community and create growth opportunities in the financial domain.

Breezy HR

breezy The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Recruitment Simplified! Dive into a platform that streamlines your hiring process in the evolving Jacksonville tech environment. From posting jobs to reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, Breezy HR is your one-stop solution in the Jacksonville tech ecosystem.

With its intuitive interface, you can manage your recruitment pipeline effortlessly in this Jacksonville tech scene. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, Breezy HR ensures that you find the right talent for your team. Modern recruiting software for the Jacksonville tech community.

Tideworks Engineering

33-15 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Tideworks, a major player in the Jacksonville tech industry, is your trusted partner in providing comprehensive terminal operating systems and solutions. They’re reshaping the way cargo is managed in the Jacksonville tech networking sphere, ensuring efficiency at every step.

With a blend of innovative technology and deep industry knowledge, Tideworks ensures your cargo operations are seamless in the Jacksonville tech landscape. Empowering ports, empowering possibilities in Jacksonville.


34-17 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Optum, a standout in the Jacksonville tech scene, is on a mission to transform healthcare. They’re not just about providing services; they’re about ensuring experiences. With a focus on innovation, Optum is leading the way to better health outcomes at lower costs in the Jacksonville tech environment.

Dive into a world where healthcare is more personalized, efficient, and accessible in the Jacksonville tech ecosystem. Making health care work better for everyone in Jacksonville.

SportsMEDIA Corporation

36-14 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Dive into the world of sports technology with SMT in the heart of the Jacksonville tech innovation hub. They’re the brains behind some of the most innovative broadcast and on-site solutions in major sporting and entertainment events, contributing significantly to the Jacksonville tech landscape. From the NASCAR Broadcast Analytics tool to the GhostCar feature, SMT is all about enhancing fan engagement in this Jacksonville tech scene.

With a legacy rooted in innovation in the Jacksonville tech industry, they’ve been recognized with 36 Emmy Awards. Whether it’s the Super Bowl, the Olympics, or Wimbledon, SMT’s solutions are there, elevating the experience.


41-10 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Yardi is a global software company that designs and supports software solutions specifically tailored for the real estate industry, standing out in the Jacksonville tech landscape. Their products cater to various real estate sectors, including residential, commercial, and investment management, reflecting the dynamism of the Jacksonville tech scene.

With a cloud-based platform, Yardi provides tools that help businesses manage properties, finance, operations, and more, showcasing its strength in the Jacksonville tech ecosystem.

Their suite of applications, a highlight of Jacksonville tech innovations, is designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the tenant experience. If you’re in the real estate game in this Jacksonville tech hub, Yardi’s solutions might just be the tech upgrade you’ve been looking for.

The Scarlett Group

42-10 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

If you’re on the hunt for top-notch managed IT services in Jacksonville, a significant player in the Jacksonville tech environment, The Scarlett Group has got you covered. With over 15 years of experience and a rich presence in the Jacksonville tech sector, they offer a range of IT solutions, from computer support to cybersecurity.

Their services, making waves in the Jacksonville tech networking community, are tailored to ensure businesses get the best tech support, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced security.

The testimonials speak volumes about their expertise and commitment to excellence in the Jacksonville tech industry. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, The Scarlett Group promises to deliver IT solutions that align with your goals in this vibrant Jacksonville tech scene.

 The Judge Group.

43-7 The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida To Know

Connecting talent with opportunity, that’s the mantra of the Judge Group, a beacon in the Jacksonville tech landscape. With a focus on IT consulting, talent & executive search, and learning solutions, they’ve been at the forefront of providing businesses with the resources they need to thrive in the Jacksonville tech environment.

Whether you’re a job seeker or a business in need of top-tier talent in the Jacksonville tech sector, Judge Group’s extensive database and expertise ensure you get the best match.

Their commitment to innovation, echoing the spirit of the Jacksonville tech scene, is evident in their insights on generative AI and their proactive approach to tackling IT challenges. Dive in and discover how the Judge Group can elevate your business or career in this Jacksonville tech hub.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Jacksonville

Who’s Leading the Tech Pack in Jacksonville?

You know those names you hear buzzing around town? Well, FIS and Black Knight Financial Services are like the cool kids on the block. These veterans are setting the pace, with a growing posse of startups hot on their trail. It’s a mix of old guard wisdom and fresh, fearless energy.

What’s Popping in the Jacksonville Tech Scene?

There’s always something on the go. Think meetups, the annual Jacksonville Tech Summit, and innovators mingling at the JAX Chamber’s Tech Council events. It’s like a never-ending tech carnival, minus the cotton candy.

Is Jacksonville Friendly to Tech Startups?

Oh, absolutely. This city rolls out the red carpet for the startup squad. From tech incubators offering that nurturing touch to venture capital firms ready to throw dollars at promising ideas. In Jacksonville, dreams and schematics come together in a perfect blend.

Are There Tech-specific Job Opportunities in Jacksonville?

For sure. It’s like walking into a career fair that never ends. Software devs, cyber security experts, and IT specialists – there’s room for all. The market’s hungry for talent, and it’s chomping at the bit to welcome new faces.

What’s the Deal with Fintech in Jacksonville?

Fintech here is like the secret sauce, adding zing to the city’s financial prowess. Jacksonville’s morphing into a mini-Wall Street for the tech-minded money crunchers, with innovation at every corner and blockchain banter filling the air.

How’s the City Supporting the Growth of Tech Companies?

Jacksonville isn’t just observing from the sidelines. It’s donning the coach’s cap, blowing the whistle, and running plays. Initiatives to boost digital inclusion and innovation districts make it crystal clear—the city’s laying down the groundwork for tech to soar.

Can I Network with Tech Professionals in Jacksonville?

Absolutely. Whether through coding bootcamps, behind the screens of virtual webinars, or clinking glasses at tech happy hours. Network here, and you’ll never run out of LinkedIn connections or fresh insights. It’s like a professional friend-making factory.

What’s the Latest in Jacksonville’s Emerging Tech?

AI, VR, and everything IoT are taking the front seats. It’s like each day, there’s a new whiz kid on the block flaunting some snazzy tech – drones, green tech, you name it. Jacksonville’s just as much about silicon dreams as it is about beach scenes.

How Are Tech Companies in Jacksonville Driving Innovation?

Think of Jacksonville tech firms as the engine under the hood, constantly revving up. They’re not just creating shiny products; they’re rewriting the rulebook—whether that’s in advanced health tech solutions or next-gen tech in logistics and maritime.

What’s the Outlook for Tech Companies in Jacksonville?

Bright. Like, wear-your-sunglasses kind of bright. The tech growth here isn’t just a flash in the pan; it’s simmering into something sustainable. With new talent picking Jacksonville as home base, the forecast is looking tech-tacular for years to come.


We’ve journeyed through the thriving currents of tech companies in Jacksonville. From the brimming potential of startups to the solid foundations laid by tech giants, it’s a realm where innovation isn’t just welcomed; it’s the lifeblood that courses through the city’s digital arteries.

The takeaway? The tech scene here is a mosaic—dynamic and diverse. Like the notes of a complex melody, the coding bootcamps, engaging networking events, and ambitious local policies, each play an integral part in this symphony of progress.

  • It’s where venture capital meets visionary.
  • Where fintech and health tech thrive side by side.
  • And it’s where career opportunities are as abundant as the Florida sunshine.

As the last pixel fades on this exploration, keep these coordinates locked in. For those charting a course in tech, Jacksonville isn’t just a blip on the radar—it’s a beacon. A place that boldly declares: the future is here and now.

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