Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Picture this: The heartbeats of Kansas City are not just jazz riffs echoing off the Plaza or the sizzle from a BBQ pit—it’s the hum of servers and the buzz of creative minds meshing tech into everyday life.

Kansas City: an emergent tech titan on the Silicon Prairie, where fiber optics weave through the cityscape as seamlessly as the Missouri River cuts across the Midwest.

Here’s the scoop: This locale isn’t your average tech meet-up spot. It’s a burgeoning, magnetic hub for innovators and disruptors who are reshaping the landscape of digits and data on a colossal scale.

As these tech companies in Kansas City catapult us into tomorrow, they’re stitching a vibrant patchwork of cutting-edge software and jaw-dropping innovations. Curious? You’re in the right place.

I’m penning down the riveting tales of startups that dazzle, incubators that nurture, and the tech talent galore shaping the future from our cozy nook in KC.

From the corridors of Think Big Partners to the energetic pitches at the Sprint Accelerator, prepare for an exclusive tour of KC’s tech terrain.

By article’s end, expect to be versed in this: Kansas City isn’t just a spot on the map; it’s the North Star for Midwest tech pioneers, guiding a course to unbridled innovation. Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride through the digital plains.

Top Tech Companies in Kansas City, Missouri

Tech CompanyIndustry/SpecializationProducts/ServicesAdditional Notes
CernerHealthcare ITElectronic Health Records, Health IT SolutionsAcquired by Oracle in 2021.
StorableSelf-storage industry technologyFacility management software, marketing, payment processingProvides tech to streamline operation of self-storage facilities.
PayItGovernment ITDigital payment and government interaction solutionsStreamlines transactions between agencies and residents.
FitBarkPet technologyDog activity monitors, pet health insightsFocuses on pet health and activity tracking.
Commerce BankFinancial servicesBanking, payment solutions, and asset managementOffers tech-enabled banking services.
SS&C TechnologiesFinancial services softwareInvestment and financial management softwareGlobal financial technology and services company.
Henderson EngineersEngineering consultingDesign services, including MEP, fire protection, technologyProvides integrated technology solutions in engineering.
DisruptOpsCloud securityCloud security management and compliance softwareAcquired by FireMon in 2021.
Zenitel Usa, IncCommunication solutionsIntercom, public address, and two-way radio communication systemsSpecializes in critical communication systems.
Honeywell FM&TNational security and engineering servicesManufacturing and engineering services for nuclear weaponsManages and operates the Kansas City National Security Campus.
BroadridgeFinancial technologyInvestor communications, securities processing, data and analyticsProvides tools for communications, technology, data, and analytics.
RackspaceCloud computingManaged cloud services, cloud management and migrationFocuses on cloud services and hosting solutions.
The Judge GroupProfessional servicesTechnology consulting, learning solutions, and talent servicesWorldwide provider of technology and consulting services.
Thornton TomasettiEngineeringBuilding structure, resilience, and construction engineering servicesKnown for complex engineering solutions and projects.
CapgeminiTechnology and consultingIT consulting, digital transformation, and technology servicesFrench multinational that has a significant presence in various sectors.
KeyenceIndustrial automationSensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, and digital microscopesJapanese company known for factory automation.
SuperpedestrianUrban mobilityElectric bicycles and related technologyTheir LINK scooters powered by Vehicle Intelligence technology are a part of their product offering.
NuspireManaged security servicesNetwork management and security servicesCybersecurity company specializing in managed security services.
Mycroft AIArtificial intelligenceOpen source voice assistant technologyPrivacy-focused AI voice assistant.
MyloInsurtechDigital insurance marketplace for business and personal insuranceA Lockton company providing a range of insurance products via tech platform.
PNC Financial ServicesFinancial servicesBanking and wealth managementOffers advanced online and mobile banking services.
DivvyHQContent planning and productionContent marketing software, calendar managementHelps marketers and content producers streamline their workflow.
IndustriousWorkspace solutionsCustomizable workspaces, office space, coworking spaceProvides flexible workspaces with a tech-enabled platform.
mySidewalkCity intelligence platformData tools for urban planning and city managementSpecializes in data visualization and analytics for city planning.
SiftedFood and cateringPredictive analytics for the corporate catering marketCombines delicious meals with innovative technology.
TripleBlindData privacy and securityPrivacy enhancing technologies, cryptographic solutionsTheir solution allows secure use of private data for collaboration and analysis.
Generation EsportsEsportsPlatform for schools, individuals, and partners to engage in esportsHosts high school esports tournaments.
KenzenHealth monitoringSmart patches for real-time health monitoring and insightsWearable tech aimed at preventing workplace injuries through vital signs monitoring.
CoinLedgerCryptocurrency tax softwareTax reporting and compliance for cryptocurrency transactionsHelps users track cryptocurrency transactions and report taxes.


