The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Fintech startups are reshaping our digital pockets in ways old banks never dreamt.

Stepping into this digital arena, we dive into an ocean, where currency rides on waves of binary codes and algorithms. The ability to simply tap our screens to transact, invest, and even borrow, is no longer the future. It’s here. And it’s constantly evolving right beneath our fingertips.

The ride on this digital money wave hasn’t been always smooth, yet here we are, darting through a sea shimmering with opportunities and hurdles alike. A real kaleidoscope of virtual coins and digital transactions unfurling before our very eyes.

In this tapestry, we’re going to weave through:

  • The rise and rise of these tech wizards,
  • How alternative financing is breaking molds,
  • And the astonishing tales of entities painting the financial canvas with innovative hues.

Stick around, the chaos is delightful and enlightening, unraveling a digital saga that’s painting a new portrait of our economic world.

What Are Fintech Startups?

Before we continue, let’s make sure that we are on the same page when talking about fintech. It is a known abbreviation used for the term financial technology that appeared in the 70s as a precursor to the digital banking and financial innovation we see today.

Even though it is an older concept, it garnered popularity starting in 2018 when it was added to the dictionary.

We are talking about an innovative industry that offers financial services using software, cloud, and other modern technology.

Digital wallets, financial apps, and AI in finance are some of the advances in this area. Fintech provides consumer and business applications, and its scope spans from cryptocurrency to mobile payments and peer-to-peer lending.

Many applications, from challenger banks to robo-advisors, have been using this concept. It’s a clear sign that fintech startups, a significant part of the financial ecosystem, are changing how consumers access their finances.

Some of the fintech companies that are alive today, backed by venture capital, have created mobile payment apps that may even have the chance to disrupt the traditional financial and banking industries, heralding a new age of banking disruption.

Therefore, some banks and established financial institutions view the fintech startup sector, particularly the insurtech and regtech branches, as a threat.

Nearly two billion people worldwide do not have their own bank accounts. Here is where fintech jumps in, leveraging financial data analytics and e-payment systems to take advantage of the situation by providing an option to participate in financial services without the need for brick-and-mortar.

This is the exact reason why fintech startups, aiming to offer tech-driven finance solutions, were created in the first step. They give consumers the option to use financial services through easy-to-use technology.

Besides that, these fintech startups are bringing innovative solutions to small business owners. When looking for a low-cost solution for your business accounting or finance, especially in the realm of financial innovation and digital transformation, fintech is an excellent space to check out.

Fintech Startups To Check Out

Next, we are going to take a look at some of the top fintech companies and explore what they managed to create and execute within the evolving financial ecosystem.


betterment The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Betterment, a leader in robo-advisory, is currently the most prominent independent online financial advisor. It has $18 billion in assets under management.

The idea behind the service is to help by increasing the customer’s long-term returns, focusing on retirement planning, building wealth, and similar goals that drive banking disruption.

By using advanced financial data analytics and investment strategies, Betterment uses technology to satisfy the more than 450,000 customers that they currently have. They do so by leveraging three business lines, epitomizing the digital transformation in finance:

  • Direct-to-consumer
  • Betterment for Advisors
  • Betterment for Business


bita The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Another fintech startup that we like is Bita. Bita, operating in the digital asset space, is an index and data provider.

This startup has created software for systematic investing and institutions that are operating around this space, hinting at a future where cryptocurrency and digital wallets might become mainstream.

It was founded in 2018, and only one year later, they received 1.25 million euros from venture capital investors focusing on this kind of platform.


avant The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Avant, a player in the peer-to-peer lending landscape, is used to offer loans ranging from $1,000 to $30,000 quickly.

The goal of the company is to disrupt the lending industry, an aim at the heart of banking disruption, and it seems to be making a significant impact. Founded by Paul Zhang, John Sun, and Al Goldstein in 2012, the company is currently worth $2 billion.

With over 600,000 customers, Avant assists its users by providing improved credit scores. The standout feature of Avant is its ability to furnish instant loans online, demonstrating the power of e-payment systems without the traditional complications.


heliocar The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Heliocolor, a potential game-changer in the regtech field, has a chance to disrupt how we see online services.

As one of the top fintech startups launched in 2019, it’s making waves with the compliance services it offers. Whether you run an online business, an e-commerce store, or you are an app developer, modern requirements like GDPR-compliance are critical, and this is precisely where Heliocolor steps in.

