The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

In the heartbeat of the Twin Cities, a digital revolution blooms quietly. Tech companies in Minneapolis are shaping the future with a vibrant flair uniquely Minnesotan. The city’s skyline isn’t just a testament to architectural prowess, it mirrors a burgeoning tech landscape.

The pulse of innovation here is fast-paced, driven by a convergence of bright minds and bold ventures. Minneapolis is a well-kept secret powering a Midwest tech explosion, where Silicon Prairie meets the spirit of progress.

As a designer navigating this landscape, I’ve seen first-hand the technology transformations sprouting from Minneapolis’ fertile business incubators to its robust venture capitals.

By journey’s end, you’ll be savvy to the who’s who of the local tech arena, decipher the magic behind their global impact, and perhaps even pinpoint your place amid the digital agencies and software firms.

We’re talking a tech ecosystem in its prime – let’s dive into the wellspring of synergy and innovation thriving in the heart of Minnesota.

Top Tech Companies in Minneapolis

Tech CompanyPrimary Offering(s)Industry FocusNotable Services/ProductsAdditional Notes
phDataData analytics and engineeringVariousMachine Learning, Big DataSpecializes in big data systems
MentorMateCustom software developmentHealthcare, EducationFull cycle development, IT consultingOffers design & strategy services
SICKSensors and automationIndustrialFactory and logistics automationProvides sensor-based solutions
Guidewire SoftwareInsurance softwareInsuranceCore operations, data & analytics, digital engagementServes P&C insurers
PerficientDigital consultancyVariousDigital experience, business optimizationOffers end-to-end solutions
NavitaireReservation and distributionAviationSkyLedger, SkyVantageSubsidiary of Amadeus IT Group
IDeasRevenue management solutionsHospitalityRevenue optimization softwareCater to hotels and resorts
FICOAnalytics and decision-makingFinancial servicesCredit scoring, fraud detectionKnown for FICO Score
Renaissance LearningEducational softwareEducationAccelerated Reader, myONFocus on K-12 assessment tools
YardiProperty management softwareReal estateYardi Breeze, VoyagerSolutions for every portfolio size
ChewyE-commerce for pet productsRetailOnline pet supplies, pharmacyNot primarily a tech firm
VIZIOConsumer electronicsConsumer goodsSmart TVs, soundbars, remotesNot primarily a tech firm
Alarm.comSecurity and smart homeHome automationInteractive security, energy managementProvides cloud-based services
SpokHealthcare communicationsHealthcareSpok Care Connect, operator consoleFocus on seamless information flow
CalabrioCustomer engagement softwareContact centersWorkforce optimization, analyticsOffers cloud-based solutions
ApruveB2B credit managementFinancial servicesCredit program managementStreamlines how businesses buy from each other
Code42Information securityVariousInsider risk detection, data loss protectionFocus on data protection solutions
KipsuCustomer service messagingHospitality, retailReal-time engagement platformSpecializes in SMS-based service
Flywheel.ioResearch data managementScientific researchData capture, analysis, and sharing toolsSupports clinical research
ZipnosisTelemedicineHealthcareVirtual care solutionsAims to increase healthcare access
When I WorkEmployee scheduling softwareHR and managementWorkforce management toolsDesigned for shift-based workplaces
CodeWeaversSoftware compatibility layersSoftwareWine, CrossOverEnables Windows software on other OS
HomeSpotterReal estate marketing toolsReal estateMobile apps, advertising solutionsEnhances realty tech solutions
NetSPICybersecurity servicesVariousPenetration testing, threat & vulnerability managementOffers managed security services
SPS CommerceRetail network solutionsRetailFulfillment automation, analyticsCloud-based supply chain support
75FBuilding automationConstruction, energyHVAC management systemsFocus on energy-efficient solutions
PerforceVersion control & collaborationSoftware developmentHelix Core, HansoftUsed by development teams worldwide
PCs for PeopleRefurbished computer accessSocial enterpriseLow-cost computers, digital literacyFocus on bridging the digital divide
Qumu CorporationEnterprise video softwareCommunicationsVideo content management, streamingAids in video communication
Digital RiverE-commerce solutionsRetail, SoftwareGlobal payments, risk managementSpecializes in online commerce
3Play MediaVideo accessibility servicesVariousClosed captioning, transcription servicesAims for inclusive media
DailyPay Inc.Financial servicesFinancial technologyInstant access to earned wagesHelps improve employee retention
Horizontal DigitalDigital marketing and techVariousCustomer experience, Salesforce consultingCombines creative and tech expertise
Field NationField service managementService industriesWorkforce management, onsite service deliveryConnects technicians with businesses
Stoneridge SoftwareBusiness and tech consultingVariousMicrosoft Dynamics consultingSpecializes in ERP solutions
Branch.ioMobile linking platformMobile app developmentDeep linking, mobile attributionHelps improve app user experience
DKS SystemsWeb design and developmentVariousCustom websites, e-commerce developmentAlso provides digital marketing


