The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Fast-evolving and dynamic, tech companies in Charlotte are blooming where cotton once reigned. Here, innovation isn’t just brewing—it’s booming, reshaping the Queen City into a modern tech hub.

Nestled within North Carolina’s business-friendly borders, this scene’s an electric mix of fresh-faced startups and solid tech stalwarts.

Dive into this vibrant pulse, and you’ll find yourself among a community that’s scripting the digital future. If you’re keen, this is no mere skim across the surface.

It’s an exclusive backstage pass—a deep dive into what’s firing up Charlotte’s tech sector and how these companies are sculpting a new skyline.

Purpose? Picture it: a map guiding you through the intricacies of Charlotte’s tech terrain, from the nurturing arms of business incubators to the disruptive minds in startup ecosystems.

By the time you’re done, you’ll know your Silicon South from your cyber securities, and you’ll be ready for Tech Talent South to call your name.

The gauntlet’s thrown: will you trailblaze with innovation leaders, or will you just watch the skyline change?

Tech Companies in Charlotte

Tech Companies in CharlotteIndustry/SpecializationTarget CustomersNotable Products/ServicesFounded/Headquarters
AT-NET ServicesIT Services, CybersecurityBusinessesManaged IT, Cybersecurity services1999 / Charlotte, NC
isolvedHuman Capital ManagementSmall to medium-sized businessesHCM software, payroll, HR services1986 / Charlotte, NC
AvidXchangeFinancial Technology, PaymentsMidsize companiesAutomated invoice and payment processes2000 / Charlotte, NC
AiwynTechnology, Artificial IntelligenceLaw firms, Professional servicesAI-driven insights and automationAcquired by Litera in 2021, Charlotte, NC base
Dentsply SironaDental equipment and suppliesDentists, Dental labsDental products, technologies1899 / HQ in Charlotte, NC
Nomad HealthHealthcare staffing platformHealthcare professionalsFreelance healthcare jobs platform2015 / Offices in Charlotte, NC
StratifydData Analytics, AIBusinesses across industriesAI-powered data analytics platform2015 / Charlotte, NC
PayzerFinancial Technology, PaymentsContractors, Home service businessesPayment processing, financing solutions2011 / Charlotte, NC
Red VenturesMarketing, Sales ServicesVarious marketsDigital marketing, sales services2000 / Headquarters near Charlotte, NC
AddShoppersE-commerce, Marketing TechnologyE-commerce businessesSocial media marketing, shopper insights2011 / Charlotte, NC
OdekoSupply Chain ManagementCafés, BakeriesMobile ordering, supply chain managementUnknown / Presence in Charlotte, NC
PrecisionLenderFinancial Technology, LendingBanks, Credit unionsPricing, profitability management2009 / Acquired by Q2, office in Charlotte, NC
LendingTreeOnline Lending MarketplaceConsumersLoan matching for various financial products1996 / Charlotte, NC
Imagine SoftwareTrading and Risk ManagementFinancial services firmsReal-time portfolio and risk management1993 / Charlotte, NC
RapidopsDigital Product DevelopmentStartups, EnterprisesDigital solutions, SAAS products2008 / Has an office in Charlotte, NC
Insight EnterprisesIT Services, SolutionsGlobal businessesIT solutions, hardware, software1988 / Presence in Charlotte, NC
PerficientDigital ConsultancyVarious industriesDigital transformation, consultancy1998 / Presence in Charlotte, NC
CTGIT Solutions and ServicesVarious industriesIT staffing, services, solutions1966 / Presence in Charlotte, NC
AllscriptsHealthcare IT, SolutionsHealthcare providersEHR, practice management, etc.1986 / Presence in Charlotte, NC
NutanixCloud Computing, Storage ServicesGlobal businessesHyperconverged infrastructure2009 / Presence in Charlotte, NC
CFGIFinancial ConsultingVarious industriesFinancial advisory and consulting2000 / Presence in Charlotte, NC
PrintfulOn-demand Printing and FulfillmentE-commerce platforms, Small businessesCustom printing, warehousing, fulfillment2013 / Facilities in Charlotte, NC
EkosSoftware for Craft Beverage ProducersBreweries, WineriesManagement software for craft producers2014 / Charlotte, NC


2-13 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Global technology business InVue offers cutting-edge IoT, security, and merchandising solutions to the most valued brands in the world.

