The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Imagine unraveling the fabric of innovation stitched across the frost-spiked plains of Minnesota. It’s a realm where high-tech dreams morph into reality; where Silicon Prairie outshines mere cornfields, showcasing tech companies in Minnesota as gems of modern ingenuity.

This article peels back the curtain, diving into the bustling tech scene, from the tech incubators of Minneapolis to the digital economy burgeoning within the Twin Cities.

You’re not just reading an article; you’re charting new territories in Minnesota’s tech revolution.

By the time the final paragraph lands, expect clarity on Minnesota’s tech sector growth, insight into the thriving startup ecosystem, and a nuanced grasp of how local innovation impacts the global circuit.

It’s a whistle-stop tour through Minnesota’s tech hubs, the job market’s vigor, and the pulse of industries driving the state’s economic engine.

Explore. Discover. Learn. These Minnesota innovation hubs and emerging technologies aren’t just reshaping the local landscape—they’re redefining tomorrow.

Tech Companies in Minnesota

Tech CompanyIndustry/SectorKey Product/ServiceTarget AudienceNoteworthy Aspect
SezzleFinancial TechnologyBuy Now, Pay Later solutionConsumers, Online retailersEnables interest-free installment payments
Code42CybersecurityInsider risk detection & responseBusinesses, IT and security teamsFocuses on protecting against insider threats
SportsEngineSports Management SoftwareOnline sports registration & managementSports leagues, teamsComprehensive suite of tools for sports orgs
JamfIT ManagementApple device managementBusinesses, Educational institutionsSpecializes in solutions for Apple ecosystems
Field NationWorkforce ManagementMarketplace for field services laborIT service providers, techniciansMatches contractors with companies in need
DripE-commerce CRMMarketing automation platformE-commerce businessesPersonalizes the customer journey
Total ExpertMarketing SoftwareCRM and customer engagementFinancial service providersSpecializes in the financial industry
When I WorkWorkforce ManagementEmployee scheduling softwareSmall to mid-sized businessesFocuses on shift-based workplaces
ExositeIoT SolutionsIoT platform developmentManufacturers, industrial companiesIndustrial IoT and digital transformation
KipsuCustomer Service SoftwareReal-time customer messagingHospitality, retail, healthcareEnhances direct customer engagement
LeadpagesDigital MarketingWebsite and landing page builderSmall businesses, MarketersSimplifies online lead generation
PerforceVersion Control & DevOpsSource code management, DevOps toolsSoftware developers, EnterprisesScalable solutions for software development
AvtexCustomer ExperienceCX consulting and technology servicesOrganizations focusing on CXComprehensive customer experience solutions
BuzzFeedDigital Media & NewsEntertainment, news, and articlesGeneral audiencePopular content platform with viral appeal
ShopHQRetail & BroadcastingMultichannel video retailingShoppers, Consumer audienceCombines shopping with entertainment
Vanco PaymentsFinancial TechnologyPayment processing solutionsNon-profits, churches, schoolsSpecializing in niche market payment solutions
SmartThingsSmart Home TechnologySmart home automation platformHomeowners, Tech-savvy individualsAllows users to connect and manage devices
ParticleIoT SolutionsIoT hardware and softwareProduct creators, EnterprisesProvides end-to-end IoT platform
MedtronicMedical DevicesMedical technology and devicesHealthcare providers, patientsA leader in medical technology innovation
3MDiversified TechnologyWide range of products across sectorsConsumers, Businesses, IndustriesKnown for innovation in many industries


Sezzle The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Get this, Sezzle is like your friendly neighborhood credit system, but online. They’re super savvy, splitting your payment over time with zero interest. Super great for budgeting, right? This Minneapolis company is making e-commerce a breeze.


Code42 The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Remember that time you lost your homework? Well, Code42 would have had your back. They’re all about protecting your data from theft, loss, or leak. They’re like bodyguards, but for your digital world. Headquartered in Minneapolis, they’re the cyber saviors we all need.


