The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now

The Flutter app runs on many popular platforms today, though not everyone is aware of it. For example, anyone who’s ever interacted with has come across it. The same goes for the times you’ve realized any type of digital coupon.

In essence, Flutter is a transparent functional reactive programming app. Google produced it primarily for cross-platform apps for portable devices. Hence, you can use its codebase to work on iOS and Android products. Next, you can optimize the UI and ensure the code remains reusable for the future.

Flutter had its alpha launch back in 2017. Next, the year 2018 saw the release of the first full-fledged Flutter app. After the Flutter development ended, it quickly rose to fame. On that note, keep in mind that the app earned over 143,000 starts on GitHub. Plus, its popularity only kept on growing over the years.

Here are the two biggest results of the Flutter app development process:

  • The Flutter apps provide an agile UI framework. Hence, you can tailor the layout of all prompts to personalize the look of each app
  • The practical SDK allows you to develop various cross-platform mobile applications

Ever since 2019, Flutter’s popularity is on a steady rise. However, choosing the best IDE for a Flutter developer workflow is pivotal for your project. So, you should track down the optimal set of tools and disperse them among your team.

In that way, you’ll set the base for a productive project and quick code completion periods. The same goes for the task of debugging web applications and utilizing proper Flutter support. So, here’s an overview of the best IDE for Flutter.

The Most Popular IDEs for Flutter Developers

Android Studio

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Google came up with this app aiming to make all Android and Flutter development faster. Therefore, you can get easily get a Flutter development process underway in Android Studio. Then, you can apply its systems for developing mobile applications, etc.

Android studio exists since the 16th of May 2003 as the official Google IDE for Android OS. At its core, it houses the IntelliJ IDEA software only optimized for Android devices. However, you can install Android Studio on any macOS, Linux, or Windows PC.

In practice, Android Studio comes with a plethora of useful tricks. The list includes syntax highlighting, widget editing assists, etc. Plus, it supports a very large plugin system even for Android emulators.


  • Advanced debugging features
  • Intuitive UI and ease-of-use
  • Optimized for making Flutter apps
  • Expert-level code completion tools
  • A vast widget catalog
  • Emulating options
  • Handy visual editor
  • Comes with its own APK analyzer
  • Agile systems that you can alter mid-work


  • The app takes a while to implement the latest changes
  • Hogs much of the available RAM, thus slowing down other processes
  • The error alerts are often indecisive

Emacs (Dart Mode)

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This lightweight editor is compatible with Flutter and Dart code. Also, it is open-source and free, so anyone can try it via GitHub. Then, apply it when working with Emacs or Dart. When in use, it acts as an expanding editor offering over 10,000 tools and commands. Emacs functions on OS like GNU, Linux, macOS, Windows, etc.


  • A robust set of features
  • Supports thousands of practical extensions
  • Very good performance even on lower-end machines


  • Lack of an official Flutter extension at the moment, Hence, you’ll have to stick to the instructions regarding the OS in question

Visual Studio Code

snippets-1 The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now

This is a popular tool for debugging web and Flutter apps. Plus, you can integrate it with Git easily. Just like Sublime, it offers a wide array of available plugins and supports various web languages. As a result, you can use Visual Studio Code for any Flutter app development.

VSCode runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It comes with pre-installed support for the most used programming languages. For example, you can use it to code with Node.js and JavaScript. Also, you can avail of the myriad available plugins for C++, Java, and Python support.


  • Includes syntax highlighting and debug tools
  • Sends real-time alerts about errors and reminds you of a neglected task
  • Offers accurate file managing and documentation options
  • Comes with a Pub Get Packages prompt
  • Provides hierarchical structures for organizing code
  • Supports multiple plugins for a streamlined development process


  • This isn’t open-source software. As a result, you can’t fiddle with it or try it without subscribing to the service

IntelliJ IDEA

20210608154057_HvvBnT_WX20210608-154031@2x The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now


The JetBrains Company developed IntelliJ IDEA and changed how many users view IDEs. Today, it is perhaps the most popular tool, and also carries the Apache 2.0 license. Plus, it is compatible with dozens of programming languages. On top of that, you can equip it with multiple plugins to expand its robust set.

For example, use the Dart plugin when working with that language to smooth out the workflow. Also, you get to utilize in-depth assistance on all relevant aspects. On this note, it offers smart coding, refactoring, etc. You can then pair with it the Dart Analysis Server to further automate the process.


  • Advanced code completion options
  • Importing code is a breeze
  • An intuitive tool that’s easy to learn and master
  • Built-in Dart package management system


  • Doesn’t come with APK support unlike Android Studio


Sunflower-1 The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now

You can access DartPad directly from any web browser, making it quite handy. Hence, you don’t have to wait for an installation as one click is all it takes. On the flip side, this app isn’t chock-full of features. However, it is an excellent starting point for your next Flutter app.

Similarly, you can freely inspect your app while coding it when using DartPad. Hence, this is the most effective beginner tool that anyone can try out. In other words, think of it as an online notepad where you can get creative and experiment.


