Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Picture this: nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, a dynamic breeding ground for ingenuity is thriving. Boulder, Colorado, with its captivating blend of outdoor allure and intellectual vibrancy, has emerged as an unforeseen epicenter for innovation. It’s here that an eclectic mix of tech companies is redefining the digital frontier.

Step inside this vibrant tech scene and you’ll find a tapestry woven from startups to seasoned titans, all pulsing with an energy unique to Boulder’s tech sector.

This isn’t your average corporate landscape; it’s a place where tech entrepreneurs cultivate bold ideas amidst the city’s majestic vistas.

By venturing through this exploration, you’ll unearth the fibers that compose Boulder’s tech tapestry – from emerging technologies nurtured within co-working spaces to advancements nurtured by partnerships at the University of Colorado.

We’re digging into the why and the how, revealing how these firms are sculpting not just a local hub, but impacting the global tech sphere.

Prepare to embark on a narrative that encapsulates the vibrant innovation hub that Boulder has become.

No mere list of names and figures, this journey will chart the pulsating lifeblood of a city at the vanguard of the tech industry.

Tech Companies in Boulder to Watch

Tech Company in BoulderFocus/ServiceKnown ForTarget AudienceNotable Feature
MojoTechSoftware DevelopmentCustom software and mobile appsBusinesses needing custom software solutionsHigh-end UX/UI design
SnapEngageCustomer EngagementLive chat softwareSupport and sales teamsIntegrates with CRMs
AntlerGlobal Startup GeneratorFunding and support for startupsEntrepreneurs, startupsEarly-stage investment
Atom ComputingQuantum ComputingBuilding quantum computersResearch, computation-intensive sectorsQuantum processing capabilities
kimkimTravelPersonalized travel planningIndividual travelersLocal travel experts
GlooPlatform for ChurchesGrowth platform for churchesChurches, religious organizationsPersonalized insights
SparkPlugIncentives PlatformIncentive programs for retailersRetail employers & employeesPromotes sales and performance
LogRhythmSecurity Information and Event ManagementIntegrating AI in threat detectionEnterprises with IT security needsAdvanced analytics
Flatirons SolutionsTechnical Content ManagementContent lifecycle managementAerospace, defense, and other industriesCompliance and content security
CanvasConstruction SoftwareConstruction management softwareConstruction professionalsOn-site data capture
Gorilla LogicCustom Software DevelopmentAgile software developmentBusinesses needing bespoke solutionsNearshoring options
PopSocketsConsumer ElectronicsGrip accessories for smartphonesSmartphone usersCustomizable designs
InscriptaGenomicsGenome engineeringBiotech field, researchersOn-demand enzyme engineering
AlchemerCustomer Experience SoftwareFeedback softwareBusinesses seeking customer insightsTailored surveys and analysis
AutomoxCybersecurityCloud-native cyber hygiene platformIT managers and teamsAutomated patching
SovrnAdvertising TechTools for online publishersBloggers, content creatorsRevenue optimization
TextUsBusiness Texting PlatformReal-time communicationRecruiters, sales teamsIntegrates with CRM
VehoE-commerce ShippingNext-day package delivery serviceE-commerce brands, consumersTransparent delivery process
StediEDI SoftwareElectronic data interchangeRetailers, suppliersSimplified data exchange
UnsupervisedAI-driven AnalyticsAutomated business data analysisBusinesses with complex dataFinds patterns without supervision
TeamSnapSports Team ManagementOnline team organization toolsTeam coaches, managers, playersEasy scheduling and communication
StreamChat & Activity FeedsScalable in-app messagingDevelopers building chat featuresHighly scalable API
ManagedMethodsCloud SecurityCloud security for K-12 schoolsEducational institutionsSpecialized in G Suite and Office 365


1-9 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Cloud-native engineering solutions are being built by Mojo Tech, and they call for speed, scale, complexity, security, and creativity.


2-9 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

For enterprises, SnapEngage creates chatbot technology that enhances client engagement.


3-9 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

With truly global data solutions, Spire, a satellite-powered data company, takes on the most unpredictable business and market challenges in the world. Spire offers a competitive advantage for businesses that need knowledge about things like international trade, weather, shipping and supply chains, illegal fishing, and maritime domain awareness by supplying distinct data from any location on Earth, every hour.


