Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Wanna see the top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe?

Well, we hope this article will provide a partner for you in the immediate future.

But how did we get to needing outsourcing partners?

Software development is an increasingly competitive market. There are new demands and challenges every day.

A key way to meet those challenges is through IT outsourcing service companies.

These outsourcing companies are far more than a way to cut costs. They provide innovation and new possibilities in an increasingly globalized world.

Eastern European outsourcing companies are an attractive option for any European IT company. The finished product will be at a lower price point than the average Western European rates, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Software development services from East Europe are culturally and geographically close. They are also capable of high-quality custom software development.

These are companies for more than mindless, robotic web development. Eastern European development companies are putting software engineering through a digital transformation.

Choosing the right IT outsourcing services companies for your needs is challenging. There are so many factors involved and questions that need answering.

What are the potential savings for each? What is the business environment?

Are their engineering resources up to the task? Before making a choice, it’s important to find satisfying answers.

This article will answer those questions, saving you valuable time and energy.

Based on exhaustive research these are the top IT outsourcing services companies from Eastern Europe.


TMS Outsource

tms Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Serbia

TMS is perfect for projects of any size and our engineers have extensive expertise. This means TMS Outsource is capable of working on a project from beginning to the end.

From UI/UX design to web and mobile development, testing to maintenance. TMS Outsource can get any job done right.

TMS is qualified and experienced in:

  • PHP (Symfony, Laravel, CMS like WP and all other PHP-based technologies)
  • Java
  • js
  • React/React Native
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • iOS & Android native
  • An impressive list of other technologies.

TMS Outsource Provides:

  • Business Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Custom Mobile Apps
  • Project and Delivery Management Services During Application Development
  • Application Support and Enhancement Services After Application Implementation

Want to see some case studies of what we’ve done so far? Check out our portfolio page.


SuperAdmins Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Serbia

This software development company has more than 50 Cloud and DevOps professionals.

SuperAdmin’s main goal is to stay ahead of the curve. They are always adapting, learning, and qualifying in new industry technologies.

SuperAdmins’ expertise includes:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platforms
  • eCommerce
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Gaming

SuperAdmins provides:

  • DevOps
  • Cloud Consulting and SI
  • Managed Cloud Services


TNation Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Serbia

TNation has extensive experience in nearshoring and outsourcing. This makes it one of the best IT companies for both solutions.

Clients from North America and the EU rely on them to enlist, train, and manage teams of local professionals. These teams act as critical support staff for their client’s own developers.

TNation provides:

  • Web Development
  • Application Testing
  • Custom Software
  • System Administration

Vega IT Sourcing

Vega-IT-Sourcing Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Serbia

Many companies change as their management comes and goes. Vega IT Sourcing has had the same leadership since its establishment in 2008.

Their vision has provided software development solutions for international markets.

They employ an ever-growing staff of 150 expert developers. The whole team provides the same quality work that made them a success more than 12 years ago.

Vega IT Sourcing provides:

  • Enterprise Software Solutions
  • CMS Websites
  • Mobile Applications
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Salesforce Augmentation
  • Research and Development
  • Software Product Development
  • Website Development
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Embedded Software
  • Mobile Apps
  • Front-End Development



amasty Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

As a premier Magento extension builder, Amasty stands out with its comprehensive solutions tailored for Magento users. With over 12 years in the industry, they’ve established themselves as a key player in Magento extension development, enhancing e-commerce efficiency and functionality.

Serving over 100,000 clients globally, Amasty is renowned for its extensive catalog of over 250 high-quality Magento extensions. They have consistently been recognized for their innovation and expertise in the Magento community.

Amasty holds a Magento Premier Extension Builder status, underscoring their commitment to quality and deep understanding of Magento’s ecosystem. Their solutions are designed to improve both the merchant and customer experience on Magento platforms.

Amasty specializes in offering a wide array of solutions for Magento stores, including but not limited to:

  • SEO and Marketing Tools
  • User Experience and Navigation Enhancements
  • Order and Shipping Management
  • Product and Catalog Management

Among their most sought-after services are:

  • Custom Magento Extension Development
  • E-commerce Site Development
  • Magento Audit and Optimization
  • Magento Performance Tuning
  • Migration Services
  • Integration Services

With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Amasty continues to be a go-to provider for Magento store owners looking to elevate their e-commerce capabilities.



