The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

When developing with Django, choosing the right Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is crucial. PyCharmVisual Studio Code, and Sublime Text are among the best options for Django programming.

These tools offer vital features like syntax highlightingcode navigation, and debugging tools. Whether you’re managing a Django project or just starting with web development using Django, these IDEs significantly ease the development process, providing an efficient coding environment.

The Best IDEs For Django

IDE NamePlatform CompatibilityKey FeatureOpen SourceDjango Integration
Wing ProWindows, Mac, LinuxAdvanced DebuggerNoExcellent
PyDevWindows, Mac, LinuxEclipse PluginYesGood
PyCharmWindows, Mac, LinuxSmart Code NavigationNo (Community Edition is open source)Excellent
Visual Studio CodeWindows, Mac, LinuxHuge Extension LibraryYesExcellent
PaizaCloud Cloud IDEWeb-basedInstant Server SetupNoFair
Ninja-IDEWindows, Mac, LinuxSpeedYesFair
Sublime TextWindows, Mac, LinuxGoto AnythingNoGood
SpyderWindows, Mac, LinuxData Analysis IntegrationYesFair
IdleWindows, Mac, LinuxBundled with PythonYesBasic
GitpodWeb-basedPrebuilt EnvironmentsYesGood
Eric Python IDEWindows, Mac, LinuxRich Plugin LibraryYesGood
EclipseWindows, Mac, LinuxPlug-in EcosystemYesGood (with PyDev)
ThonnyWindows, Mac, LinuxBeginner-FriendlyYesBasic
Django-IDEWeb-basedIntegrated Django ShellUnknownDesigned for Django

And let’s look at them in more detail.

Wing Pro

1-10 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

Wing Pro is a powerhouse, tailored for experienced developers looking to streamline their workflow. With robust debugging capabilities and a unit test runner, it’s like having a wise mentor a click away.

Best Features:

  • Advanced Debugger
  • Intelligent Editor
  • Remote Development

What we like about it: The standout is its debugger. It’s Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass, scrutinizing your code for the most elusive bugs. The smooth way it integrates with Django makes it a hidden gem in the dev toolkit.


2-10 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

PyDev, the unsung hero for budget-savvy developers, comes as a plugin for Eclipse and offers a solid Python coding experience. It’s like a reliable old truck; may not be flashy, but it gets the job done.

Best Features:

  • Django Integration
  • Code Analysis
  • Debugging

What we like about it: Its seamless blend with Eclipse makes PyDev a contender. It’s coding with a safety net, thanks to its comprehensive code analysis.


3-10 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

PyCharm is like the Swiss Army knife for Python enthusiasts: versatile, reliable, and always ready to tackle any Django challenge you throw at it.

Best Features:

  • Smart Code Navigation
  • Django Support
  • Database Tools

What we like about it: Its understanding of Django’s architecture is unmatched, making it a no-brainer for developers carving out sophisticated web apps.

Visual Studio Code

4-10 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

Light as a feather yet strong as an ox, Visual Studio Code is the go-to for developers who crave speed and agility. With an endless library of extensions, customization is the name of the game.

Best Features:

  • Customization
  • Git Integration
  • Huge Extension Library

What we like about it: Its flexibility stands out. Mold it to fit your unique workflow, and watch your Django projects flourish.

PaizaCloud Cloud IDE

5-10 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

Take your development to the clouds—literally. PaizaCloud Cloud IDE is all about accessibility, with a web-based platform that ensures your Django projects are just a browser tab away.

Best Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Instant Server Setup
  • Multi-language Support

What we like about it: Its instant setup is a game-changer. One minute you’re sipping coffee; the next, you’re deep into coding with no installation headaches.


6-10 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

Armed with a sleek interface and a name that means business, Ninja-IDE leaps into action for Python developers. It’s fast, nimble, and ready for code combat without the bulkiness.

Best Features:

  • Speed
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Plugins

What we like about it: The lightweight design takes the cake, ensuring that your thoughts turn into code faster than you can say “Django.”

Sublime Text

7-10 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

Sublime Text isn’t just an editor; it’s poetry for coders. Elegant, efficient, and with multi-language prowess, it sings harmoniously with Django’s tune.

Best Features:

  • Goto Anything
  • Multiple Selections
  • Command Palette

What we like about it: Its snappy Goto Anything feature is like teleportation for your cursor, zipping you to the exact line or file you need in a snap.


8-10 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

Spyder might make you think of eight-legged critters, but in reality, it’s a scientific hub, perfect for data-driven Django projects that need serious number-crunching.

Best Features:

  • Variable Explorer
  • IPython Console
  • Rich Documentation

What we like about it: The integration with IPython Console is superb, bridging the gap between development and data analysis beautifully.


9-10 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

Idle is the zen garden of Python IDEs – simple, serene, and bundled with Python itself. A stripping-back-to-basics choice that teaches you to code without the frills.

Best Features:

  • No Installation Required
  • Simple Interface
  • Python Library Access

What we like about it: We love its simplicity. Sometimes, all you need is a clear space to think and code, and Idle offers just that.


10-9 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

Time for a workspace revolution with Gitpod. This online IDE transforms GitHub projects into full-fledged development environments, making your Django collaborations a breeze.

