Unlike small businesses, startups need the fastest internal channels from the get-go. Due to the fewer manpower, task management and project planning work differently. Hence, the member needs effective project management tools to fulfill their parts.

Time-saving is the order of the day in most cases. To ensure an error-free workflow, startups use various apps without sacrificing speed. In other words, they utilize project management software for startups.

Project Management Software for Startups – Tools and Features

Easy to Set-up

Startups need project management tools that they can use right away. On their end, the software development teams know this and tailor their products in that way. Hence, most types of team collaboration software support unlimited users. Also, installing them is often a breeze.

Easy to Learn

A good project management tool is easy to read, so all users can track project progress. Plus, they wouldn’t need specific training to start working. Instead, thanks to the friendly UI, they should know how to manage tasks right away.

A Single Access Point

The best project management software is compatible with all sorts of apps. As a result, companies can quickly pair it with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. That means the program comes with a file-sharing system already in place. Otherwise, choose one with a proper file management tool to prevent mishaps.

Actionable Project Templates

Project managers utilize software with advanced features to ensure all users can collaborate. In that way, they can track any member’s input via the unified project management system.

A Step-by-Step Overview

Projects consist of stages and dependencies. Thus, every member should clearly know what to do next. Yet, certain events can upset that rhythm.

In such cases, you should use proper management software to alert the team leaders. Next, they should come up with a solution and quickly share it with the rest of the team.

Grouping Up the Tasks by Relevancy

Not all legs of the project will have a strict deadline. Some will come to the forefront only after the previous chain completes. Hence, the software should allow PMs to update the roadmap and readjust things on the go.

The Most Popular Project Management Software for Startups

Here are the best 3:

wrike-logo The Best Project Management Software for Startupsclickup-logo-1 The Best Project Management Software for Startupsmonday-logo The Best Project Management Software for Startups
Try itTry itTry it

And there are these three presented in detail along with more apps below:


wrike The Best Project Management Software for Startups

This free project management software for startups changes as the brand keeps on scaling. Hence, you can alter the pool of available features and tricks. As such, Wrike is suitable for any collaborative effort. It’s optimal for product development, marketing, sales, etc.

Other highlights include the app’s time tracking and portfolio management aspects. Also, there are many templates for your project, compatible with most visual tools. Plus, you can connect Wrike with Outlook, Google Apps, MS Project, and other business apps.

maxresdefault The Best Project Management Software for Startups

The free version can fit an unlimited number of users, though with limited features. The paid service sits at the cost of $9.80 per month, but it also comes with a 14-day free trial period. You can avail of further discounts once you reach 20 collaborator seats. For example, you get a free collaborator seat at that point.

Wrike treats collaborators as a different user type. As such, you can grant that role to a contractor or a stakeholder – or anyone outside your core team. Then, you can specify how often they’ll get alerts from the app. Currently, titans like Google, Lyft, and Okta use Wrike for their projects.


  • Fully-functioning free plan
  • Secured app
  • Easy to learn
  • Mutliple upgrade plans


  • Outdated UI
  • Vague plan description
  • Confusing privacy notes


it The Best Project Management Software for Startups

ClickUp is another popular project management software for startups. It comes packed with functions that any startup would welcome. Also, the free version is what most brands end up sticking to for a long time. It only shows how much ClickUp values its customers.

You can set up this modern app with a plethora of tools (Slack, Dropbox, G Suite) right away. If you use Zapier, that number grows to more than a thousand. Either way, you could easily craft a one-pager or a partner agreement for free.

maxresdefault The Best Project Management Software for Startups

The free version also allows for instant messaging between members. On the other hand, ClickUp also offers a free trial for the paid version. Otherwise, that option is available for $5 per month.

Lastly, the app’s storage is limited to 100MB in the free version. Yet, you can negotiate the upgrade price depending on the number of users. So, there are many small team plans when using ClickUp.