Beyond this, various e-commerce stores utilize Heliocolor to remain compliant with state laws and for fraud detection and prevention.


clausematch The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

ClauseMatch, paving the way in tech-driven finance solutions, embarked on its journey to craft its SaaS platform for smart document management well before GDPR and ESMA regulations came into the picture.

As a result, ClauseMatch aids UK banks and other financial institutions to centralize their compliance intelligence, ensuring all internal policies, procedures, and documents remain organized and in tune with the evolving financial landscape.

due The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

A champion in e-payment systems, has revamped its website, making it even more user-friendly. This fintech startup specializes in digital invoicing.

It assists clients in crafting their invoices and facilitates easy access to data reports straight from the dashboard.

This invoicing service boasts hundreds of templates, making it a vital tool for business finance management for entrepreneurs and business owners.


adyen The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Diving into the world of global payment platforms, let’s spotlight one of our favorite fintech startups from Amsterdam.

Adyen offers businesses an integrated solution to accept payments from any corner of the world, showcasing banking disruption at its best. It serves more than 4,500 businesses, including some industry giants:

  • Facebook
  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Dropbox
  • Vodafone
  • Soundcloud


tala The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Operating in the realm of peer-to-peer lending, Tala is revolutionizing access to credit in underserved regions.

Through a straightforward app, Tala aims to boost user financial confidence, showcasing financial data analytics at work in real-time.


kiarna The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Klarna, launched in Sweden, brought innovation to the online shopping experience. It offers a unique model, allowing customers to pay for an order after receiving it.

Although this might seem like a potential pain-point for eCommerce, Klarna shoulders all the risk.

This model serves as a testament to how fintech startups are reshaping e-commerce financial interactions, offering win-win solutions that bolster conversion rates.


trussle The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Trussle, harnessing the power of tech-driven finance solutions, offers those looking to revamp their mortgage broker experience an invaluable tool. With access to over 11,000 mortgage deals from diverse lenders, Trussle simplifies the often daunting task of mortgage shopping.

Its clients can potentially save up to 4,000 pounds annually, and the platform’s core mission is to always present the best deals.

Achieving this by perpetually monitoring the financial ecosystem, clients are promptly alerted when a more beneficial deal surfaces.


robinhood The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Embodying banking disruption, Robinhood stands tall as a prime disruptor, etching its name among the most innovative financial institutions globally.

Robinhood’s products have bagged several accolades, including:

  • Apple Design Award
  • Google Material Design Award
  • Fast Company’s Innovation by a Design award


stash The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Stash, a mobile investment platform, empowers users to commence investing with as little as $5.

Distinctive in its approach and offering strategies tailored to individual preferences, it introduces a model like the Conservative mix. This strategy integrates a varied portfolio, steered by the insights of seasoned professional investors.


coconut The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Rounding off our list of fintech startups is Coconut, gearing up to unveil its inaugural subscription service encompassing unlimited invoicing and year-end tax summaries.

Tailored for small business finance management, Coconut emerges as a prime choice for entrepreneurs short on time for their accounting chores.

Filing your own business taxes can indeed be a challenging endeavor. Coconut emerges as an efficient, automated, and streamlined solution. Offering an array of services, from invoicing, expense tracking to year-end tax summaries, Coconut ensures that entrepreneurs can navigate tax filing with precision and ease.


cleo The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

In the realm of digital banking, if you’ve found yourself in the precarious position of being uncertain about your account balance, Cleo arrives as a savior.

Cleo is an AI-driven chatbot that seamlessly connects to your bank accounts and credit cards, furnishing crucial financial insights on your spending habits.

The most engaging feature is its compatibility with Facebook Messenger, where you can pose queries and get instant replies, making personal finance management interactive and straightforward.


plaid The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

A beacon of banking disruption born in 2013, Plaid stands tall, thanks to the innovative minds of Zach Perret and William Hockey.

Its primary role is to expedite the integration of various applications, including payment apps, with users’ bank accounts, thereby streamlining the authentication process.

By bridging platforms like Betterment and Venmo with bank accounts, it’s fortified its reputation in business finance management. Plaid’s potential trajectory is promising, but the future will reveal its course.


secured-touch The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

SecuredTouch is your defense against mobile fraud, operating as an advanced detection app. By analyzing over 100 behavioral parameters, it safeguards your data, exemplifying cutting-edge financial data analytics.

With its behavioral tech, it ensures flawless authentication across devices.

