The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Imagine standing at the epicenter of innovation, a place teeming with ideas that orbit the future like satellites. That place is Mountain View, synonymous with tech companies that are not just changing the rules of the game but redefining it altogether.

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, this city has become a pulsating hub for technology firms and startups.

Diving into this article, you’ll be escorted through the vibrant streets of this Californian city, uncovering layers of creative might and entrepreneurial spirit.

We’ll explore monumental SEO entities like Googleplex and the ever-energetic Castro Street, unravel the significance of Silicon Valley startups, and peek into the innovative minds powering technology firms.

By the time you reach the tail end of our journey, you’ll grasp what makes Mountain View’s tech industry a magnetic field for talent and capital — and perhaps be inspired to pivot your trajectory towards these constellations of progress.

No jargon, just tangible insights that show you why this locale is much more than just a dot on the map.

Tech Companies in Mountain View


CompanyPrimary Business AreaFoundedNotable Products/ServicesOther Relevant Info
GoogleSearch & Internet Services1998Google Search, YouTube, Android, AdsensePart of Alphabet Inc.
LinkedInProfessional Networking2002Professional networking platformAcquired by Microsoft
IntuitFinancial Software1983TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint
MozillaWeb Browsers & Software1998Firefox, ThunderbirdNon-profit organization
SymantecCybersecurity1982Norton AntivirusNow known as NortonLifeLock
SynopsysElectronic Design Automation1986Semiconductor design software
VeritasData Management1983Backup & recovery solutionsSpun off from Symantec
23andMeBiotechnology & Health2006Genetic testing servicesPublicly traded company
UdacityOnline Education2011Nanodegree programsFocuses on tech-related courses
Khan AcademyOnline Education2008Online courses & lessonsNon-profit organization
Y CombinatorStartup Accelerator2005Startup funding and mentoringKnown for backing successful startups
QuoraQ&A Platform2009User-generated questions and answers
CourseraOnline Education2012Online courses, degrees, certificationsCollaborates with universities
WhatsAppMessaging Service2009Instant messaging appAcquired by Facebook, Inc.
EvernoteProductivity Software2007Note-taking application
ShazamMusic Identification2002Music recognition appAcquired by Apple Inc.
Pure StorageData Storage2009FlashArray, FlashBlade storagePublicly traded company
ElasticSearch & Data Analysis2012Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana
SmugMugOnline Photo Sharing2002Photo sharing and storage platformAcquired Flickr in 2018
Tubular LabsVideo Analytics2012Online video analytics and marketing
EgnyteEnterprise File Sharing2007Cloud storage servicesFocuses on enterprise clients
SentinelOneCybersecurity2013Endpoint protection platformPublicly traded company
Quotient TechnologyDigital Coupons1998Digital coupon & marketing platformFormerly known as
BigPandaIT Systems Management2012AI for IT operations
AddeparFinancial Management Software2009Investment management platformFocuses on data and financial analysis
Fenwick & WestLegal Services1972Legal firm specializing in tech companies
AbaxisMedical Devices1989Veterinary and medical diagnosticsAcquired by Zoetis
ActelSemiconductor1985FPGAsAcquired by Microsemi Corporation
Alchemist AcceleratorStartup Accelerator2012Accelerator for enterprise startupsFocuses on early-stage startups
AT&TTelecommunications1983Mobile and broadband servicesOne of the world’s largest telecom companies


google The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

So, Google’s like the big daddy of tech, right? It’s the powerhouse of internet search and other cool stuff. Think email, cloud storage, digital maps, and that browser you might be using right now, Chrome. It’s even got those self-driving cars. Tech wizardry at its finest, for sure.


linkedin-office-address The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

LinkedIn is your digital handshake. It’s that platform where professionals go to network, share, and score jobs. You know, like Facebook but with less dog photos and more resumes. It’s all business, and it’s changing the game for job hunters everywhere.


Intuit The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Money. Taxes. Ugh. Intuit’s got you covered though. With tools like TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint, they’re all about making finance and accounting stuff less scary. Think of them as your pocket accountant, always ready to help.


Mozilla The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Ever heard of Firefox? That’s Mozilla’s baby. They’re all about keeping the internet open and accessible for everyone. Like, digital rights activists but with neat software. They make the web a better, safer place to hang out.


