Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Ever found yourself deep into a riveting conversation, only to be cut short by a glitchy voice channel? Frustrating, isn’t it?

That’s when you realize, the digital hub you’ve plugged into should match the wavelength of your needs—whether it’s for gaming skirmishes or the daily banter of team dynamics.

Enter the world of apps like Discord, where communication shapes our interactions and community thrives on seamless connectivity.

In this byte-sized digital era, we’re not just after another app. We hunt for experiences, for platforms that fuse the practical with the pleasurable. Dive into this bespoke guide, and by the final dot, you’ll be versed in virtual hangouts that rival Discord in social platforms and messaging services.

We’re pulling back the curtain on an array of team communication software and chat applications that are gunning for the spotlight, each with unique flair in online collaboration tools.

From the dynamic esports scene that reveres VoIP quality to enterprise-focused entities craving intuitive design, we’re unlocking a treasure trove that enhances the art of digital dialogue.

Apps Like Discord

Apps Like DiscordPrimary FocusNotable Feature(s)Platform AvailabilityBest For
ChantyTeam communicationTask management integrationWeb, Windows, macOS, iOS, AndroidSmall business collaboration
MattermostSelf-hosted chatHigh customization, open-sourceWeb, Windows, macOS, Linux, MobileTech teams & privacy-focused orgs
ToxSecurity and privacyEnd-to-end encryption, P2P platformWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOSPrivate individual and group chats
MumbleVoice communicationLow-latency voice chatWindows, macOS, Linux, iOSGamers and organized group activities
ViberMessaging and callsPublic chats, Viber Out for calls to non-usersMobile, DesktopPersonal use and social messaging
FlockCorporate chatIntegrated to-dos, polls, and remindersWeb, Windows, macOS, iOS, AndroidStartups and remote teams
Riot (Element)CollaborationOpen-source, interoperability with other networksWeb, Windows, macOS, Linux, MobileDevelopers and privacy-conscious teams
Hangouts ChatCasual conversationsEasy integration with Google servicesWeb, MobileCasual personal and group chats
HeySpaceProject managementTask boards with chat featuresWeb, macOS, Windows, iOS, AndroidProject tracking and team communication
RevoltGamers and communitiesTransparent development, open-sourceWeb, Windows, macOS, LinuxGaming communities and developers
RaidCallGaming group chatLow CPU usage and low-latency voice chatWindowsGamers, low-spec device users
ElementDecentralized chatEnd-to-end encryption, cross-signed device verificationWeb, Windows, macOS, Linux, MobileTech-savvy organizations and individuals
GuildedGaming teamsAdvanced team calendars, forumsWeb, Windows, macOS, iOS, AndroideSports teams and gaming communities
Troop MessengerWork chatForkout feature for message broadcastingWindows, macOS, Linux, MobileSMEs and freelancers
WirePrivacy-focused commsEnd-to-End encryption, open-sourceWindows, macOS, Linux, iOS, AndroidEnterprises and security-focused users
Steam ChatGamer communicationTightly integrated with Steam platform and gamesWeb, Windows, macOS, Linux, MobilePC gamers and Steam community
Microsoft TeamsEnterprise collaborationMeetings, collaboration, Office 365 integrationWeb, Windows, macOS, iOS, AndroidLarge organizations and enterprises
OvertoneVoice chat for gamersHigh-quality voice chat with social featuresWindowsGamers and social gaming communities
SlackBusiness communicationApp integrations, channelsWeb, Windows, macOS, Linux, MobileBusinesses and tech teams
TelegramSecure messagingCloud-based, large group capabilitiesWeb, Windows, macOS, Linux, MobilePrivacy-conscious users and large groups
VentriloVoice chatMinimalistic design and system resource usageWindows, macOSHardcore gamers and hobbyist communities


Chanty Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Chanty’s a breeze for anyone hopping on the team chat train. Imagine all your work convos, neatly bundled with smooth task management.

Best Features

  • Integrated task management.
  • Simplified file sharing.
  • Unlimited message history.

What we like about it: One-click task conversion from messages is a winner. Just like that, banter turns into a to-do.


Mattermost Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Mattermost takes the privacy cake. It’s all self-hosted, waving the open-source flag high, giving tech teams that comfy, “we’ve got control” feeling.

Best Features

  • Advanced customization.
  • Self-hosting capabilities.
  • Open-source platform.

What we like about it: Full data control puts privacy concerns to rest. Your digital space, your rules.


Tox Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Talking privacy, Tox stands up tall. It’s military-grade, end-to-end encrypted, and confident—no central servers peeking at your chats.

Best Features

  • P2P secure connection.
  • Encrypted file sharing.
  • No central servers involved.

