Full-Stack Agile Team to build your Web Apps

We provide web app development services for businesses worldwide — from small startups to large financial institutions.
We apply modern technologies and interact with our clients on a day-to-day basis, making sure that the product is delivered as smooth as if it was built in-house.

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We're proud to work on:

Plan. Develop. Test. Release. Repeat!

We believe that the key to a successful launch of a web app is in everyday collaborative work on requirements, priorities, implementation, testing and feedback; that's why we tailor an agile team for each project, compiling it from Developers, Project Managers/SCRUM masters and Testers.

20+ Successful Launches

Our key team members have 10+ years of experience in their target area. Together we have a history of both in-house and oursource succesful projects.

Complete App Lifecycle

An app's life is not just coding. We work closely with our clients on all phases from writing requirements to post-launch feedback.

We Deliver On Time

We apply SCRUM methodology, so you get ETAs for new features, see live demos each 2 weeks, receive reports and release prognoses.

Long-Term Partnership

We tailor an Agile team as a dedicated long-term partner for our clients - as only long-term collaboration provides best results.

Up-to-date technology stack

IT world changes every day - and we make sure to track all the changes and apply modern and most suitable tools for each project. We use these technologies - but aren't limited to them:

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Careers at TMS: Grow Your Strengths through Agile Teamwork

Professional Ambitions, love for Challenges, desire for Growth, orientation for Results - these are the key points that we look for when we hire new candidates - along with their job experience. Mixing interesting and challenging projects, modern technology and "cherry-picked" professionals makes teamwork at TMS an exciting process in a creative and friendly atmosphere - and results both team and individual professional achievements.

Challenging Projects

For best developers challenge is always the key driver for the best results. All our projects are quite sophisticated, interesting and untrivial.

Everyday Growth

Evolving makes work enjoyable. Our team members have access to modern courses, interesting tasks, and we reward them properly as they grow.

Friendly Atmosphere

We are result-oriented, not process-oriented. We have sliding working hours, our team is young and we try to work as 'group of friends'.

Up-to Date Technology

IT changes every day - and we make sure that we make the best of it. Our technology stack is up-to-date and we keep watching modern trends.

Your Future Colleagues Say

The team currently has 12 members, and we're constantly looking for new talent. See what our colleagues say about working in TMS:


Senior PHP Developer at

"When I joined the company we used to work with relatively simple PHP-based tasks - but very quickly we evolved and now we work with complex technologies like Symfony, Doctrine ORM, Angular, and other. Atmosphere is very friendly, and there’s always space for professional growth".


Agile Project Manager at

"Ever since I joined TMS I don’t remember a single boring day. We are working quite intensive on complex projects from a wide range of industries with current focus on FinTech. What I love the most at TMS is freedom in terms of how we will work as long as we deliver quality product".


PHP Developer at TMS

"I joined the team as an intern, without much knowledge, and during my internship colleagues were really helpful and provided me with everything I needed to quickly study PHP, MySQL, Javascript - so in several months I’ve been able to join the team in the role of a developer. TMS has given me a great start to my career with a diverse range of exciting and challenging projects. The one thing I appreciate most about coming to work is the friendly, family oriented atmosphere".

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