1-15 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

phData uses cloud, modern data platforms, and products to address actual business data and analytics issues. Additionally, the company uses interactive analytics, machine learning, and data science to give its clients more value.


2-15 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

One of Minneapolis’ top software development firms is MentorMate. MentorMate began with the development of mobile apps in 2001 and has since expanded to offer services for web development, enterprise architectural development, and cloud services, DevOps, UI/UX design, staff augmentation, etc.


3-15 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

SICK is one of the top producers of industrial sensors, safety systems, and automatic identification products in the world.

Guidewire Software

5-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

The industry for property, casualty, and workers’ compensation insurance is served by Guidewire Software, Inc. The business also provides assessment and implementation services to property and liability insurers in North America.


6-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

Information technology consulting company Perficient. In order to increase productivity and competitiveness, improve relationships with clients, suppliers, and partners, and cut expenses associated with information technology, Perficient assists clients in using Internet-based solutions.


7-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

More than 50 airlines and rail businesses globally, including many of the most prosperous airlines in the world, depend on Navitaire for industry-leading technology services that support growth, profitability, and innovation.


8-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

The leader in Pricing, Forecasting, and Optimization products and services is IDeaS Revenue Optimization, an SAS firm, which was founded in 1989.


9-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

FICO, founded in San Jose, California, in 1959, offers analytics software and solutions used in a variety of industries to manage risk, combat fraud, create more lucrative client relationships, optimize processes, and adhere to stringent legal requirements.

Renaissance Learning

10-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

Along with its subsidiaries, Renaissance Learning offers pre-kindergarten through senior high schools and districts in the United States and abroad computer-based assessment technology and school reform programs.


11-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

One of the most complete property management software platforms available today is provided by Yardi, which also includes a full business suite of solutions made exclusively for managing office, industrial, and retail properties.


12-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

Chewy is an online marketplace for all things pet-related that was founded in 2011. The way pet owners purchase is changing thanks to our user-friendly website, acclaimed mobile applications, thorough order tracking, and unique “Pet Profile” features.


13-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

Southern California-based VIZIO is a well-known HDTV manufacturer and the country’s top sound bar brand.

14-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

The most popular platform for intelligently connected properties is Our technology, which is centered on security and remote monitoring, responds to a variety of market needs and provides application-based control for an expanding spectrum of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


15-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

Spok provides solutions for clinical alerting, hospital call centers, on-call scheduling, HIPAA-compliant messaging, and paging.


16-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

Analytics, production tracking programs and labor optimization solutions are provided by Calabrio. Calabrio One, a comprehensive software suite created by the company, unifies services like call recording, quality assurance, workforce management, and analytics solutions.


17-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

A more effective method of automating B2B credit programs and payments is provided by Apruve. The company’s digital payment solution is made to enhance customer satisfaction, increase productivity, reduce expenses, and get rid of risk and variability.


