Try The 10 Best IDE for TypeScript for Efficient Development

When working with TypeScript, the right IDE can make a significant difference in productivity and code quality. With options like Visual Studio Code and WebStorm, developers gain access to features such as syntax highlightingdebugging tools, and TypeScript IntelliSense.

The best TypeScript IDEs offer robust integration with TypeScript, enhancing development with advanced tools and a seamless experience. Let’s explore the top IDEs optimized for TypeScript development.

List of The Best IDE for TypeScript

IDE NameCore FocusNotable FeaturesPlugin SupportUnique Selling Point
JetBrains’ WebStormJavaScript and TypeScriptSmart coding assistance, built-in test toolsExtensiveAuto-completion and refactoring tailored to TypeScript
IntelliJ IDEAJava, with TypeScript supportIntelligent code assistance, robust database toolsExtensiveDeep code understanding and ergonomics
ALMTypeScript in the cloudLive collaboration, direct GitHub integrationLimitedReal-time collaboration and cloud-readiness
Visual Studio CodeGeneral coding with extensionsHuge extension library, integrated GitExtensiveVast library of extensions and Git integration
Visual Studio 2022Enterprise software developmentAdvanced debugging/profiling, AI-assisted codeExtensiveHigh-end debugging and AI-assisted coding
Angular IDE by CodeMixAngular and TypeScriptAngular-specific features, real-time validationModerateAngular-specific enhancements and real-time feedback
EclipseGeneral purpose, Java-focusedHighly customizable, strong community supportExtensiveCustomization and strong community-driven plugins
VimText editing with efficiencyKeyboard-centric workflow, low memory usageModerateEfficiency with keyboard-centric interface
Sublime TextLightweight text editingGoto Anything feature, multiple selectionsModerateFast performance and Goto Anything feature
NotePad++Basic text editingSyntax highlighting/folding, customizable GUIModerateSimple and straight-forward environment

And let’s look at them in more detail.

JetBrains’ WebStorm

1-6 Try The 10 Best IDE for TypeScript for Efficient Development

WebStorm’s like that friend who’s got your back on every JavaScript quest, TypeScript included. This powerhouse breathes life into your code with features like navigating, refactoring, and debugging, not just painlessly but with a flair that’s kind of refreshing.

Best Features

  • Built-in tools for testing
  • Smart coding assistance
  • Version control system

What we like about it:
The auto-completion here? Next level! It reads your mind before you even know what you’re thinking. Solid for big projects, doesn’t get fazed by the complex stuff.

IntelliJ IDEA

2-6 Try The 10 Best IDE for TypeScript for Efficient Development

IntelliJ IDEA feels like entering a tech wizard’s lair, except the magic is real. Aimed at Java, it still embraces TypeScript with decent support. It’s kind of a brainiac, making coding smoother with intelligent code assistance and ergonomic design.

Best Features

  • Robust database tools
  • Framework-specific assistance
  • Seamless version control

What we like about it:
The code refactoring tools are a standout; they turn a tangled mess of code into something that makes sense, almost like cleaning your room with a snap of your fingers.

ALM : A cloud ready IDE for TypeScript

3-6 Try The 10 Best IDE for TypeScript for Efficient Development

ALM’s the jetpack for TypeScript development in the cloud. It’s all about stripping down to the essentials and delivering a focused, distraction-free coding journey. Plus, being cloud-ready means you can leap in from anywhere.

Best Features

  • Live collaboration
  • Cloud-based setup
  • Direct GitHub integration

What we like about it:
Collaboration is king with ALM—real-time, baby! It’s like being in a virtual dev room where your team’s constantly in sync.

Visual Studio Code

4-6 Try The 10 Best IDE for TypeScript for Efficient Development

Visual Studio Code is basically the superhero of text editors turned IDE. Free, open-source, and brimming with extensions, it’s the versatile buddy that makes TypeScript development a joyful ride.

Best Features

  • Huge extension library
  • Integrated Git control
  • Customizable interface

What we like about it:
Tight Git integration is the sweet spot with VS Code; commit, push, pull without a switch.

Visual Studio 2022

5-6 Try The 10 Best IDE for TypeScript for Efficient Development

Visual Studio 2022 is like owning a Swiss Army knife for software development. It’s hefty, sure, but loaded with all the tools you’d dream of. TypeScript feels right at home with high-end debugging and enterprise-level capabilities.

Best Features

  • Advanced debugging and profiling tools
  • Live dependency validation
  • AI-assisted code completion

What we like about it:
The debugger is the talking point. It’s like having a code detective that’s Sherlock-level brilliant.

Angular IDE

6-6 Try The 10 Best IDE for TypeScript for Efficient Development

Angular IDE, by CodeMix, is a tailor-made suit for Angular development with top-notch TypeScript support. It aligns perfectly with Angular projects, giving that seamless experience that just clicks.

Best Features

  • Rich Angular templates
  • Real-time validation and feedback
  • Handy code generation

What we like about it:
The real-time feedback keeps you on your toes, error-free, and in the clear all the way.


7-6 Try The 10 Best IDE for TypeScript for Efficient Development

Eclipse might seem like the old guard, but it’s got a few tricks up its sleeve, especially with its rich plugin ecosystem transforming it into a TypeScript-friendly space.

