Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

When you think of Las Vegas, neon lights, casinos, and entertainment might be the first things that come to mind. But did you know that there are also a lot of interesting tech companies in Las Vegas? Yep, you heard that right.

Las Vegas isn’t just about the glitz and glamour anymore. It’s evolving into a tech hub, with a growing number of startups and established tech giants setting up shop. Why? Well, there’s the appeal of a vibrant city, a supportive community, and let’s not forget the favorable business environment.

By diving into this article, you’ll discover the innovative tech companies making waves in Las Vegas. We’ll explore their contributions, the challenges they face, and the opportunities they’re seizing in this bustling desert metropolis.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an investor, or just curious about the digital transformation happening in Vegas, this piece has got you covered.

Tech Companies in Las Vegas

Sunbit Inc.

1-6 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Sunbit is all about making life a tad bit easier. Think about those moments when you need to pay for something, but maybe not all at once. That’s where Sunbit steps in. They’ve got this cool pay-over-time tech that’s perfect for everyday needs.

Whether it’s for auto repairs, dental care, or even that unexpected vet bill, Sunbit’s got your back. And hey, if you’re a merchant, they’re looking to partner up. So, why wait? Dive in and see what they’re all about.

Vanguard Integrity Professionals

2-6 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Ever heard of mainframe security? Well, Vanguard’s been nailing it since ’86. They’re all about cybersecurity, but not just any kind. They specialize in mainframe security software and offer some rad tools for administration, audit, compliance, and authentication.

And if you’re into RACF, they’ve got training and resources for that too. Basically, if you’re looking for a trusted mainframe partner, Vanguard’s your go-to.


3-6 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Gamer or not, you’ve probably heard of 2K. These folks are behind some of the most popular gaming genres out there. From heart-pounding shooters to strategy games that’ll make you think twice, they’ve got it all.

And if you’re into sports or family entertainment, they’ve got titles that’ll keep you hooked. So, whether you’re looking to dunk in NBA 2K24 or drive around in LEGO 2K, they’ve got something for everyone.


4-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Healthcare can be a maze, but Optum’s here to guide you through. They’re on a mission to make health care work better for everyone. From personalized academic support to interactive challenges that boost foundational skills, they’re all about empowering every student in their learning journey.

And if you’re thinking about the future, they’ve got tools and guidance to help students find their path post-school. Basically, they’re the support system every student needs.


5-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Education’s evolving, and Paper’s leading the charge. They’re not just about tutoring; they’re an entire Educational Support System. With 24/7 tutoring, students can get the help they need anytime, anywhere. But that’s not all.

They’ve got interactive challenges to build skills and tools to help students explore their future. From academic planning to career test drives, they’re all about setting students up for success.


6-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Aristocrat Leisure Limited is an ASX20 listed company and one of the world’s leading providers of gaming solutions and offer a diverse range of products and services including electronic gaming machines, social gaming and casino management systems. They’re licensed in over 300 jurisdictions and operate in over 90 countries around the world. They also have a team of over 6500 employees.


7-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Slickdeals is a community-driven platform that offers a wide range of deals, discounts, promo codes, and freebies. Users can find bargains and money-saving offers from various brands and stores.

The website showcases a variety of deals across different categories such as tech, clothing, health & beauty, and more. The deals are posted by community members, and the platform also features promotions and discounts from brands.


10-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Bizox might sound like a techy term, but it’s all about business solutions. In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need agile, efficient, and innovative solutions to stay ahead. And that’s where Bizox comes in.

They’re not just another business solution provider; they’re your partner in growth. Whether it’s streamlining operations, integrating tech solutions, or driving digital transformation, Bizox is on it.

11-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To is the modern solution for businesses that want to streamline their purchasing, payments, approvals, and budgets. They’re all about simplifying the buying process, giving businesses more control over their time and money.

With, businesses can manage what they buy and how they buy it, ensuring efficiency and clarity in their spending. From automating AP workflows to consolidating all invoices into one monthly bill, is the go-to platform for growing businesses.

