Partnership with us is most effective when we allocate dedicated teams to projects for defined or undefined periods of time. We would love to know more about your project to see how could we support you best. Get in touch with us today so we could start helping you tomorrow!

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Premier development hub for planning, building, support and enhancement of top-notch web applications.

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Milovana Marinkovica 3
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We develop cutting-edge web applications for growing businesses

Premier development hub for planning, building, support and enhancement of top-notch web applications

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We at TMS act as an integral part of your organization, focusing on product functionality, end-user adoption, proactive and creative thinking in order to support your overall business goals.

We can help with product development only, but we shine when applying our full-app-lifecycle approach.

Development process

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Any web application starts with an idea, a solution for a problem, or an automation tool for some industry. We can assist companies in this step, as our experience with different projects allows us to see whether something is feasible, and how to implement it better.


Each project needs a detailed analysis before being handed over to development. We work together with the project stakeholders to prepare a detailed competition analysis, to identify short-term and long-term business goals, to prepare a list of features, and split these to planned releases; research phase results in an initial list of development milestones, and a rollout plan with preliminary timeline estimations.

Sprint phases

Development is divided into 2-4-week sprints, and in the end of each sprint a potentially shippable product is delivered. Each sprint includes design, development, testing and release of a number of features, this way we incrementally add planned functionalities to the product.


A great web application is not just a piece of functioning code. It is also technical documentation and user tutorials, and a reliable support team behind it, which is able to resolve any technical or user experience issues. We provide technical and customer support for our products, and include this service for our customers.