  • You can tailor the UI with ease
  • It tracks your performance and provides a scoring system for orientation
  • You can freely export and import code written in DartPad to any other IDE


  • A smaller scope of features
  • Lacks native support


workflow_settings_workflow_editor_4717270967842289050_hu238c5c8529ae1f38d9cc8bf12babedd9_0_1280x1800_fit_linear_3-1 The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now

Codemagic is widely used among Flutter developers worldwide. It comes stacked with features so you can fully develop an app on any machine. Plus, it is a neat debugging tool as well. Codemagic works on Linux, Windows, and macOS.


  • Native support for iOS, Flutter, Ionic, and Android apps
  • The app tests apps and emulators automatically
  • You can set up a recurring system of alerts and feedback loops
  • Reliable debugging tools
  • You can quickly publish apps via this platform
  • Tailor the everyday workflows
  • Easy pairings with various third-party apps
  • A 20% boost in your development turnaround time
  • The paid plans amount to $300 per month


  • Does not work well with web apps
  • The documentation features are underdeveloped
  • Getting the publishing process underway is a bit cumbersome

Other Sought-After IDEs for Fluter Apps


60813009-0e148100-a193-11e9-95e8-63f08fcea976-1 The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now

Eclipse is one of the most popular platforms for making Android mobile apps. However, that set of ADTs became obsolete after the advent of Android Studio. However, that is not to say that no one should use Eclipse nowadays.

It is a free, open-source platform raised by IBM. Nowadays, the Eclipse Foundation ensures it stays operational and relevant. Also, it supports over 100 programming languages. So, look for it if you need to work with C++, Ada, JavaScript, etc.

Eclipse provides a full circle of features that cover all development pain points. Hence, you can write top-of-the-line code with it for your Flutter app. Plus, you can install the popular Dart plugin when working with that source code. Next, you can take advantage of the life analysis features and execute Dart programs from within the app.


ide_m-1 The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now

This is another browser-based Flutter development app. Regardless, you can use it for cross-platform programs as you see fit. As such, it is one of the best free tools that offer a whole set of features. Also, it comes with an innate simulator for testing the apps. Lastly, you can run FlutLab in the browser of all iOS and Android devices.


flutter-firebase-8-1 The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now

Google envisioned Firebase as an intuitive platform for making web and mobile applications. Hence, you can choose between the 18 categories. To make your choice, orient by the three main groups of Grow, Develop, and Quality.

Also, you can use Firebase by integrating it with any Flutter app and releasing it for iOS and Android. Then, build the backend by combining the Firebase APIs into a single SDK. On top of that, Firebase provides built-in crash reporting and messaging systems.


Xcode The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now

Xcode is one of the leaders in making Flutter apps on a Mac. Note that the app occupies around 6 GB of space, though it offers a smart workflow in exchange. Similarly, installing it is a quick process that won’t burden your machine. Then, you can use Xcode to start any Flutter app on an iOS system or chosen simulation method.


eae92877 The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now

Panache is an important Flutter material editor supported by thousands of 5-star online reviews. It is an open-source tool encompassing all necessary material themes and fonts. Next, you can enrich the process by integrating selected animations. Hence, you can tailor your Adnourd experience right out of the gate.


VxBwp-1 The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now

This tool allows you to develop cross-platform apps with native mobile support. Also, it is compatible with HTML and JavaScript. Hence, you can utilize Appetize when making training programs, demos, etc. As a result, this app is a great time-saver when you’re making new software.

On the other hand, Appetize provides excellent ways to present how your Flutter app works. You can do so via the private cloud space or use the central data directory. Either way, this app allows for in-depth customizing options. Lastly, it works on a single-sign-on model for added security.


1_mtTv0oMcbsbStL_T9RSsZw-1 The Best IDE for Flutter That You Can Use Right Now

Supernova is a recent addition to the Flutter Interact space which many find useful. In essence, it helps you upgrade the UI of your Flutter app. To that end, it comes with various style options and neat widgets you can implement. That way, you can quickly overhaul the entire design of your Flutter app.

Also, this platform allows for side-by-side comparisons between two apps. Then, you can proceed to apply changes wherever needed. For example, you can add Sketch or Adobe XD files to the directory and change the appearance of the UI fast.

What the Best IDE for Flutter Should Bring to the Table

Many deem Flutter among the best Google-powered platforms for making mobile apps. It offers stylish UI templates and solid SDK systems. Hence, it provides you with the necessary elements to start developing new iOS and Android apps. However, you can use it for desktop and web development as well.

When settling on the best IDE for Flutter, consider these points:

Debugging options

This allows you to inspect the code and identify any roadblocks that slow down its operations. Plus, you’ll get to see all variable values when looking for the reason for the recent crashes.

A stylish user interface

A proper IDE should provide qualities like robust packages, smart libraries, and easy-to-use sets of tools. However, having too many features might also hinder your workflow. Thus, it’s best to pick an app that offers proper library managers and ways to expand its features.

Conclusion on the Best IDE for Flutter

Nowadays, Flutter tops the list of must-used platforms for developing mobile apps. It offers intuitive systems to craft your next software and also publish it. However, you should equip it with a fitting IDE base to optimize your workflow. In this list, we covered the most popular choices at your disposal. Hence, inspect our entries and look for the features you’ll need the most.

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