Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Nestled against the dramatic backdrop of the Rockies, something electrifying sizzles through the Mile High City. No, it’s not the latest snowstorm – it’s the buzz of the tech companies in Denver, captivating innovators and investors alike.

This city, unassumingly climbing to the ranks of a Silicone Mountain, has laid the groundwork for an explosive technology sector where entrepreneurs are shaping the digital frontier.

Why should you keep your cursor hovering over this read? Beyond the scenic views and ski slopes,

Denver’s cobblestone streets are a gateway to a tech-topia booming with networking events, and it’s not just the altitude leaving aspiring moguls breathless.

It’s the surge of venture capital invigorating a generation of Denver startups.

By the article’s end, expect to navigate the ins and outs of Denver’s tech job market, meet the regional tech accelerators, and glimpse what fuels Colorado’s technology grants.

Like crafting a meticulous web design, this piece arranges the pixels of information to present a holistic view of Denver’s tech canvas.

Uncover the scaffolding supporting this Rocky Mountain tech revelation.

Tech Companies in Denver

Tech CompanyIndustry FocusDescription
Red CanaryCybersecurityProvides threat detection and response solutions.
DispatchHealthHealthcareOffers on-demand urgent care services in the home setting.
Guild EducationEdTechPartners with employers to offer education as a benefit.
Velocity GlobalGlobal WorkforceStreamlines the process of overseas hiring without the need for entity establishment.
NextbiteFoodTechCreates delivery-only restaurant brands.
Strive HealthHealthcareProvides kidney care management.
SonderMindHealthTechMatches patients with therapists and provides a platform for mental health services.
GtmhubSaaS/OKR ManagementOffers a platform for objective and key result tracking to improve organizational focus.
Project CanaryEnvironment TechProvides climate and air quality monitoring and energy sector consultancy.
DataikuData Science & AIDevelops a platform that enables businesses to build and deliver their own AI solutions.
Tray.ioSaaS/IntegrationIntegrates various software tools for automated workflows.
BrightwheelEdTechA platform for early education providers for administration and communication.
CoalitionCyber InsuranceOffers cyber insurance as well as cybersecurity tools.
KinHome InsuranceProvides home insurance leveraging data and technology.
SynapseProduct DevelopmentOffers a platform for launching financial products.
Virta HealthHealthcareFocuses on diabetes treatment through lifestyle changes, not medication.
JumpCloudCloud DirectoryManages devices and user identities.
Stack InfrastructureData CenterProvides data center services to organizations.
SmartCueSales EnablementOffers video coaching and sales enablement solutions.
CyberGRXCybersecurityProvides third-party cyber risk management tools.
Last GameboardGaming TechDevelops a digital and interactive board game platform.
RevntEvent ManagementOffers a ticketing platform designed for mobile-first experiences.
Accept.incFinTech/Real EstateA digital lender that provides instant underwriting for home buyers.
FlightLinkPrivate AviationAn app for coordinating and sharing private flights.
ManateeHealthTechDevelops tools for children’s mental health support and therapy management.
SporeBiotechSpecializes in rapid pathogen detection and environmental monitoring.
Vantage Data CentersData CenterProvides data center solutions and scalable, flexible IT infrastructure.
Long PlayMusic TechOffers full-service music production and artist development.
MaxwellFinTech/MortgageProvides technology to streamline and improve the mortgage process.
Crusoe Energy SystemsEnergy/CryptoCaptures flared gas for cryptocurrency mining and data center operations.
OrdermarkFoodTechHelps restaurants streamline online orders from different services.
Fluid TruckTransportationProvides a commercial vehicle sharing platform designed to reduce ownership costs.
Harvest HostsTravel TechMembership program offering RV owners access to stays at unique locations.
Matter MadeVenture AccelerationHelps startups with funding, recruiting, and strategic growth.
HavenlyEdesignOffers online interior design services and personal shopping assistance.

Red Canary

red-canary Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Red Canary was established to enhance security. We protect hundreds of businesses worldwide, with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to 100-endpoint businesses. Our cloud-based technology equalizes the playing field for companies of all sizes by enabling any defender to triumph over quickly changing foes.


dispatch Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

The most cutting-edge on-demand, in-home healthcare model in the nation is being used by DispatchHealth to redefine healthcare delivery. Patients can receive same-day healthcare for a serious injury or sickness, and their board-certified medical teams treat individuals of all ages. The platform includes Medicare as well as Medicare Advantage.

Guild Education

guild Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Guild Education targets companies that want to offer continuing education courses in order to entice and keep personnel. The platform enables companies to provide employees with career-enhancing low-risk, high-reward programs. Guild is a rapidly expanding business with close to 800 workers and a burgeoning clientele. Guild was honored as a CNBC Disruptor 50 company and a winner of Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas award for its work at the nexus of education and the future of work.

