Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Imagine planting your business in the heart of innovation and growth—welcome to Utah’s tech scene. Silicon Slopes, synonymous with opportunity, has rapidly transformed from just mountainous allure to a bustling hub where tech companies in Utah are redefining the digital frontier.

Dive deep into the beehive state’s vibrant tech cosmos; understand why Utah’s tech investments are scaling new heights, how startup ecosystems nurture fledgling ventures, and the way tech employment is shaping the local economy.

By journey’s end, you’ll grasp why these tech warriors are more than just companies; they’re pioneers in a digital revolution nestled among the Rockies. Expect insights into Utah tech scene, from successes at Qualtrics to the innovation fostered by the University of Utah.

Peek into the thriving Utah tech network, unravel the pulse of digital innovation that courses through the state’s veins, and discern the countless ways these enterprises are trailblazing paths to success.

Tech Companies in Utah


CompanyIndustry/SectorFoundedLocationNotable Product/Service
QualtricsExperience Management2002ProvoExperience management platform
InsideSalesSales Software2004ProvoSales acceleration platform
Arctic WolfCybersecurity2012Eden PrairieManaged Detection and Response
VoxpopmeVideo Feedback and Analytics2013Salt Lake CityVideo insight platform
InstructureLearning Management Systems2008Salt Lake CityCanvas LMS
BambooHRHR Software2008LindonHR management software
DevmountainEducation/Coding Bootcamp2013LehiCoding and Tech Skills Courses
ClearlinkMarketing and Sales2003Salt Lake CitySales and marketing services
AncestryGenealogy and DNA Testing1983LehiGenealogy records, DNA testing
Vivint SolarSolar Energy2011LehiSolar panel installation
AdobeSoftware1982LehiCreative Cloud, Marketing Cloud
DivvyFinancial Tech (FinTech)2016DraperExpense management platform
DomoBusiness Intelligence2010American ForkCloud-based business platform
EntrataProperty Management Software2003LehiSoftware for real estate industry
GrowBI Dashboard Software2014OremBusiness intelligence software
HackbrightEducation2012San FranciscoCoding school for women
HireVueHuman Resources2004South JordanVideo interviewing software
Jane.comE-commerce2011LehiOnline boutique marketplace
Jive CommunicationsTelecommunications2006OremVoIP and Unified Communications
PatternE-commerce acceleration2013LehiE-commerce growth services
SirsiDynixLibrary Software1979LehiIntegrated library systems
SolutionreachPatient Relationship Management2000LehiHealthcare communication platform
WeaveCustomer Communication2011LehiUnified patient & client comms
WorkfrontProject Management2001LehiWork management software
1-800 CONTACTSContact Lens Retailer1995DraperContact lenses online store
PodiumInteraction Management2014LehiMessaging platform for businesses
MXFinTech/Data Aggregation2010LehiFinancial data platform
PluralsightTech Workforce Development2004DraperOnline tech skills courses
Fishbowl InventoryInventory Management2001OremInventory management software
Cirque CorporationTouchpad Technology1991Salt Lake CityTouchpad solutions
Degree InsuranceFinancial Products2019American ForkIncome insurance for graduates
KasaSmart Home Devices2015San JoseWi-Fi enabled devices
Bask TechnologyTech Support2004OremTechnology services and support
SkipioMarketing Automation2014LehiAutomated messaging platform
Ice EdgeSports Analytics2010ProvoHockey performance analytics
AdvancedMDMedical Software1999South JordanMedical office software
EvernymBlockchain Identity2013Salt Lake CityDigital identity solutions
ClientSuccessCustomer Success Management2014LehiCustomer success platform
ConverusLie Detection Technology2009LehiEyeDetect lie detection
NeighborSharing Economy/Storage2017LehiPeer-to-peer storage marketplace
PeekOutdoor Recreation Booking2012San FranciscoActivity booking platform
SynapseFinancial Services2014San FranciscoBanking platform as a service
TrueworkHR & Identity Verification2017San FranciscoEmployee income verification
CoalitionCybersecurity Insurance2017San FranciscoCyber risk solutions


1-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Qualtrics started with a question and launched a revolution in the software world. This tech company in Utah excels at an experience management space that’s got the market buzzing. They’re the brains behind software that lets you collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback.

What they stand out for: Nailing customer experience. These folks are big on helping brands understand the pulse of their audience.


3-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

InsideSales brings artificial intelligence to the sales floor. Turning data into sales gold, they’re all about enhancing productivity for sales teams with their platform.