What we like about it: Decentralization—Tox makes privacy its mission, not just a feature.


Mumble Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Mumble’s your pick when crystal clear team voice chat’s the game. With low-latency, it’s the secret weapon for gamers and organizers alike.

Best Features

  • Low-latency voice chat.
  • Secure communication.
  • Customizable access rights.

What we like about it: Quality voice audio without lag makes strategy calls effortless.


Viber Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Viber’s got the chill vibe. A dash of public chat, sweeten with calls to non-users, and it’s a social & family fave.

Best Features

  • International calling with Viber Out.
  • Public chat spaces.
  • End-to-end encryption.

What we like about it: Viber Out’s worldwide calls to any number keeps everyone just a dial away.


Flock Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Flock steps up, adding some spice to workplace chats. But wait—it doubles as a productivity pro with to-dos and reminders.

Best Features

  • Productivity tools built in.
  • Easy app integration.
  • Video conferencing.

What we like about it: In-built productivity tools—chit-chat and organize all at once.

Riot (Element)

Riot Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Element, born as Riot, swings by. It’s like a party, mingling open-source with privacy and adding a dash of custom integrations.

Best Features

  • Cross-platform messaging.
  • Open-source and customizable.
  • Interoperability with other networks.

What we like about it: Cross-platform flexibility—have your privacy cake and eat it on any device.

Hangouts Chat

Google-Hangouts Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

For the Google devotees, Hangouts Chat keeps it all in the fam. Seamless tie-in with other Google services? Check.

Best Features

  • Direct Google integration.
  • Neat group projects.
  • Easy-to-use interface.

What we like about it: Simplicity makes it just right for personal & small teamwork projects.


HeySpace Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

HeySpace hits the scene with a flash—where task boards high five chat features, and project management gets social.

Best Features

  • Task boards with chat.
  • Calendar views.
  • Collaboration-centric features.

What we like about it: The smart combo of task management and chat lights up productivity fireworks.


Revolt Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Revolt’s the new kid, spinning a yarn of transparency and community. Open-source, it’s building a different kind of social hub for gamers.

Best Features

  • Open-source platform.
  • Focus on transparency.
  • Modern user interface.

What we like about it: The open-source approach feels like we’re all part of the mix—gamers, unite!


RaidCall Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

RaidCall walks in, all calm and collected, making a low-key promise: voice chat for gamers with memory as light as a feather.

Best Features

  • Low CPU usage.
  • Free & easy setup.
  • Voice chat overlay for games.

What we like about it: Memory-friendly footprint makes it the best pal for low-spec setups.


Element Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Element doubles down on chat freedom—federated, encrypted, and as open as the internet imagined by its founders.

Best Features

  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Self-hosting possibilities.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.

What we like about it: Its commitment to seamless self-hosting spells independence and top-notch security.


Guilded-app Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

For gaming troops marching together, Guilded lays out the red carpet with advanced calendars and forums aplenty.

Best Features

  • Team calendars.
  • Community forums.
  • Multiple integrations.

What we like about it: Robust team features keep the clan connected and strategies sharp.

Troop Messenger

Troop-Messenger Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Introducing Troop Messenger, sporting a uniform of functionality for teams who thrive on nifty message broadcasting and straightforward file sharing.

Best Features

  • Message broadcasting (Forkout).
  • Burnout confidential chat window.
  • Easy sharing and collaboration.

What we like about it: Forkout’s broadcasting shouts out loud, keeping every team player in the loop.


Wire Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Wire struts in with a mission: secure the chat world with end-to-end encryption—not just for the top brass, but for everyone.

Best Features

  • Strong encryption protocols.
  • Open-source code.
  • Scalable to any organization size.

What we like about it: Encryption’s not an afterthought—it’s the heart of Wire, keeping every chat locked tight.

Steam Chat

Steam-Chat Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Steam Chat rolls up, blending gaming banter with Steam’s universe. Friends, games, groups—Steam Chat’s where play never pauses.

Best Features

  • Steam integration.
  • Support for voice and group chats.
  • Easy friend adding & management.

What we like about it: Deep Steam integration—giving you a chat with a side of game invites.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft-Teams Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

For Microsoft Teams, business gets real. Tucked into the Microsoft ecosystem with video meetings galore, it’s an enterprise heavyweight.

Best Features

  • Office 365 integration.
  • Extensive meeting capabilities.
  • Adjustable settings for security & compliance.

What we like about it: Office 365 integration, bar none, keeps productivity in the express lane.


Overtone Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Overtone brings its A-game. Think gaming voice chat with a social spark, without heavy lugging on your system.

Best Features

  • High-quality voice chat.
  • Lightweight client.
  • Social networking features.

