The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Boldly standing on the cusp of the future, that’s us!

We’re the folks, the team, the mavericks, pushing boundaries in the tech landscape. Part of the tech companies in Cleveland. Let me tell you, it’s a buzzing hub, vibrant and cutting-edge.

Our mission? Transform ideas into pixels, into interactive, vibrant web experiences that draw people in. All you need is an idea, we take it from there.

Visualize it.

Imagine, you’ve got an idea, it’s like a tiny seed. That seed could be anything. A product, a service, a cause you’re passionate about.

Then, we step in.

With brushes made of code, design, and intuition, we begin painting on the canvas of the web.

Creating, iterating, perfecting. Each stroke, a line of code. Each color, a design element.

Oh, the joy of seeing your idea take form on screen, it’s nothing short of magic. That’s what we do, day in and day out.

Tech Companies in Cleveland


Hyland The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Like your favorite food truck, these guys are serving up top-shelf software. Their specialty? Content management, y’know, keeping your docs in line. Makes your life easier, like a perfect playlist on a road trip. They’re a big deal in Cleveland, been around since 1991, that’s serious dedication.

MRI Software

MRI-Software The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Ever played with Lego? Well, MRI Software is like that, but for real estate software. You take their modules, build your ideal property management setup. It’s that simple and flexible, like your favorite yoga pose. From residential to commercial, they’ve got the bricks and mortar.


Bridgeworks The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Bridgeworks are the architects of kickass applications. Their superpower? They’re all about turning your visions into reality. They are wizards at creating custom software tailored just for you, like a finely tailored suit.


BrandMuscle The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine a gym for your brand, that’s BrandMuscle. They’ll get your brand fit and fabulous with local marketing solutions. It’s a full-body workout – strategy, execution, analysis, they’ve got it all.

MRI Software

MRI-Software-1 The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Pretend you’re a composer, but instead of notes, you’re pulling together pieces of property management. MRI Software is like your symphony orchestra, providing you with all the tools you need to create harmony in the real estate world.

BlueBridge Networks

BlueBridge-Networks The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

You know that buddy who’s always got your back? BlueBridge Networks is like that, but for data. These guys offer secure, top-notch data center services. It’s like having a high-tech fortress for your data.

Emerald Resource Group

Emerald-Resource-Group The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine you’re on a quest for tech talent. You’d want a loyal and skilled companion, right? That’s where Emerald Resource Group comes in. They’re the knights in shining armor of IT staffing.

Level Seven

Level-Seven The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine a bunch of superheroes dedicated to fighting bad web design. That’s Level Seven. They make sure your site is looking snazzy and working perfectly, like a well-oiled machine.


OEC The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Think of OEC as the traffic controllers of the auto parts industry. Their tech keeps parts moving efficiently, like a well-choreographed dance of car parts. Your go-to for a smooth ride in the auto industry.

Dakota Software

Dakota-Software The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Ever dream of a personal bodyguard for your company’s compliance? Dakota Software is just that. They provide safety compliance software that’s basically a superhero cape for your business.

Futuri Media

Futuri-Media The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine having a genie in a bottle but for media audience engagement. Futuri Media is that genie. They provide innovative tech solutions that attract and retain audiences like bees to honey.


OnShift The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine a world-class concierge for your staffing needs. That’s OnShift. They ensure you’ve got the right people, at the right place, at the right time. Their software is the secret sauce to workforce harmony.


OverDrive The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Books at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. That’s the dream, right? OverDrive makes that dream come true. It’s like having a 24/7 digital library in your pocket.


Explorys-1 The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Think of Explorys as the Sherlock Holmes of healthcare data. Their platform makes sense of huge amounts of health data, uncovering insights that help improve patient care. It’s like having a super detective in your healthcare team.


LeanDog The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine LeanDog as your personal tech coach. They help teams work smarter, delivering products faster. Like a personal trainer for your development team, they’ll get you in shape in no time.


Within3 The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Remember pen pals? Within3 has taken that concept and turbocharged it. They help healthcare professionals around the world connect and collaborate. It’s like the ultimate pen pal network, but for healthcare.


CardinalCommerce The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Ever dream of a superhero guarding your online transactions? Meet CardinalCommerce. They provide top-notch secure payment solutions. It’s like having a high-tech security guard for your e-commerce.

FAQ on tech companies in Cleveland

What are the major tech companies in Cleveland?