Exposit Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Belarus

This development company’s aim is to reinvent healthcare, retail, and other common workflows. They do this via media streaming, computer vision, visualization services, and software.

Exposit provides:

  • Website Design
  • Mobile Apps including Android and iOS
  • Wearable Apps
  • Website Development
  • User Experience Services
  • Software Development
  • Enterprise Development
  • Healthcare Software
  • Outsourcing Software
  • IT Services & Consulting

Elluminati Inc

elluminati Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Switzerland

Elluminati Inc is a perfect mobile app development company that has adept developers and designer team of a total of 70+. 

The company is serving several segments of a business with customized intuitive platforms. They offer the best native applications and web apps utilizing the advanced tech stack and interactive design. It has accomplished 2500+ projects serving businesses with various requirements.

Service provides:

  • Mobile app development
  • Graphics design
  • Hire resource
  • IT Consultation
  • Quality assurance
  • Website development

Product provides:

  • Transportation Management App
  • Delivery Management App
  • Services Management App
  • Online Ordering System


Scand Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Poland

This custom software development company has a 20-year history of excellence. Scand has completed over 600 projects for customers the world over.

Throughout its long history, Scand has focused on consistently delivering high-quality product development. It specializes in using .Net, Java, PHP, and C/C++.

Scand provides:

  • Web Apps
  • Desktop Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Cloud Applications
  • Embedded Softwares
  • Staff Augmentation
  • IT Outsourcing
  • UX/UI
  • DevOps
  • QA


vironit Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Belarus

In many industries, VironIT is a common name. It has delivered over 500 successful projects.

Their client base includes over 300 leading companies. Their industry experience includes eHealth, Sports, Banking, Retail, Marketing, Gaming, and more.

No matter the business, VironIT will know what you need. VironIT also specializes in end-to-end software development services.

VironIT provides:

  • Mobile applications
  • Web-oriented software
  • Business software solutions
  • Software integration
  • Updating, Support, and Maintenance of Developed Applications

XB Software

XB-Software Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Belarus

This outsourcing company specializes in full-cycle software development. For an example of their skill look at their in-house built JavaScript library, Webix.

This library enables them to develop bleeding-edge apps. It is also proof of their substantial abilities in custom web and mobile app development.

XB Software Provides:



ScaleFocus Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based in: Bulgaria

This outsourcing company has built its business on its mastery of various industries. ScaleFocus has experience with the Telcom, Banking, Finance, and Insurance fields.

But the list continues into the Healthcare, Logistics, Governmental, and Education industries. There are few businesses ScaleFocus isn’t already familiar with.

ScaleFocus provides:

  • eCommerce
  • Enterprise Systems Integration
  • Mobile and Web Engineering
  • Cloud Services
  • DevOps
  • Data Services
  • Customer Analytics
  • Business and Operational Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Much More


Upnetix Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Bulgaria

One of Southeast Europe’s largest IT outsourcing services companies. Upnetix provides the entire spectrum of software development and IT consulting services.

The support staff will handle everything from prototyping to post-project offerings. Their qualified team will help and guide your software every step of the way.

Upnetix provides development for:

  • Custom Software
  • Mobile
  • Native iOS
  • Native Android
  • Enterprise
  • Frontend
  • Web Applications



Kodius Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Croatia

Kodius is an outsourcing company for web or software development, design, and team augmentation.

Its long list of happy clients is proof that their help to design and build projects is invaluable. No matter the job, they always balance performance with perfection.

Kodius is qualified and experienced in:

  • js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • js
  • Elixir

Kodius provides:

  • Custom Software
  • Web Apps
  • UX/UI Design
  • Digital Transformation
  • 3D Hosting (fully supported using their hardware)
  • Cloud Services(AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku)
  • Project Rescue
  • MVP
  • Team augmentation

IN2 Group

IN2-Group Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Croatia

This software development services company has a 26-year record of excellence. In 2018 they joined the CSI group to even better service a large array of businesses.

IN2 Group has qualifications from Oracle and Microsoft. It also has the distinction of being a Magento Commerce Solutions Partner.

IN2 Group Provides:

  • Software Development
  • IT Consulting
  • Standard Business Solutions Implementation
  • Application Integration
  • Technical and System Support
  • Business Digitalization
  • IoT Solutions


Ingemark Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Croatia

Some of the most renowned companies in the world rely on Ingemark. Companies from Europe, America, and the Middle East use this custom software development company.