Best Features:

  • Prebuilt Environments
  • Seamless GitHub Integration
  • Cloud-Based

What we like about it: We’re all about that one-click setup. Dive into coding without ever worrying about environment configurations.

Eric Python IDE

11-8 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

Eric Python IDE is for those who like their development environment as rich and complex as a fine wine. With bells and whistles galore, it’s a feature-packed festival for Pythonistas.

Best Features:

  • Rich Plugin Library
  • Built-in Regex Tester
  • Version Control System Integration

What we like about it: Its plugin library is a treasure trove, offering up just about every add-on you could dream of for Django development.


12-3 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

Eclipse is the old-school colossus, a heavyweight in the IDE circle. It supports a vast array of plugins, and with PyDev, it morphs into a Python powerhouse.

Best Features:

  • Extensive Plugin Ecosystem
  • Strong Community Support
  • Versatility

What we like about it: The collaborative strength stands out. With an immense community and plugin support, Eclipse with PyDev turns into a versatile environment for Django projects.


13-2 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

Thonny brings coding down to earth, making it perfect for beginners who need a guiding star through the Python universe.

Best Features:

  • Simple Debugger
  • Code Completion
  • Easy to Learn

What we like about it: We love its approachability. It invites newbies in and makes their first steps in Django less daunting.


14-2 The 14 Best IDEs for Django Developers

A rare species crafted specifically for Django, Django-IDE aligns with the framework like peanut butter with jelly. It’s streamlined, focused, and Django to the core.

Best Features:

  • Integrated Django Shell
  • Template Tag and Filter Completion
  • Django App Creation Wizard

What we like about it: The Django-centric design gets our thumbs up. When your IDE speaks the same language as your framework, it feels like coming home.

FAQ On The Best IDEs For Django

What are the advantages of using PyCharm for Django development?

PyCharm excels with its robust support for Django. It offers syntax highlightingauto-completion, and powerful debugging tools.

Plus, with built-in Django settings and templates, it’s easy to kickstart and manage Django projects. PyCharm also integrates seamlessly with version control, which is essential for collaboration.

How does Visual Studio Code support Django development?

Visual Studio Code is highly customizable, with numerous extensions specifically for Django programming. It supports syntax highlightingcode snippets, and auto-completion.

With features like integrated version control and powerful debugging tools, it’s an excellent choice for managing and coding Django projects.

What features make Sublime Text suitable for Django?

Sublime Text is a lightweight yet powerful editor that supports Django development. With features like syntax highlightingcode snippets, and code navigation, it makes Django coding easier.

Sublime Text’s plugin ecosystem allows developers to integrate additional tools for enhanced Django functionality.

Is there a benefit to using Atom for Django projects?

Atom is an open-source code editor with excellent support for Django through its community-driven packages. It includes syntax highlightingauto-completion, and Django plugins that streamline Django programming.

Its hackability allows developers to customize their workflow to suit their Django app development needs.

How does IntelliJ IDEA assist in Django development?

IntelliJ IDEA supports Django with an integrated suite of tools for codingdebugging, and version control integration. It offers advanced features like code refactoring and code navigation. IntelliJ IDEA’s robust environment helps keep Django projects organized and efficient.

Can Eclipse be used for Django development?

Eclipse is traditionally used for Java, but with the right plugins, it can be a powerful IDE for Django development. It supports key features like syntax highlightingdebugging tools, and version control. Eclipse’s extensibility makes it adaptable for a diverse range of web development tasks.

What makes Spyder suitable for Django development?

Spyder is ideal for scientific computing with Python but is also highly functional for Django development. It offers features like syntax highlighting, integrated debugging tools, and auto-completion.

Spyder’s simplicity and efficiency can significantly benefit both Python development and Django app development.

How do WebStorm’s features support Django projects?

WebStorm, primarily a JavaScript IDE, can be configured to support Django effectively. It includes features like syntax highlightingcode snippets, and debugging tools.

With its robust version control integration and intelligent coding assistance, WebStorm can handle the demands of complex Django projects.

Is Thonny a good fit for beginners in Django development?

Thonny is a beginner-friendly IDE for Python and Django. It features a simple interface, syntax highlighting, and an integrated debugger.

Thonny is especially valuable for newcomers to Django programming, providing an intuitive environment to learn and grow without the overwhelm of more complex tools.

Can NetBeans support Django development effectively?

NetBeans supports multiple languages, including Python, making it suitable for Django development. It offers essential features like syntax highlightingcode navigation, and debugging tools.

With the right plugins, NetBeans can provide a seamless Django coding environment, helping developers maintain efficiency and productivity.


Choosing the best IDEs for Django can dramatically transform your development experience. With powerful tools like PyCharmVisual Studio Code, and Sublime Text, you gain access to features such as:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code navigation
  • Auto-completion

These integrated development environments provide a comprehensive coding environment tailored to Django programming. Whether you’re diving into web development with Django or refining your projects, these IDEs streamline your workflow, making Django app development more intuitive and efficient. Embrace these tools to optimize your coding practices, enhance productivity, and elevate your Django projects.

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