The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Picture this: Azure skies mirror the potential of the tech companies in Phoenix — they’re on the rise, like the mythical bird this city’s named for. The vibrant desert blooms aren’t the only things that can thrive here; the tech industry does more than just survive in the Valley of the Sun. It sizzles.

In an area renowned for the “Silicon Desert,” innovation pulses through the streets of Downtown Phoenix.

From bustling startups to behemoths of the digital age, it’s not just a backdrop for software savants and the biotech brigade, but a playground for the next wave of tech titans.

Seeking the 411 on Phoenix’s tech scene? Here lies a goldmine of insights.

By the end of this delve, you’ll be keyed into the who’s who and what’s what of Arizona’s technology corridor.

Let’s decode the DNA of this dynamic district, from the grassroots of tech accelerators in Arizona to the pinnacle of local venture capital ventures.

Strap in; the blueprint to the heart of Phoenix innovation hubs awaits.

The Tech Companies in Phoenix

CompanyPrimary Focus or ServiceIndustry/Sector
RepayElectronic Payment ProcessingFinancial Technology
AFS TechnologiesTrade Promotion Management SoftwareFood & Beverage, Software
AxwaySoftware Integration and EngagementSoftware
Mesa AirlinesRegional Airline ServicesAirline
nodMDTelemedicine ServicesHealthcare Technology
HomeKey SystemsReal Estate Software SolutionsReal Estate, Technology
DealtyReal Estate PlatformReal Estate, Technology
SkookiFinancial Payment SolutionsFinancial Technology
Mindset MedicalHealth Diagnostics through ImagingHealthcare, Technology
ChassiSoftware for Operations InsightsSoftware
NurseioStaffing Platform for Healthcare ProvidersHealthcare, Technology
RadiusAIVideo AI Improvements for Retail and SafetyArtificial Intelligence
AxonLaw Enforcement Products and ServicesLaw Enforcement Technology
Spear EducationDental Education and TrainingEducational Technology
Valor GlobalIT Managed ServicesInformation Technology
CventEvent Management SoftwareSoftware
GoDaddyWeb Hosting and Domain RegistrationInternet Services
KUBRACustomer Experience Management SolutionsSoftware
Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)CRM, Sales & Marketing SoftwareSoftware
AvnetGlobal Distributor of Electronic ComponentsElectronics
ASM InternationalSemiconductor Equipment SupplierSemiconductor
ON SemiconductorSemiconductorsSemiconductor
WebPTPhysical Therapy SoftwareHealthcare Technology
Intertec InternationalIT Outsourcing ServicesInformation Technology
InovalonCloud-based Data AnalyticsHealthcare Technology
A10 NetworksNetworking and Security SolutionsTechnology
KryterionOnline Proctoring and Testing ServicesEducation Technology
Salucro Healthcare SolutionsHealthcare Payment PlatformHealthcare, Financial Tech
BroadridgeFintech SolutionsFinancial Technology
CiscoNetworking Hardware, Software, and TelecomTechnology
BAE SystemsDefense, Aerospace, and Security SolutionsDefense & Aerospace
Stratus TechnologiesDowntime Prevention TechnologiesTechnology
DISYSIT Staffing and ConsultingInformation Technology
PerficientDigital Consultancy ServicesTechnology Consulting
World Wide TechnologyTechnology Solutions ProviderInformation Technology
Corning IncorporatedSpecialty Glass and CeramicsMaterial Sciences
Texas InstrumentsSemiconductors and Integrated CircuitsElectronics
General ElectricMultinational ConglomerateVarious
Cirrus LogicAudio and Voice IC ProductsSemiconductors


Repay The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Repay is working on solutions to make it simpler for people to get payment for their goods and services. Repay has emerged as a dependable and effective solution provider for a number of sectors aiming to boost productivity and speed up payment processing.

AFS Technologies

afc The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Enterprise software for the food and beverage industry is provided in North America and the Caribbean by AFS Technologies, Inc., doing business as Advanced FoodSystems. Phoenix, Arizona serves as the company’s headquarters. It was established in 1985.


axway The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

As a software provider, Axway (Euronext: AXWAY.PA) focuses on connecting people, systems, businesses, and ecosystems to unleash digital experiences and opportunities while assisting organizations in undergoing digital transformation.

Mesa Airlines

Mesa The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

The corporate headquarters of the commercial aviation holding corporation Mesa Air Group, Inc. are in Phoenix, Arizona’s Camelback East neighborhood.


nod The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Due to a lack of experts, US patients must frequently wait an unacceptable amount of time to see a doctor. Using a digital referral clearinghouse that automatically matches patient demand with provider availability, nodMD aims to address this issue. The business has also created technology that makes it simpler for doctors to analyze, diagnose, and treat patients from a distance.