  • Affordable plans
  • Unlimited storage with the paid packages
  • Multiple templates to choose from
  • Useful task management
  • Neat ways to utilize comments
  • Easy to track task dependencies
  • Quick data export and import
  • Supports Scrum and Agile


  • Certain features are underdeveloped
  • The UI needs an update
  • Works slower than similar apps


mndy The Best Project Management Software for Startups

Monday.com is management software with a wide range of appliances. Its structure allows for making effective projects for all stages of commerce. Hence, you can focus on HR, operations, sales, marketing, etc. Plus, you can stick only to the free plan forever.

As for this software’s basic features, they focus on productivity. This OS ensures your team’s collaboration remains at a high level at any point. Plus, it promotes qualities like accountability and efficacy. At the same time, the lead can teach the overall team productivity on the dashboard.

maxresdefault The Best Project Management Software for Startups

For a more detailed picture of the current campaign’s metrics, you can integrate the app with a number of similar tools. So, pair Monday.com with your Slack channel, Google Calendar, GitHub, and many others. However, you’ll need a paid service with Zapier to do so.

As for the Monday.com app, it comes with a 14-day free trial period for up to two users. Afterward, the plan costs $6 per user per month.


  • Up-to-date encryption methods
  • Compatible with a lot of similar software
  • Intuitive platform


  • Needlessly complicated paid plans
  • Only 14-days of the free trial


7c29c0 The Best Project Management Software for Startups

Dustin Moskovitz (one of Facebook’s co-founders) envisioned the Asana task management tool. It comes with a free version too, which is also very useful. Also, Asana works by sending notifications and alerts, meaning startups won’t need to send hundreds of emails per day.

When using this app, you can create all types of projects and split them across up to 15 members. Next, you can set due dates for each task so that everyone knows when to pitch in. You can also switch the tasks around.

maxresdefault The Best Project Management Software for Startups

Furthermore, you can connect a few tasks in dependencies. Then, only the right team member with get an alert as to when it is time to do their part. Of course, the managers can inspect the dashboard at all times, making sure all goes smoothly.

As for integrations, Asana is compatible with over one hundred apps. The list includes Slack, G Suite, Microsoft Teams, etc. In case you need more advanced tricks, you can opt for a premium plan. Those start at $10.99 per month.


  • Works on all portable devices
  • Stylish and intuitive
  • Allows real-time tracking
  • Various themes included
  • Live activity feed
  • Compatible with over 100 apps
  • Advanced task management tools
  • Easy-to-follow dashboard
  • Automated notifications


  • Above-average pricing models
  • Limited security options
  • Lack of a system for meeting management
  • Not many ways to configure a task’s status


trello The Best Project Management Software for Startups

Trello offers one of the most useful free plans among project manager software providers. In practice, Trello acts as a central hub for ongoing projects and future strategies. Also, the board-like visuals communicate a lot of data at a glance. At any point, the user can transfer a card to signify the start of the next milestone.

This app can work alongside useful tools like Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, etc. When using the free plan, you can perform up to 250 commands per month. Then, all those moves will show on any other software currently paired with Trello.

As for the paid subscription, they offer 1,000 monthly commands with the standard plan of $5 per month. As for the paid subscription, they offer 1,000 monthly commands with the standard plan of $5 per month. Also, companies like Squarespace and Fender chose it as their project management methodology of choice.


  • Versatile and popular
  • Very practical free plan
  • Easy to master
  • Automated email notifications
  • Lots of configuration options
  • Useful calendar view
  • Handy checklist management function
  • Allows workflow automation
  • Supports unlimited projects


  • Integrations are necessary
  • Lack of more advanced features
  • Dependency of third-party apps for time tracking
  • No chart view is available


Desk-e1535452386915-1024x548-1 The Best Project Management Software for Startups

This popular project management software for startups earns bonus points for style. Its iOS and Android versions are fan favorites for a reason. As a result, startups who don’t work from an office can climb the ladder just as well. Due to Freedcamp’s smart layout, the data flows fluently, even on tablets and smaller screens.

Regarding features, this app allows you to make and send invoices, create back up and edit. Also, it comes packed with project templates and various labeling tools. Then, there are the useful time tracker, calendar, and discussion boards.

maxresdefault The Best Project Management Software for Startups

Also, you can pair Freedcamp with your Zapier plan to fully utilize its features. On that note, the free plan limits the app’s overall usability. However, the paid plans start at only $1.49 a month.