Velocity Global

velocity Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

The future of work is accelerated by Velocity Global for everyone, wherever, and in any way. Our Global Work Platform™, supported by individualized knowledge and unmatched global scale, streamlines the employer and talent experience with its patented cloud-based talent management system.


nextbite Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

The restaurant industry’s transition to the new digital era is being driven and shaped by Nextbite. The company, a pioneer in online order management and a leader in virtual restaurants, is dedicated to assisting restaurant partners enter the virtual restaurant market with innovative delivery-only menus while utilizing underutilized labor and kitchen capacity to boost margins and revenue.

Strive Health

strive Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

By providing care delivery models that enhance patient health and lower healthcare costs, Strive Health is assisting patients with chronic renal disease. In order to enhance outcomes, prioritize patient care, and reduce the cost of end-stage renal disease and chronic kidney disease care, the company collaborates with both payors and providers.


sonder Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Finding certified therapists who are available for in-person or online sessions is made simpler for people using SonderMind while looking for a mental health expert. Additionally, SonderMind helps with payor credentialing, administers the invoicing and claims procedures, and ensures immediate payment on claims while connecting mental health professionals with networks of new patients.


quantive Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

The premier strategy execution platform in the world, based on the OKR management paradigm, is Gtmhub.

Project Canary

canary Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Project Canary is a provider of precise and trustworthy information for businesses that produce large amounts of emissions using climate data analytics.


dataiku Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

The platform for Everyday AI, Dataiku, systemsatizes the utilization of data for outstanding business outcomes. Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

A low-code, cloud-first solution to automation is They have created a secure, scalable, and resilient platform that combines disparate processes to produce effective business results.


brightwheel Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Millions of families and thousands of educators around the world trust Brightwheel, making it the most adored technology brand in early education. By giving teachers significantly more one-on-one time with students each day, involving parents in their children’s development, and assisting the small businesses that make up the core of the $100 billion early education market, Brightwheel’s mission is to transform early education for every teacher, child, and parent.


coalition Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

In order to assist businesses be more resistant to cyberattacks, Coalition, the industry’s top provider of cyber insurance and security, combines comprehensive insurance with proactive cybersecurity capabilities.


kin Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Homeowners insurance is offered at reasonable prices by the insurtech firm Kin Insurance.


synapse Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Synapse creates technologies that let businesses incorporate banking services into their software.

Virta Health

virta Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

With no need for drugs or surgery, type 2 diabetes and other chronic metabolic illnesses can now be safely and permanently reversed thanks to Virta.


jumpcloud Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

The goal of JumpCloud is to Make Work Happen® by offering convenient, secure access to corporate IT resources from any place or device. The JumpCloud Directory Platform offers a unified cloud-based solution for IT, security operations, and DevOps to manage employee identities, their devices, and implement conditional access controls based on Zero Trust principles.

Stack Infrastructure 

stack Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Individual needs are taken into account when building digital infrastructures by Stack Infrastructure. The structures are designed precisely to meet the needs of the clients and are quick, scalable, and reliable. Almost limitless acreage, a highly skilled development crew, and ample power capacity all help firms overcome some of their current problems.


smartcue Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

With the help of SmartCue, you can build demo libraries that are built on top of your enterprise SaaS application and prompt your salespeople to provide consistent, yet unique, demos to potential clients.


cybergrx Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

By acquiring and distributing data information, CyberGRX provides businesses with security against cyber risk and reputational damage. The data-driven methodology offered by CyberGRX will enable businesses to safeguard their digital ecosystem of third parties.

Last Gameboard 

gameboard Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

By developing tabletop games that combine digital and analog experiences, Last Gameboard is combining the in-person and online gaming experiences. Players can play anywhere, with any game pieces, and with anyone else.


revnt Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

With the help of Revnt, educators who offer online video courses can monetise their courses through a subscriber-based business model. 

accept Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future, a company in the real estate sector, enables all homeowners to submit all-cash bids at no additional cost to them. Due to intense competition, the iLender is able to accept purchasers who are paying cash to win their house but have already been given mortgage approval.


flight Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

FlightLink is developing a private aviation solution to solve the shortage of employees in the aviation industry. The platform, which is membership-based, offers like-minded travelers the chance to network, fly reasonably, and travel conveniently.


manatee Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Manatee is working to improve communication and democratize the mental health care system. To produce outcomes in six weeks, the platform makes use of a family software that emphasizes relationships between families.


Spore-build Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Content producers may easily establish a presence online with Spore, which is geared toward them. The idea is to free content producers from well-known platforms that frequently charge high fees and offer little in return.

Vantage Data Centers

vantage Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Vantage Data Centers, a leading provider of cutting-edge data centers, provides huge businesses with hyperscale cloud solutions. For whatever business need, the organization can offer specialized data center solutions.

Long Play 

longplay Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Long Play is a nationwide cannabis portfolio company that aims to provide high-quality, high-THC products and hemp CPGs to adult-use, medical, and wellness markets.


maxwell Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

A fintech platform called Maxwell is intended to offer small and midsize lenders faster, more affordable mortgages.

Crusoe Energy Systems 

crusoe Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

For the energy sector, Crusoe Eneergy Systems is developing ways to cut down on routine natural gas flaring.


ordermark Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Restaurants must employ complicated internet ordering tools, which Ordermark is adopting and combining all the data into one dashboard. The technology will assist eateries in reducing expenses, inefficiencies, and errors.

