Why Serbia is on 5th place in Worldwide Developer rankings

Although we might be tempted to believe that the best developers in the world are based in the United States, worldwide developer rankings will show without any doubt that developers from the United States are outstanding, but they are not the best in the world.

A comparison of the data SkillValue and Hacker Rank, our competition, retrieves from the same type of program for testing programming skills shows that, unlike Hacker Rank, we keep neglecting a lot of areas across the world, including China and a significant part of the Far East.

Hacker Rank maintains a more consistent and wide-ranging presence in these areas compared to us, but, as far as Europe is concerned, we are every bit just accurate. Both of us have secured a recognized position inside the European market.

The YouEconomy movement allows individuals to become chess players rather than chess pieces and take the future of work into their hands, which makes it easier for remote teams to work together and search worldwide for better deals and connections as well as lower costs.

Within this context, I can transfer to you the experience that such young entrepreneurs have accrued across three continents, which will allow you to identify and appreciate the rules of doing business at a global level and will show you how to add a local flavor to your brand.

This article will answer your big question: why get involved in conducting business internationally? You will also become motivated and enthused by the coming together of new arts and media in these settings.

Walk with Confidence in Serbia

1 Why Serbia is on 5th place in Worldwide Developer rankings

Serbia is a surprising place where upfront and frank communication is advised while collaborating with the technical workforce. In 2014, ADAC performed a comparison between 20 costs for different holiday items across European cities. Belgrade’s rating has remained the same ever since.

Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, outranked 19 other established metropoles in Europe, including Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Budapest (Hungary), and Prague (Czech Republic). Belgrade secured the topmost position in this list based on its €42-basket of consumer goods.

Given this context, Serbia looks appealing to tourists with middle-incomes who enjoy independent traveling. However, Belgrade is far more than an appealing tourist attraction. It has recently become a veritable hub for pioneering businesses.

More and more such companies establish their offices in Belgrade. They bring with them the nomads of the digital world who choose to conduct their work in unique places that boast a vibrant history, such as Serbia. But why is Serbia in 5th place on worldwide developer rankings?

The motive behind their choice is the ability to contract out part of their work to highly proficient programmers that come with a European approach and character in addition to lower per hour rates and exceptional English skills with magical wit.

Within this context, it is a foreseeable development for more Serbia-grounded companies to be established and transformed into successful enterprises. An example to follow is Nordeus, the company that has created the worldwide famous Facebook game, Top Eleven.

Other examples of successful enterprises include Seven Bridges, the developer of software designed to analyze genomic data. Seven Bridges was ranked as one of the 50 Smartest Companies (2016) by MIT Technology Review.

webp_net-resizeimage Why Serbia is on 5th place in Worldwide Developer rankings

Devana’s ManageWP is another Serbian success. It stands for the multi-site WordPress management tool acquired by GoDaddy to get into the international market, as well as for the further growth of the network, and the sharp learning curve.

Serbia’s Information and Communications Technology/ICT sector lacks both junior and senior professionals in the context of a 41.7% unemployment rate for the 15-25-year age range and a 33.27% unemployment rate for the 15-30-year age range.

Serbia registered an export of services of the software arena valued at €678,3 million in 2015. Moreover, a dazzling number of programmers estimated at 30.000 would commence work instantly against the double of the country’s average wage.

Crazy plans don’t look that crazy anymore. StartIT is a community that intends to instruct and train 100.000 leaders, all young, in 12 Serbian cities by 2020. The biggest support in the history of regional crowdfunding looks like a feasible plan.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the educated and skilled workforce of the country migrates towards pioneering hotspots in Europe, Asia, or the United States. More than a hundred years ago, two of the most celebrated inventors in the world, both of Serbian origin, Nikola Tesla and Mihajlo Pupin, have done the same. Upon their success, they eventually joined the New York City’s high society.