AT-NET Services


5-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

isolved is a pioneer of digital transformation in employee experience and a provider of HCM technology that puts people first.


6-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Based in Charlotte, AvidXchange was established in 2000. With more than 5,550 clients and 400,000 suppliers countrywide, the company’s technology is centered on developing software to monitor and automate the accounts payable and invoice management systems for businesses in a number of industries.


7-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Aiwyn assists top-tier professional services organizations in revolutionizing their work-to-cash cycle, which leads to a quicker cash flow across the entire company, more productive and contented employees, and a better client experience.

 Dentsply Sirona

9-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

We provide a full spectrum of premium solutions that enable the most effective and long-lasting, customizable results, from treatment planning, bone regeneration, and implants, through prefabricated and patient-specific, implant-supported restorations. Dentsply, a Global Complete Solutions Provider The largest producer of technologically advanced professional dental goods in the world is Sirona.

Nomad Health

13-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Nomad Health is the first online job board for the healthcare industry that successfully matches qualified medical professionals with fulfilling employment opportunities.

Nomad was honored as one of the “Best Startup Employers” by Forbes, “Best Mid-Sized Businesses To Work For” by Built-In NYC, and “2021’s Most Liked Workplaces” by Newsweek.

Now you get why it’s in our article with the best tech companies in Charlotte.


14-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

The Charlotte-based software startup Stratifyd was established in 2015. In order to help enterprise businesses turn human textual data that is found in call center platforms, surveys, product reviews, CRM systems, interactive chat sessions, and other omnichannel sources into right away actionable insights, Stratifyd developed an AI-powered analytics platform that is centered around the customer feedback loop.


15-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

The Charlotte-based internet business Payzer was established in 2014. The business attempts to create and own innovative solutions that offer a comprehensive financial solution for contractors. A smartphone app and a cloud-based platform are among of its features, which streamline payments, purchases, and financial plans.

 Red Ventures

16-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Red Ventures, a company founded in 2000 with headquarters in Charlotte, connects customers with services that meet their needs through its network of digital businesses. The business creates new products and provides services in sectors like home services, healthcare, finance, and education.


17-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Direct-to-consumer digital marketing, and advertising services are provided by AddShoppers. AddShoppers is a marketing software platform that was established in 2011 and has its corporate headquarters in Charlotte.


18-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Odeko is developing a platform of enterprise-grade software for small enterprises to actualize their own particular worldviews.


21-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

PrecisionLender offers financial services software and was established in 2009. By offering knowledge and direction on sales, negotiations, and pricing, the products benefit commercial banking firms.


22-12 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Customers can browse, compare, and shop for financial plans and loan offers on LendingTree, an online marketplace. The technology used by LendingTree, which was founded in 1996, supports the financial sector and offers resources for both businesses and people.

Imagine Software

24-11 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Imagine Software, a 2000-founded company with its headquarters in Charlotte, offers clients in the healthcare sector automated medical billing services. The software of the business company offers resources and assistance for developing and maintaining a personalized medical billing procedure that satisfies the requirements of the client.


25-11 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Delivering high-quality software solutions is the company’s main priority. RapidOps is an innovative, agile software factory that creates cutting-edge technology for startups and large corporations.

Insight Enterprises

27-11 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

For multinational businesses of all sizes, Insight Enterprises Inc. is a pioneer in offering innovative, cutting-edge technological solutions.


28-11 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Information technology consulting company Perficient. In order to increase productivity and competitiveness, improve relationships with clients, suppliers, and partners, and cut expenses associated with information technology, Perficient assists clients in using Internet-based cloud solutions everywhere.


29-11 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Information technology (IT) personnel and solutions are predominantly offered in North America and Europe by Computer Task Group, Inc. (CTG).


30-11 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

A publicly listed American firm called Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. offers practice management and electronic health record technologies to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.


32-11 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

An enterprise cloud platform is created and offered by Nutanix, Inc. throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Every virtual workload, including massive VDI endeavors, development/test apps, private clouds, big data (Hadoop) projects, and more, may be easily deployed with the Nutanix solution.


35-11 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

CFGI, a recognized financial industry and leader with the resources to successfully traverse today’s complicated accounting, reporting, tax, and compliance landscape, was founded in 2000 by former Big 4 experts.


36-10 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

An on-demand printing and storage startup called Printful assists brands in growing their operations without taking inventory risks.


