Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Imagine stepping beyond the neon blaze of Las Vegas Boulevard, where a pulsing network of tech companies is reshaping the city’s economic landscape. This emergent Silicon Valley of the Desert is no mirage; it’s a thriving oasis of innovation and entrepreneurship.

As someone immersed in the weave of web design, I’ve watched the Vegas technology park spring to life, a place where the seeds of tech startups sprout with as much vigor as the jackpots ringing across this city.

Here, the audacious spirit of Vegas is being channeled into creating cutting-edge technology—from software firms to gaming technology innovators.

This article peels back the glittering Vegas curtain to showcase the technology sector in Nevada.

You’ll discover why the world’s leading tech conferences, like CES, are betting big on Vegas, and how venture capital is fueling growth beyond the Strip.

By the end of this deep dive, you’ll have a clear map of the movers and shakers powering Las Vegas’s tech scene, poised to stake your claim in this digital frontier.

Tech Companies in Las Vegas

Tech Companies in Las VegasIndustry/SectorServices/Products OfferedTarget AudienceNotable Features
Sunbit Inc.Financial technologyBuy now, pay later financing solutionsConsumers, RetailersFlexible payment plans
Vanguard Integrity ProfessionalsCybersecuritySecurity software and compliance solutionsEnterprises, GovernmentMainframe security focus
2KVideo Game PublisherVideo game production and publishingGamers, General ConsumersWell-known game franchises
OptumHealthcare SolutionsHealth services and technologyHealthcare providers, patientsPart of UnitedHealth Group
PaperEdtechEducational support, tutoring servicesStudents, SchoolsPersonalized learning
SlickDealsRetail & E-commerceDeals, coupons, and promo code aggregationShoppers, Bargain huntersUser-driven deal sharing
Order.coB2B Ordering SoftwareDigital ordering platform for wholesaleRetailers, WholesalersStreamlined order process
24-7 IntouchCustomer Support ServicesOutsourced customer service solutionsVarious industriesMultichannel support
Rimini StreetEnterprise Software SupportThird-party enterprise software supportCompanies using ERP systemsSupport for legacy systems
TAO GroupHospitalityEntertainment, dining, and nightlife venuesPatrons, Event PlannersExclusive venues and events
SwitchData Center OperationsColocation, connectivity, cloud servicesEnterprises, Tech companiesAdvanced data centers
FiservFinancial Services TechPayment and financial services technologyFinancial institutionsBroad financial ecosystem
Office1Office TechnologyManaged IT, office automation, and equipmentSMBs, EnterprisesOffice solutions suite
ZapposRetail & E-commerceOnline shoe and clothing retailerOnline shoppersCustomer service emphasis
DigimarcDigital IdentificationWatermarking and barcode solutionsRetail, ManufacturingEnhances product tracking
ClimatecBuilding AutomationIntelligent building and energy managementBusinesses, GovernmentOptimization of facilities
TelosCybersecurity, IT ServicesCyber, cloud, and enterprise security servicesGovernment, EnterprisesHigh-assurance security
PigeonlyCommunication TechServices for communication with inmatesInmate families, LawyersAffordable inmate services

Sunbit Inc.

1-6 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Sunbit is all about making life a tad bit easier. Think about those moments when you need to pay for something, but maybe not all at once. That’s where Sunbit steps in. They’ve got this cool pay-over-time tech that’s perfect for everyday needs.

Whether it’s for auto repairs, dental care, or even that unexpected vet bill, Sunbit’s got your back. And hey, if you’re a merchant, they’re looking to partner up. So, why wait? Dive in and see what they’re all about.

Vanguard Integrity Professionals

2-6 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Ever heard of mainframe security? Well, Vanguard’s been nailing it since ’86. They’re all about cybersecurity, but not just any kind. They specialize in mainframe security software and offer some rad tools for administration, audit, compliance, and authentication.

And if you’re into RACF, they’ve got training and resources for that too. Basically, if you’re looking for a trusted mainframe partner, Vanguard’s your go-to.


3-6 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Gamer or not, you’ve probably heard of 2K. These folks are behind some of the most popular gaming genres out there. From heart-pounding shooters to strategy games that’ll make you think twice, they’ve got it all.

And if you’re into sports or family entertainment, they’ve got titles that’ll keep you hooked. So, whether you’re looking to dunk in NBA 2K24 or drive around in LEGO 2K, they’ve got something for everyone.


4-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Healthcare can be a maze, but Optum’s here to guide you through. They’re on a mission to make health care work better for everyone. From personalized academic support to interactive challenges that boost foundational skills, they’re all about empowering every student in their learning journey.

