The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Tech companies in Portland? Yeah, I know a thing or two about them. Portland, you know, that city of bridges, brews, and bikes, is also a buzzing hub of creativity in the tech world.

Alright, let’s lay it out plain.

  • There’s an unmistakable energy in Portland. An energy that tech startups are chugging down like it’s the city’s famous cold brew.
  • Huge companies are setting up shop, too, not just the fresh-faced ones. The big dogs, the giants of Silicon Valley, are also stepping into Portland’s vibrant streets.

We’re seeing an insane burst of tech innovation, right? But, hold on, don’t just take my word for it. Look around! There’s a tech company in every nook and cranny, from sleek skyscrapers to hip warehouses.

Portland is changing, morphing, becoming something new. Tech companies are driving that change, painting the city with strokes of silicon.

Oh yeah, this is the place to be if you’re in tech. Portland is where it’s all happening. The city is alive with code and creativity.

Strap in folks, it’s time to dive into the bustling world of Portland’s tech scene.

Tech Companies in Portland


Puppet The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

A playground for the tech wizards, Puppet does it all. Automating cloud management, yep! Complex data center operation, check! They’re in the tech scene, making our lives simpler. It’s like they wave a magic wand and bam, your IT infrastructure is smooth as silk.

Elemental Technologies

Elemental-Technologies The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Remember the last time you streamed a video? Well, Elemental Technologies might have had a hand in it. They’re the video processing wizards, working behind the scenes to ensure your binge-watch sessions go uninterrupted. And we all know, uninterrupted streaming is serious business.

Cambia Health Solutions

Cambia-Health-Solutions The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Cambia, they’re all about healthcare. But they do it with a tech twist. They’re weaving the future of health with threads of innovation and digital transformation. If healthcare is a puzzle, Cambia is finding the tech pieces to complete the picture.


InFocus The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

InFocus, they’re all about communication. Think interactive displays, video walls, projectors. They’re that silent friend helping you shine in your presentations. With InFocus, you’re not just talking, you’re telling a story!

Urban Airship

scrnli_6_24_2023_11-28-33-PM The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Flying the flag for customer engagement, Urban Airship uses mobile technology like a maestro. Their tech is like the cupid of business, making customers fall in love with brands. Get their digital engagement solutions, and you’re in for a sweet ride.


Zapproved The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Zapproved, your legal buddy. They’ve got your back with e-discovery software. Think of them as the digital magnifying glass helping lawyers find their clues. Legal cases are their playground, and tech is their swing.

Jama Software

Jama-Software The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Jama Software, they’re like the architects of product development. Need a blueprint for success? They’ve got it. Software, system, hardware design – you name it, they’re on it. It’s like they’ve got a roadmap to the future.

New Relic

New-Relic The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

New Relic, the Sherlock Holmes of the digital world. Monitoring, troubleshooting, optimizing web and mobile apps – they do it all. They’re always on the case, making sure your digital performance is top notch.


Smarsh The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Smarsh, the protectors of electronic communications. They’ve got their eyes on the ball, ensuring all messages are compliant and risk-free. With them, your digital communications are safer than a treasure in a dragon’s lair.


Iovation The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Iovation, the gatekeepers of internet security. Fraud prevention, authentication, they’re the guardians on the watchtower. When they’re on duty, you can browse at ease knowing your data is well-guarded.


Janrain The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Janrain, they’re about user identities. Single sign-on, identity management, they’re the masters of simplifying your online experiences. Think of them as the bouncers at your favorite digital club.


Act-On The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Act-On, they’re the whisperers of marketing automation. Email campaigns, lead management, they’re doing it with a touch of tech. Their tools are like a melody, making your marketing dance to the rhythm.

The Clymb

The-Clymb The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

The Clymb, the digital heaven for adventure junkies. Gear, apparel, adventure trips – they bring it all to your fingertips. They’re the tech campfire, bringing outdoor enthusiasts together.


Vacasa The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Vacasa, your digital key to vacation rentals. They make holiday homes a click away. Their platform is like a magic carpet, taking you to your dream vacation spot.

Mentor Graphics

Mentor-Graphics The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Mentor Graphics, they’re the tech alchemists of electronic design. Semiconductors, systems, circuits – they’re shaping it all. Their work is like a tech symphony, harmonizing electronic components.

Ruby Receptionists

Ruby-Receptionists The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Ruby Receptionists, the virtual assistants you didn’t know you needed. Phone services, live chat, they’re putting a tech twist on customer service. They’re like your personal digital butler.