HomeKey Systems 

home The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

A home maintenance software created by HomeKey Systems gives homeowners the ability to manage home repair tasks. This includes gaining access to a home’s specs, keeping track of spending, purchasing supplies, and locating home service specialists.


dealty The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

A computerized tool called Dealty aims to make the home purchase process more efficient. This is accomplished by letting buyers explore a continually updated listing comparison map while sellers are free to offer their properties for sale. Users are given the resources they need on the platform to complete a transaction. This includes figuring out how much a house is worth, choosing a price, and putting it on the market.


Skooki The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

A school payment software called Skooki aims to make it simple for K–12 parents to complete transactions from the convenience of their own homes.

Mindset Medical

Mindset The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

A patient can have a virtual visit with a doctor in their home with Mindset Medical. During a virtual visit, a doctor can take vital signs and physiological measures from the patient. They can also keep an eye on a patient’s progress and rehabilitation remotely.


chassi The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Chassi enables businesses to streamline their sales processes by removing bottlenecks. The business’ Process Navigator gives leaders the ability to see extremely complicated workflows.


nurseio The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Nurseio is a staffing platform that makes it simpler for nurses to obtain employment and get payment following completion of a job via direct deposit. Nurses can research facilities and post availability shifts at facilities that need them.


Radius The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

The Tech Tribune honored RadiusAI two years in a row as one of the “Top 10 Hottest Start-ups in Phoenix.” The business created a visual analytics platform that keeps surroundings healthy by keeping track of social distance, how often people wash their hands, mask use, and body temperature spikes.


axon The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Employees at Axon develop technologies and solutions to further the business’s purpose of protecting lives. Axon manufactures a variety of goods, including tasers for civilian use and cloud-based body cams.

Spear Education

spear The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Every year, millions of patients are reached by Spear Education. The skilled group of “Spearians” equips dentists to deliver the finest treatment possible with their seven products, which support dental offices with e-learning software, patient education multimedia tools, and a practice management analytics platform.

Valor Global 

valor The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

A leading provider of customer care solutions, Valor Global brings together creative minds and a strong corporate culture to provide in-demand services.


Cvent The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Cvent is one of the hottest digital businesses in Arizona that offers apps for live events. They were listed on the AlwaysOn Global 250 and recognized as one of Deloitte’s fastest-growing firms in America.


godaddy The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

The largest cloud platform in the world is run by GoDaddy, an internet domain registrar that caters solely to startups and independent businesses.


kubra The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

A company that specializes in consumer communications, KUBRA creates software for mobile apps, artificial intelligence, and more. As operating division of Hearst, the business reaches more than 40% of households in the US and Canada.


keap The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Keap is a software firm that specializes in serving small businesses. The residents of Keap take pride in having excellent standards. They favor recruiting people that are ego-free, entrepreneurial, and cohesive in their goals and missions. The financial outcomes of this speak for themselves, as does their inclusion in Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Women.


avnet The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Avnet was established in 1921 and focuses in developing business-to-business technological solutions. The company manufactures a wide range of electronic items, such as computer hardware, cables, and subsystems.

ASM International

asm-1 The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

ASM International is an international company with its headquarters in the Netherlands that focuses on the design, production, sales, and support of equipment for processing semiconductor wafers in order to create semiconductor devices.

ON Semiconductor

onsemi The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Products for controlling energy use and power supplies are produced by ON Semiconductor, which was founded in 1999. Rechargeable batteries, cable assemblies, and transistors are a few of the company’s well-known goods that are energy-efficient in nature.


webpt The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

The best rehab therapy platform for improving patient care and fostering business expansion is WebPT. The product line from WebPT offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution that addresses all aspect of the rehab therapy business cycle, from invoicing and practice management to providing high-quality, evidence-based care.

Intertec International

intertec The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Intertec offers managed cyber security services, engineering and consulting services, and IT services.


inovalon The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Leading technology firm Inovalon integrates cutting-edge cloud-based data analytics with data-driven intervention platforms to make a significant difference in clinical and quality outcomes, utilization, and financial performance across the healthcare industry.

A10 Networks

a10-1 The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Appliances from A10 Networks help with network identity problems, bandwidth management, and web application delivery.


Kryterion The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Kryterion is a full-service test development and delivery company that offers top-notch security testing solutions to the Association, Technology, and Education markets.

Salucro Healthcare Solutions

salucro The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Salucro Healthcare Solutions offers technological solutions that make it simple to collect patient payments and guarantee the greatest possible financial experience for patients at every step of the way.


broad The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Wealth management, asset management, and capital markets companies can get investor communications and technology-driven solutions from Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.


cisco The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Established in 1984, Cisco Systems, Inc. develops, produces, and markets Internet Protocol-based networking systems as well as other items for the global communications and IT markets.

BAE Systems

bae The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Defense and aerospace systems used in the air, on land, at sea, and in space are designed, developed, manufactured, and supported by BAE Systems.