24-7 Intouch

16-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

24-7 Intouch, now known as IntouchCX, is redefining customer experience (CX) through innovative solutions and a brand-specific approach. They offer a range of services designed to exceed customer expectations, from omnichannel customer care to strategic solutions that boost agent support.

With a focus on technology and people, IntouchCX is committed to delivering real-world results that transform how customers interact with brands. Their culture fosters empowerment, growth, and community, ensuring that they remain at the cutting edge of CX innovation.

Rimini Street

17-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Rimini Street, recognized globally, is reshaping the landscape of enterprise software support services. Serving nearly 4,900 clients, they’ve established themselves as a trusted alternative to traditional vendor support.

Their offerings span across major software vendors like Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft. With a promise of up to 90% savings on total software support costs, they’re not just about cost-effectiveness; they’re about delivering unparalleled value and expertise.

TAO Group

19-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

TAO Group Hospitality is a global powerhouse, operating some of the world’s most recognized brands in the hospitality sector. With venues spanning across major cities worldwide, they offer a blend of top-tier restaurants, nightclubs, and dayclubs.

Whether it’s the electrifying nightlife of TAO or the culinary delights of Hakkasan, they’ve got it all. Their commitment? Delivering unforgettable entertainment experiences that resonate with the modern world.


21-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Switch is a global tech titan, pioneering the design, construction, and operation of ultra-advanced data centers. Their core mission? Powering the most formidable technology ecosystems on the planet.

With a focus on sustainability, Switch is committed to progressing the digital foundation of the connected world. Their solutions cater to banking, global commerce, merchant acquiring, billing, payments, and point-of-sale, making them a one-stop-shop for tech solutions.


22-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Fiserv, a global fintech and payments giant, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the financial landscape. Their solutions cater to a myriad of sectors, including banking, global commerce, merchant acquiring, billing, and payments.

Every minute, people and businesses connect through Fiserv’s innovative technology, making financial transactions smoother and more efficient. Their commitment to excellence has earned them accolades, including being named among the World’s Most Innovative Companies.


24-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Office1 is all about revolutionizing business operations. They’re not just about providing office solutions; they’re about crafting a comprehensive strategy to streamline and digitize your entire workflow.

With their innovative approach, they’re leading the charge in the digital transformation era, ensuring businesses are equipped with the tools and strategies to thrive. Dive into the world of Office1 and discover how they’re redefining the modern office.


25-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Step into the vibrant world of Zappos, where fashion meets comfort. Renowned for their vast collection of shoes, they’ve expanded their horizons to offer clothing, accessories, and more. But it’s not just about products; it’s about the experience.

Zappos is synonymous with top-notch customer service, ensuring every shopping journey is smooth and delightful. Dive in, explore their collections, and embrace the Zappos spirit of style and service.


26-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

In the realm of digital identification, Digimarc stands tall. They’re pioneers in creating invisible digital watermarks that enhance the utility of virtually any form of media. From packaging to audio, their solutions are designed to communicate seamlessly in our digital-first world.

Dive into the world of Digimarc and discover how they’re shaping the future of digital interactions, one watermark at a time.


28-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Step into the world of Climatec, where building solutions are redefined. They’re not just about equipment; they’re about creating environments. From energy solutions to building automation, Climatec is dedicated to ensuring every space is optimized for comfort, safety, and efficiency. Dive in and discover how Climatec is shaping the future of building solutions, crafting spaces that resonate with modern needs.


33-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Telos is an innovative tech company that focuses on providing advanced security solutions for the world’s most security-conscious organizations. Their services are designed to ensure that both public and private sector entities can operate without fear of cyber threats.

With a blend of cloud security, risk management, and compliance solutions, they’ve become a trusted partner for many looking to safeguard their operations. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has made them a standout in the tech world.


35-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Pigeonly offers a unique and compassionate service that bridges the gap between inmates and their loved ones. They provide a platform where users can easily communicate with inmates, send photos, letters, and even money.

Their services are designed to be simple, affordable, and accessible from any device. Pigeonly believes in the power of connection and strives to make the process of staying in touch with incarcerated loved ones easier and more affordable.

FAQs on Las Vegas tech companies

What are some of the top tech companies in Las Vegas?