Jive Software

Jive-Software The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Jive Software, the maestros of collaboration. They’re creating a symphony of teamwork with their interactive intranet solutions. Imagine a digital workspace where ideas harmonize and productivity sings.

NAVEX Global

NAVEX-Global The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

NAVEX Global, the guides in the realm of ethics and compliance. They’re creating the moral compass for businesses using the power of technology. With them, your business walks the straight and narrow path.


Cloudability The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Cloudability, the money minders of the cloud. Their tools are like a telescope, letting you observe your cloud expenses clearly. They make sure every cloud has a silver lining, financially speaking.


Treehouse The Tech Companies In Portland that are Driving Growth

Treehouse, the tech wizards turning coding into a fun adventure. Wanna learn web design or app development? They’ve got it covered. It’s like a digital school with a magic twist.

FAQ on tech companies in Portland

What’s the tech scene like in Portland?

Portland is pretty lit for tech. It’s got a vibrant mix of startups and established companies, all doing rad things. The scene is diverse too, covering sectors like software, hardware, clean tech, health tech – you name it.

Plus, people are pretty friendly and collaborative here. So, you won’t feel left out.

Are there opportunities for networking in Portland’s tech industry?

Absolutely! Portland’s buzzing with networking events. You’ve got tech meetups, conferences, hackathons. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people, share ideas, and even land jobs or collaborations. And with the whole city backing tech, it’s really a hub for connection.

How is the job market for tech professionals?

Job opportunities? Plenty! Portland’s tech companies are always on the lookout for fresh talent. With the city’s growth in the tech sector, the demand for skilled professionals is skyrocketing.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, project manager or data scientist, there’s something for everyone.

Is Portland a good place for startups?

Startups thrive here. With a supportive community, favorable business conditions, and a plethora of resources, Portland is a hotbed for innovation. Also, Portland has some impressive incubators and accelerators that are helping startups grow and succeed.

What are the biggest tech companies in Portland?

Well, Portland has got some big names like Intel, HP, Xerox. Then there’s the home-grown stars like Puppet, Elemental Technologies, and Jama Software. Each of these companies is doing some really groundbreaking work, making Portland a tech powerhouse.

Are there co-working spaces for tech professionals?

Sure thing! Portland is dotted with co-working spaces tailored for techies. You’ve got shared offices, makerspaces, and even tech-specific co-working spots. These places often come with perks like high-speed internet, coffee, meeting rooms, and even networking events.

What is the average salary for a tech job in Portland?

So, the pay scale varies depending on the job role and experience. But on average, a tech job in Portland can net you a pretty decent paycheck. The city’s competitive, but it’s also pretty fair when it comes to compensation.

Is Portland a good city for tech diversity?

Portland is making strides in diversity. Many companies are working hard to build inclusive teams. There’s more to do, but the city’s commitment to diversity is strong. So, if you’re looking for a tech community that values diverse voices, Portland’s a solid choice.

What are the challenges of the tech industry in Portland?

Like anywhere, Portland’s tech scene has its challenges. Cost of living can be high. Some argue there’s a talent shortage. And diversity, while improving, is still a work in progress. But despite these challenges, the city’s tech sector is resilient and growing.

Are there any tech events or conferences in Portland?

You bet! Portland hosts a slew of tech events throughout the year. From the Portland Startup Week to the TechFestNW conference, there’s always something going on. These events are a fantastic opportunity to learn, network, and be inspired by the latest in tech.

Ending thoughts on tech companies in Portland

We’ve surfed through the tsunami of tech companies in Portland. Slick, cutting-edge, and oh-so-Portland.

Just think about it. The city’s tech scene? Not just thriving, but vibrating with potential. These companies, they’re not only pushing boundaries but, in their own right, becoming the boundary.

You ask me, “What makes Portland unique?” It’s this.

  1. A hybrid blend of forward-thinkers,
  2. The daring explorers of tech frontiers,
  3. And that distinctive Portland vibe – offbeat yet pioneering.

So, is this Silicon Forest giving Silicon Valley a run for its cash? Well, looks like it, folks. The race is on, and Portland’s tech scene ain’t slowing down.

Here’s the mic-drop moment:

The innovation cultivated here, it’s not just changing the tech landscape. It’s reshaping the world, right? One line of code at a time. So keep your eyes on Portland. Cause it’s only just getting started. This city, these tech companies, they’re set to astound. You just watch.

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