Fluid Truck

fluidtruck Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Fluid Truck, which was originally launched in 2016 as an online marketplace for sharing items, underwent a rebranding in 2019 to become an app-based truck-sharing platform that lets customers reserve box trucks, cargo vans, and other vehicles on a daily, weekly, or hourly basis.

Harvest Hosts

harvest Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

With the help of the membership-based organization Harvest Hosts, RV owners may set up camp at almost 4,000 different locations, including uncommon spots like wineries, breweries, and farms. The business raised $37 million last year and bought the RV user-connecting platform Boondockers Welcome. The number of venues it offers was predicted to more than double as a result of the partnership. According to Inc., Harvest Hosts’ income climbed by 5,697% from 2018 and 2021.

Matter Made

matter Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Since 2017, Matter Made, a growth firm, has assisted B2B SaaS companies with demand generation, paid media, and revenue operations. According to Inc., the Denver-based business, which has collaborated with Dropbox and G2, has increased its revenue by 5,109 percent during the last three years.


havenly Tech Companies in Denver That Have a Promising Future

Havenly brings customization and personalization to interior design. The platform assists people who want to create their houses by providing individualized design assistance with carefully chosen products that are especially suited to the client’s style, available space, and financial constraints.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Denver

What’s sparking the growth of tech companies in Denver?

Denver’s not just about that fresh mountain air anymore. It’s become a magnet for tech talent craving lifestyle plus opportunity.

The boom? You can thank the collaborative vibe, support from venture capital, and initiatives like Denver Startup Week. Plus, being tagged as ‘Silicon Mountain’ certainly adds to the allure.

How do Denver tech salaries compare nationally?

Here’s the scoop. Denver tech job market isn’t just competitive, it’s on fire. Salaries? They’re soaring, keeping pace with the big coastal cities. The city’s cost of living may seem high, but it balances out if you factor in the paycheck plus those panoramic Rockies views.

What are the major tech industries in the Denver area?

Let’s break it down. Denver software firms are the talk of the town, but don’t overlook the burgeoning scenes in cybersecurity, clean tech—thanks to entities like NREL—and a rising tide of fintech ventures. Plus, swiftly growing sectors in health tech and digital transformation are clinchers.

Are there events for networking in Denver’s tech scene?

Absolutely. Grab a lanyard, because the city’s teeming with events. Tech innovation in Denver gets a boost with regular meetups, conferences, and of course, the Denver Tech Center is a hub. The scene’s gem? Denver Startup Week—think of it as a tech fest meets business bonanza.

What support do tech startups in Denver receive?

City’s got your back. Think local tech acceleratorsincubators, and lush grants tailored for up-and-comers. Peer-to-peer learning? A given. And when the Colorado Technology Association gives you a nod, you know you’re in good company. Starting up here? Less gamble, more game.

What are key attractions drawing tech companies to Denver?

Think of Denver as the cool, understated tech sibling with so much to offer. You’ve got Colorado’s technology grants, a non-saturated market brimming with opportunities, and a quality of life that’s tough to beat. All those Silicon Mountain perks without the Silicon Valley price tag.

Does Denver have tech-focused educational programs and resources?

Education and tech here are like fries and ketchup—perfect together. The city boasts programs from places like the University of Colorado Denver, laying the foundation for future innovators. Plus, the tech scene’s embrace of fresh talent? Consider it high octane fuel for growth in tech companies in Denver.

What is the role of local government in Denver’s tech expansion?

They’re not on the sidelines. Local government waves the flag for tech growth, incentivizing companies to settle between here and Boulder. Think tax breaks, solid infrastructure, and green light for tech business climate Colorado. They’re setting the table; tech firms just need to feast.

How does living in Denver enhance working for a tech company?

Well, wrapping up a grueling coding session with a sunset hike isn’t bad, eh? Quality of life here is unmatched. Like a treasure box, it’s crammed with culture, outdoor fun, and a chill lifestyle that makes those daily scrums a little sweeter.

Here’s the thing—Denver’s not just following trends; it’s setting them. With Denver tech accelerators stoking the innovation fire, areas like blockchain and AI are taking off.

And with resources like Colorado technology grants investing in green tech and sustainability, Denver’s creating waves, not just riding them.


You’ve just breezed through a digital journey, punctuated by the possibilities within Denver’s technology sector. Picture this city as a canvas, speckled with vibrant splashes — each a startupsoftware firm, or tech titan. They’re strewn across this landscape, linked by an invisible thread of innovation.

  • Wrapping up, we dipped into the essence of what makes the Mile High City, a beacon for techies.
  • Explored the fertile ground blessed by Colorado’s technology grants.
  • Networked through Silicon Mountain, where Denver tech job market thrives.
  • Gave a nod to the movers and shakers, the game changers fueling digital transformation.

So, folks, next time you think of tech companies in Denver, remember, there’s a rhythm here—a heartbeat of binary and business, coding and creativity. Denver’s marquee as a tech hub? It’s not just bright; it’s blazing.

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