Cleveland is home to a vibrant tech scene, with companies like Hyland Software, a worldwide leader in content services, and MRI Software, a pioneering real estate software company.

There’s also Sherwin Williams, not a tech company by definition, but they are known for leveraging tech in their operations. These are just a few examples – there’s a thriving world of tech startups too, which is super exciting.

How is the job market for tech professionals in Cleveland?

Let me tell you, the job market in Cleveland for tech professionals is pretty solid. Lots of companies are always on the lookout for skilled professionals – developers, IT specialists, data analysts, you name it.

Plus, Cleveland’s cost of living is lower compared to many other tech hubs. It’s an inviting place to grow your tech career, no doubt about it.

What is the average salary for tech jobs in Cleveland?

This can vary based on the role and experience, but on average, tech salaries in Cleveland are competitive. You’re looking at an annual median wage in the range of $80,000 to $100,000 for software engineers.

Don’t forget that Cleveland also has a lower cost of living than many other tech cities, which can really stretch those dollars further.

How is the tech culture in Cleveland?

Cleveland’s tech culture is dynamic and inclusive, let me tell you. The city has a strong sense of community, and that’s reflected in the tech scene too.

There are tech meetups, hackathons, coding bootcamps – all sorts of events to help people connect, learn and innovate. It’s a welcoming environment that encourages creativity and collaboration.

What kind of tech startups are in Cleveland?

Cleveland’s got a broad mix of tech startups. From healthtech to fintech, edtech to cleantech, you’ll find innovative startups across the spectrum.

Companies like BoxCast, Everykey and Wireless Environment are just a few examples. It’s an exciting place to be if you’re into startups, with plenty of opportunities to create and disrupt.

Are there any tech incubators or accelerators in Cleveland?

Oh yes, definitely. Cleveland is home to several tech incubators and accelerators, like JumpStart Inc and Flashstarts. These organizations provide resources, mentorship, and funding opportunities for startups.

It’s a supportive environment for entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their tech ventures.

How are tech companies in Cleveland contributing to the local economy?

Tech companies in Cleveland are making a big impact on the local economy. They’re creating jobs, attracting investment, and driving innovation.

Plus, they’re contributing to the growth of the tech ecosystem, making Cleveland an increasingly attractive place for tech talent and startups. It’s a virtuous cycle that’s helping the city thrive.

What are the opportunities for tech education in Cleveland?

If you’re looking to get into tech, Cleveland’s got you covered. There are numerous tech education opportunities, from traditional universities like Case Western Reserve University to coding bootcamps like Tech Elevator.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or looking to level up your skills.

What’s the future of the tech industry in Cleveland?

Well, the future looks bright, my friend. Cleveland’s tech scene is growing rapidly, with more startups, more investment, and more innovation every year.

It’s becoming a key player in the Midwest tech ecosystem. Plus, with the city’s focus on areas like healthtech and cleantech, Cleveland is well-positioned for the tech trends of the future.

What role does Cleveland play in the Midwest tech scene?

Cleveland is becoming a major hub in the Midwest tech scene. It’s got a thriving community of tech professionals, a vibrant startup scene, and strong support from local organizations and institutions.

With its competitive tech job market and lower cost of living, Cleveland is a compelling alternative to traditional tech hubs like San Francisco or New York. It’s helping to put the Midwest on the map in the tech world.

Ending thoughts on tech companies in Cleveland

So, we’ve journeyed through the vibrant landscape of tech companies in Cleveland together, haven’t we?

From giants who keep shaping the future of tech, to the little startups, punching well above their weight. Diverse, aren’t they? Just like the city itself.

What caught my eye? The fiery spirit, that’s what! Cleveland’s tech scene, it’s alive. Pulsing, always adapting, it’s not just surviving, no, no. It’s thriving.

  • Be it AI.
  • Maybe cybersecurity.
  • Or cloud tech.

These Cleveland companies, they’re pushing boundaries, changing the game, one innovative stride at a time.

And you, whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an investor, or just curious, keep Cleveland on your radar. It’s a hotspot, exploding with potential.

Ready to surprise us, always. Yeah, that’s the Cleveland tech scene for you, always one step ahead.

So here’s to those Cleveland innovators. Lighting up the path. Making the future brighter. And cooler too, I must add.

Because, who knows? Tomorrow’s big tech story, it could be born right here, in the heart of Cleveland.

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