  • The free plan supports an unlimited number of users
  • Neat task list to interact with
  • Separate tracker for software bugs
  • Varied features
  • Cheap paid plans
  • Calendar powered by Google
  • Proper file-sharing features
  • Pratical discussion board
  • Integrated sub-task and task manager
  • Kanbak board and Gantt chart inlcuded


  • Some features are useless
  • Slower than most other software
  • Limited task status bar
  • No option for a custom workflow


screenshot-1 The Best Project Management Software for Startups

Teamwork aims to provide a useful overview of multiple product development projects. Yet, it’s far from feature-poor software. Instead, users can tailor the Teamwork app in many ways to suit their needs.

At its core, Teamwork is a data visualization tool. Hence, users can inspect the data and work on improving their performance. Also, they can craft invoices, switch to another template, etc. In that way, they can make the most out of this workload management app.

maxresdefault The Best Project Management Software for Startups

For further convenience, users can pair it with Gmail and get notifications as they go. Other usable tools include Xero, Hubspot, Zapier, etc. Aside from them, you can also connect with YouTube, Trello, and QuickBooks.

The Teamwork paid plan comes at $10 per month and with a 30-day free trial. As for the free plan, up to 5 people can use it forever, albeit with limited features.


  • Task manager usable right out of the gate
  • Switch between priority statuses
  • Compatible with Excel
  • Practical time-tracking feature
  • Group the daily to-do list into numerous sub-tasks
  • Easily apply filters and tags
  • Gantt chart for better visibility


  • Cumbersome import process
  • Lack of a way to track issues


basecamp The Best Project Management Software for Startups

Besides its focus on communication, Basecamp is a useful project management software for startups as well. In practice, managers can use this app to follow the members’ activities and issue orders. They can keep an eye on things simply via the message boards and the many to-dos features.

On the flip side, this app lacks the most common project management software strong suits. Regardless, you can use it to monitor your team and quickly set a new direction.

Basecamp works very well with other apps providing time trackers and charts. Lastly, the most feature-packed Basecamp Bussines plan will cost you $99 per month.


  • Excellent communication software
  • Compatible and easy to integrate
  • Several paid plans
  • Separate chat-room features
  • Built-in file-sharing facilities
  • A way to sort tasks by priority
  • Create categories and sub-tasks
  • Detailed progress reports
  • Actionable charts and data visualizers


  • Steep prices
  • Rough UI
  • Only a few project management features
  • No way to fully customize the app
  • Lacks a time-tracking method


TeamGantt The Best Project Management Software for Startups

This is another app worthy of a place among the best project management tools available today. TeamGantt manages to be unique due to the suave chart view that hastens all project management efforts. With it, you can easily organize the tasks by their start and due dates before adding milestones to mark progress better.

Next, users can utilize the single-screen feature to hone in on an issue as soon as it appears. In that way, they can make several key changes and avoid a downward slope. They can also use that timeline view to not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

You can use this app with tools like Dropbox, Basecamp, Trello, etc. TeamGantt is free for up to three users, while the full version costs $24.95 per month.


  • Very popular free plan
  • Stylish UI
  • 24/7 customer support channels
  • Various project templates
  • Allows fast-paced workflow
  • Well-developed task manager
  • Easily categorize the tasks
  • Handy drag-and-drop feature
  • Useful timeline view
  • Printable reports and charts


  • Works only with a few similar apps
  • Not a feature-heavy tool
  • No auto notifications system


task_management_hero The Best Project Management Software for Startups

This is one of the cheapest software companions for any startup. Still, it’s more than a solid option that comes full of worthwhile features. Via the cool-looking UI, the user can track all tasks and sub-tasks with precision.

The app comes with Gantt charts and a time tracker upon installation. As a result, even beginners can quickly find their way around their first project. Yet, access to the full product comes at an affordable price of $3 per month.