18-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

Cybersecurity-related goods and services are Code42’s area of expertise. Security teams may reduce the risks of file exposure and exfiltration with the help of the company’s SaaS data risk detection and response product, Incydr, while its CrashPlan Cloud is made for business endpoint backup and recovery.


19-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

The business assists brands in utilizing in-app messaging, social media messaging, and other real-time digital channels to communicate with customers, get more information, and respond to issues.

20-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

A data management and analytics platform created especially for scientists and researchers is called By offering content management, scientific computation, data and medical picture capture, and collaboration tools, it benefits these experts.


21-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

In an effort to give patients more convenience and choice, Zipnosis offers virtual healthcare that is independent of the patient’s device. Clinicians can quickly treat and diagnose patients using the company’s technology, which reduces their workloads and gives patients more time.

 When I Work

22-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

The software developed by When I Work makes it simple for businesses to manage hourly workers. The platform from When I Work also enables teams to assign tasks, approve and submit time off requests, onboard new employees, and have one-on-one conversations.


23-14 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

Software is created by CodeWeavers for a variety of uses. They offer cross-platform interoperability through their CrossOver software, and PortJump aids mobile app development and game creators in expanding their customer base beyond Windows customers. ExecMode software from CodeWeavers, on the other hand, is made to assist businesses in resolving difficult technical issues.


25-13 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

The software from HomeSpotter is made to facilitate relationship development and strengthening between real estate brokers, agents, and MLS suppliers.


26-13 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

Enterprise enterprises can get application and network security solutions from NetSPI. With its seasoned staff of networks and cyber security professionals, it aids enterprises in scaling and streamlining their security processes.

SPS Commerce 

28-13 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

SPS Commerce, a retail network company that was founded in 1982, aids in establishing connections between business partners all over the world. With cutting-edge cloud technology, customer-focused services, and committed staff, the company assists partners in optimizing their supply chain operations.


29-13 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

One of the top IT firms in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that develops solutions for intelligent, energy-efficient buildings is 75F. The business uses IoT to construct smart buildings that are resilient, cozy, and energy-efficient and have a favorable effect on the real estate market.


30-13 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

One of the most cutting-edge IT firms in Minneapolis is Perforce, which emphasizes DevOps and scalable software development. It provides innovative, risk-free, and dynamic goods and services.

PCs for People 

30-13 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

The mission of the Minneapolis-based nonprofit group PCs for People is to make computer equipment and broadband services accessible to all people, especially those with modest incomes.

Qumu Corporation 

32-13 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

In order to create, manage, and publish live and on-demand video streaming content, Qumu Corporation develops software solutions. The company wants to provide a world community with a top-notch video streaming service that will enable its customers to have deeper interactions with their audience.

Digital River 

34-15 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

The company offers business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) firms SaaS commerce, payments, and marketing services.

DailyPay Inc.

39-9 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

DailyPay, a company that was founded in 2015, has created a platform that is both attractive and straightforward. Employees may now access their money whenever they want, save money, and get bonuses for delivering above-average work. With the DailyPay platform, all of these actions are available prior to payday, resulting in a frictionless financial experience.

Horizontal Digital 

42-8 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

Horizontal Digital is an IT company that specializes in developing data analytics platforms, e-commerce platforms, customer relationship management systems, and digital marketing solutions. In addition, the company creates websites or mobile applications to cater to every digital interaction a customer has.

Field Nation 

44-4 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

One of the biggest and busiest platforms for managing freelancers that guarantees effective cooperation between businesses and freelancers is called Field Nation. Companies can use this market to identify, hire, and pay freelancers in accordance with their job needs.

Stoneridge Software 

45-4 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

One of the most well-known tech companies in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Stoneridge Software, offers enterprise software solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. 

