Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Imagine unearthing a treasure chest, but instead of gold, it’s brimming with innovative ideas and digital dreams. Tech companies in Florida—that’s what we’re talking about. This isn’t just where the future is being written, it’s where it’s sprinting ahead at warp speed.

Here, amidst the vibrant beaches and swaying palms, a tech innovation hub simmers, buzzing with the elective energy of startup ecosystems and venture capital infused with a certain, unmistakable Floridian flair. We’re not just witnessing a shift. We’re at the nexus of a digital revolution.

By the end of this article, you’ll be seasoned navigators of Florida’s tech terrain. We’ll decode how Silicon Valley of the South became an atlas entry, what perks drive tech startups to plant roots here, and why cybersecurity firms to fintech maestros are banking on Florida’s growth.

From Orlando’s tech associations to Miami’s tech scene, prepare to plug into an electrifying journey through the heartlands of Floridian innovation.

Tech Companies in Florida

Company NameFocus AreaDescriptionLocation in Florida
United Data TechnologiesIT SolutionsProvides a range of IT services and solutions including cloud, cybersecurity, and managed IT services.Doral
ADT Security ServicesSecurityOffers home and business security solutions including alarms, monitoring, and smart automation.Boca Raton
ASG TechnologiesIT Management SoftwareProduces software for information management, IT systems management, and digital automation.Naples
ModisWorkforce SolutionsSpecializes in IT staffing and consulting services to connect companies with skilled tech professionals.Jacksonville
Mainline Information SystemsIT SolutionsOffers IT hardware and software solutions, consulting, and services.Tallahassee
CitrixSoftwareDelivers virtualization, networking, and cloud computing technologies.Fort Lauderdale
Collins AerospaceAerospace and DefenseDesigns and manufactures aerospace systems for commercial, regional, corporate, and military sectors.Multiple Locations
ClearSaleE-commerce Fraud ProtectionProvides card-not-present fraud prevention solutions for e-commerce businesses.Miami
ISO GroupDefense and AerospaceProvides spare parts, components and logistics solutions for the defense and aerospace industry.West Melbourne
HData SystemsData Analytics, AIOffers data science, big data analytics, and AI solutions to help businesses make data-driven decisions.Tampa
instinctoolsCustom SoftwareDeliver digital transformation services through custom software development and consulting.Dania Beach
HEICOAerospace, ElectronicsDesigns, manufactures and sells aerospace and electronic related products and services.Hollywood
ACI WorldwidePayment SystemsProvides electronic payment software and solutions for financial institutions and merchants.Naples
CSI CompaniesStaffing and ConsultingOffers staffing and outsourcing solutions focusing on IT, healthcare, and other professional services.Jacksonville
Signature ConsultantsIT Staffing and ConsultingProvides IT staffing and consulting services to help with workforce management needs.Fort Lauderdale
MotionPointWebsite TranslationSpecializes in website translation and localization services, including optimizing customer experiences.Coconut Creek
NTT DataIT ConsultingProvides IT consulting and services to clients worldwide using a broad spectrum of information technology.Lake Mary
Innowise GroupCustom Software DevelopmentDelivers custom software, mobile development, and IT consulting services.Boca Raton
SumTotal Systems LLCHR SoftwareOffers talent management and HR software to help organizations manage employee training and skills.Gainesville
AstadiaIT ConsultingProvides cloud transformation and modernization services, focusing on legacy systems.Jacksonville
AccentureConsultingGlobal professional services company offering strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.St. Petersburg
N-iXCustom Software DevelopmentProvides software engineering and consulting services across various technology stacks.Miami
Elogic CommerceE-commerce SolutionsSpecializes in Magento development, providing e-commerce solutions to retailers and brands.Coral Springs
ChetuCustom Software ServicesOffers custom software development services across various industries including finance, healthcare, and more.Plantation
Forte GroupSoftware DevelopmentProvides full-spectrum software development services, including custom software and IT consulting.Tamarac
IntellectsoftSoftware DevelopmentOffers cutting-edge engineering solutions along with consulting services to global clients.Miami
GartnerResearch and ConsultingProvides business insights, advice, and tools for IT, HR, Legal, and finance professionals.Fort Myers
FortressInvestment ManagementProvides investment management services with a focus on private equity, credit, and real estate.West Palm Beach
L3HarrisTechnology and DefenseSpecializes in defense and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space, and cyber domains.Melbourne
AccusoftSoftware DevelopmentDevelops document and imaging tools for developers to build applications.Tampa
Magic LeapAugmented RealityCreates wearable technology for augmented reality experiences.Plantation
Electronic Arts (EA)Video GamesDevelops, markets, publishes, and distributes video games for consoles, PC, mobile phones, and tablets.Orlando
Faro Technologies3D MeasurementDesigns, develops, and markets portable 3D measurement and imaging solutions.Lake Mary
DiSTI CorporationTraining and SimulationProvides advanced graphical interface technology for the simulation and training industry.Orlando
Modernizing MedicineHealthcare ITOffers specialty-specific electronic health records (EHR) systems and healthcare IT solutions.Boca Raton