What they stand out for: Their AI-driven platform that’s like a personal assistant for your sales process, only smarter.

Arctic Wolf

4-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Arctic Wolf is a guardian in the cyber wilderness. This cybersecurity outfit is on a mission to hunt down threats and keep companies safe.

What they stand out for: Next-level network security with tailored solutions. They’re all about that white-glove service to keep the hacks at bay.


5-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Voxpopme is a video survey pioneer, literally giving a face to customer feedback. This fresh approach to surveys is grabbing attention.

What they stand out for: Video insights that turn customer expressions into valuable feedback. Think of it as the modern face of focus groups.


6-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Instructure has made its name with Canvas, transforming the learning management scene. Education through technology? They’ve penned a bestseller there.

What they stand out for: Bridging gaps in education, one online class at a time. Their tools have teachers and students high-fiving virtually.


7-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

BambooHR takes the headache out of human resources. With a user-friendly platform, it’s a hit for small to medium businesses.

What they stand out for: Making HR feel like a breeze. From hiring to retiring, they’re simplifying the process.


8-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Devmountain helps coders climb higher. This coding boot camp turns coding hopefuls into full-fledged developers, fast.

What they stand out for: Their hands-on, immersive programs that are more about writing code than writing essays on code.


9-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Clearlink bridges the gap between marketing and sales, mastering the digital customer acquisition game like pros.

What they stand out for: Synergizing content and conversion. It’s a match made in marketing heaven.


10-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Ancestry takes you on a time-traveling trip into your DNA. They’ve digitized family trees and made genealogy a household hobby.

What they stand out for: Unearthing histories and creating stories, one DNA test at a time.

Vivint Solar

11-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Vivint Solar is shining a light on renewable energy, making homes more sustainable with their solar solutions.

What they stand out for: Their commitment to greener living — one panel at a time.


12-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Adobe in Utah is like a digital arts maestro, churning out software that’s essential for anybody and everybody looking to create anything digital.

What they stand out for: Being the wizard behind the curtain for creatives around the globe. Their software suite is like a swiss army knife for designers.


13-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Divvy flashes onto the financial tech scene, streamlining expense management with a nifty platform that businesses can’t stop talking about.

What they stand out for: Budgets and expense reports that don’t make you want to pull your hair out. They make finance fun, well, almost.


14-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Domo is a data czar, turning stats and figures into visual stories that even the less number-savvy can’t get enough of.

What they stand out for: Business intelligence that’s not just intelligent but also insanely intuitive.


15-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Entrata is the one-stop-shop for property management software, offering a platform so sleek that landlords and tenants are actually on the same page.

What they stand out for: Making rent day less of a nightmare. Their tools are the secret sauce for smooth property operations.


16-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Grow helps businesses level up with dashboards that turn data into actions – no data science degree required.

What they stand out for: Insightful dashboards that are a crystal ball for company health, without the cryptic readings.


18-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

HireVue is on a crusade to reinvent the hiring process, making the interview game less about nerves and more about talent.

What they stand out for: Video interviewing that lets candidates shine from wherever they are. Even from their couch.

19-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out is the boutique marketplace that’s got everyone whispering. It’s where you find deals on the unique and the beautiful.

What they stand out for: A treasure trove for those who seek out the special and the hand-crafted. They make every corner of the internet feel like a small-town boutique.

Jive Communications

20-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Jive Communications is all about connections. They’re the guys making sure businesses talk smoothly, from video conferencing to a full-blown phone system in the cloud.

What they stand out for: Clear calls and seamless communication. They turn dial tones into clarity.


21-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Pattern unpacks puzzle, mastering ecommerce for brands that want to go big online without the usual dance of trial and error.

What they stand out for: Digital shelves stocked just right to attract clicks and carts.


22-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

SirsiDynix is the librarian for the digital age, crafting software that helps libraries enthrall the next generation of readers.

What they stand out for: Pioneering library management systems that make checking out a book as thrilling as reading the latest best-seller. They’re modernizing libraries without losing the magic of the stacks.


23-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Solutionreach is revolutionizing the patient-provider relationship with tech that makes communication a two-way street.

What they stand out for: Health communication solutions that make you feel like more than just a number. Their platform’s like a friendly front desk assistant, but digital.


24-6 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Weave intertwines customer interactions flawlessly, ensuring businesses and clients are always on the same, well, thread.