47-4 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out is committed to providing mobile app users with a flawless experience. They employ deep linking technologies to accomplish this, using personalisation to keep users and create referral schemes.

DKS Systems 

50-4 The Tech Companies in Minneapolis You Should Check Out

UI/UX design, web and mobile application development, content management, eCommerce, and bespoke business software development are all services offered by Minneapolis-based DKS Systems, a top technology and consulting organization.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Minneapolis

What’s sparking the tech surge in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis is buzzing, seriously. It’s not just the cold that’s got people moving. Tech accelerators and incubators have set the stage.

The city’s collaboration between educational institutions like the University of Minnesota, a supportive government, and investments from heavy-hitters in venture capital are igniting this tech boom.

Which tech sectors are most prominent in Minneapolis?

It’s like a techie buffet, really diverse. You’ve got a strong presence in software development, health tech, and fintech. Data analytics and cloud computing services are growing fiercely, too. Digital agencies are popping up, all jazzed about the potential for growth and innovation in these fields.

Are there opportunities for startups in Minneapolis?

Absolutely! The scene’s ripe for startups. Tech incubators and accelerators are hungry for fresh concepts. Plus, there’s a healthy stream of venture capital flowing in. Imagine an oasis where new ideas get more than just a nod; they get a real shot at success.

What makes the Minneapolis tech job market unique?

It’s kind of special. A close-knit community vibe pairs with big-city opportunities. Think of it as a playground for tech talent – opportunities are diverse, from software engineering to cybersecurityTwin Cities’ values like balanced lifestyle and inclusivity are woven right into its job fabric.

How do tech salaries in Minneapolis compare to other major cities?

So, here’s the deal. Tech salaries in Minneapolis are competitive, maybe not sky-high like in Silicon Valley, but the cost of living? It’s reasonable. You get a solid paycheck and can enjoy life without cashing out your 401(k) for rent.

Can you name some major tech events in Minneapolis?

Sure thing! Twin Cities Startup Week is a biggie, showcasing all the local innovation. Then there’s MinneDemo – think show and tell for grown-up techies. Tech Cities Conference? It’s a meeting of the minds, where the latest tech trends take center stage.

How supportive is the local government toward tech companies?

They’re totally on board. The Minnesota government rolls out the red carpet for tech companies with incentives and programs designed to foster growth. They’re like the supportive friend who’s always there to help you move – always lending a hand for tech growth.

Are Minneapolis tech companies involved in community development?

Absolutely. In Minneapolis, tech companies aren’t just about the bottom line. They’re about building up the community, too. From engaging with local education initiatives to sponsoring events, they’re putting down roots in a meaningful way.

What types of investment are Minneapolis tech companies receiving?

Variety’s the spice here, from angel investors to venture capital firms. Funding is not just numbers on a check; it’s a vote of confidence. Tech startups here attract cash because they’re seen as hotbeds for innovation worth betting on.

Is the Minneapolis tech scene conducive to networking and collaboration?

Definitely. There’s a “Minnesota nice” vibe that really opens doors. Networking events, both formal and informal, are a regular thing. Collaboration? It’s the norm. Resources and ideas flow freely, making this community a real launchpad for tech pros and dreamers alike.


Wrapping this up, the scene we’ve painted is clear: tech companies in Minneapolis aren’t just surviving; they’re thriving.

  • The tech sector here is robust—a motley crew of startups and established firms all churning out innovation like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Digital agencies and software wizards are changing game rules, and they’re doing it in a city known more for its lakes than its server farms.

And that’s the kicker, isn’t it? A city famed for its winter wonderland status, now doubling as a beacon for cybersecurity strongholds and IT services.

The takeaway? There’s a reason eyes are locked on Minneapolis. It’s where every tech enthusiast’s dream checklist gets a tick. Jobs, growth, community—it’s all here. And for those who’ve joined this article late, just know, tech in Minneapolis? It’s the best-kept secret that everyone’s talking about.

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