The HUMANBOT solution, underpinned by progressive machine learning, discerns user-specific activities like swipe speeds or finger pressures, segregating human actions from automated ones.


planwise The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Envisioned to bolster financial confidence and acumen, Planwise is your digital partner.

This user-centric software offers guidance as users assess their current financial landscapes, emphasizing e-payment systems and financial ecosystem tools for a broader understanding.

Titan (YC S18)

titan The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Stepping into the investment platform sphere, Titan emerges as a next-gen investment manager.

With its structure mimicking a hedge fund, the app directs users’ capital into a portfolio of stellar companies, handpicked by esteemed hedge funds.

This model empowers users, enabling them to refine their investing skills. Titan is an invaluable tool, especially for those nascent in the investing journey, offering insights into global payment platforms and investment strategies.


circle The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

In the vast expanse of peer-to-peer lending and payment solutions, Circle stands out.

This uncomplicated platform allows users to dispatch or accept payments, be it via the app or within iMessage.

Having amassed a whopping $100 million, its valuation in the fintech startup arena is nearing the $3 billion mark. Circle’s upcoming endeavor is to tackle one of the crypto domain’s most pressing challenges: volatility.


pitchbook The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

As you navigate the upper echelons of fintech startups, PitchBook demands attention.

This platform, a paradigm of tech-driven finance solutions, delivers insights on public and private equity markets. Aiding companies, investors, and professionals, PitchBook paves the way to seize new business prospects.

Using due diligence research for private market intel or sourcing investments, it serves as a bedrock for e-commerce financial interactions and market evaluations.


transferwise The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

International money transfers have often been a victim of banking disruption and cumbersome financial ecosystem processes.

Wise recognized the need for seamless digital banking and revolutionized the space. Now, with Wise, sending money overseas is not only fast but also transparent and cost-effective.

There’s a guarantee of no concealed charges, ensuring you’re always aware of the recipient’s exact receiving amount.


inamo The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

In the advancing world of tech-driven finance solutions, imagine a bike ride or a surfing trip without the constraints of a wallet or phone. Inamo makes this a reality.

They’ve innovated products that are not only waterproof but can also be attached to watches and fitness bands.

With Inamo, enjoy uninhibited freedom, equipped with tap-and-go payments wherever Visa is endorsed, showcasing the future of e-payment systems.

And speaking of the future, if you’re looking to build a DApp (Decentralized Application) that could potentially disrupt the financial landscape even further, there are plenty of fintech startups pushing the boundaries of blockchain and cryptocurrency to explore and collaborate with.


brex The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

The fintech realm reveres startups that attain unicorn status. Brex is an epitome, having accomplished this status in 2018, shortly after its product launch.

Now, with a whopping debt financing of $100 million, Brex aims to penetrate the market of more prominent corporations, hinting at a strategy to diversify their financial data analytics client base.


circle-1 The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

For aficionados of global payment platforms like cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is a renowned name.

Established in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsma, this investment platform has grown exponentially, with a staggering valuation of $8 billion.

Notably, Coinbase also acquired for an estimated $120 million, further extending its outreach to bitcoin users with payment capabilities.

Transfer Go

transfergo The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Transfer Go has made ripples in the peer-to-peer lending space as a universal money transfer enterprise. It allows monetary transmissions across borders with the added advantage of zero transaction charges.

Its recent achievement of $41 million in Series C funding reflects its ambition to expand its personal finance management services. With a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it adopts a digital account-to-account model for overseas transfers.


aid-tech The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

The fintech sector is rife with stories of triumph, and AID:Tech is a shining example.

Utilizing Blockchain technology, a cornerstone of e-commerce financial interactions, AID:Tech introduces transparency in the distribution of donations, catering to the globally underserved communities.


ellevest The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Ellevest, a leading figure in business finance management, was envisioned to empower women to realize their financial potential.

By reshaping the conventional financial insights and investment strategies, Ellevest offers women a realistic, goal-oriented investment plan, guiding them towards secure financial futures.


trulioo The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Trulioo has carved a niche in the financial ecosystem with its innovative service.

They have pioneered instant bank-grade verification services, integrating seamlessly with compliance systems worldwide.

This is pivotal for digital banking, payment providers, and financial services to ensure adherence with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) standards, enhancing the global financial data analytics spectrum.


braintree The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

An integral component of the PayPal financial insights arsenal, Braintree caters to businesses spanning various scales.