What they stand out for: A communication platform that ties together phones, texts, and emails into a cohesive conversation tapestry.


25-5 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Workfront is the maestro of project management, enabling teams to compose projects like symphonies rather than solo acts.

What they stand out for: Orchestrating tasks and teamwork with a platform that makes you wonder how projects ever got done before.


26-5 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

1-800 CONTACTS has a clear vision—to ensure your contact lenses arrive at your doorstep with such ease you’d swear it’s 20/20.

What they stand out for: Refined the prescription lens ordering process into an art form.


27-5 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Podium elevates customer interactions, giving local businesses a platform to stand out in the digital landscape.

What they stand out for: A suite of messaging tools that turn a quick chat into lasting customer loyalty.


30-5 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

MX puts the power of financial data into the palms of your hands, with pristine clarity that even your accountant would admire.

What they stand out for: Turning the complex world of financial data into actionable insights you can grasp without squinting.


111 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Pluralsight is the torchbearer in tech education, illuminating a path for developers and IT wizards with their extensive course library.

What they stand out for: A digital learning platform that’s as dynamic as the tech world it teaches you to navigate.

Fishbowl Inventory

32-5 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Fishbowl Inventory dives deep into the ocean of inventory management, surfacing with solutions that keep businesses swimming smoothly.

What they stand out for: Streamlining inventory like it’s the flow of a river, ensuring products move seamlessly from A to B. Fishbowl gives companies the fins they need in the vast waters of commerce.

Cirque Corporation

111-1 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Cirque Corporation touches the future—quite literally—with their innovative touchpad solutions. They turn the tap, swipe, and scroll into an art form.

What they stand out for: Pioneering gesture-based controls that have devices sensing your intentions like a mind reader. They’re at the forefront of making touch technology more, well, in touch.

Degree Insurance

33-5 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Degree Insurance offers a groundbreaking approach to higher education by safeguarding students’ financial investments in their future careers.

What they stand out for: They promise a safety net for graduates, ensuring they get the financial return they expect from their degrees. It’s a game-changer in minimizing post-graduation economic uncertainty.


34-5 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Kasa shines in the smart home industry, making homes more intuitive with gadgets that just get you.

What they stand out for: Smart plugs and switches that don’t just respond to a tap; they anticipate your needs. Kasa is flipping the switch on traditional home living, lighting up life in the process.

Bask Technology

111-3 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Bask Technology is all about tech support that’s as comforting as sunshine on a chilly day.

What they stand out for: Providing peace of mind with tech support for individuals and small businesses that equates to having a tech guru in the family.


39-4 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Skipio leaps into the realm of business communication, crafting a platform where every message is personal, no matter how many you send.

What they stand out for: They’ve basically reinvented texting for business, making automated messages feel like hand-typed notes from a friend.

Ice Edge

40-4 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Ice Edge skates ahead in the tech arena by developing cutting-edge engineering software tailored for the complex needs of professional ice rinks.

What they stand out for: They focus on athletic performance and safety with innovative ice maintenance technology, ensuring top-notch conditions for skaters and hockey players alike.


41-4 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

AdvancedMD operates like a digital heartbeat for medical practices, offering comprehensive cloud-based medical software that manages patient care from end to end.

What they stand out for: Their powerful suite of healthcare solutions integrates practice management, patient engagement, and medical billing—the MD’s right hand in tech form.


43-4 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Evernym pioneers the self-sovereign identity space, giving control back to users through blockchain-powered digital credentials.

What they stand out for: Their vision of creating a world where people own their identities without depending on a central authority is nothing short of revolutionary.


44-4 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

ClientSuccess sails through the Customer Success waters, providing a platform that’s all about cultivating happy customers and fostering enduring relationships.

What they stand out for: They arm businesses with tools to track, manage, and nurture customer success, boosting both satisfaction and retention.


45-4 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Converus shines a light on truth-seeking with its innovative technologies that are reshaping the trust landscape in employment and security.

What they stand out for: They’ve leapfrogged traditional polygraphs with next-gen tools like EyeDetect, leading the charge in the future of credibility assessment.


111-5 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Neighbor fosters a community of space-sharing, turning empty driveways and spare bedrooms into storage solutions that benefit everyone involved.

What they stand out for: Creating extra income opportunities for homeowners, while offering a more personal, neighborly touch to storage rental.


50-2 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Peek peeks into the world of travel experiences, making it seamless for users to discover and book memorable activities with the tap of a finger.

