The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Buckle up; Cincinnati isn’t just about chili and baseball anymore. It’s a dynamo, transforming with a tech scene so vibrant, it’s like witnessing a digital renaissance. Within the heart of Ohio, this unsung hero city is the launchpad for tech mavens—where innovation in Cincinnati crackles in the air.

Tech companies in Cincinnati are not your run-of-the-mill operations.

They’re a testament to Midwestern hustle combined with brainy tech acumen.

Think of this article as your VIP backstage pass to uncover the digital marvels of the Queen City—from startup incubators that are fertile ground for the next big thing to high-octane tech job opportunities.

By the time the curtain falls, you’ll have the inside scoop on why this city is the Midwest’s hidden tech gem.

And no, it’s not just because “Please” is still the magic word here. Dive in, and let’s decode what’s got everyone buzzing—from the Cincinnati tech park to the whispers of Ohio’s own Silicon Valley rising.

Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Tech Company in CincinnatiSector/SpecializationKey Offerings/ProductsTarget Audience/MarketNotable Achievements/Unique Selling Points
AhalogySocial Media MarketingContent Marketing, Influencer CollaborationsBrands and Marketing AgenciesAcquired by Quotient Technology in 2018
CallibrityIT ConsultingCustom Software Development, DevOps, and Consulting ServicesTech-driven CompaniesKnown for its Employee-Owned Structure
PatientPointHealthcare TechnologyPatient Engagement Solutions, Education, and CommunicationHealthcare ProvidersOver 140 Patient Education Awards
ClubessentialSoftware for ClubsManagement Software, Payment Processing for Private ClubsPrivate Clubs and Golf CoursesComprehensive Suite for Club Management
CintrifuseStartup IncubatorFunding, Mentorship, Networking OpportunitiesStartups and EntrepreneursFacilitating Start-Up Growth and Innovation
Everything but The House (EBTH)Online Estate SaleOnline Bidding, Auction ServicesSellers and Buyers of Unique Home GoodsPioneers in Online Estate Sales
AstronomerData EngineeringData Workflow AutomationData-Driven EnterprisesReached Series B Funding Marking Rapid Growth
LISNRUltrasonic DataUltrasonic Sound Technology for Transactions and ConnectivityBusinesses Requiring Secure CommunicationAward-winning Data Transmission via Sound
Enable InjectionsMedtechWearable Drug Delivery DevicesPharmaceutical Companies and PatientsTransforming the Administration of Injectable Therapies
PaycorHR & Payroll SoftwareRecruiting, HR, Payroll, and Timekeeping SolutionsSMBs and medium enterprisesOne of the Fastest-Growing SaaS Companies
Ingage PartnersIT & Business ConsultingIT Management, Consulting ServicesBusiness and Community OrganizationsB Corp Certified Emphasizing Social Impact
LosantIoT PlatformEnterprise IoT Solutions, Edge ComputingEnterprises Seeking IoT DeploymentRecognized as a Leader in Industrial IoT
Clarigent HealthHealthcare AnalyticsAI-Driven Mental Health DiagnosticsClinicians and Mental Health ProfessionalsInnovating with AI for Mental Health Insights
AptimmuneBiotechnologyVaccines for Livestock DiseasesSwine IndustrySpecialized in Swine Immunization Solutions
Spatial.aiLocation Data AnalysisGeospatial Data, Data-as-a-ServiceUrban Planning, Real Estate, RetailCategorized as a Forbes Top 25 Machine Learning Start-up
Standard BotsRobotics & AITask Automation Using RoboticsManufacturing, LogisticsEnhancing Efficiency Through Robotic Automation
ActionStreamerWearable TechnologyReal-time Data and Video StreamingProfessional Sports and Media ProductionPatented Tech for In-game Sports POV Streaming
IncludeHealthHealth and FitnessDigital Health and Training PlatformsHealth Providers, Gyms, and RehabilitationIntegrating MedTech for Physical Training Programs


Ahalogy The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Looking for a genius in data-driven marketing? Look no further! Ahalogy is like the alchemist of the digital world, turning ordinary data into extraordinary insights. They dig deep into the mud of numbers, and like a magic trick, out pops a beautiful lotus of a strategy. Yeah, they’re that cool. Their expertise? Influencer marketing, brand equities, and more!