Its versatility is evident in accepting an array of payment methods, from conventional credit cards to the modern Venmo.

This platform serves as a bedrock for online businesses and marketplaces, fortifying security and promoting streamlined e-commerce financial interactions.


n26 The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

N26 redefines tech-driven finance solutions with its transparent and ingenious mobile banking app.

There’s a stark elimination of hidden fees, and with its advent, mobile banking and personal finance management have witnessed a paradigm shift towards smartness and efficiency.


commonbond The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

With the escalating challenge of student loan debts in the banking disruption era, Commonbond emerged as a beacon of hope.

Positioned as a marketplace for lenders, it meticulously bridges the gap between borrowers and lenders, amplifying peer-to-peer lending.

This platform significantly curtails student loan expenses while ensuring lucrative financial returns for investors. A testament to its efficiency, an average borrower has reported savings of up to $14,000.


truelayer The Most Exciting Fintech Startups You Should Watch

Reflecting upon fintech startups that have ushered in transformative changes, TrueLayer stands out prominently.

Having graced the business finance management sector for two years, its mission centers around empowering budding startups with unhindered access to banking data, thereby revolutionizing the investment platform space.

FAQs About Fintech Startups

What’s the big deal with fintech startups anyway?

Well, you see, fintech startups are like the new kids on the block in the financial world.

They’re using tech to shake things up, making banking and finance more accessible and user-friendly. Instead of waiting in line at a bank, you can just tap on an app. It’s all about convenience and innovation.

How do these fintech companies make money?

Ah, the golden question! Most of them have a variety of revenue streams. Some charge fees, while others might earn through subscriptions or selling their tech to bigger fish. And then there are those who play the long game, focusing on user growth first and monetization later. It’s a mixed bag, really.

Are fintech startups safe to use?

Safety first, right? Most reputable fintech startups prioritize security. They use top-notch encryption and comply with financial regulations.

But, like anything online, there’s always a risk. It’s always good to do your homework, check reviews, and ensure they have the necessary licenses.

What’s the difference between fintech and traditional banks?

Imagine your old-school bank as a big, sturdy oak tree. It’s been there forever, it’s reliable but doesn’t change much. Now, fintech?

That’s like bamboo. Grows super fast, adaptable, and super useful in different ways. Traditional banks have legacy systems and processes, while fintechs are agile and tech-driven.

Can fintech startups handle big financial tasks?

Absolutely! While they might’ve started with simpler tasks, many have evolved. From managing investments to handling cross-border payments, there’s a fintech solution for almost everything. They’re not just about splitting dinner bills with friends anymore.

Why are there so many fintech startups popping up?

It’s like a gold rush! The financial industry was ripe for disruption. Tech advancements, coupled with changing consumer expectations, created a perfect storm.

Entrepreneurs saw gaps in the market and jumped in. Plus, there’s a lot of money in money, if you catch my drift.

How do I choose the right fintech startup to use?

It’s a bit like dating. You gotta find the one that fits your needs. Look at their features, fees, user reviews, and maybe even their design if that’s your thing.

And always, always read the fine print. Trust your gut, but also do your research.

What challenges do fintech startups face?

Oh boy, where to start? Regulation is a biggie. The financial world is full of rules. Then there’s competition – it’s a crowded market out there. And of course, trust.

They need to convince users that they’re safe and reliable. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns in the fintech world.

Will fintech startups replace traditional banks?

Not replace, more like… coexist. Think of it as a collaboration. Many fintechs partner with traditional banks to offer their services. Banks have the trust and fintechs have the tech.

It’s like peanut butter and jelly – better together.

How do fintech startups keep up with changing technology?

They’re like surfers, always looking for the next big wave. Being tech-driven, they have to stay on top of trends, be it blockchain, AI, or whatever’s next.

Continuous learning and adaptation are in their DNA. They’re always iterating, always evolving. It’s what makes the fintech space so exciting!


Fintech startups have truly burst onto the scene, haven’t they? It’s like watching a movie where the underdog suddenly takes the lead. These digital dynamos are reshaping the way we think about money, banking, and, well, life in general.

  • They’re not just apps; they’re game-changers.
  • They’re not just businesses; they’re revolutions wrapped in code.

And the coolest part? We’re all invited to this party. Whether you’re looking to invest, save, spend, or just learn, there’s a fintech out there with your name on it.

So, as we close this chapter, let’s not just see them as startups. Let’s see them as the future, because, in many ways, they are.

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