Companies like Zappos, Bigelow Aerospace, Everi Holdings, and Aristocrat Technologies are thriving in Las Vegas. Tech experts wishing to further their careers in the city can choose from a wide variety of positions at these companies.

How does the tech industry in Las Vegas compare to other cities?

Las Vegas’s tech sector is young but rapidly expanding. The city has made substantial investments in recent years to promote and attract tech companies, however, it may not yet have the same level of prominence as other innovation hubs such as San Francisco or Seattle. Since Las Vegas is becoming known as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, several new and established IT companies have set up shop there.

What types of tech jobs are available in Las Vegas?

Jobs in software engineering, data analysis, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and project management are just some of the ones that can be found in Las Vegas’s thriving tech industry.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are only two of the increasing fields of expertise as the industry expands.

If you’re looking for a tech career in Sin City, how much can you expect to make?

Depending on experience and employer, tech jobs in Las Vegas can pay anywhere from minimum wage to well over $100 per hour.

Glassdoor reports that in Las Vegas, a software engineer may expect an annual pay of $84,000, while a data analyst can expect to make roughly $63,000. Wages can range from lower to higher based on criteria including education level, industry, and geographical region.

Is there anything special about working for a Las Vegas IT company?

Las Vegas is a great place to work for a tech company because of the city’s excellent quality of life, competitive salary, and proximity to a burgeoning tech ecosystem. Workplace incentives such as telecommuting, stock options, and health insurance are common at Las Vegas’s software firms.

How can I find job opportunities at tech companies in Las Vegas?

Finding work at Las Vegas’s IT firms can be done in a number of different ways. Check out sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor to see what kinds of jobs are available online.

You can also get in touch with local recruiters and staffing companies, as well as attending job fairs and networking events. Many Las Vegas-based technology firms also include online job boards where interested candidates may search for openings and submit their applications.

How active is Las Vegas in terms of new business ventures?

The number of startups in Las Vegas is increasing every year. Coworking spaces, incubators, and accelerators are only some of what the city has to offer entrepreneurs and new businesses.

Hakkasan, PlayStudios, and Influence are just a few of the wildly successful Las Vegas-based start-ups.

What are the best ways for me to meet and talk to other Las Vegas-based techies?

Connecting with other local techies is easy because of the city’s many meetups and events.

You can participate in online forums and discussion groups, join local tech organizations like Las Vegas Tech and Vegas Women in Technology, and go to industry events and conferences.

LinkedIn and other social networking networks allow you to connect with professionals on a more personal level.

Is Las Vegas a good place to attend a tech conference?

CES, the Collision Conference, and Las Vegas Startup Week are just a few of the many technology-related events and conferences held in Sin City each year. Meeting other experts in the field, learning about cutting-edge tech, and showcasing one’s wares are just a few of the benefits of attending one of these events.

In your opinion, what does the future hold for Las Vegas’s technology sector?

The tech sector in Las Vegas is anticipated to maintain its upward trajectory and expand in the coming years. In addition to its low cost of living, the city’s emphasis on innovative industries makes it a desirable site for both new and established businesses.

The tech business in Las Vegas benefits from a number of factors, including the city’s location near other major tech centers in the region and its access to top talent from surrounding universities and research institutes.

In addition to the Vegas Chamber’s Innovation Council and the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, the city government and economic development organizations are funding projects to foster and market the city’s digital industry. There is a lot of opportunity for tech professionals to grow their careers in Las Vegas.

Conclusion on these Las Vegas tech companies

So, there we have it. Las Vegas, once only the realm of showbiz and casinos, is now making headlines for a different reason: its burgeoning tech scene. The city’s landscape is rapidly changing, with tech companies in Las Vegas sprouting up, eager to tap into the city’s unique blend of business opportunities and vibrant culture.

From startups with fresh ideas to established giants expanding their horizons, Vegas is proving to be more than just a tourist destination. It’s a place where innovation meets opportunity, and the future looks bright.

If you ever find yourself wandering the neon-lit streets of this desert city, remember, there’s more than meets the eye. Beneath the surface, there’s a digital revolution happening. And who knows? Maybe the next big thing in tech will have the iconic Las Vegas Strip as its backdrop.

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