38-7 The Tech Companies in Charlotte That Are Disrupting the Industry

Ekos is the pioneer in business management software for artisanal makers of beer, wine, and cider. It was established in 2014 and has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ekos works with manufactures in 40 different countries to handle their daily inventory, production, sales, and accounting processes.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Charlotte

What’s Fueling the Tech Boom in Charlotte?

Economic incentives, a strong talent pipeline from local universities, and a thriving startup ecosystem have all played a part.

Charlotte’s cost of living, supportive business climate, and its position as a financial hub attract both startups and established tech firms, sparking a tech renaissance in the heart of the South.

How’s the Tech Job Market in Charlotte?

It’s on fire. Demand for tech talent outstrips supply; tech employment opportunities are everywhere.

From coding bootcamps to corporate gigs, especially in fintech and healthcare tech, the market’s buzzing. The city’s fast-growing tech ecosystem just keeps adding fuel to that demand, beckoning newcomers with promise.

Which Tech Sectors are Most Prominent in Charlotte?

FinTech takes the crown, thanks to the city’s banking roots. But there’s a vibrant mix simmering beneath: Healthcare technologycybersecurity, and data centers are surging too. Innovation is sprawling out into fields like AI and clean tech, making the Queen City’s tech palette more colorful by the day.

Can Startups Thrive in Charlotte?

Absolutely. There’s a whole world of innovation labs and business incubators, like Packard Place and Innovate Charlotte, eager to jump-start fresh ideas. Plus, venture capital for startups is getting warmer to the touch. It’s safe to say that Charlotte’s not just friendly to startups; it’s their cheerleader.

What Networking Opportunities are There for Tech Professionals?

Networking’s a big deal here. Events, meetups, conferences—you name it. The NC Tech Association and Charlotte IT Zone swing open networking doors.

There’s always some buzz about a tech conference or a social mixer around tech entrepreneurship. If connecting is your game, Charlotte’s tech scene’s got your back.

Are There Tech Education and Training Opportunities in Charlotte?

Plenty. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte pumps out grads, while coding bootcamps like Tech Talent South sharpen skills for the real-world grind. A culture of continuous learning thrives—everything from workshops to technology training programs is on the cards.

How Does Charlotte Support Women in Tech?

Initiatives specifically for women in tech are gaining momentum. Organizations like Charlotte’s chapter of Women Who Code and the Female Founders in Tech Meetup are making waves.

Charlotte’s community is passionate about gender diversity, fostering an inclusive environment where women in tech can thrive and lead.

What Role Do Tech Investors Play in Charlotte?

Tech investors are the catalysts transforming Charlotte. From the sidelines, they’re spotting potential, betting big on tech startups, and keeping the innovation gears well-oiled. The Charlotte Angel Fund, for instance, is pivotal, seeding the future of tech in the city one investment at a time.

How is Charlotte Fostering Innovation and Tech Development?

Innovation’s in the city’s soil. Aside from fiscal perks and silicon south charm, Charlotte fosters a collaborative environment.

With the help of places like Innovate Charlotte and various technology parks, plus keen city initiatives, Charlotte’s not just fostering innovation; it’s embedding it into the city’s very fabric.

What’s the Future of Tech Companies in Charlotte?

The skyline’s the limit. With growth in tech industry sectors, like AI and IoT, alongside a solid foundation in FinTech and healthcare technology, the trajectory’s set for more expansion.

Expect novel tech entrepreneurship endeavors, deeper economic impact, and a tech landscape that’s constantly redefining itself.


Wrapping up this digital trek through the tech companies in Charlotte, you’ve probably caught on—the energy here is magnetic. There’s more than sweet tea brewing in the South’s new tech hubInnovation isn’t just a buzzword around these parts; it’s the heartbeat.

The tapestry we’ve unravelled together speaks volumes:

  • Startups blossoming with daring
  • Tech giants rooting deeper
  • Talent flourishing from coding bootcamps to advanced technology training
  • Venture capital that’s not just observing from the ivory tower… it’s down in the trenches, making moves.

Each thread weaves into a powerful narrative of a city on the upswing, a community vibrant with tech employment opportunities, and collaborative spaces fostering the next big thing. Whether you’re an investor with an eye for innovation, a job seeker on the prowl, or a curious mind, remember—one thing’s crystal clear: Charlotte and tech, they’re just getting started.

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