The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Crackling with innovation, Cleveland rocks not just in music but as a dark horse galloping in the tech arena. Amidst the Rust Belt, a surge of silicon ambition pulses through its veins. Tech companies in Cleveland? They’re not just sprouting; they’re thriving, intertwining with the city’s industrial spirit.

Dive in, and you’ll discover a digital tapestry—a blend of eager startups and seasoned players.

Picture this: The Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor brimming with biotech prodigies, SaaS artisans honing digital crafts, and the IoT revolution remapping the Great Lakes’ shores.

So, what’s in store? A narrative of transformation.

You’ll learn about the upswing of the Northeast Ohio tech firms, the zenith-reaching Cleveland tech scene, and crucial, ground-breaking entities like JumpStart Inc., making Cleveland a beacon of tech zest.

Venture through the script of this city’s tech ascension, and by the curtain call, you’ll grasp how this metropolis is not just keeping pace but setting the tempo for the tech wunderkinds of America.

Tech Companies in Cleveland

Tech Companies in ClevelandIndustry/SpecialtyNotable Products/ServicesFoundedRemarks
HylandContent ServicesOnBase, Perceptive Content1991A Leader in Content Services with a wide array of solutions
MRI SoftwareReal Estate SoftwareProperty Management Software1971Wide range of products for real estate management
BrandMuscleMarketing AutomationLocal Marketing Automation2000Specializes in integrated local and channel marketing
BlueBridge NetworksData Center ServicesManaged IT Services2004Known for Data Center and Cloud Services in Northeast Ohio
Emerald Resource GroupIT StaffingIT Recruitment1998Focuses on staffing for various IT positions
Level SevenSoftware DevelopmentCustom Enterprise Software1999Offers business process improvement through tech
OECAutomotive SoftwareParts Ordering and E-commerce2000Provides solutions for OEM distribution networks
Dakota SoftwareEHS ManagementProActivity Suite1988Specializes in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) compliance
Futuri MediaInteractive SoftwareAudience engagement software2009Focuses on broadcast media innovation
OnShiftHealthcare SoftwareStaffing and Scheduling2008Provides software for post-acute care and senior living
OverDriveDigital DistributioneBooks, Audiobooks1986A leading provider of digital books for libraries and schools
ExplorysHealthcare Data AnalyticsHealthcare Data Cloud2009Acquired by IBM, known for big data analytics in healthcare
LeanDogSoftware DevelopmentCustom software, Agile consulting2009Known for Agile coaching and custom software
Within3Healthcare EngagementVirtual engagement solutions2008Enables healthcare professionals’ collaboration virtually
CardinalCommerceE-commerce SecurityPayment authentication services1999Focused on secure online transaction technology


Hyland The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Like your favorite food truck, these guys are serving up top-shelf software. Their specialty? Content management, y’know, keeping your docs in line. Makes your life easier, like a perfect playlist on a road trip. They’re a big deal in Cleveland, been around since 1991, that’s serious dedication.

MRI Software

MRI-Software The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Ever played with Lego? Well, MRI Software is like that, but for real estate software. You take their modules, build your ideal property management setup. It’s that simple and flexible, like your favorite yoga pose. From residential to commercial, they’ve got the bricks and mortar.


BrandMuscle The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine a gym for your brand, that’s BrandMuscle. They’ll get your brand fit and fabulous with local marketing solutions. It’s a full-body workout – strategy, execution, analysis, they’ve got it all.

MRI Software

MRI-Software-1 The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Pretend you’re a composer, but instead of notes, you’re pulling together pieces of property management. MRI Software is like your symphony orchestra, providing you with all the tools you need to create harmony in the real estate world.

BlueBridge Networks

BlueBridge-Networks The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

You know that buddy who’s always got your back? BlueBridge Networks is like that, but for data. These guys offer secure, top-notch data center services. It’s like having a high-tech fortress for your data.

Emerald Resource Group

Emerald-Resource-Group The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine you’re on a quest for tech talent. You’d want a loyal and skilled companion, right? That’s where Emerald Resource Group comes in. They’re the knights in shining armor of IT staffing.

Level Seven

Level-Seven The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine a bunch of superheroes dedicated to fighting bad web design. That’s Level Seven. They make sure your site is looking snazzy and working perfectly, like a well-oiled machine.


OEC The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Think of OEC as the traffic controllers of the auto parts industry. Their tech keeps parts moving efficiently, like a well-choreographed dance of car parts. Your go-to for a smooth ride in the auto industry.

Dakota Software

Dakota-Software The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Ever dream of a personal bodyguard for your company’s compliance? Dakota Software is just that. They provide safety compliance software that’s basically a superhero cape for your business.

Futuri Media

Futuri-Media The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine having a genie in a bottle but for media audience engagement. Futuri Media is that genie. They provide innovative tech solutions that attract and retain audiences like bees to honey.


