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Velisava Vulovica 18
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Application support and enhancement services after implementation

Avoid Downtime and Increase User Satisfaction

An app’s life doesn’t stop at the moment it’s released. It actually only starts then, or even later - when you start getting users. And these users will have questions, problems, and will need support - we can help with that.

TMS application support services include

  • Helping customers use the app

    We’ve all been there - sometimes you just can’t find what you need in an app.

    That’s where we come in. Your customers will get all the guidance they need to master your app. Users get easily frustrated and abandon apps. Our fast & effective support systems result in increased user retention and lower abandonment. As a result, their lifetime value increases as well.

  • Resolving technical support issues

    As great as technology is, it is sometimes known to act out. We realize that downtime can be damaging for brands and we are here for you.

    Our support and development teams are close & communicate well. If there is a technical issue, our development team knows about it promptly.

    Add to that the fact that they have developed the app in the first place and know where to look, and what you get is express resolving of any technical issues.

  • Maintenance (small improvements)

    We make great apps - but there’s always room for improvement. Technology develops continuously, and so do our apps. Perfective, adaptive or scheduled maintenance - we do it all.

    We can enhance or redo anything that gets in the way of performance and functionality of the app. We adapt your app to work stably and reliably if any external-factor change affects its performance or stability. Above all, this means higher security.

    Our regular updates make sure that your app never regresses, but only improves to the latest technology so that you stay ahead of the competition.

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Outsourced support services help to:

Manage costs

Outsourced support services cut expenses an in-house support team would incur - no overhead, no training, no equipment, no unexpected costs. A controlled monthly fee instead.

Spend your time on things you do best

Instead of spending your and your team’s time on working app support, you get to focus your time on marketing, product development, and customer experience. We got your back.

Gain access to extensive experience

Instead of having to train your in-house team, you get one point of contact that already has a team of experienced professionals ready to handle any request your users might have.

Increase user trust & retention

Solving customers’ problems fast is shown to increase brand trust and customer lifetime value. And who can better help them find their way than the people who developed the app?

Increase security

As a primarily IT company, we have experience with possible cyber attacks and security issues. Leave it up to us to quickly and effectively deal with these problems for your company.

Develop what the users need

There is no guesswork for further development of the app. Implementing support services means getting live feedback from your clients which produces the right ideas for future updates.

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