2-11 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Storable is a startup that provides technological solutions to the self-storage sector. Self-storage business owners may operate their operations more successfully thanks to Storable’s fully integrated suite of tools and technology.


3-11 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

PayIt, a company that was founded in 2013, offers a digital platform that combines government payments into one account, making it easier for consumers to make payments.


4-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

A digital business called FitBark works in the pet care sector. FitBark creates technology that provides pet owners with real-time information about the health and fitness of their animals and assists them in creating individualized action plans. The business creates wearable gadgets that monitor location, sleep, exercise, and nutrition.

Commerce Bank

5-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

A broad range of financial services, including commercial and personal banking, checking and savings accounts, loans (including mortgages and student loans), credit and debit cards, investment services, and wealth management are all offered by this regional bank.

SS & C Technologies

6-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

A global provider of investment and financial software-enabled services and software with a sole emphasis on the global financial services sector, SS&C was founded in 1986. The business also offers consulting and outsourcing services in addition to developing software for managing financial portfolios, loans, real estate equity, back-office procedures, and securities trading. SS&C, which was named to the Fortune 1000 list as the top U.S. firm based on revenue, has more than 22,000 workers spread across more than 150 offices in 35 countries and is headquarters in Windsor, Connecticut.

Henderson Engineers

7-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

A nationwide building systems design company, Henderson Engineers offers a comprehensive range of engineering services and a portfolio that spans a variety of industries, including business, community, retail, healthcare, and venues.


8-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

DisruptOps is developing a platform to give cloud environments unheard-of insight, control, and expertise. By reconsidering conventional security and other operational excellence techniques, they help enterprises achieve the potential of the cloud.

Zenitel Usa, Inc

9-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Manufacturing equipment for radio and television broadcasting and communications is the main business of Zenitel Usa, Inc.

Honeywell FM & T

10-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

For newspapers, magazines, other publications, radio stations, and television stations, Honeywell FM & T LLC primarily engages in contract or fee-based advertising solicitation.


11-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Wealth management, asset management, and capital markets companies can get investor communications and technology-driven solutions from Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.


12-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Globally, Rackspace is a top provider of managed public cloud infrastructure services. It provides businesses in more than 150 countries with managed multi-cloud services, professional services, and managed application services.

 The Judge Group

13-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

The Judge Group provides its clients with IT and data science and engineering support. The Judge Group, a privately held global leader in professional services with a focus on corporate training, staffing solutions, and technology consulting, was established in 1970.

Thornton Tomasetti

14-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Engineering design, investigation, and analysis firm Thornton Tomasetti serves clients globally on projects of various sizes and complexity. Thornton Tomasetti tackles the whole structure life cycle through its ten complimentary approaches. More than 1,200 engineers, architects, sustainability experts, and support staff work together at Thornton Tomasetti from offices in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.


15-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

A French multinational firm called Capgemini SE offers outsourcing, professional, technology, and consulting services. Its main office is in Paris, France. Almost 200,000 Capgemini workers work in more than 40 countries, with nearly 100,000 of them based in India.