United Data Technologies

udtonline Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

United Data Technologies Inc. (UDT), a top supplier of high-performance technology solutions in the Southeast and Mid-West of the United States, was designated one of the 50 fastest growing IT enterprises in the U.S. by Everything Channel. UDT is committed to assisting its clients in getting the most out of their IT investments by lowering the risks, expenses, and complexity associated with using cutting-edge technology (RC2).

ADT Security Services

adt Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

ADT Inc., originally The ADT Corporation, is an American business that offers electronic security, fire prevention, and other related alarm monitoring services to homes, small businesses, and major corporations in North America. Boca Raton, Florida serves as the location of the corporate headquarters.

ASG Technologies

rocketsoftware Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Global enterprises can benefit from a contemporary approach to digital transformation provided by ASG Technologies Group, Inc.

Only ASG offers solutions for both IT systems and information management.


modis-1 Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

In the areas of information technology, engineering, and the life sciences, Modis offers consultancy and professional staffing, project services, outsourcing and managed services, as well as specialized services and solutions.

Jacksonville, Florida serves as the company’s corporate headquarters.

It was established in 1986. There are locations for it across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Mainline Information Systems

mainline-e1677630060207 Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

In the United States, Mainline is a provider of IT solutions for customers in a range of industries.

With its headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida, Mainline Information Systems, Inc. was established in 1989.


citrix Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Networking, software as a service (SaaS), cloud computing, and server, application, and desktop virtualization are all services offered by Citrix Systems, Inc.

Collins Aerospace

collins Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

For commercial and military customers worldwide, Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in aviation and high-integrity solutions.


ClearSale Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

With more than 16 years of expertise, ClearSale is a world innovator and undisputed leader in fraud protection solutions.

It can adapt to the most varied markets and nations, and it has the size and flexibility to scale any operation.

ISO Group

isogroup Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

The primary objective of ISO Group, a supply chain partner for the defense and aerospace sector, is to maintain and sustain vital platforms and machinery.

The company’s corporate offices are in Palm Bay, Florida.

HData Systems

HDATA Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Since 2019, HData Systems has offered services for custom software development and business analytics.


instinctools Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

A software product development and consulting business specializing in digital transformation is instinctools.

Instinctools, a company with headquarters in Germany and the United States and development hubs in Poland and Kazakhstan, offers a cross-functional global delivery strategy that lowers development costs while accelerating time to market.


heico Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Hollywood, Florida-based HEICO Corporation is a rapidly expanding technology-driven aerospace, industrial, defense, and electronics corporation.

ACI Worldwide

aciworldwide Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

About 5,000 financial institutions, retailers, billers, and processors worldwide use the electronic payments and banking services provided by Naples, Florida-based ACI Worldwide.

CSI Companies

csicompanies Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

National organizations are assisted in developing, implementing, and maintaining patient and health information systems by CSI Healthcare IT.