5-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

The world’s most passionate entrepreneurs are supported from day one by Antler, an investor, to greatness. We collaborate with individuals from six different continents to establish and grow high-potential businesses that take on significant possibilities and challenges. Austin, New York, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Bangalore, Jakarta, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, and Sydney are just a few of the 25 places where we have offices. We have supported more than 600 companies across a variety of industries and technologies thanks to a personal enthusiasm that goes beyond traditional financing. By 2030, we hope to have backed more than 6,000.

Atom Computing

6-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

A quantum computer based on neutral atoms that have been optically trapped is being created by Atom Computing. Classical electronics and software systems manage and read out the quantum information via optical and electronic technologies.


7-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

With kimkim’s platform and tools, travelers may book fantasy trips by connecting with experienced, enthusiastic, and unbiased travel specialists who can help them cut through the clutter.


8-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

The world’s first personal growth platform, Gloo, is being built by a network of people and businesses in Boulder, Colorado, who are passionate about changing personal growth. Champions are the helpers, leaders, and motivators who tirelessly work to make their communities stronger.


11-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

SparkPlug, which enables consumer companies to bid on in-store influence, is Google AdWords for physical stores. With the benefits of gamified commissions, competitions, and goals, SparkPlug enables marketers to pay these important influencers directly for each transaction they drive.


14-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

As a leader in NextGen SIEM, LogRhythm enables thousands of businesses across six continents to successfully decrease operational and cyber risk by quickly identifying, responding to, and neutralizing harmful cyberthreats.

Flatirons Solutions

15-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

They are a professional services company that provides enterprise architecture, systems engineering, full lifecycle strategic consulting, and system implementation to both government and commercial clients.


16-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Canvas is a software firm that creates mobile computer vision applications and a scientific lab combined. Its main office is in Boulder, Colorado, where it was established in 2008.

Gorilla Logic

rtt Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Several of the top software-driven companies in the world rely on Gorilla Logic for custom application development services both locally and in the cloud. It has a long history of using software engineering best practices to speed up the process of creating high-quality, fully functional apps with cutting-edge capabilities while also using operational efficiency and lowering the time and cost involved.


19-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

A privately held manufacturer of consumer electronics accessories, PopSockets LLC creates detachable grips for cellphones.


20-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Inscripta, a life science company founded in 2015, is working on a digital genome engineering solution. Rapid strain improvement is made possible by the platform’s automated CRISPR engineering. It is intended to streamline, speed up, and guarantee that all healthcare practitioners accomplish effective strain minimization.


21-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Alchemer is a potent online survey platform that equips business professionals with the knowledge they need to make wise investment choices. With 50,000 new surveys created and 7.5 million responses gathered each week for clients including Fedex, IBM, Microsoft, Bloomberg Television, GE, and ESPN, we supply online survey software to more than 205 countries.


23-8 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Automox is a cloud-native endpoint management platform that assists businesses in unifying their IT activities under a single console. All of a company’s gadgets will be able to be managed and updated from anywhere in the world.


24-7 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Due to the reduction in advertising revenues, publishers have struggled lately. By offering a publishing technology platform that aids in the management and expansion of publishers’ media businesses, Sovrn is here to assist. Customers will have access to several technologies, such as an ad exchange, ad management, commerce, and signal, which aids in converting engagement into profit. A multitude of consumer insights and improved audience statistics are also included on the platform.


25-7 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

TextUs, a platform established in 2012, is designed exclusively for companies that require text messaging to communicate with clients, leads, workers, and job seekers in real time. The platform is simple to use and is made to seem like a typical SMS inbox.


26-7 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Veho offers a complete parcel delivery solution, assisting e-commerce businesses. Veho’s track record of 99.9% on-time deliveries and up to 19.2% higher client purchase rates speaks for itself. For deliveries and returns the next day, the delivery service can be transparent, quick, and personalized.


27-7 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Global businesses will gain from Stedi, a platform that creates APIs for EDI integration development. Developers will be able to scale-up the solutions to EDI difficulties, and the service is entirely self-serve with usage-based billing. Moreover, a free tier is offered for testing and development.


28-7 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

The automated analytics platform Unsupervised will allow businesses to manage their analytics without having to do it themselves. The firm can uncover hidden patterns in complex data to improve corporate productivity and decision-making. Unsupervised uses AI to quickly and accurately explain to businesses why conversion rates and sales are rising, falling, or remaining unchanged.