Symantec The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Here’s Symantec, the cyber guardians. They protect your digital life with top-tier cybersecurity software. With all the bad stuff floating around online, they’re like your personal bodyguards, but for your data.


Synopsys The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Synopsys is all about making tech smarter. They provide tools for designing and testing silicon chips and software. Kind of like the architects behind the tech we take for granted, building blocks for the digital future.


Veritas The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Data, data everywhere. Veritas helps companies manage and make sense of their data. Imagine a library full of information, but instead of books, it’s all bytes. They’re the librarians that keep everything in order.


23andMe The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

23andMe is cool science stuff. They do at-home genetic testing. Spit in a tube, mail it off, and voila – your ancestry, health info, and more, all from your DNA. It’s like peeking into your biological blueprint.


Udacity The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Learning on your couch? Yes, please! Udacity offers online courses in tech subjects. It’s the future of learning, right in your living room. Pick a course, sit back, and get your knowledge on.

Khan Academy

Khan-Academy The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Khan Academy is your personal tutor, but free. They offer lessons in a bunch of subjects, all online. Maths, Science, Arts, you name it. They’re making learning accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Y Combinator

Y-Combinator The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Y Combinator is like the fairy godmother of startups. They provide funds and guidance to kickstart companies. Many big names, like Airbnb and Dropbox, started here. It’s the launchpad for tech dreamers.


Quora The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Got questions? Quora’s got answers. It’s a platform where people share knowledge, asking and answering questions about basically anything. It’s like having the wisdom of the crowd at your fingertips.


Coursera The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Another champ in online education, Coursera partners with universities to offer courses and degrees online. You can learn anything, from Python programming to Philosophy, without leaving your bed. It’s like a campus in the cloud.


WhatsApp The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

WhatsApp is all about staying connected. This app lets you text, call, and video chat with people all over the globe. It’s like your phone’s messaging app but supercharged for the digital age.


Evernote The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Meet Evernote, the app that remembers everything so you don’t have to. It’s like your second brain, storing notes, photos, and documents. Think of it as your digital notebook, always at the ready.


Shazam The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Ever heard a tune you liked but didn’t know the title? Shazam listens and tells you the song name and artist. It’s like having a music guru in your pocket, always ready to drop some knowledge.

Pure Storage

Pure-Storage The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Pure Storage makes storing and accessing data faster and easier. They’re the whiz kids of digital storage. Imagine all your stuff in a virtual locker that opens in a blink. That’s what they do.


Elastic The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Elastic’s thing is search technology. They help companies find, analyze, and visualize their data in real time. Think of them as the search dogs of the digital world, sniffing out the info you need.


SmugMug The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

SmugMug is a safe haven for your photos. It’s an online platform where you can store, share, and sell your images. Imagine a digital art gallery, but for your personal snaps. It’s photo heaven.

Tubular Labs

Tubular-Labs The Top Tech Companies In Mountain View

Tubular Labs are the kings of video intelligence. They help brands understand what’s happening in the world of online video. It’s like having a crystal ball for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.


Wham! Here’s a cloud storage platform that rocks. Egnyte combines the best of the cloud and on-prem worlds. It’s not just about storage, baby, it’s about smart sharing and collaboration too. Egnyte – where file organization dreams come true.


Forget your old-school antivirus. SentinelOne has got you covered with its AI-driven security systems. Defending against cyber threats like a real champ. You’ve got a business to run, they’ve got the cybersecurity chops.

Quotient Technology

It’s like your coupon clipping mom meets the digital age. Quotient Technology is a swanky way to make your shopping experience lighter on the pocket. Slick deals, snappy savings, all under one roof.


When it comes to IT Operations, BigPanda is a beast. Think smooth ops, with zero drama. Automate, streamline, chill. This panda’s got the tech game locked down.


Money talk? Addepar’s your translator. Investment management and reporting jazzed up to a whole new level. See your cash pile grow with the smartest finance guru in town.

Fenwick & West

Legal eagle, swooping down to untangle your knotty business issues. Fenwick & West, where law and tech shake hands. They’ve got the brains and the briefs to keep you in the clear.


Vet med just went high tech with Abaxis. Diagnosis, prognosis, treatment – they’ve got the whole nine yards. Your pet’s wellness, sorted.


Creating chips so cool, your tech won’t overheat. Actel’s got the micro magic to fire up your circuits. Say goodbye to silicon worries.