Callibrity The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Callibrity is that unique kid in class, the one who could solve complex puzzles before the teacher finished explaining them. They bring that same passion to custom software development, with a strong emphasis on transparency and integrity. If you need software that fits like a glove, you’ve got to get them on speed dial.


PatientPoint The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Ever thought healthcare and tech could be BFFs? PatientPoint is doing exactly that. They’re bridging the gap, making healthcare more personalized and accessible. Through engaging content and point-of-care tech, they’re enhancing the patient experience. Sort of like the tech Doc you always wished for.


Clubessential The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Clubessential is the fairy godmother of the club industry. They wave their tech wand and ‘poof’, clubs get their dream digital solutions. They’re committed to offering dynamic and personalized experiences. If you’re a club in need of a digital makeover, they’re your go-to guys!


Cintrifuse The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Think of Cintrifuse as the cool uncle who knows everyone. They’ve got this extensive network, connecting startups, investors, and big corporations. Their mission? Foster innovation and growth. They’re the sort of social butterflies you’d want to keep in your ecosystem.

Everything but The House (EBTH)

Everything-but-The-House-EBTH The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

EBTH is the digital auctioneer, but with a twist. They deal in everything but the ordinary, hence the name. From vintage wines to rare antiques, they’ve got it all. It’s like they took the concept of a treasure hunt and digitalized it. How cool is that!


Astronomer The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Ever wondered about the mysteries of the universe? Astronomer might not have all the answers, but they can sure help decode the mysteries in your data. They are the data pipeline maestros, orchestrating a smooth flow of information for your business. Sort of like the space scientists of the data world.


LISNR The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

LISNR speaks the language of tech. Literally. They have created this revolutionary communication protocol using sound. Yeah, you heard it right. It’s like they’re making devices sing to each other. If you’re into cool, unconventional tech, LISNR is your jam!

Enable Injections

Enable-Injections The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

The team at Enable Injections is like the tech wizards of the healthcare world. They’re developing wearable devices that allow patients to self-administer therapies. Picture this: Complex medical treatments made simple, all at the comfort of your home. It’s the future, today.


Paycor The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Ever felt like drowning in the ocean of HR tasks? Paycor is your lifesaver. They’ve mastered the art of HR and payroll software, providing the best solutions. They’re like the support system every HR team dreams of. So, with Paycor, say goodbye to HR blues.

Ingage Partners

Ingage-Partners-1 The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Ingage Partners are the cool kids of tech consulting. They don’t just provide solutions; they create change. How? By fusing business and technology with a pinch of social responsibility. So, if you’re looking for a tech partner that’s got heart, you know where to find them.


Losant The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

IoT got you scratching your head? Don’t fret! Losant is here to simplify it. They’re creating smart, connected solutions. And the best part? Their platform is easy-peasy. They’re like the friendly neighbor who helps you out with complicated stuff. Yeah, they’re that awesome.

Clarigent Health

Clarigent-Health The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Clarigent Health is taking tech and mental health hand-in-hand. They’ve got this brilliant AI that can detect mental health signals. It’s like they’re whispering in the wind, listening for calls of help. Mental health tech? Now that’s a game-changer!


Aptimmune The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Aptimmune is like the tech bodyguard for animals. They’re developing immunotherapies to protect livestock from diseases. Yeah, they’re on a mission to save the day for animals and farmers alike. Tech that cares for animals? I say ‘moo’ to that!

Spatial.ai_ The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati is the cartographer of the digital age. But they’re not just mapping streets; they’re mapping human behavior. They collect and analyze geosocial data to provide deep insights. They’re like the explorers of the digital world, unearthing hidden trends and patterns.

Standard Bots

Standard-Bots The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Imagine having a personal assistant who never sleeps. That’s what Standard Bots is offering. They build chatbots that automate your tasks. It’s like having a tireless digital genie who’s always ready to grant your wishes. Automation never sounded so cool!