And if you’re thinking about the future, they’ve got tools and guidance to help students find their path post-school. Basically, they’re the support system every student needs.


5-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Education’s evolving, and Paper’s leading the charge. They’re not just about tutoring; they’re an entire Educational Support System. With 24/7 tutoring, students can get the help they need anytime, anywhere. But that’s not all.

They’ve got interactive challenges to build skills and tools to help students explore their future. From academic planning to career test drives, they’re all about setting students up for success.


7-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Slickdeals is a community-driven platform that offers a wide range of deals, discounts, promo codes, and freebies. Users can find bargains and money-saving offers from various brands and stores.

The website showcases a variety of deals across different categories such as tech, clothing, health & beauty, and more. The deals are posted by community members, and the platform also features promotions and discounts from brands.


10-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Bizox might sound like a techy term, but it’s all about business solutions. In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need agile, efficient, and innovative solutions to stay ahead. And that’s where Bizox comes in.

They’re not just another business solution provider; they’re your partner in growth. Whether it’s streamlining operations, integrating tech solutions, or driving digital transformation, Bizox is on it.

11-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To is the modern solution for businesses that want to streamline their purchasing, payments, approvals, and budgets. They’re all about simplifying the buying process, giving businesses more control over their time and money.

With, businesses can manage what they buy and how they buy it, ensuring efficiency and clarity in their spending. From automating AP workflows to consolidating all invoices into one monthly bill, is the go-to platform for growing businesses.

24-7 Intouch

16-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

24-7 Intouch, now known as IntouchCX, is redefining customer experience (CX) through innovative solutions and a brand-specific approach. They offer a range of services designed to exceed customer expectations, from omnichannel customer care to strategic solutions that boost agent support.

With a focus on technology and people, IntouchCX is committed to delivering real-world results that transform how customers interact with brands. Their culture fosters empowerment, growth, and community, ensuring that they remain at the cutting edge of CX innovation.

Rimini Street

17-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Rimini Street, recognized globally, is reshaping the landscape of enterprise software support services. Serving nearly 4,900 clients, they’ve established themselves as a trusted alternative to traditional vendor support.

Their offerings span across major software vendors like Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft. With a promise of up to 90% savings on total software support costs, they’re not just about cost-effectiveness; they’re about delivering unparalleled value and expertise.

TAO Group

19-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

TAO Group Hospitality is a global powerhouse, operating some of the world’s most recognized brands in the hospitality sector. With venues spanning across major cities worldwide, they offer a blend of top-tier restaurants, nightclubs, and dayclubs.

Whether it’s the electrifying nightlife of TAO or the culinary delights of Hakkasan, they’ve got it all. Their commitment? Delivering unforgettable entertainment experiences that resonate with the modern world.


21-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Switch is a global tech titan, pioneering the design, construction, and operation of ultra-advanced data centers. Their core mission? Powering the most formidable technology ecosystems on the planet.

With a focus on sustainability, Switch is committed to progressing the digital foundation of the connected world. Their solutions cater to banking, global commerce, merchant acquiring, billing, payments, and point-of-sale, making them a one-stop-shop for tech solutions.


22-5 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Fiserv, a global fintech and payments giant, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the financial landscape. Their solutions cater to a myriad of sectors, including banking, global commerce, merchant acquiring, billing, and payments.

Every minute, people and businesses connect through Fiserv’s innovative technology, making financial transactions smoother and more efficient. Their commitment to excellence has earned them accolades, including being named among the World’s Most Innovative Companies.


24-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Office1 is all about revolutionizing business operations. They’re not just about providing office solutions; they’re about crafting a comprehensive strategy to streamline and digitize your entire workflow.

With their innovative approach, they’re leading the charge in the digital transformation era, ensuring businesses are equipped with the tools and strategies to thrive. Dive into the world of Office1 and discover how they’re redefining the modern office.


25-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Step into the vibrant world of Zappos, where fashion meets comfort. Renowned for their vast collection of shoes, they’ve expanded their horizons to offer clothing, accessories, and more. But it’s not just about products; it’s about the experience.

Zappos is synonymous with top-notch customer service, ensuring every shopping journey is smooth and delightful. Dive in, explore their collections, and embrace the Zappos spirit of style and service.


26-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

In the realm of digital identification, Digimarc stands tall. They’re pioneers in creating invisible digital watermarks that enhance the utility of virtually any form of media. From packaging to audio, their solutions are designed to communicate seamlessly in our digital-first world.

Dive into the world of Digimarc and discover how they’re shaping the future of digital interactions, one watermark at a time.


28-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Step into the world of Climatec, where building solutions are redefined. They’re not just about equipment; they’re about creating environments. From energy solutions to building automation, Climatec is dedicated to ensuring every space is optimized for comfort, safety, and efficiency. Dive in and discover how Climatec is shaping the future of building solutions, crafting spaces that resonate with modern needs.


