Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You’d Want To Work At

Oh, the tech companies in Pittsburgh. It’s a labyrinth. A jigsaw puzzle. A crazy, wild, and exhilarating tango dance. With robots. And servers. You get the drill.

Breathe in, breathe out. You can almost taste the electricity in the air. The spirit of innovation and frontier tech that defines this vibrant city. It’s exhilarating, right? I mean, come on, it’s like the city is humming with raw, unfettered potential.

In our tour-de-force through this landscape, we’ll:

  • Discover the powerhouses,
  • Uncover hidden gems,
  • Probe into the tech startups,
  • Meet the nerdy heroes behind them.

So, buckle up, folks! It’s going to be a journey as unpredictable as the caffeine-driven coding sessions that birthed these companies. Onwards we go, to the heart of this steel city turned silicon hub. With every beat, we feel the pulse of progress.

Tech Companies in Pittsburgh


Duolingo Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Picture learning a new language while playing a game. Sounds cool, right? Duolingo does just that. It’s a smartphone app, super intuitive, making language learning a breeze. With its friendly green owl mascot and game-like learning levels, you’ll be saying “Hola” or “Bonjour” in no time!

Google Pittsburgh

Google-Pittsburgh Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Yeah, you got it right! The tech giant has a strong presence in Pittsburgh too. They’re working on exciting projects from Shopping to Ads. Just imagine all those super-smart brains turning caffeine into code!


Petuum Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

AI is taking over, but not in a creepy way. Petuum makes artificial intelligence manageable for all kinds of industries. From healthcare to manufacturing, they’re making it easier for people to work with machines.


Niche Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Choosing the right school or neighborhood can be daunting. But Niche’s got your back! With data-driven profiles and rankings, they make those big life decisions a little bit easier.

UPMC Enterprises

UPMC-Enterprises Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

In the intersection of healthcare and technology, you’ll find UPMC Enterprises. They’re using technology to transform the medical industry, from creating innovative treatments to improving patient care.


Aurora Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Can you picture trucks driving themselves? That’s exactly what Aurora is working on. They’re developing autonomous vehicle technology, making transportation safer and more efficient.

Wombat Security Technologies

Wombat-Security-Technologies-1 Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At


Cybersecurity has never been so important. Wombat Security Technologies is in the business of training people to stay safe online, protecting businesses from the inside out.

Schell Games

Schell-Games Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Who said tech can’t be fun? Schell Games creates engaging, immersive video games that are seriously cool. Their work ranges from VR to educational games, and everything in between.


JazzHR Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Hiring is hard, but JazzHR is making it easier. They’re creating software that streamlines the hiring process. Now, finding the right fit for your team is a piece of cake.


Numo Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

FinTech is the future and Numo is ahead of the curve. They’re building financial technology that’s easy to use, helping businesses and people manage their money smarter.


LegalSifter Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Legal jargon can be a real pain, but LegalSifter is here to help. Their AI tech sifts through contracts, helping you understand the fine print.


Cognistx Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Remember when ads were generic and impersonal? Cognistx is changing that with AI technology, creating personalized marketing strategies that actually resonate with consumers.

Astrobotic Technology

Astrobotic-Technology Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Ever dreamed of going to the moon? Astrobotic is making that possible. They’re building lunar landers and rovers, aiming to make space accessible for everyone.


Expii Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Expii is changing how we learn math and science. Their platform uses interactive, personalized lessons to make complex subjects fun and understandable.

Bossa Nova Robotics

Bossa-Nova-Robotics Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Robotics in retail? Bossa Nova is all over it. They’re developing robots that can handle inventory and help stores stay stocked and organized.


Panasas Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Data, data everywhere, but how do you store it? Panasas has the answer. They’re creating high-performance storage solutions for industries drowning in data.


Gridwise Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Gridwise is a lifesaver for ride-share drivers. It provides real-time data to help drivers find the best places and times to pick up passengers.


RoadBotics Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Potholes, be gone! RoadBotics is using AI to monitor and manage roadway infrastructure. They’re making our roads safer, one pixel at a time.

