Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

Imagine a landscape.

Not just any scene, but a digital frontier that’s expanding right under our noses. That’s Providence for you—a city that’s swiftly carving out its space in the tech universe. Turns out, Rhode Island’s charming capital isn’t just about historical haunts or collegiate prestige. It’s a buzzing hive for tech companies in Providence, bustling with innovation and brimming with ambition.

Here’s the scoop—by the end of this deep dive, you’ll unearth the Providence tech scene’s pulsing heart. Think epicenter of technology startupsinnovation hubs, and minds so bright, you’ll need shades. Steering away from tech jargon, this one’s for anyone keen on uncovering the digital gold rush in our own Providence backyard.

Cruise through revelations about the city’s tech networking eventsemerging tech companies, and the places fabricating the future—incubators nurturing tomorrow’s tech titans. Ready to venture into Providence’s tech territory? Let’s roll.

Tech Companies in Providence

CompanyIndustry/SpecializationFoundedNotable Products/ServicesAdditional Notes
MojoTechSoftware development and design2008Custom software solutionsKnown for building progressive, scalable software
SplitwiseFinancial technology2011Splitwise appFocuses on sharing expenses and bills
SwipelyPayment and marketing platform2009Payment managementLater rebranded to Upserve
NabsysGenomics and biotech2004High-definition genome mappingCombines genomics and semiconductor technology
Vertikal6IT management and consulting2005IT servicesProvides managed IT services for businesses
AnderaFinancial software2001Online account openingAcquired by Bottomline Technologies in 2014
BlueWaveSolar energy and storage solutions2012Solar project developmentOffers community solar management and electrification
Brave River SolutionsIT consulting and development2000Business technology solutionsProvides e-commerce, digital marketing, and IT services
EpiVaxBiotechnology and pharmaceuticals1998Immunoinformatics and vaccine designSpecializes in immune modulation and vaccine design
XimedicaMedical technology and product development1985Medical device development servicesIntegrates regulatory and manufacturing services
RhodeCodeSoftware development2010Version control toolsOffers source code management systems for teams
IlluminOss MedicalMedical devices2007Bone stabilization systemMinimally invasive fracture repair technology
ProThera BiologicsBiotechnology2001Therapeutics targeting coagulation and inflammationFocuses on innate immunity proteins
AmicaInsurance1907Insurance servicesAmong the oldest mutual insurers of automobiles in the US


MojoTech Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

MojoTech is all about transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. Centering around software development and design, they’re like the secret sauce to startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, injecting their expertise to bring ideas to life in a digital form.

What they stand out for:

  • Crafting sleek user experiences
  • Pioneering software solutions that hit the market with a bang.


Splitwise Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

Splitwise takes the awkwardness out of sharing expenses. Their app is the knight in shining armor, simplifying the way friends and families split bills—keeping relationships squabble-free. It’s fintech with a friendly face.

What they stand out for:

  • A user-friendly platform for financial peace of mind.
  • Innovative approach to personal finance management.


Swipely Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

Now known as Upserve, Swipely started with a bang in the digital agencies scene. They’ve pivoted into a powerhouse providing restaurant management software, melding analytics with payment systems to dish up a full course of business solutions.

What they stand out for:

  • Technology-driven hospitality management, toasting to smarter business moves.


Nabsys Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

They’re the pioneers playing at the intersection of biology and tech, charting unknown territories of genomes with their high-definition mapping systems. Nabsys is decoding life’s intricate patterns, one molecule at a time.

What they stand out for:

  • Bridging gaps in our genetic understanding.
  • Biotech innovation, because solving life’s puzzles requires some serious tech brains.


Vertikal6 Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

Vertikal6 keeps IT infrastructures as solid as a rock, offering managed services that make sure businesses stay up and running efficiently. It’s like having tech support on steroids, powering companies to new heights without the glitches.

What they stand out for:

  • Seamless tech operations and significant IT management chops.


Andera Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

Andera, now part of Bottomline Technologies, made waves by simplifying how banks and credit unions enlisted new recruits—ahem, customers. Their solutions cut the red tape, making account opening a walk in the park.

What they stand out for:

  • Streamlined customer onboarding, at the cutting-edge of fintech.


BlueWave Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

Talk about bright ideas! BlueWave specializes in solar energy solutions, making renewable energy accessible and community-focused. They’re knitting together a greener grid, one sun-soaked panel at a time.

What they stand out for:

  • Sustainable energy solutions at your fingertips, because where there’s light, there’s power.

Brave River Solutions

Brave-River-Solutions Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

These folks are like the Swiss Army knife of tech solutions. From e-commerce to IT consultancy, Brave River Solutions sails the digital river, navigating businesses through the tech streams with savvy strategies and solid tech prowess.

What they stand out for:

  • Robust digital strategy delivery, mapping the tech landscape for others to thrive in.


EpiVax Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

EpiVax sails on the biotech currents, leading the charge in the quest for personalized medicine. They’re on a mission, leveraging the body’s own defenses to craft vaccines that pack a punch.