Best Features

  • Highly customizable workspace
  • Strong community support
  • Myriad plugins availability

What we like about it:
Customization is the secret sauce. Mold it, shape it to what you need, and Eclipse becomes your personal IDE butler.


9-6 Try The 10 Best IDE for TypeScript for Efficient Development

Vim is that minimalist text editor with a cult following. It’s all muscle, no fluff. Some TypeScript support through plugins makes Vim a lightweight yet powerful choice for coding purists.

Best Features

  • Keyboard-centric workflow
  • Extensive plugin system
  • Low memory usage

What we like about it:
The keyboard-centric design keeps those fingers flying across the keyboard, no mouse needed. Talk about coding at the speed of thought!

Sublime Text

10-5 Try The 10 Best IDE for TypeScript for Efficient Development

Sublime Text’s the sleek sports car of text editors – fast, efficient, and oh-so-smooth on the eyes. It’s also not too shy about playing nice with TypeScript, thanks to its rich plugin armory.

Best Features

  • Goto Anything feature for quick navigation
  • Multiple selections for simultaneous edits
  • Highly performant and responsive

What we like about it:
That Goto Anything feature is a teleport device for your code. Jump to any file, symbol, or line in a snap!


11-4 Try The 10 Best IDE for TypeScript for Efficient Development

NotePad++ is the underdog that packs a punch. Lightweight and reliable, it offers decent TypeScript support through plugins and extensions. For smaller-scale projects or quick edits, it’s a no-fuss companion.

Best Features

  • Syntax highlighting and folding
  • Customizable GUI
  • Plugin support to extend capabilities

What we like about it:
The simplicity catches you. It’s clean, intuitive, and makes quick work feel even quicker.

FAQ On The Best IDEs For TypeScript

What features should I look for in an IDE for TypeScript?

When selecting an IDE for TypeScript, look for features like syntax highlightingIntelliSensereal-time collaboration, and efficient debugging tools. These features significantly boost productivity.

Ensure the IDE supports TypeScript integration, can handle TypeScript projects efficiently, and offers easy code refactoring and linting tools for better code quality.

Is Visual Studio Code good for TypeScript?

Visual Studio Code is excellent for TypeScript development. It provides robust TypeScript support out-of-the-box with features like code completionIntelliSense, integrated terminal, and extensive extensions marketplace.

With numerous plugins, it simplifies TypeScript setup and enhances developer productivity, making it a popular choice among TypeScript developers.

Does WebStorm support TypeScript?

Yes, WebStorm supports TypeScript extensively. It offers powerful code completionrefactoring toolsdebugging capabilities, and an integrated TypeScript Language Server.

JetBrains, the creator of WebStorm, ensures seamless TypeScript integration and constant updates, making it a reliable option for professional developers working with TypeScript.

Can I use Atom for TypeScript development?

Atom can be used for TypeScript development when equipped with the right packages. Install TypeScript pluginssyntax highlighting, and linting tools to transform it into a powerful TypeScript IDE.

Though lightweight, Atom’s versatility and customization options make it a viable choice for TypeScript projects.

What are some advanced TypeScript tools available in IDEs?

Advanced tools for TypeScript in IDEs include IntelliSensereal-time collaborationTypeScript auto-import, and comprehensive debugging consoles.

IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA provide code snippetssource control integration, and robust TypeScript project management features, elevating your development experience.

Is Sublime Text suitable for TypeScript coding?

Sublime Text is suitable for TypeScript coding when configured with the appropriate plugins. It supports TypeScript syntax highlightingcode completion, and linting tools.

With its speed and simplicity, Sublime Text becomes a capable TypeScript IDE after installing the necessary packages for TypeScript development.

Are there any free IDEs for TypeScript?

Yes, there are several free IDEs for TypeScript, including Visual Studio CodeSublime Text (although it has a license fee for extended use), and Atom. These IDEs support robust TypeScript development through various plugins and extensions, offering necessary features without any cost.

What plugins are essential for a TypeScript IDE?

Essential plugins for a TypeScript IDE include TypeScript Language ServerESLintPrettier, and code formatters. These plugins enhance syntax highlightinglinting, and code quality tools.

Installing these can streamline your TypeScript development workflow and ensure your code is well-formatted and error-free.

How do I set up TypeScript in an IDE?

Setting up TypeScript in an IDE involves installing the TypeScript Language Server and necessary extensions. For Visual Studio Code, install the TypeScript plugin from the marketplace.

Configure your project settings and ensure proper linting tools are in place. Most modern IDEs simplify this setup process significantly.

What’s the best IDE for TypeScript on Mac?

Popular options for TypeScript development on Mac include Visual Studio CodeWebStorm, and IntelliJ IDEA.

These IDEs provide comprehensive TypeScript support, powerful debugging tools, and intuitive TypeScript project management features. Customize them with appropriate plugins and extensions for an optimal development experience.


When discussing the best IDEs for TypeScript, a variety of powerful tools comes to mind. Visual Studio CodeWebStorm, and IntelliJ IDEA offer exceptional TypeScript support, catering to both novice and advanced developers. These IDEs come equipped with essential features like IntelliSensesyntax highlighting, and comprehensive debugging tools, making TypeScript development efficient and enjoyable. By integrating plugins for easier TypeScript refactoring and linting tools, these environments empower us to write cleaner, more maintainable code. Opting for the right IDE tailored to your TypeScript projects can dramatically enhance productivity and streamline your TypeScript development workflow.

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