Alchemist Accelerator

Startup dreams meet reality with Alchemist Accelerator. It’s the launchpad for your moonshot. So, buckle up and get ready to soar.


Connecting people, ideas, worlds. AT&T, where communication takes center stage. Your conversations, powered by the best in the business.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Mountain View

Which are the giants among tech companies in Mountain View?

Trust me, you’re walking among titans here. Google, a behemoth that needs no intro, calls the Googleplex home. LinkedIn’s impressive presence is also hard to miss. And though Apple Park is a stone’s throw away in Cupertino, its influence is palpable in our tech-riddled air.

How does Mountain View foster tech innovation?

Innovation here is like breathing. Spaces like the Mountain View Tech Incubators are brimming with ambitious minds and the venture capital here is like the Midas touch, turning bold ideas into reality.

Collaboration, fierce creativity, plus a dash of that Silicon Valley magic, make Mountain View an innovation nursery.

Is Mountain View only about software companies?

Oh, it’s a diverse tech bouquet. Sure, software is king, but you’ve got a smorgasbord – biotechclean energy tech, and AI businesses are bustling, painting a picture of a multifaceted tech landscape. So, hardware or software, bits or atoms, it’s all here and it’s all dynamic.

How accessible is venture capital for Mountain View startups?

Raising funds? You’re in luck. This place is marinated in venture capital. Sip some coffee on Castro Street and you’ll overhear talks of investment rounds more often than latte orders. Startups here have a gravitational pull for investors looking to back the next game-changer.

What’s the job market like for tech professionals in Mountain View?

Competition’s tough, but opportunities are tougher—no, they’re abundant. From engineers to UX designers, tech job market opportunities in Silicon Valley mushroom like nowhere else.

Tech firms are on a constant lookout for fresh talent that can keep the Silicon wheels turning. Keep your skills sharp; doors will open.

How do tech companies in Mountain View impact local culture?

Tech isn’t just an industry; it’s a culture. Events spill out of office doors, from Shoreline Amphitheatre concerts to tech showcases. Even the skyline whispers innovation. Tech shapes community spaces, conversations, and yes, it sets the pace of life here.

Do Mountain View tech companies collaborate with local universities?

Absolutely, it’s a symbiotic relationship. Local talent stemming from universities is like fresh nectar to these tech beehives. Internship programs, research collaborations, and talent acquisition are just starter-pack activities connecting the corporate and academic worlds.

Are there opportunities for non-tech professionals within Mountain View tech companies?

You bet. If you’re into sales, HR, marketing—whatever, there’s room for you. These tech behemoths run on diverse teams, creativity beyond code. Be it online advertising or content strategy, everyone’s a piece of the puzzle they’re trying to solve.

How have tech companies in Mountain View adapted to global challenges?

Rapid adaptability – it’s like their superpower. Tech firms in Bay Area are tackling global challenges head-on, be it pivoting to remote work or spearheading sustainable solutions. They’re at the frontlines, making big strides in cloud computing, and AI to face modern-day Goliaths.

What lifestyle perks do tech companies in Mountain View offer their employees?

“Perk” almost sounds too mundane for the smorgasbord offered. On-site gyms, gourmet cafeterias, and health services are just the appetizers. Work-life balance is the main course here and tech companies in Silicon Valley wear it as a badge of honor. This isn’t just a workplace; it’s a lifestyle.


We’ve circled the circuit, zipped past the HQs, plugged into the culture. It’s clear, tech companies in Mountain View aren’t just dotting the landscape; they’re scripting history, line by line of code. And their rhythm, it’s on a loop—disrupt, design, deliver.

  • From the vineyards of venture capital to the fertile fields of the Bay Area tech job market.
  • The coffee talks to the Silicon Valley startups that make up this ecosystem.
  • The cutting-edge creations whispered on the winds along the Shoreline, oh, they’re quite the tale.

These companies, they’re the lighthouses for tech aficionados worldwide. Whether you’re crafting cloud computing solutions or harnessing AI for global challenges, that Mountain View zip code means something. It’s not just an address, it’s a statement.

So, what’s the takeaway? This place, with all its tech-infused might, it dances to a digital drumbeat of progress, inviting anyone willing to ride the wave of innovation. Remember, technology firms here, they’re looking for pioneers. And hey, maybe that’s you.

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