What we like about it: High-fidelity voice chat keeps the strategy talk crisp and easy on the ears.


Slack Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Slack—the office chatroom turned-up. It’s as if all your work apps had a potluck party right there in your convos.

Best Features

  • Extensive app integrations.
  • Channel-based organization.
  • Custom notification settings.

What we like about it: App integrations turn it into the swiss army knife for office chat.


Telegram Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Telegram steps in, quick on its feet. It’s packing major group chat muscles under its cloud-powered cloak.

Best Features

  • Cloud-based messages.
  • Large group capacity.
  • Versatile bot functionalities.

What we like about it: Speed is king; cloud-based messaging lets you chat at thunderbolt pace.


Ventrilo Building Communities: The Best Apps Like Discord

Huddled in the corner, Ventrilo whispers. It’s no showboat, but for gamers who cherish high-quality voice with low-key flair, it’s a silent hero.

Best Features

  • Superior sound quality.
  • Minimalistic design.
  • Scalable user permissions.

What we like about it: Spot-on sound quality with a minimalist vibe keeps the focus where it should be—on the game.

FAQ On Apps Like Discord

Are there apps that offer better privacy than Discord?

Sure thing, privacy’s a big deal. And yeah, apps like Signal and Telegram are often hailed for their enhanced privacy features. They come packed with end-to-end encryption for messages, keeping prying eyes at bay. Gamers might miss Discord’s vibe, but for straight-up secure chatting, these apps are top-notch.

Can I find a chat app specifically for professional use?

Absolutely. Slack and Microsoft Teams are like the sharp-dressed cousins at the family reunion. They’re not just messengers; they’re collaboration tools with integrations for all your work apps. Teams even has direct access to Office 365, giving it that extra edge for professionals.

Are there alternatives that focus more on voice chat quality?

Alright, quality obsessives, meet TeamSpeak and Mumble. Old-school, maybe, but they’ve got your back with crisp, clear audio.

They were born in the gaming arena, where split-second calls and uninterrupted voice channels matter most. They’ve still got game—especially for folks orchestrating those virtual LAN parties.

What about apps that support large group communication?

For rallying the troops, Zoom and Skype can host the hordes. They’ve got the knack for large gatherings, webinars, you name it. If you’re orchestrating a community meetup or a sizable livestreaming event, these are your go-to platforms. Mass communication, managed.

Is there anything similar to Discord for task management?

Let’s talk Basecamp. It doesn’t just chat; it organizes and conquers. Projects and team communication go hand-in-hand here, with to-dos and schedules all in one spot. Think of it as your digital command center, where every plan has its place.

What if I just want something simple for family and friends?

WhatsApp has got you covered. It’s like your comfy couch of chat apps—everyone’s welcome, everyone knows how to use it. With a focus on simplicity and being multi-platform, it eases into any crowd. It’s family BBQ certified.

Are there any apps that integrate well with gaming but aren’t Discord?

A nod to Steam Chat is in order here. Right in the heart of the gaming action and smooth with its friends’ system. It’s like keeping all your game buds in one virtual arcade. Plus, game invites are a breeze.

Do any alternatives facilitate better video conferencing features?

Zoom stares this challenge down with power to spare. Relationships are built with face time, not just text, and Zoom’s got your back. A master at video conferencing, with robust features for business and casual meetups alike. It’s where conversations face off.

Which Discord-like app is the fastest for messaging?

Telegram zips messages faster than you can say “sent.” Not just quick, but also loaded with features. You’ll get those text bubbles flying at breakneck speed, plus the sweet, sweet bonus of self-destructing messages. Blink and you’ll miss it. Literally.

Are there any community-focused alternatives to Discord?

Hey, Reddit is calling. It’s like the town square for the internet. Sure, it’s different but hear me out—subreddits are the ultimate community servers. If you’re about niche communities and epic discussions, you’re home. Share, post, upvote to your heart’s content.


We’ve journeyed across the digital cosmos, perusing apps like Discord, uncovering gems for every chatter and team player out there. Choices abound, from the ironclad fortresses of Signal to the bustling marketplaces of Slack workspaces. Your squad’s next rendezvous spot or your team’s digital war room is waiting in the wings.

Peeling back the curtain on team communication software and social platforms, it’s clear: one size doesn’t fit all. Diversify your digital hangouts like a buffet—pick what tickles your fancy. Messaging services tailor-made for family, gaming guilds, or office collaborations have been spotlighted—each with its quirks and charms.

Before you depart, remember this: the best chat applications are those that resonate with your unique beat. Whether fostering online communities or marching to the pulse of project deadlines, your ideal digital companion is out there. Choose wisely, communicate boldly, and above all—stay connected.

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