Signature Consultants

signature Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

The 14th largest IT staffing company in the nation, Signature Consultants is based in Fort Lauderdale and was founded in 1997 as a staffing agency with a single concentration on IT.


motionpoint Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

A leading provider of worldwide technological solutions, MotionPoint drives the expansion of top-tier businesses into new markets.

MotionPoint combines intelligent software, big tech data, and professional services to localize, translate, and optimize websites for strategic markets, making it far more than just the most efficient website translation service in the world.

NTT Data

NTTdata Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

NTT DATA Services is a well-known multinational company in IT and business services, including cloud, data, and apps.

They help clients transform in more than 50 countries through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, digital & IT transformation, and managed information technology services.

Innowise Group

innowise Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

An international full-cycle software development business, Innowise Group has offices all over the world and important delivery facilities in Eastern Europe.

SumTotal Systems LLC

sumtotal Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

AstraZeneca, London, Amway, and Seagate are just a few of the most prosperous companies in the world whose performance is being improved by SumTotal Systems, LLC, the largest independent provider of complete HR solutions.


Astadia Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Astadia offers modernization services with an emphasis on managed IT services, cloud application development, and legacy migration.


Accenture Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Global professional services provider Accenture has industry-leading expertise in digital, cloud, and security.


n-ix Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

A European provider of software development services, N-iX aids companies all over the world in enhancing their engineering capacities and creating fruitful software solutions.

\AIMDek-e1677630022370 Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

The 2014 incorporation of AIMDek is focused on providing world-class infrastructure for information technology solutions to organizations.

Elogic Commerce

elogiccomm Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Since 2009, Elogic, a full-service e-commerce development company, has built, designed, and optimized web businesses.


Chetu Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

With on-demand engineers who are focused on advancing organizations, Chetu is a true and seamless backend technology partner, accelerating the creation of unique desktop, mobile, and web-based apps for startups, SMBs, and Fortune 5000 enterprises.

Forte Group

fortegrp Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Businesses looking for excellent engineering expertise and exceptional software can turn to Forte Group as a full-spectrum provider for software solutions and managed services.


intellectsoft Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

The goal of Intellectsoft, a digital transformation consultant, is to assist businesses in accelerating the adoption of new technologies, sorting through the complex problems that often crop up during the digital evolution, and coordinating continuing innovation.


gartner Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Since 1979, Gartner has offered IT analysis and consultancy to businesses of all sizes operating in a variety of sectors.

Employees of Gartner collaborate with their clients to better supply chain management, strategic planning, and many other business processes through the integration of technology.


fortress Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

One of the biggest US providers of supply chain risk management and vulnerability risk management services is Fortress Information Security.


l3harris Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

With its corporate headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, L3Harris is a defense and information technology contractor that was originally created in 1895 as the Harris Corporation.

Despite having its corporate headquarters in Melbourne, the business has offices in a number of Florida locations and has grown internationally.


accusoft Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

In 1991, Accusoft, a software company with a focus on imaging and document solutions, was founded in Tampa.

The company’s software engineers produce imaging software development kits that enable businesses to construct their own programs for document scanning, barcode generation, and picture editing.

Magic Leap

magicleap Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Another one of these tech companies in Florida is Magic Leap. It is a software engineering firm that creates augmented reality and computer vision technology. It was founded in 2011.

Electronic Arts (EA)

EA Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Electronic Arts, also known as EA, is a video game development firm with a studio in Orlando. EA was founded in 1982.

Faro Technologies

FARO Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Faro Technologies was established in 1981 and produces 3D measuring devices such measurement arms, handheld mappers, and laser scanners.

The software and apps that run these electronic measuring devices, which are useful tools in a variety of industries like manufacturing and construction, are also created by Faro Technologies’ technical teams.

DiSTI Corporation

DISTI Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

DiSTI is a technology business that was founded in Orlando in 1994 and focuses on the creation and distribution of cutting-edge graphical user interfaces and adaptable 3D training software.