16-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

KEYENCE is at the forefront of factory automation as a top supplier of sensors, measurement systems, laser markers, microscopes, and machine vision systems globally. In addition to offering top-notch products, KEYENCE also provides a full scale comprehensive array of services to better serve its clients. Also, they offer swift shipping so that clients can optimize their procedures as soon as possible.


18-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

A group of designers and robotics engineers are brought together by Superpedestrian with the goal of revolutionizing urban mobility. They hold a monopoly on the Copenhagen Wheel from MIT. The Copenhagen Wheel is a single red Wheel-shaped semi-autonomous vehicle. By swapping out the back wheel for a Copenhagen Wheel, it quickly and easily changes practically any bike. The Wheel adapts to a rider’s pedaling style and flows naturally with it. Also, it offers a plethora of information to improve cycling, from safety to physical fitness.


19-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Nuspire, a global managed network security service provider with over ten years of industry expertise, was founded in 1999. It serves some of the biggest and most notable businesses in the world.

Mycroft A.I

21-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Mycroft is a creator of a platform for open source voice assistants that can manage operating systems. Users may control their electrical devices using voice thanks to the company’s open source voice assistant platform, which is built on artificial intelligence and offers natural language processing together with an open-source and open-hardware approach.


22-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Mylo, a Lockton Company, or just Mylo, evaluates insurance needs and suggests coverage. It was founded in 2015. Our system matches product recommendations based on the responses to only a few questions using artificial intelligence (AI).

The PNC Financial Services Group

34-11 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

With $541 billion in assets as of June 30, 2022, The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. is one of the biggest diversified financial services companies in the United States. PNC offers retail banking services, including home mortgage, business and institutional banking, and asset management across the nation and through four key international offices.


25-9 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Since its launch in 2011, DivvyHQ has offered content creators and marketers a tool for creating editorial calendars that is different from spreadsheets. It integrates content management, web-based calendars, and online collaboration to make it possible for teams to schedule, plan, and create content.


26-9 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

The best workplaces in the business, Industrious’ private offices and suites offer businesses the most long-term solution for managing newly scattered staff. Industrious, one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in America according to Inc. Magazine in 2020, provides customizable terms and locations throughout more than 50 U.S. areas.


27-9 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

MySidewalk, which was established in 2010, provides users with access to a vast community data repository where they can find, download, and analyze pertinent data. It also includes tools that enable users to comprehend their data more fully and turn it into insightful visuals.


30-9 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

More than 25,000 sites worldwide employ the hardware and services that the Cerner Company offers in the field of health information technology.


31-9 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Using its cloud-based platform, this technology company gives its customers parcel logistics.


33-9 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

The most comprehensive and scalable computation for enhancing privacy has been developed by TripleBlind. A straightforward API is used to supply the software-only TripleBlind solution. With a current emphasis on and financial services, it provides solutions for a wide range of use cases. Accenture, General Catalyst, and The Mayo Clinic are the company’s backers.

Generation Esports

34-10 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

The High School Esports League (also known as HSEL), an organization devoted to the advancement of esports at the high school level, was established in 2012, marking the beginning of Generation Esports. The HSEL offers strong new software through Generation Esports to help schools manage both new and pre-existing esports programs in coaching and competition. The platform’s primary function is to construct an esports resume and track student achievement in one location.


35-9 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

A device that continually analyzes a worker’s physiology for the purpose of early detection of heat stress, fatigue, and hydration-related disorders is the first continuous monitoring solution for heat, fatigue, and overexertion damage.


36-8 Tech Companies in Kansas City That Are Shaping the Future

Tax reporting software for the expanding cryptocurrency business, founded in 2017.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Kansas City

What sets Kansas City apart as a tech hub?

Kansas City, with that Silicon Prairie charm, isn’t just riding the tech wave; we’re the ones making the waves. Think Google Fiber kick-starting our digital revolution — it attracted innovators and tech pioneers eager to leverage insane internet speeds.