What they stand out for:

  • Personalized immunotherapies designed to kick illness to the curb.


Ximedica Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

Merging medical minds with engineering excellence, Ximedica crafts medical devices that aren’t just functional; they’re life-changing. They’re the med-tech whisperers bringing forth the future of healthcare.

What they stand out for:

  • Innovative medical devices that often mean the difference between health and hardship.


RhodeCode Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

For the coders and creators, RhodeCode offers up version control without the vertigo. Their tools suite enables teams to collaborate with confidence, no matter where they’re coding from.

What they stand out for:

  • Centralized control for decentralized teams, because great code knows no boundaries.

IlluminOss Medical

ill Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

IlluminOss Medical is literally supporting us—right down to the bone. With their minimally invasive orthopedic implant technology, they’re setting new standards for fracture repairs, one beam of light at a time.

What they stand out for:

  • Reinventing bone support so that mending is less about the mend and more about the mendacity.

ProThera Biologics

ProThera-Biologics Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

They dive deep into the body’s mysteries, unearthing therapeutic proteins that are game-changers. ProThera Biologics is at the forefront of new treatments with a focus on immunotherapies that take healing to the next level.

What they stand out for:

  • Trailblazing treatments and harnessing the healing power that lies within us.


Amica-1 Tech Companies In Providence Making A Mark

Amica isn’t your run-of-the-mill insurance company. It’s personal, it’s digital, and it’s all about wrapping a safety net around what matters most to people. With roots that run deep, they’ve embraced tech to keep customer care at the heart.

What they stand out for:

  • Combining trusty services with new-age tech to keep your life covered and connected.

FAQ on tech companies in Providence

What’s sparking the tech boom in Providence?

It’s a mix, you know? You’ve got stellar academic institutes like Brown University and RISD feeding fresh talent into the scene. Plus, initiatives like Innovate Providence are injecting life into the ecosystem. In a nutshell, education and proactive local efforts are key drivers.

How accessible are tech jobs in Providence?

Let me tell you, it’s looking up. With a growing technology sector and more startup incubators popping up, the job market’s heating. Folks with a knack for digital wizardry find Providence’s welcoming arms open. It’s not Silicon Valley yet, but watch this space.

What types of tech companies thrive in Providence?

It’s quite the medley—a symphony, if you will. You’ve got everything from cutting-edge software developers to nimble digital agencies. There’s a space for every type, especially those that ride the innovation wave and tap into the rich local pool of talent.

Are there tech incubators in Providence?

Absolutely. These innovation hubs are the real MVPs, offering mentorship and resources that are like rocket fuel for startups. Think of places like the Providence tech incubators, where ideas don’t just spark; they catch fire and spread.

What support do tech startups in Providence receive?

It’s a supportive affair. Between venture capital opportunities and networks like the Rhode Island Technology Association, new kids on the block get more than just a pat on the back—they’re getting a whole community cheering them on and doling out much-needed resources.

Can small tech companies compete in Providence?

Small fish can swim with the sharks here. It’s not all about the big leagues; emerging tech companies find their niche with something simple—innovation. Plus, there’s a collective push towards a tech-friendly business environment that definitely levels the playing field.

How does Providence foster tech innovation?

One word: ecosystem. Or maybe two: and education. With universities and tech networking events, there’s a rich soil here for ideas to germinate. Constant collaboration between academic minds and industry whizzes is creating quite a hothouse for tech innovation.

Are there significant tech events held in Providence?

You betcha! Events like the Rhode Island Business Plan Competition have the calendar buzzing. These gatherings are a hot ticket for forging connections, showcasing brilliance, and keeping the collective brain of Providence’s tech landscape sharp and engaged.

What’s the future of Providence as a tech hub?

It’s got momentum, propelling it into a bright, shiny future. With an increasing number of technology startups laying roots and tech employment on the rise, Providence is set to climb the ranks and become a beacon for tech gurus far and wide.

Is Providence competitive for tech companies compared to other cities?

It has its charms, that’s for sure. While Providence might not be in the headline spotlight like some west coast giants, its blend of culture, community, and drive makes it an underdog you’ll want to root for. It’s got serious potential, and it’s making the tech world take notice.


So we’ve journeyed through the digital streets of Providence, right? Now you’ve seen up-close how this city isn’t just about its historic charm or its sea-sprayed shores. No, it’s also a simmering pot of digital dreams.

  • Tech startups? Check.
  • Innovative incubators? Yup.
  • Rapidly expanding job market? You bet.

This place is a crossroads where silicon ambitions meet New England hustle. Think of Providence as that cool cousin who’s always onto something big but keeps it chill.

And what’s not to love about its tight-knit community vibes? They’ve got each other’s backs, forming a network that’s both a safety net and a springboard. The local talent sown from institutions like Brown and RISD ensures the future’s not just bright; it’s brilliant.

So, for the seekers, the creators, and the doers looking for a place where tech magic happens—Providence is rising, and it’s tossing the invite your way.

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