What they stand out for: They curate the adventure of a lifetime, so whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a history buff, Peek has the experience for you.


51-2 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Synapse electrifies the software development process by offering a platform that speeds up and streamlines the creation of high-quality applications.

What they stand out for: They act as the central nervous system of software development, coordinating and enhancing the efforts of teams for more effective outcomes.


52-2 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Truework is revolutionizing employment and income verification, giving individuals power over who can access their sensitive data.

What they stand out for: Their verification platform is all about security and privacy, hand-delivering peace of mind to employees and HR departments alike.


53-2 Tech Companies in Utah You Should Check Out

Coalition is not just a company – it’s a fortress. They provide cybersecurity and insurance, locking down business data while also offering a safety net.

What they stand out for: Blending digital defense with financial cushioning, Coalition offers a one-two punch against cyber threats.

FAQs on tech companies in Utah

Why Utah for Tech?

Think Silicon Slopes – that’s our high-tech playground. Utah’s an unexpected sweet spot for tech, merging talent, a supportive community, and an entrepreneur-first mindset. Firms here hit the ground running, aided by resources like the Utah Science Technology and Research initiative and a highly educated workforce.

Who Are the Big Players?

QualtricsPluralsight, and Domo shine as local legends. These titans not only dominate our digital landscape but inspire a legion of startups. Adobe’s sizable footprint here makes clear that Utah’s tech industry isn’t just local – it’s a global phenomenon.

What’s the Hiring Scene Like?

Tech jobs? More like a bonanza! The demand here outstrips supply, meaning tech pros often have the luxury of choice. Utah’s tech sector’s contribution to employment is formidable, powered by a thrust in technology education producing savvy, ready-for-action graduates.

What About Networking Opportunities?

Utah’s knack for mingling is legendary. Events like the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit pack a punch, bringing technophiles from every nook. Regular meetups, and groups like Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum, ensure you’re never more than a handshake away from your next big break.

How’s the Investment Climate?

Here’s the scoop – investors are hungry for a taste of Utah’s tech pie. Thanks to our disruptive tech startups, venture capital record books are being rewritten. Funds flow as freely as ideas, and venture capital in Utah isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the lifeline of innovation.

What Makes Utah’s Tech Different?

We play the long game—think sustainable growth, bolstered by business incubators and a collaborative spirit. Utah melds tech savvy with a quality of life that’s as sky-high as its mountain tops. Plus, there’s a unique cultural tinge, which infuses our tech with unparalleled zeal.

How’s Utah for Startups?

Utah’s practically a startup ecosystem hotbed, and I’m not just saying that. From tax incentives to an ecosystem that champions risk-takers, startups here have that swagger—a confidence that comes from a community that’s got your back.

What Business Support Exists?

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development means business, offering a plethora of services. Business technology resources, info sessions, and grants are some of the perks that provide a cushion for those bold enough to leap into the tech fray. It’s about empowering you – the visionary.

What Impact Does Tech Have Locally?

It’s colossal. Beyond reshaping the economy, tech has interwoven with Utah’s cultural fabric, driving change, inspiring innovation, and carving out new career pathways. “Tech employment in Utah” doesn’t just add jobs; it’s creating a more vibrant, forward-thinking community.

What’s the Future of Tech in Utah?

Blazing bright, I’d say. It’s a heady mix of entrepreneurship and tech sector growth pointing upwards. As the digital and entrepreneurial landscapes morph, the role of technology firms in Salt Lake City and beyond is set to expand – expect to hear “Utah” more often on the world tech stage.


So here we are, at the tail end. We’ve navigated the digital alleys and innovation-soaked avenues of tech companies in Utah.

  • Our journey’s takeaways?
  • Utah’s entrepreneurial spirit is as vast as its desert skies.
  • The tech job market? It’s hotter than a July day in Moab.
  • Networking? More interconnected than Salt Lake City’s freeways at rush hour.
  • Investment climate? As fertile as the farmland in Cache Valley.

Tech has woven itself into Utah’s very DNA, far beyond just being another industry. It’s a culture, a movement, a revolution. With every new startup, every tech summit, and each fresh-faced graduate, Utah’s tech landscape isn’t just growing; it’s evolving—dynamic, resilient, unstoppable.

And guess what? This ride’s just beginning. With the way things are gearing up, the nation’s going to watch—and learn—as Utah’s tech show thunders on. Here, innovation isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a way of life.

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