29-7 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Recreational sports leagues frequently lack the personnel and funding necessary to operate effectively. These leagues have the opportunity to remove the effort from their play thanks to TeamSnap. The platform comes with all the tools a company would require to manage its sports teams, including scheduling, rostering, billing, and registration. An app can be used to handle everything, allowing users to administrate tasks and collect self-evaluations from a single location.


31-7 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

Stream is offering access at a fraction of the time and cost that businesses would normally invest in developing their own internal chat and feed for applications. The integration of chat messaging and activity feeds into a variety of already-existing applications should speed up a launch.


33-7 Here Are The Tech Companies in Boulder, Colorado to Watch

For K–12 grade schools, Managed Methods offers a proactive cybersecurity platform. Schools can use the platform to easily and affordably secure data and identify kid safety concerns. Clients can integrate with Microsoft 365, Google, and Zoom.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Boulder

Why is Boulder a hotspot for tech companies?

Boulder’s unique blend of a highly educated workforce, a vibrant startup ecosystem, and lifestyle appeal attracts ambitious tech companies.

The presence of University of Colorado Boulder, alongside tech incubators and accelerators, fuels innovation and collaborative opportunities within this community.

What types of tech companies are there in Boulder?

From fresh-faced startups to pioneering software firms and established corporations like Google and IBM, Boulder’s tech landscape is diverse. Innovators in emerging technologiesgreen tech, and aerospace find a welcome home in this thoughtfully-crafted tech scene.

How does the Boulder tech scene compare to Silicon Valley?

While Silicon Valley is vast, Boulder’s tech scene is intimate yet dynamic, fostering a collaborative environment rather than cutthroat competition.

The presence of renowned entities like Silicon Flatirons highlights the city’s growing recognition as a tech leader, offering a balance between work and lifestyle unique to Boulder.

What are the opportunities for tech professionals in Boulder?

Tech talents are lured by myriad opportunities, from engaging in ground-breaking R&D to jumping into a thriving job market. The city’s deep-seated commitment to fostering tech talent ensures a steady flow of exciting projects and roles.

How does Boulder support tech startups?

With a strong community fabric, Boulder offers ample support through tech incubators, accelerators, and venture capital resources. Networking events, mentoring, and collaborative spaces ensure that startups don’t just sprout; they are meticulously cultivated.

Can you find co-working spaces in Boulder dedicated to tech?

Absolutely. Boulder is dotted with co-working spaces tailor-made for tech minds, offering them the infrastructure and the community they need to hatch and perfect their digital dreams.

What events can tech professionals look to attend in Boulder?

From niche meetups to grand-scale conferences, Boulder is a hive of tech gatherings, including pitch sessions, hackathons, and networking nights. Boulder Tech Week is one not to be missed, spotlighting the city’s rich tapestry of tech prowess.

How do tech companies in Boulder contribute to the community?

Tech companies in Boulder are not insular; they shape the very fabric of the city. Many embark on partnerships with local entities like educational institutions or environmental causes, adding layers to Boulder’s story as an innovation hub—dedicated to tech, yes, but also to the broader community.

Are there resources in Boulder for women and minorities in tech?

Diversity initiatives are sprouting, with several organizations and meetups aimed at empowering underrepresented groups within the tech industry. Boulder is on a journey, carving spaces and opening dialogues to promote inclusion in its tech diversity initiatives.

What’s the future of the tech industry in Boulder?

It’s looking luminously bright. Given its trajectory, rich talent pool, and the gravity it commands as an innovation hub, Boulder’s future in tech is poised to continue its ascent, not just in Colorado, but on the global stage. With sustainability and innovation as driving forces, watch this space.


We’ve taken quite the digital stroll through the bustling streets and the binary code-filled air of Boulder. This is no ordinary city—it deconstructs the image of a conventional tech hub, layer by layer. It’s a place where tech companies craft innovations with a view of the Flatirons, where venture capital meets community spirit, and where the next big tech breakthrough feels just a collaborative spark away.

  • From startups to giants,
  • From software firms to emerging technologies,

they all blend into Boulder’s vibrant mosaic. Echoes of the city’s commitment to sustainability, the quest for balance, and the constant hunger for growth are palpable in its tech industry’s heartbeat. When you look at Boulder, you see more than companies; you see a forward-thinking community, tech pioneers shaping a future as rock-solid as the mountains standing guard over them.

So, take it in one last time—Boulder’s not just about creating products. It’s about a lifestyle, a mindset, and a tech revolution, all rolled into one.

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