Do you want the media to help make your company popular? You can assist by making it more accessible. Journalists will not write about something they know nothing about so they should be able to easily find the most important information about your company. Your press page is the key to successfully promoting your company. Analyzing startup press kit examples will help you do this..

An online press kit provides all the important information about you in one place, making it easy for journalists to research so this should be a priority when building a website.

When your company’s name is mentioned in a press article this is not just promotion, but free promotion. The more popular the publication which writes about you, the wider your exposure. This means a lot of clicks and views on your page, as well as new potential clients.

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What is a press kit? What does a press kit consist of?

A press kit, press page, or media kit, is all the same thing. A media kit is a specialized page or section of your website which offers informative resources for the press. Its main purpose is to introduce them to you and your business as quickly as possible. The best kits also provide images, clips, and other marketing materials that reporters can include in their articles.

Keep in mind that those who read the kit are always in a hurry. At most, your startup press kit should be a double-sided information page, including contact information and the main details about your products or events. Build it as a call to action for all your potential clients. It is important to choose the right channel to share this kit.  Uploading it as a PDF on your website may not be enough. Use it during your own promoting campaigns – in press conferences, email campaigns, landing pages for lead generation, or meetings.

Press kits are no longer only sent to professional PR or communication companies. Efficient managers use it as a detailed, often digitized business card.

Your well-constructed PR kit may well help you to be featured in a popular publication. The majority of people who trust that publication will be intrigued by their recommendation. Moreover, you can later add the logo of that publication to your website, which adds to your credibility.

Best startup press kit examples

The following media kit examples are useful and efficient. Consider how they are built then use the best parts of each example to make your own.

Unitel Voice

unitelvoice Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

The simplicity of the press kit from Unitel Voice is impressive. They make their conditions clear from the beginning. This shows how to refer to the company in your publication. Then they offer different types of materials and everything from raw information to photos and files for custom-created logo designs is readily accessible.


newsbtc Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

The  NewsBTC (June 2018 version) press kit example is pragmatic and transparent. It shows the types of advertising the company wants to be part of. Depending on which one you choose, there is also a list of prices..

Airbnb – short and clear

airbnb Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

AirBnB is a well-known company with excellent original marketing. They present their press kit as a “Fast Facts” page, which only includes some figures e.g. 4.5 mm listings, 81k cities, 191 countries and 300 mm guest arrivals. However, these figures are impressive and easy to use.

AWeber– diversified startup press kit example

aweber Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

AWeber’s digital press kit can be used in a variety of ways due to its proposed diversified content. The company offers separate files for media products and for text printed products including information guides. You can check the complete Aweber review here to understand its most important features.

Uber Press Kit

ubernews Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

The Uber company receives a great deal of media attention so it needs a good online press kit. However, Uber likes to keep it simple and offer only the most important basic information about the company.

Impraise – an always visible press page

impraise Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

The Impraise startup is also an efficient press kit example. They have three different sections on their Media kit: “Press kit”, “Logo and Brand Assets”, and “Product Screenshots”, which is convenient and well organized.

BillFixers – fixed the Media kit problem

bill-fixers Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

Billfixers have combined the “About Us” page with the press page, so journalists have everything on a single page and they don’t waste time looking for additional information.

Design Roast – a step-by-step press kit

design-roast Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

The Design Roast press kit is presented gradually. The information in the first entry is not overwhelming providing only basic information about the company in the “About Ussection. To find more, you simply download their full media kit.


kickstarter Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

Kickstarter now presents one of the best startup press kit examples in the industry. As a result of constantly adapting it over time they have a well organized and useful kit.

The page is creative and not limited to raw information about their company. It may seem somewhat abstract but it gives journalists the necessary freedom to approach a given subject. This is the perfect company strategy as their upcoming 10 years old anniversary will bring a lot of attention.


buzzfeed Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

BuzzFeed simply uses an HTML page to present their latest appearances in the press and their collaborating conditions. They’ve also added a section with the personal data and contact details of their members of the staff. You may also download their logos and include them in your articles.


happyfox Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

HappyFox’s well-built press kit has only the basics. You can download the Logo & Wordmark either on white or black background. Additionally, there’s a downloadable zip file that includes logos, screenshots, photos & video links.

TransferWise – extra service

transferwise Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

TranswerWise’s kit gives you an extra service with the opportunity to get in contact with and researching their Press team. They offer a downloadable press kit with teasers and previous media appearances so you can find the version of the story of TranswerWise you want to share.


optinmonster Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

OptinMonster’s PR kit sample is well-sectioned. Apart from the basic information, you can find footage of previous press conferences or articles. They also briefly present their staff members so journalists can readily  access all they need.


goodreads Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

As a niche site Goodreads keeps the uniqueness of their style and remains efficient. They have adapted their company media kit to their theme and called it Book Discovery Package”. However, all their collaborations conditions are stated clearly in the kit, including a pricing list and the description of different types of promotions.


blossom Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

The Blossom press kit has interestingly dedicated an entire section to the spelling of their name which ensures that journalists will never write the Blossom name incorrectly.

Fast company

fast-company Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

The Fast Company media kit is definitely attractive to journalists. They state some figures in a creative, easy to use way, and offer both a printable and digital version of the press kit.

Close – additional help

close Impressive startup press kit examples to use as inspiration

Close gives information, as well as demonstrating how to use it. Various screenshots of articles about the company show how to best use and download their material as PNG or EPS files.

Ending thoughts on these startup press kit examples

Remember that a press page is not only an “About Us” page. Journalists are looking for more than a text made by your marketing department. They want sincere, raw information able to be used in their own articles so they will generally avoid your About Us page and look for a specially designed press page.

However, when building a startup press kit, you should also think about other potential beneficiaries of your activity as well as journalists or influencers and bloggers. For example think about a new client, a prospective partner, or an investor. It’s equally important to build the image of a liable company through your website. You can ensure this by providing the journalists with the exact information you want them to share.

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