ActionStreamer The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

ActionStreamer is the adrenaline junkie of the tech world. They’re taking sports broadcasting to a whole new level. Helmet cams, drone feeds, you name it! They’re making sure you don’t just watch the game; you experience it. It’s the next best thing to being on the field!


IncludeHealth The Diverse Range of Tech Companies in Cincinnati

Tech and fitness, unite! IncludeHealth is bringing them together in a revolutionary way. Their platform makes fitness more inclusive, using tech to guide and track progress. It’s like having a personal trainer, a physio, and a gym buddy, all rolled into one. Get fit with a tech twist!

FAQ On Tech Companies In Cincinnati

What’s driving Cincinnati’s tech boom?

It’s all about the ecosystem here. Think Cincinnati startups supported by heavy-hitting investors and Cincinnati tech incubators.

Big players realize the potential; they’re sinking roots and funds into the soil of Ohio’s tech industry. Education’s playing ball too, with top-notch programs churning out fresh tech talent.

How is Cincinnati fostering tech innovation?

Well, you’ve got places like the Cincinnati Innovation District waving the flag high for entrepreneurship. Supportive networks, access to venture capital – it’s a cocktail that’s luring bright minds eager to scribble their ideas on the canvas of Cincinnati’s evolving tech scene.

Which are the leading tech companies to watch in Cincinnati?

No secrets here. 84.51° is turning heads with their data analytics. And, of course, everyone knows Kroger Technology is revolutionizing retail tech.

Are there any tech-focused events I should attend in Cincinnati?

Absolutely, start with CincyTech. If that’s not enough, StartupCincy Week is buzzing with panel discussions and networking. It’s a golden ticket to understanding the nuanced weave of the city’s technology sector.

What type of tech jobs are in high demand in Cincinnati?

Software developers? They’re like gold. Data specialists, cyber security experts – companies here are practically tripping over themselves to snag these pros. High demand, high reward, and let’s not forget, it’s a fiercely competitive tech job market.

What support is available for startups in Cincinnati?

First off, Cintrifuse is the go-to. It’s a startup’s BFF, offering a runway for ideas to take flight. Plus, there’s never a shortage of accelerator programs ready to juice up those early-stage ventures in the startup scene.

How is the local government supporting the tech industry?

They’re not sitting idle. Think tax incentives, think technology grants. Plus, special zoning for tech parksREDI Cincinnati is also a loud cheerleader, showcasing the city as a hotspot for tech growth and attracting fresh meat to the tech talent pool.

Is investing in Cincinnati tech companies a good move?

Talk to the number crunchers, and they’ll nod. It’s a blooming garden of opportunities with a balance of established firms and promising startups. Diverse, robust, and frankly, the tech investors here are as bullish as they get.

What does Cincinnati offer in terms of tech education?

Hats off to University of Cincinnati. They’re pumping out savvy tech graduates primed for battle. Not to forget a slew of other colleges and boot camps adding spice to the tech talent pool. It’s an educational hotbed geared toward the digital age.

How does Cincinnati’s cost of living affect its tech scene?

This is the cherry on top. Affordable living meets burgeoning tech wages, making Cincy a magnet for skilled techies and creating an enviable balance. It’s a win-win—more cash in your pocket, dynamic work in your lap.


Well, it’s about time to wrap this digital journey through Cincinnati’s tech landscape.

We’ve sliced through the hype to uncover the pulse of innovation in this underestimated heartland. It’s clear now, right? The city’s not just riffing a catchy tune about technology—it’s harmonizing opportunities with real, tangible growth.

Tech firms here are not only changing the local game—they’re leveling up to play in big leagues. Startup energy? Check. Investor interest? Double-check. Put simply, the kind of place where dreams and code intertwine, creating a vibrant tech ecosystem budding with possibility.

  • Talent is never in short supply thanks to the nearby universities.
  • Investment pours in like the Ohio River in spring.
  • And support networks stand strong like the Roebling Suspension Bridge, bridging ideas and success.

Mark my words. Keep an eye on the Cincinnati tech companies—they’re just getting started. Here’s to the bright digital future lighting up on the banks of the Ohio.

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