33-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Telos is an innovative tech company that focuses on providing advanced security solutions for the world’s most security-conscious organizations. Their services are designed to ensure that both public and private sector entities can operate without fear of cyber threats.

With a blend of cloud security, risk management, and compliance solutions, they’ve become a trusted partner for many looking to safeguard their operations. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has made them a standout in the tech world.


35-4 Tech Companies in Las Vegas That You Should Apply To

Pigeonly offers a unique and compassionate service that bridges the gap between inmates and their loved ones. They provide a platform where users can easily communicate with inmates, send photos, letters, and even money.

Their services are designed to be simple, affordable, and accessible from any device. Pigeonly believes in the power of connection and strives to make the process of staying in touch with incarcerated loved ones easier and more affordable.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Las Vegas

What’s Sparking the Tech Boom in Las Vegas?

Well, it’s like a perfect storm. Venture capital flowed in, the Downtown Project poured funds to revitalize the area, and then the CES put Vegas on the map annually. The low cost of living, compared to other tech hubs, is icing on the cake, attracting talent and startups.

Are There Major Tech Companies Based in Las Vegas?

Absolutely. You’ve got Switch, renowned globally for its advanced data centers. Zappos is massive in the online retail space. And it doesn’t end there; plenty of silicon alley players are setting up shop, drawn by the vibe of innovation in Las Vegas.

How Is Las Vegas Supporting Its Tech Startups?

Beyond the blackjack tables, there’s solid support. We’re talking startup incubators Las Vegas style, with state-funded tech accelerators and networks like the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce. Even UNLV is spinning out tech talent and ideas. The community’s nurturing growth, hands down.

What Role Does Gaming Play in Tech Innovation There?

More than you’d guess. Gaming technology in Las Vegas isn’t only about casinos. It’s a breeding ground for software development, interactive entertainment, and virtual reality. Think of it, the gaming industry here demands the latest tech, so it naturally spills over into innovation cross-pollination.

Can You Find Tech-Focused Networking Events in Vegas?

You bet. Between the mixers, the heavyweight Las Vegas tech conferences, and impromptu meet-ups—it’s networking nirvana. Picture it: rubbing elbows with peers and venture capitalists under the Vegas sky. These events are goldmines for connections and knowledge exchange.

What Is the Job Market Like for Tech Professionals in Las Vegas?

Flourishing, that’s the word. The job market’s hot with opportunities, from software firms to cyber security. There’s demand across the board. Techies, with their diverse skill sets, are finding their niches, energized by the city’s tech entrepreneurship environment.

How Do Tech Companies in Las Vegas Impact the Local Economy?

Think of it as the high-tech neon fueling the city’s economy engine. They’re bringing in high-paying jobs, diversifying the economy beyond tourism, and stimulating local businesses. Plus, they’re influencing educational programs focused on tech—pretty major stuff for Vegas’s tech sector growth.

What Are the Opportunities for Investors in Las Vegas’s Tech Scene?

For investors, Vegas is like this untapped wellspring. From early-stage startups to established firms—there’s a wide spectrum. Money’s flowing into tech accelerators and digital marketplaces. If you’re looking to invest in innovation and growth, this tech park is where it’s at.

How Are Tech Companies in Las Vegas Contributing to Sustainable Practices?

It’s not all about flashy neon. These companies are big on reducing digital carbon footprints, with green data centers like Switch leading the charge. They’re committed to sustainable operations and eco-friendly business models, becoming a beacon for green tech here in the desert.

What Does the Future Hold for Tech Companies in Las Vegas?

The dice are still rolling, but signs point to sky-high potential. We’ve got a hotbed of tech innovation rooted in a city that’s constantly reinventing itself. The continuous influx of talent, combined with Nevada’s supportive business climate, means the trajectory’s set for incredible growth ahead.


Wrapping this up, the tech companies in Las Vegas narrative spins a tale of more than just what meets the eye.

  • In the shadows of the neon lights, these innovators in the tech scene are crafting a new story.
  • They’ve turned the city into a digital playground for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts alike.
  • With every startup incubator and tech park that sprouts, the roots of this Silicon Valley of the Desert deepen, spreading beneath the surface of the city known for its flash.

It’s a mosaic, really. A blend of ambition, technology, and that quintessential Vegas hustle. The rise of the tech sector here isn’t just a lucky roll of the dice; it’s a calculated bet on a diverse, sustainable future. And as the sun sets on The Strip, it’s clear – Las Vegas is dealing a winning hand in the tech industry game.

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