Stratus Technologies

startus The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

For the platforms that power the most essential operations of business, manufacturing, government, financial services, and healthcare, Stratus offers the only proactive availability guarantee in the world.


disys The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

For large and medium-sized businesses, DISYS provides staffing and end-to-end IT consulting services in the areas of deployments and roll-outs, strategic counseling, support and maintenance, upgrades, BI, CRM, and testing.


perficient The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Information technology consulting company Perficient. In order to increase productivity and competitiveness, improve relationships with clients, suppliers, and partners, and cut expenses associated with information technology, Perficient assists clients in using Internet-based solutions.

World Wide Technology

wwt The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

With an emphasis on the enterprise commercial, public, and telecom service provider sectors, WWT offers technology and supply chain services.

Corning Incorporated

corning The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Glass, ceramic, as well as other building materials and technology are all produced by Corning.

Texas Instruments

texas The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Texas Instruments is a manufacturer and designer of analog and digital semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs). This cutting-edge company designs and manufactures semiconductor solutions for analog and digital embedded, application processing, and educational technology in addition to analog technologies, digital signal processing (DSP), and microcontroller (MCU) semiconductors.

General Electric

ge The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Since its inception in 1989, Laser Concepts has built a solid reputation for providing outstanding services and products of the highest caliber.

Cirrus Logic

cirrus The Most Interesting Tech Companies in Phoenix

Leading provider of high-performance, low-power ICs for voice and audio signal processing is Cirrus Logic. They offer cutting-edge devices for the leading smartphones, tablets, digital headsets, wearables, and upcoming smart home applications on the market today. Their products span the whole audio signal chain, from capture to playback.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Phoenix

What’s driving the growth of tech companies in Phoenix?

Oh, it’s a cocktail of factors. Affordable living meets a thriving startup environment. Add a generous pour of investments from both venture capital and public initiatives. And don’t forget – a solid population skilled in tech thanks to educational powerhouses like Arizona State University.

How’s the job market for tech professionals in Arizona?

The job market’s hot. With a steady influx of new tech firms settling in, there’s a buffet of opportunities. From software development to biotech, Phoenix’s tech landscape is a fertile ground for techies looking to plant roots in the field.

Are there tech events in Phoenix I can attend?

Absolutely, you’re spoiled for choice! Expect a full calendar with everything from networking mixers to tech conferences at venues like the Phoenix Convention Center. It’s a vibrant community here—always a new meetup or workshop around the corner.

What kind of tech industries are prominent in Phoenix?

Diversity’s the game here. Of course, there’s software and IT services, but then there’s the emerging FinTechhealthcare technology, and a sprouting AI scene. High-tech manufacturing? Check. Tech education and incubation hubs? Double-check.

Can I get funding for my tech startup in Phoenix?

Money’s flowing if you’ve got the next hot idea. Tech accelerators and incubators like Galvanize are on the hunt for the future unicorns. Plus, you’ll find angel investors and venture capital firms itching to write checks for promising startups.

What’s the blend of tech companies in Phoenix like?

Think of it as a tech stew. You’ve got your established players like Intel callin’ it home, simmered alongside a spice of sprightly startupsFinTechhealthcare techbiotechs like TGen, they’re all here mixing it up.

Is Phoenix good for tech entrepreneurs?

It’s a sandbox for the imaginative. The ecosystem’s teeming with opportunities, from tech incubators fostering growth to a community that’s full-on supportive. Plus, the cost of living doesn’t punish your wallet while you hustle. It’s entrepreneur paradise, really.

What are the prospects of Phoenix becoming a major tech hub like Silicon Valley?

Hold onto your hats – we’re zoomin’ upwards and fast. Silicon Desert’s burgeoning, with a tech workforce swelling in numbers. The groundwork’s laid; with continued investment and talent influx, Phoenix’s looking at an enviable spot on the tech map.

How does Phoenix support its tech sector?

Not just with sunshine, mind you. Tech education initiatives are robust thanks to universities and bootcamps. Organisations like the Arizona Technology Council advocate for growth, and local government’s pretty jazzed about tech, offering technology grants and business incentives. It’s a group effort.

Any major tech companies headquartered in Phoenix?

You bet. From Carvana flipping cars online to GoDaddy ruling domains, they’re making waves right here. Honeywell’s also one of the old guards ramping up the region’s tech cred. And with Waymo testing self-driving tech on our streets, the future’s parked right here.


Drum roll, please—and there you have it, the deep dive into tech companies in Phoenix is now neatly tucked under your belt. From the startup scent that wafts through Arizona’s tech ecosystem to the vibrant jingle of opportunities, we’ve traipsed through the virtual geometry that frames our Silicon Desert.

In this kaleidoscope of digital innovation, remember the pain points we chatted about:

  • The need for sustenance—venture capital
  • The craving for knowledge—tech education
  • And oh, the importance of community—networking events.

It’s a landscape where SaaS providers mingle with AI pioneers, where tech incubators are as common as cacti in the Sonoran Desert. And it’s home—a place where bytes and dreams find common ground.

As you flip the last virtual page, keep those circuits buzzing. Who knows? Your keystrokes might just be the next to sculpt our Phoenix tech scene. Onwards, to the next chapter!

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