OnShift The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine a world-class concierge for your staffing needs. That’s OnShift. They ensure you’ve got the right people, at the right place, at the right time. Their software is the secret sauce to workforce harmony.


OverDrive The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Books at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. That’s the dream, right? OverDrive makes that dream come true. It’s like having a 24/7 digital library in your pocket.


Explorys-1 The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Think of Explorys as the Sherlock Holmes of healthcare data. Their platform makes sense of huge amounts of health data, uncovering insights that help improve patient care. It’s like having a super detective in your healthcare team.


LeanDog The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Imagine LeanDog as your personal tech coach. They help teams work smarter, delivering products faster. Like a personal trainer for your development team, they’ll get you in shape in no time.


Within3 The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Remember pen pals? Within3 has taken that concept and turbocharged it. They help healthcare professionals around the world connect and collaborate. It’s like the ultimate pen pal network, but for healthcare.


CardinalCommerce The Tech Companies In Cleveland You Should Watch

Ever dream of a superhero guarding your online transactions? Meet CardinalCommerce. They provide top-notch secure payment solutions. It’s like having a high-tech security guard for your e-commerce.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Cleveland

What’s the tech scene like in Cincinnati?

Well, let’s just say it’s buzzing—a real hive of activity. We’ve got everything from bootstrapped startups to major corporates in our back garden. A city more known for its chili is now simmering with digital prospects, and people here are connecting the dots between tradition and tech transition.

Who are the big players among Cincinnati tech companies?

Talking about tech giants, you won’t miss names like Kroger Technology and Procter & Gamble’s IT sector showing muscles. But it’s not solely about the brawny.

We’ve got a playground where emerging SaaS businesses and healthcare tech firms play ball too—think Cintrifuse and 84.51° leading innovation sprints.

Are there tech incubators or accelerators in Cincinnati that support startups?

Oh, yes—and they’re like rocket fuel for nascent ideas! CincyTech and The Brandery stand out, serving up mentorshipventure capital, and a nurturing ecosystem. They’re the nurturers, steadily chalking up success stories and giving these greenhorns the Midas touch.

What types of tech jobs are available in Cincinnati?

It’s akin to a tech bazaar out there. You’ll find offerings from software development to cybersecuritydata analysis to digital marketing. Not to mention, companies here are getting smart with AI and cloud computing, so those skills? Gold dust.

How does Cincinnati’s cost of living compare for tech professionals?

Now here’s the kicker—Cincinnati’s pretty wallet-friendly, especially compared to the usual tech hotspots. A decent living without selling a kidney, and that’s part of its charm. Tech folks can live comfortably here, balance the books, and still hit the town.

What networking opportunities are available for tech professionals in Cincinnati?

Cincinnati’s a tight-knit community, which works in favor of networking. Events like the Cincinnati Tech Summit and various meetups and conferences are hotspots for swapping cards. Launch a conversation at any corner and you’ll likely land in a tech-talk before the next coffee refill.

How do local universities contribute to Cincinnati’s tech industry?

They’re big-time contributors. Schools like the University of Cincinnati pump fresh blood into the tech workforce with innovative technology education programs. They’re making sure grads aren’t just walking out with diplomas but carrying a beacon for tomorrow’s tech.

Are there opportunities for tech entrepreneurship in Cincinnati?

Absolutely! The city rolls out the red carpet for tech entrepreneurs with startup accelerators and venture capital firms eagerly scouting the next big thing. If you’ve got a trailblazing idea and the grit, Cincinnati’s a ground ripe for sowing seeds of tech ventures.

How does Cincinnati support diversity in tech?

It’s a work in progress, but strides are being made. Initiatives like Black Achievers and Women Who Code Cincinnati are critical to this endeavour, stitching diversity into the local tech fabric. Cincinnati understands that true innovation is kaleidoscopic—colorful and varied.

What future tech developments can we expect to see in the region?

Keep your eyes peeled! We’re talking about smart city initiatives and IoT implementations, making Cincinnati not just a dot on a map but a digital transformer. Expect great leaps, with tech industry trends leaning into sustainability and connectivity, against a backdrop pulsating with potential.


And there you have it. We’ve threaded through the circuit board of tech companies in Cleveland —a landscape where innovation isn’t just a buzzword, it’s the currency. Whether it’s the fresh-faced startups in the Health-Tech Corridor, or the emerging SaaS companies flexing their digital muscles, Cleveland’s solidifying its spot on the tech map.

We touched on the supportive tech incubators nurturing the next wave and the venture capital scene that’s banking on bold ideas. We’ve seen the vigor of the Cleveland tech networking events, places where connections spark and opportunities ignite.

  • Cleveland’s transformation? It’s in full swing.
  • Its offering to tech aficionados? Vast and growing.
  • Job prospects? As rich as Ohio’s soil after a spring rain.

Bundle all this, and it’s clear—Cleveland is no longer just the heart of rock ‘n’ roll, it’s where technology dances to an innovative beat. The takeaway? Keep an eye on this lakeside city; it’s coding a robust tech future.

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