Modernizing Medicine

ModMed Tech Companies in Florida With Great Potential

Software developers and practicing physicians are employed by Modernizing Medicine to oversee programming for various medical specializations.

FAQ on Tech Companies in Florida

What’s fueling the tech boom in Florida?

Oh, man, that’s all about the startup ecosystem down there which is just exploding. You’ve got a sweet mix of venture capital, a really business-friendly climate, and not to mention, Florida’s tech sector is getting a boost from tax incentives. It’s like a magnet for techies and entrepreneurs.

How does Florida compare to Silicon Valley?

So, get this: Florida’s often nicknamed the Silicon Valley of the South for a good reason. It’s not just beaches and sunshine. The state’s got a growing reputation for tech innovation hubs and a vibrant tech networking scene that’s starting to give California a run for its money.

What kind of tech companies can you find in Florida?

You name it, Florida’s got it. From cybersecurity firms, bustling e-commerce platforms, and fintech sharks to cutting-edge health information technology. And let’s not forget the heavy hitters in aerospace technology companies around the Space Coast. It’s a diverse playground for tech enthusiasts.

Are there any incentives for starting a tech company in Florida?

Absolutely! Florida is rolling out the red carpet with tech business incentives like tax breaks and grants. They’re really pushing to turn the state into a hotbed for tech startups, offering up research and development cash and enticing venture capital like bees to honey.

What’s the tech job market like in Florida?

It’s booming – talk about job growth! With all the new tech incubators popping up and the tech job growth skyrocketing, career opportunities here are as plentiful as oranges in an orchard. If you’re into software development or any high-tech gig, this is the place to be.

Is there support for tech startups in Florida?

Support? It’s like one giant, supportive family. There’s a legion of tech incubators and accelerators here, plus research and development facilities that nurture young tech geniuses. And don’t even get me started on the startup ecosystem – it’s tight-knit and innovative as all get out.

What tech industries are on the rise in Florida?

Well, if we’re talking about industries with a vertical trajectory, fintech companies and digital transformation services are just killin’ it lately. But don’t sleep on the health information technology and smart city technologies either. Florida’s tech landscape is as diverse as a coral reef.

How does Florida’s tech scene drive innovation?

Innovation’s in the air down here. There’s a fusion of technology parksuniversity innovation hubs like at the University of Florida, and even private powerhouses like Magic Leap. It’s a stew of brilliant minds and trendsetters, all spiced up with that entrepreneurial spirit.

Are tech salaries competitive in Florida?

For sure, tech salaries here are nothing to sneeze at. The demand for talent is sky-high, which means companies are willing to pay top dollar for skilled workers. Whether you’re a developer or a data scientist, you’ll find that paychecks in Florida’s tech sector are plenty competitive.

What impact have major tech companies had on Florida’s economy?

Major? More like colossal. Giants like Citrix Systems and rising stars are shaping not just the local tech scene but boosting the whole state’s economy. They’re creating jobs, pushing tech venture funding, and even transforming the landscape with tech parks. Talk about leaving footprints in the sand.


Diving deep into the landscape of tech companies in Florida, we charge towards the finish line of our digital safari. What a ride! We’ve explored the lush valleys of startup ecosystems that are flowering under a Golden Sun of venture capital and tech innovation hubs.

  • We’ve seen the info-tech giants rubbing shoulders with nimble fintech startups.
  • Touched down at Space Coast launchpads where aerospace tech soars beyond blue skies.
  • Even brushed past those crafting the future of health information technology.

Our digital canvas has been painted with anecdotes of entrepreneurs fired up by Florida’s tech sector, and stories of cybersecurity firms fortifying the virtual frontiers. The Silicon Valley of the South here is pulsing with venture funding, transforming theoretical bytes and pixels into practical, profitable realities.

As the curtain falls on this showcase of innovation and entrepreneurship, one thing’s crystal clear – the tech scene here isn’t just alive; it’s thriving, surging forward with the unstoppable force of a rocket launch. So, readers, keep your screens on and eyes peeled; this is one sector where the sequel will always outshine the original.

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