Ingemark has a proven record of quality since its establishment in 1990. It has been creating custom software since 2006.

Ingemark’s scope is wide. It includes the entire range from software design to post-launch support and maintenance.

Ingemark provides:

  • Software Development
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Research and Design



Webtown Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Hungary

Look no further for Agile software development. Webtown has provided development services for more than ten years.

They’re skilled at using the Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP). No one is better qualified for all things DXP and Agile.

Webtown Provides:

  • Portal Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Enterprise CMS
  • Business Development and Consulting
  • System Design and Integration


Code & Pepper

Code-_-Pepper Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Poland

This software development company works with world-renowned businesses. Their goal is to create the highest quality products.

Though skilled with Fintech, they use a variety of tools to deliver their many services.

Code & Pepper Provides:

  • FinTech Software
  • InsurTech Products
  • LawTech Products
  • Open banking
  • Asset Management Platforms
  • UX / UI design
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Transformations
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App
  • Frontend and Backend Development
  • API


SumatoSoft Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Poland

This software development company is a master at difficult projects. It doesn’t matter how big or complex they may be.

Their resume includes work with Toyota, Evolv, Nectarin, Dragon Sourcing, Boxforward, and many other top brands.

SumatoSoft services cover project conception all the way to its release and beyond. Their skills range from idea analysis to web design itself.

This results in products that are fully customized to meet their client’s needs.

One of their main design philosophies is absolute transparency and customer collaboration. Above all else, they want their clients involved completely in the job.

SumatoSoft provides:

  • Enterprise Web Apps
  • API Integration
  • Startup Business Web Development
  • MVP Startup Programs
  • eLearning
  • Marketing Automation
  • ECommerce
  • Real Estate
  • Transport and Automation
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Testing and QA
  • Software Deployment
  • Support and Maintenance

Gecko Dynamics

Gecko-Dynamics Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Poland

Gecko Dynamics is a great outsourcing services company. They can provide web, mobile, or raw software engineering.

This software company has a group of developers trained for cost-cutting. But they’re also trained in high-performance mobile technologies.

Gecko Dynamics has qualifications and experience in:

  • Java
  • .Net
  • Angular
  • js
  • PHP
  • HTML

Gecko Dynamics provides:

  • SaaS Applications
  • Business Process Management Systems
  • Refactoring and Recovery of poorly coded projects
  • Mobile Applications


Predica Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Poland

This technology service company provides the most efficient solutions to optimize your business. In its more than ten years of business, it has perfected the processes of over 300 client businesses.

Predica is perfect for those needing to find new and improved software solutions.

Predica provides:

  • Application Development
  • DevOps
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Security
  • Management Services
  • Cloud Governance
  • Modern Data Warehouses
  • Knowledge Mining
  • Customer Churn
  • Cloud Application Architecture Guidance
  • Fast App Prototyping
  • DevOps Kickstarter
  • Cloud Migration Assessment


SoftwareMill Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Poland

This consultation company offers to help with IT systems and big data services. Also, they develop business intelligence and machine learning systems.

Everythings is custom-built for each client.

SoftwareMill has qualifications and experience in:

  • Java
  • Scala
  • Akka
  • Lightbend Reactive
  • Big Data/ML Frameworks
  • Kafka
  • Spark
  • TensorFlow
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cassandra
  • Mongo

SoftwareMill provides:

  • Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Web Development
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • UI/UX Design

STX Next

STX-Next Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Poland

Clients from all industries use STX Next. Their 170 developers provide an assortment of full-stack and mobile application services.

This makes STX Next one of the premier Python software developers in Europe. Every member of their development staff are well versed in Python, JS, and React Native.

STX Next exceeds the UX/UI, deep analysis, and web graphic design needs of their clients with every project.

STX Next has qualifications and experience in:

  • Python
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Twisted
  • Angular
  • ReactJS
  • React Native
  • And much more

STX Provides:

  • Software Development Outsourcing
  • Custom Software Development
    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • Django
    • Flask
    • React
    • Angular JS
    • Golang
  • Mobile App Development
    • Cross-Platform
    • Hybrid
    • Progressive
    • React Native
    • Android
    • iOS
  • UX/UI Services
  • Web Design
  • Product Strategy and Research
  • Software Testing
  • DevOps Services



IntelligentBee Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Romania

This outsourcing company prides itself on having well-organized, educated, self-motivated support teams. IntelligentBee’s associates are quick to be in sync and ready to help.

