The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

Nowadays, JavaScript development tools are very popular for front-end development. They are easy to use and present a cost-effective solution. Developers often combine them with Native Script and other web apps. Thus, the best IDE for JavaScript allows for an agile foundation to build your project.

Currently, all browsers support JavaScript development as a client-side programming language. Primarily, JavaScript IDEs have a user-friendly UI that’s fun to interact with. These code editors also lead to smart code completion and fix mishaps as you go. Plus, they have a syntax highlighting feature as well.

However, numerous apps compete to be part of an integrated development environment. Hence, you need to find the best ones to support your JavaScript code. Web development comes with many challenges, but using the right debug code can smooth things out. Here is how JavaScript developers can evaluate the available choices.

Identifying the Best JavaScript IDE

Finding the best IDE for JavaScript for every single project can warrant some trial and error. Not all apps provide the same set of tools, meaning you might need to search for the best fit. Hence, these are the essential qualities you should keep in mind:

  • Built-in multiple languages support. Pick a source code editor compatible with dozens of languages for proper backend development
  • Auto-correction options. The best IDE for JavaScript should provide syntax highlighting and other real-time tools
  • Look for cross-platform solutions. It’s best not to limit your options regarding which OS to use. This is all the more important when working as a team
  • Look for helpful user communities. Aside from effective customer support, some apps also have thriving online communities. Thus, you can learn a lot from such forums even as a beginner
  • Ability to add mock objects. Prefer the apps that let you test parts of the code before completing it. This is a great time-saver in the long run
  • Integrated code completion. An IDE for JavaScript development should increase your brand’s productivity
  • Git integration. JavaScript code checking is a task best handled as part of a community. Hence, look for platforms you can pair with Git’s expansive directories
  • Robust code libraires. Some IDEs provide you with branching code libraries and scripts you can apply to a project
  • Compatibility with a slew of related technologies. For best results, look for IDEs that support HTML, ReactJS, ExpressJS, etc.
  • Check the price tag. Some apps are free to use but come with a limited set of options. Thus, note that the pricier apps cost more due to the increased number of functions
  • Quick search methods. When coding, you’ll need reliable means to hone in on a particular element
  • Intuitive file management system. Most apps provide a hierarchical structure for organizing files. Inspecting such diagrams can highlight the parts not yet completed. Also, you’ll get to identify the level of their compatibility at a glance
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The Most Popular JavaScript IDE Options

Visual Studio

decl1-1 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

Visual Studio IDE is a very common choice for working with JavaScript. It comprises a smart system that learns as you code. Hence, its AI can pick up on your efforts and start aiding your work. After a while, it will start finishing the lines of code as you input them.

Visual Studio is a native JavaScript development IDE that utilizes C++ and .NET, too. As such, both beginners and experienced coders can use it. Plus, it comes with testing tools and code refactoring options.


  • Supports several programming languages, including JavaScript and TypeScript
  • You can freely attach third-party apps and use the app for debugging
  • Effective syntax highlighting feature
  • IntelliSense auto-completion systems
  • Set bookmarks for easy orientation later on
  • A wide range of extensions available
  • Incorporates various designer tools including Windows form designer

Pricing Model

  • The pro edition costs $45 per month
  • The enterprise plan costs $250 per month


webstorm-main The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

WebStorm tops the list of web development software for a long time now. At its core, it is an app jam-packed with practical features anyone can use. As an IDE for JavaScript development, it offers coding assistance, error detection, etc. JavaScript development services widely employ it on a frequent basis.

It supports numerous popular languages, including Node.JS, CSS, and HTML.


  • Excellent tool for JavaScript development. You can also use it with TS, React, Angular, etc.
  • Comes with robust options for developer tools
  • Effective search options when combing through categories
  • Includes testing tools like Jest and Mocha
  • A myriad of WebStom plugins support this IDE
  • You can freely switch back to any previous version of the app
  • Fully customizable coding environment

Pricing Model

  • There’s a 30-day free trial period
  • Companies may opt for annual or monthly pricing
  • One year of WebSorm costs $152, while one year of all JetBrain tools costs $766
  • The monthly fee is $15
  • You can use it as an individual account for $6 per month ($70 per year)


image3-1-1-1 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

Microsoft developed Visual Studio Code as a free cross-platform tool. Hence, it’s one of the handfuls of MS software compatible with Linux and Mac. It’s also one of the best web development apps in existence.

JavaScript developers also find much use in VSCode. It comes with a smart set of features that fit into the mold of an effective IDE system.


  • Native JavaScript and TypeScript support. Also, there are add-ons for C++ and Python compatibility
  • Provides syntax highlighting and auto code completion options
  • You can use it to debug codes and include breakpoints
  • Utilize shortcuts for a smooth workflow
  • Access the thriving marketplace to find all the extensions you need
  • Use Visual Studio Code Online to unlock extra integrations
  • Multiple version control systems

Pricing Model

  • VSCode is a free-to-use tool

IntelliJ IDEA

ws_js_auto_import_quick_fix_select_import_style-1 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

In essence, this tool aims to boost the user’s productivity level. With it, web developers can automate repetitive programming tasks and use several visual tools. It’s also one of the oldest Java IDEs around, existing since 2001. Hence, it was one of the first apps to offer code navigation and refactoring.


  • A two-in-one UML tool and data editor
  • Provides various coding shortcuts
  • Supports GWT and Google App Engine
  • Built-in version control systems
  • Comes with Java and HTML text editors
  • Smart search bar for quick and accurate navigation
  • Compatible with advanced tools like Grails and Struts

Pricing Model

  • There’s a free community version for non-commercial tasks
  • The full app costs $150-$499 for a single year


phpstorm_editor@2x The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

This JetbRain product acts in a similar manner as their PyCharm and IntelliJ IDEA offerings. Hence, you can install it on any Windows and Linux OS. Then, you can use it for languages like JavaScript and CSS.