Diamond Kinetics

Diamond-Kinetics Tech Companies in Pittsburgh You'd Want To Work At

Diamond Kinetics is a game-changer for athletes. Their wearable tech and mobile apps provide real-time performance analytics. It’s like having a personal coach in your pocket!

FAQ on tech companies in Pittsburgh

Who are the big players in Pittsburgh’s tech scene?

Pittsburgh is bursting with innovative tech companies. Duolingo, the globally recognized language-learning app, hails from here. Google also has a major outpost in the city.

Then there’s Argo AI, making waves in the world of autonomous vehicles. And of course, Aurora Innovation and Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center are doing remarkable things too.

How friendly is Pittsburgh to tech startups?

Oh, it’s a hotbed for startups! Pittsburgh’s supportive ecosystem has given birth to some amazing companies. This is thanks to the city’s top-tier universities like Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh, supplying fresh talent and research.

Plus, there’s tons of funding opportunities and accelerator programs too.

What areas of tech are most prevalent in Pittsburgh?

Autonomous vehicles and robotics are really big in the ‘Burgh. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) also have a strong presence.

Healthcare tech, given the city’s strong medical community, is another growing field. And let’s not forget about Cybersecurity!

How’s the job market for tech professionals in Pittsburgh?

Solid as a rock. Tech jobs in Pittsburgh are abundant and offer competitive salaries. With so many diverse tech companies, there’s a wide range of opportunities.

Software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, you name it. Plus, the cost of living is lower compared to other tech cities.

Is Pittsburgh a good place for tech entrepreneurs?

Absolutely! Pittsburgh’s got a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. The city has plenty of resources for budding tech entrepreneurs – from startup incubators to venture capital firms. The city’s close-knit community also makes networking a breeze.

What kind of support does Pittsburgh offer for tech companies?

Pittsburgh has various resources for tech companies. From funding opportunities and mentorship programs, to world-class research facilities. Not to mention the numerous tech events and meetups that foster a sense of community and collaboration.

How does Pittsburgh’s tech scene compare to Silicon Valley?

Well, they’re different, but each has its own strengths. Pittsburgh’s tech scene is smaller but very dynamic, with a focus on robotics, AI, and healthcare tech. The city’s cost of living and supportive startup environment makes it an attractive alternative to Silicon Valley.

What role do universities play in Pittsburgh’s tech ecosystem?

Huge role! Universities like Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh are feeding grounds for talent and innovation. They’re churning out skilled graduates and cutting-edge research, which significantly fuel the tech industry in the city.

How has Pittsburgh’s tech scene evolved over the years?

It’s been a fascinating journey. Pittsburgh transitioned from its industrial roots into a leading tech hub. The city has successfully attracted top companies and talent, thanks to its vibrant tech ecosystem and focus on innovation.

What’s the future of Pittsburgh’s tech scene?

The future is bright, friends! With its strong focus on AI, autonomous vehicles, and healthcare tech, Pittsburgh is well-positioned to lead in these fields.

Plus, the ongoing support for startups and innovators means we can expect even more exciting developments in the years to come.

Ending thoughts on tech companies in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh — once a hub of steel and iron, now transforming into a beacon for tech innovation. You know what’s crazy? It’s this radical shift, embracing the future with open arms, saying “yes” to tech companies, in a place fondly known as the ‘Burgh.

Can’t believe it? Hold your horses.

Google, Uber, Apple — big names, right? All have found homes here. And the local ecosystem? Buzzing with startups, like a beehive, but with bytes instead of bees. Tech’s not just “growing” here, it’s exploding.

A new Silicon Valley? Not exactly.

Pittsburgh’s making its own name, carving a unique identity — equal parts steel and silicon. The past and the future, blending perfectly. That’s the power of Pittsburgh.

You see the tech landscape here, you’d think, “This is it.” This ain’t no fleeting trend, it’s a revolution. Pittsburgh — The City of Bridges, now bridging the gap between yesterday and tomorrow. Tech’s not just in Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh is tech.

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