Now, we’re an interconnected web of startups, geeks, and creatives. A tech ecosystem fueled by collaboration and BBQ.

Why are tech companies flocking to Kansas City?

Affordability and supportive community come to mind. We’ve got this potent mix of lower operational costs and a culture that’s rallying behind tech. Plus, programs like Techstars Kansas City are magnets for talent. It’s a fertile ground, where ventures shoot up like sunflowers in the Midwest sun.

How is the startup scene in KC unique?

Here’s the deal: It’s like a family. Someone’s always got your back, whether it’s a mentor from a tech incubator or friends met at First Fridays. We’ve got sprint accelerators propelling your ideas at blitz speeds, and collaboration comes as easy as a friendly nod on the street.

What are some successful tech companies in Kansas City?

Cerner Corporation — absolute trailblazers in health tech, right? Then there’s DST Systems, innovating in financial services like nobody’s business. And can’t forget Garmin, making sure nobody gets lost again. These titans paved the way, now there’s a surge of startups following in their digital footprints.

How is Kansas City fostering tech talent?

UMKC’s on it with top-notch tech education. You’ve got Kansas City Tech Council’s initiatives, prepping the next wave of wiz kids. It’s a breeding ground for talent — with meetups, hackathons, and all-inclusive co-working spaces that nurture learning and unexpected “aha!” moments in coffee queues.

Are there tech-specific networking events in Kansas City?

Absolutely. Gigabit City Summit, anyone? Or KC Tech Meetup. Your calendar’s packed; every week, there’s a chance to mingle with potential collaborators or investors who actually care about your elevator pitch. It’s a gel of folks with gigahertz-level energy, all syncing up to share, inspire, and, well, geek out.

What resources are available for tech startups in KC?

Cash, community, and counsel. You’ve got access to venture capital with groups eager to invest in the next big KC tech phenomenon. Plus, flush with accelerators and programs like Digital Sandbox KC ready to refine your prototype. Resources? We’re a goldmine, buddy.

How is artificial intelligence being leveraged by KC tech companies?

AI is the new jazz in town, and we’re improvising big time. From crunching big data for local enterprises to conjuring up smart city solutions, it’s all happening.

Machine learning’s not just a buzzword here; it’s turning into smart algorithms that power everything from marketing campaigns to forecasting tornadoes.

What impact is the KC tech boom having on the local economy?

Well, it’s a catalyst. Brings in jobs, injects dynamism, the whole shebang. Not to mention how it’s been a crisp shot-in-the-arm for the real estate market with all these bright sparks wanting a piece of the action. The ripple effect? Gigantic — touching everything from coffee shops to condos.

Can non-tech businesses benefit from the growth of tech in Kansas City?

Think symbiosis. The tech tide lifts all boats. Local retailers? They’re getting head-to-toe digital makeovers. Service providers? Tech’s giving them efficiency like never before.

It’s a sweeping renaissance where every business gets a shot at innovation — a shared digital dream weaving through Kansas City’s vibrant economic fabric.


So, we’ve journeyed through a digital landscape that’s as lush and vibrant as a jazz-filled night under the stars. Tech companies in Kansas City are crafting a narrative that’s far from ordinary—they’re trailblazing.

Look at the panorama:

  • Silicon Prairie pioneers.
  • Startups sprouting with bold innovation.
  • Community? Rock-solid.

It’s not just about companies doing business. It’s a cultural revolution. Tech’s beating heart is pumping life into every corner, from the historic streets of the River Market to the Crossroads Arts District where creativity meets connectivity.

Closing thoughts? Kansas City’s tech scene – it’s as dynamic as the weather patterns here. And rest assured, the forecast looks bright. We’re eyeing a future where KC tech is not an underdog tale but a remarkable legacy. A legacy of growthingenuity, and plain old Midwestern grit.

So, let’s keep our eyes peeled, we’re in for an exhilarating ride.

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