The Belgrade Museum provides you with a chance to applaud Nikola Tesla and his 160th birthday.  You can also celebrate online via VR headsets. A museum dedicated to Tesla was launched recently in the Wardenclyffe Tower in New York. Using Tesla’s car to take a journey to Tesla’s birthplace sounds like a great way to enjoy your time in Serbia.

sada-mozete-dozivjeti-teslu-i-na-mobilnom-telefonu Why Serbia is on 5th place in Worldwide Developer rankings

Augmented reality was used for the first time at the Historical Museum of Serbia to bring to life Mihajlo Pupin, winner of a Pulitzer Prize, one of the forefathers of NASA, and a dearly loved professor at Columbia University. It is all possible due to the enthusiasm of Ms. Aleksandra Ninkovic Tasic and Ms. Dusica Bojic, the authors of the exhibition.

With such ancestors, it is no wonder that Serbia is at the top of the developer rankings. In addition to amazing working opportunities, Serbia has to offer many fun opportunities that include vibrant night-life and festivals, including the Guca Trumpet Festival or the EXIT, which is the Serbian version of the Glastonbury, held in the Petrovaradin Fortress that overlooks the Danube river in Novi Sad.

With your pockets overflowing with happiness and brass as the Pretenders’ song, Brass in Pocket, is saying, you may be tempted to try a trumpet for yourself or become a virtuoso of the Merak sound yourself. Traveling around the country is a great enterprise, but so is motorcycling around the country with the wind pushing you forward.

The Secret Ingredient

maxresdefault Why Serbia is on 5th place in Worldwide Developer rankings

Serbia’s history comes to reinforce its status as the birthplace of numerous engineers, often famous across the world. The country’s reputation in this respect has been secured through an educational system that places a high emphasis on science-related subjects rather than ideological matters.

It is only now that we get to see how the country’s tradition of focusing on mathematics and science as far as education was concerned contributes to preparing the future generation of IT specialists.

People can get an education in Information Technology in 35 higher education establishments. Moreover, in Servia, 33% of university graduates are engineers. All this comes to prove why Serbia stands in the 5th place in developer ranking across the globe.

With an abundance of tech talent, many software development firms establish academies to exert a pull on the smartest post-graduates. These academies offer skill development opportunities as well as potential job placements within the academy’s founding company.

Academies are also a hotspot of innovation that is meant to appeal to informally educated developers, not solely students, drawing them into the core of the companies behind such academies. One more reason for Serbia to be among the best in worldwide developer rankings.

In addition to the academy example, there are universities in Serbia that work together with various software developers. A viable example is that of developers helping university labs on implanting electronic medical devices and controlling and monitoring software.

A good example is medical technical insights provided by developers that have aided in the implantation of a deep-brain stimulation gadget, which was designed to treat and cure acute neuropsychological disorders.

Such long-term collaborative projects between the academic and the IT fields only come to demonstrate that the two domains work together very efficiently with astonishing results.

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Serbia is The Go-To Place

serbia-main Why Serbia is on 5th place in Worldwide Developer rankings

Serbia was at the intersection of the Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman empires, which empowers Serbians with an intercultural mentality that has become a great asset in today’s modern world.

Serbians have the innate ability to efficiently build connections and relationships with representatives of the IT industry from the Netherlands, Israel, and Dubai through the Middle East, Deutschland, Austria & Switzerland.

Adding a personal touch to the process, most technical partners in Serbia commence any business collaboration via a face-to-face meeting despite the long distance that separates them from their potential partners, which sets the foundation of durable relationships.

Serbia has tight business relationships with the Netherlands, which came as a surprise during our Serbian journey. Some of the IT teams we’ve met up with attribute this good relationship to a Dutch IT provider, Levi9, who launched a center for developers on Serbian land to gain access to Serbian engineers.

It seems as though Serbia’s success among the world’s developer rankings is not just a matter of strategic geographical positioning, but also a matter of a well-established reputation for competence.

Serbian IT teams are looking forward to collaborating with the western world. They seek to tackle the biggest problems with their innate problem-solving abilities. They want to collaborate and demonstrate that Serbia 5th place among developer rankings is well-deserved.


Serbia is a crucial outsourcing country that has been mastering the technological field for quite some time. Serbian ICT representatives offer cost-effectiveness, loads of talent, and a driven mentality. Their diligence also makes Serbian tech teams to be a valued asset inside any global team.

Are you looking to outsource to Serbia? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us! You might also like to look through our portfolio of software products we’ve made so far.

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