  • Provide code assistance when working with SQL and databases
  • Advanced code completion features
  • Excellent syntax highlighting and debugging tool
  • Easy-to-apply code formatting functions
  • Numerous workflow methods you can switch between
  • Quick code navigation and application lifecycle management

Pricing Model

  • This app costs $19 per month and $99-$199 for the whole year

Aptana Studio 3

aptana-studio-8 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

This is an open-source IDE you can use for all Java development projects. It provides intuitive assistance for any Java application in the making. Plus, it supports languages like PHP and CSS. As a result, even first-time developers can streamline their operations with Aptana Studio 3.


  • Practical publishing options to quickly share your codes online
  • Control aspects like variables and breakpoints with ease
  • The IDE provides a built-in command terminal
  • Various personalization options
  • Easy Github pairing
  • Compatible with JavaScript and HTML

Pricing Model

  • This is a free tool

Komodo IDE

edit-vs-ide-1 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

Many cite this app among the best IDE for JavaScript development that is free to use. Komodo IDE comes with dozens of essential features. The list includes a visual debugger, autocomplete options, etc. Plus, you can connect the app with Git, Bazaar, and other platforms.


  • Stylish UI that’s easy to get used to
  • The live preview tool saves a lot of time for frontend development
  • Allows remote collaboration via the GitHub integration
  • Provides a multiple-window view mode
  • Utilizes several programming languages
  • A large community of contributors
  • Cross-platform app

Pricing Model

  • Komodo IDE is a free tool

Apache NetBeans

CYx7f0GWkAADY86-1 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

This robust IDE supports HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Also, you can make mobile apps with it thanks to the Cordova/PhoneGap framework. Regardless of such offerings- Apache NetBeans is free for anyone to download and use. Once you do so, you can avail yourself of its neat features like code folding and autocompletion. For that, access the NetBeans JavaScript editor.


  • The app pairs with Bugzilla and Jira for issue tracking
  • Head to the registered task repository to save, alter, and update all tasks currently in use
  • Utilize team server integration with platforms based on the Kenai method
  • Provides advanced service management systems

Pricing Model

  • This is a free tool


Gd5e5-1 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

This is a well-known IDE solution for Java and for good reasons. First of all, it is a free platform with a modern modular structure. Plus, you can expand its features and use the GUI to fully tailor the product app’s interface.

Furthermore, Eclipse comes with a full set of JavaScript development tools. For example, you can use the Docker UI to create images and store them in the Docker CLI. Also, you can utilize the advanced error reporting features. When in use, the system automatically sends all identified bugs to


  • Provides handy code templates to get you started
  • Automatic syntax validation tools
  • Freely alter the structure of any internal code
  • Supports remote project management
  • You can install it on any Windows or Linux OS

Pricing Model

  • Eclipse is a free platform


nodejs10-1 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

CodeLite is an open-source tool you can use for programming with PHP, C++, and JavaScript. Plus, it supports Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. Either way, you can access essential features like code completion and source browsing. Lastly, CodeLite offers reliable unit testing and subversion functionalities.


  • Comes with two code completion fronts
  • Compatible with multiple compilers like VC++ and GCC
  • Open the code glossary to inspect all error codes
  • Offers next-gen debuggers like LLDB
  • Utilizes GDB integrations
  • Refactoring options
  • Use SFTP to avail of the remote-work functions
  • Provides various source code plugins
  • Develop wxWidgets using the list of RAD tools

Pricing Model

  • This is a free-to-use tool

Additional JavaScript IDE Options You Should Consider


nodejs10-1-1 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

This is a native app for the Ruby and Ruby on Rails platforms. However, you can also use it for JavaScript, Sass, etc. It offers error highlighting and auto code completion. Plus, you can use the search system to hone in on any class or symbol in specific.


Codelobster-5 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

This web development environment provides a straightforward list of solutions. You can use it on a Windows 10, 8, or 7 OS. Many favor it for its agile core and robust customization options. hence, you can use it for debugging and for crafting to-do lists.

As a Java text editor, you can pair it with CakePHP, Yii, and Facebook. You can also choose between the free version and the paid plans ranging from $40-$100.

AWS Cloud9

C9-Collab-Image@3x.e03a65d9488633c154358430540ab363dd1e8f45-1 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

This app combines both JavaScript and Node.js to provide an extensive set of features. Hence, you can use it for simultaneous editing, refactoring, etc. Currently, it is one of the most popular online Java editors that also support C++ and PHP.

Next, AWS Cloud9 offers an advanced image editor and several version control systems. For example, it connects with BitBucket, Mercurial, and GitHub. Lastly, you can attach it to multiple platforms like Heroku, Joyent, and Google App Engine.


feature4-1 The Best IDE for JavaScript That Coders Can Download

Despite its slim frame, CodeAnyWhere is an extensive web IDE with its own FTP client. Plus, you can work on it by using Java, HTML, CSS, etc. As such, you can streamline your coding project and make it more intractable.

Furthermore, this app supports integrations with Dropbox and Google Drive. Also, it pairs with code repositories like GitHub and BitBucket.

Conclusion on Best IDE for JavaScript

Any programming project requires the proper tools and in-depth knowledge of the chosen language. Hence, no JavaScript editor can make up for such shortcomings. However, working with a modern app can be a great learning experience. As such, it can help you understand many of the intricacies regarding the coding world in general.

Therefore, there is no one-fits-all solution when it comes to JavaScript IDEs. In practice, they all provide a unique set of features that may or may not fit your needs. To select the optimal platform, you should compare its offerings against your list of requirements. However, taking the time to get familiar with a good JavaScript IDE is indeed a worthwhile endeavor.

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