  • Dozens of useful features
  • Cheap pricing models
  • Forever free plan for up to 5 users
  • Compatible with other similar tools
  • Tag the tasks by due date and relevancy
  • Informative progress meter
  • Detailed task history
  • Separate risk-assessment feature
  • Uses Gantt charts


  • Extra steps when changing to a new task
  • Subpar privacy options
  • No dedicated chat room
  • A free plan without self-hosting features


Screen-kanban-board The Best Project Management Software for Startups

Jira is a real fan-favorite in the tech and IT niche. Though it’s at its best for software development, this app is useful for any type of project management. However, to fully take advantage of it, you should use the Agile methodology.

Furthermore, this tool originates from the Atlassian Marketplace. As such, pairing it with Slack and Trello is a breeze. Plus, it comes with Gantt charts and an anti-bug tool. Therefore, it is a competent project management software for startups.

Jira’s limited version is free for up to 10 users, while the paid plans come with flexible pricing. The basic packages start at $10 per month.


  • Best for tech-savvy startups
  • Flexible prices
  • Easy to learn
  • Useful project dashboard
  • Multiple search filters
  • Separate boards for progress tracking
  • Craft a detailed road map for your project
  • Uses the Agile methodology
  • Integrated Scrum boards


  • Steep learning curve
  • Not ideal for most startups
  • Full of specific terminology
  • Earning a discount is very difficult

How Small Teams Can Benefit From Management Tools

  • Safe on time and resources
  • Oversee each milestone’s completion rate
  • Properly fund each leg of the project
  • Ongoing team-building exercise

FAQ about the best project management software for startups

What are the top project management software options for startups?

Asana, Trello, Jira, Monday.com, and Basecamp are a few of the best project management software choices for startups. To meet the requirements and financial constraints of various startups, these solutions provide a variety of capabilities and pricing options.

What features should I look for in project management software for my startup?

Task management, collaboration tools, project timelines, team communication, file sharing, project monitoring, and reporting are some key aspects to look for in project management software for startups. Startups may handle their projects more successfully and efficiently with the aid of these capabilities.

How much does project management software for startups cost?

Depending on the features, the quantity of users, and the plan selected, project management software for startups might cost differently. For tiny beginnings, many software alternatives include free or inexpensive plans; as a business expands, more feature-rich plans become available.

Can project management software help my startup be more efficient and productive?

Certainly, project management software may make startups more effective and productive by giving them a central hub for task management, team communication, and project tracking. This makes it possible to guarantee that everyone is on the same page and pursuing the same objectives.

What integrations does project management software offer with other tools my startup uses?

Integrations with other tools that are frequently used by startups, such as communication platforms, file-sharing services, and accounting software, are frequently provided by project management software. This can improve workflows and make it simpler to handle every facet of the company from one place.

How easy is it to onboard my startup team to project management software?

While the ease of onboarding varies based on the software, many project management platforms provide intuitive user interfaces and training materials to assist teams in getting up and running quickly. Also, some software provides live customer support to assist with any potential problems.

Can project management software be customized to fit my startup’s specific needs?

Many project management software choices provide customization options to meet the particular requirements of various startups. To meet the requirements of a particular project, custom fields, workflows, and templates may be created.

How secure is project management software for my startup’s sensitive data?

Data security is taken seriously by project management software suppliers, who frequently provide features like two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and regular backups to protect sensitive data. Any software’s security features should be thoroughly investigated before use.

Is project management software suitable for remote teams?

Because it offers a central site for communication, collaboration, and project management independent of the team members’ physical locations, project management software is appropriate for remote teams.

Can project management software help me track and measure the progress of my startup’s projects?

Using features like project deadlines, progress reports, and team job assignments, project management software may assist track and measure the development of startup projects. This makes it easier to spot problem areas and make adjustments to keep the project on schedule.

Conclusion on these Project Management Software for Startups

Startup companies often run into walls due to a lack of experience and too many risky moves. Yet, using the right project management tools can smooth things out. That way, you can form a strong chain of dependencies, thus not leaving much room for error.

As for which type of software is best for a given startup, it depends on the niche. However, most companies comprising several teams need a centralized roadmap. At the very least, it will properly direct the efforts of each team member and prevent the usual overlaps.

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