The key to their success is the keen attention given to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Support Health Score (SHS) for every task.

IntelligentBee is qualified and experienced in:

  • NodeJS
  • React
  • PHP/Symfony
  • Golang
  • HTML5
  • IOS
  • Android

IntelligentBee provides:

  • Web Development Services
  • PHP
  • Golang
  • JS
  • JS
  • Mobile Development Services
  • IOS
  • Android
  • SysAdmin and DevOps


Binary Studio

Binary-Studio Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Ukraine

Established in 2005, Binary Studio has helped more than 60 clients develop top-tier software. Its expert development team is more than 100 strong.

They are all trained in the technologies vital to business, such as Javascript, Java, .NET, and PHP tech.

Binary Studio provides:

  • Application Development
  • Cloud and DevOps
  • Architecture and Database Design
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Quality Assurance


Cleveroad Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Ukraine

Cleveroad specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and the Internet of Things.

It is the ideal web and mobile development company for those creating bleeding-edge technology. This includes startups, business segments, and private clients alike.

Cleveroad Provides:

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce and CMS
  • Wearable Tech Software
  • iBeacon Software
  • Virtual Reality Services
  • 3D Visualization Software
  • IT outstaffing
  • Consulting and Training


dax Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Ukraine

Daxx has an impressive track record as part of Grid Dynamics. It has been providing high-quality software development services for more than 22 years.

Over 300 global clients used Daxx to create software development teams in Ukraine. Dou has also named Daxx as one of the best IT employers in the country.

Microsoft Gold and ISO 27001:2013 certifications prove their commitment to high-quality services.

Daxx provides:

  • IT Relocation
  • Launch Workshops
  • Process Consulting
  • Quality Control
  • Security Testing


GroupBWT Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Ukraine

Development solutions must be custom-built to the clients’ needs to be successful. GroupBWT specializes in exactly those kinds of customized solutions.

They have an expert team with an 11-year record of well-delivered projects.

They can expand their team to match any project’s size. Or split into small teams for surgeon-like fast development.

GroupBWT has a history of business with startups, large corporations, and government organizations.

GroupBWT specializes in, but is not limited to:

  • Healthcare
  • E-Commerce/Fintech
  • Retail
  • Business Automation

GroupBWT provides:

  • Custom Web Development
  • Mobile and Software Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Design
  • Data Mining and Web Scraping
  • BI and Business Automation


Intellias Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Ukraine

An international software development company. Headquartered in Ukraine, with branches in Germany and Poland.

Clients throughout North America and the European Union use their far-reaching services. They ranked on the Global Outsourcing 100 list and are among the top Ukrainian IT companies.

Intellias provides:

  • Platform Development
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Cloud Services
  • DevOps
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • UI/UX Design
  • Internet of Things
  • Location-Based Services
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • RPA


N-iX Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Ukraine

This software development services company is a giant. Its 900 full-time experts are an army that will overwhelm any technological challenge.

N-iX has the manpower your business needs to succeed.

N-iX provides:

  • Highload Systems
  • Microservices
  • Cloud
  • Embedded Software
  • BI and Data Science
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Enterprise Virtual Reality
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Internet of Things
  • DevOps


Perfectial Top IT outsourcing services companies in Eastern Europe

Based In: Ukraine

This development services company was born to help businesses start, grow, and succeed. Perfectial is an expert with all cutting-edge platforms and frameworks.

Their services are often used in both US and European fields. They employ over 200 team members including project managers and solution architects.

Their array of developers are skilled in .Net, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Node.js. They also put teams of UI/UX designers and Quality Assurers to work for you.

Perfectial provides:

  • Cloud and SaaS Applications
  • Android and IOS Mobile Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • R&D Services
  • BlockChain Development
  • Enterprise Development

IT Outsourcing Services Companies Review

Eastern Europe is a gold mine of qualified outsourcing companies. It’s easy to find the happy median between reliable and affordable on the list above.

Rates are more than competitive, with an ever-growing range of software development services. This trend is sure to continue in Eastern Europe.

There is a push for education in the STEM specialties (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The talent pool businesses can pull from is expanding every day in number and skill.

Companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Google, and Cisco are placing their R&D in Eastern Europe. 

You can tap into the same resources for your company. Use the list above to find the best IT outsourcing services companies in East Europe.

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