SportsEngine The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

For all the sports freaks out there, SportsEngine is the holy grail. It’s an online hub for organizing and managing sports. Connecting coaches, teams, leagues, you name it! Straight outta Minneapolis, they’re hitting home runs in the tech game.


Jamf The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Everyone loves Apple, right? Well, Jamf helps businesses manage Apple devices. They’re kinda like the invisible tech genie, making sure your MacBook, iPhone, or iPad is on point. This Minneapolis-based crew is doing it for the Apple fans worldwide.

Field Nation

Field-Nation The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Say hi to Field Nation, the matching service for technicians and businesses. Like a super niche dating app, but it’s just for work gigs. This Minneapolis company is making the workforce connection easy-peasy.


scrnli_6_23_2023_12-43-01-PM The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Drip is the marketing guru your online shop needs. They offer e-commerce CRM solutions that’ll turn your traffic into loyal customers. From Minneapolis to the digital world, they’re making brands shine.

Total Expert

Total-Expert The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Total Expert is your one-stop-shop for marketing software for banks and lenders. Trust me, they’re the brains you need behind your financial brand. This Minnesota gem is changing the finance game, one click at a time.

When I Work

When-I-Work The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Need help managing work schedules? When I Work is your go-to. They’re all about making time management smoother than your favorite latte. Operating out of Minnesota, they’re turning the dial up on productivity.


Exosite The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Exosite are the masters of IoT. They help businesses digitize and connect products for better customer experiences. Headquartered in Minneapolis, they’re pushing the boundaries of connectivity.


Kipsu The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Ever wanted a better way to connect with customers? Kipsu is doing just that, helping businesses provide top-notch customer service. Another Minneapolis superstar, transforming customer engagement like never before.


Leadpages The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Welcome to Leadpages, your digital lead generation sidekick. They’re all about helping businesses grow, one conversion at a time. Proudly Minnesotan, they’re turning the marketing world on its head.


Perforce The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Perforce is your software management guru. They’re speeding up development cycles for everyone from video game designers to software developers. Based in Minneapolis, they’re taking software management to the next level.


Avtex The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Bridging the gap between businesses and customers, that’s Avtex. They offer killer tech solutions for improving customer experiences. Minnesota-bred and making waves in the customer engagement sphere.


BuzzFeed The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Yes, that BuzzFeed. Known for viral content, quizzes, and all that fun stuff. But did you know they’ve got a tech hub in Minneapolis? That’s right, they’re bringing the digital party to Minnesota.


ShopHQ The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

ShopHQ is your 24/7 shopping channel, but they’ve seriously upped their tech game with online and mobile platforms. Home-grown in Minnesota, they’re a true testament to retail resilience.

Vanco Payments

Vanco-Payments The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Ever worried about secure online payments? Vanco Payments is on it. Providing safe and easy payment solutions is their game. Born and bred in Minnesota, they’re the e-commerce heroes we all need.


SmartThings The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

SmartThings is all about making your home smarter. They’re connecting devices for seamless home automation. Hailing from Minneapolis, they’re paving the way for the smart homes of the future.


Particle The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Particle is your one-stop IoT shop. They’re helping businesses bring their products into the connected world. Another Minneapolis gem, they’re driving the Internet of Things revolution.


Medtronic The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota

Imagine technology that can improve lives, that’s Medtronic. They’re innovating medical technology to help people live healthier. This Minneapolis powerhouse is taking healthcare into the future.


3M-1 The Best Tech Companies in Minnesota


And last, but certainly not least, 3M. These guys are literally everywhere – from post-its to tech innovations. A Minnesota original, they’re blending creativity and technology like no other.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Minnesota

What’s driving the tech boom in Minnesota?

There’s a tech wave crashing over Minnesota, powered by a fusion of venture capital, strong corporate presence, and a talented workforce emerging from places like the University of Minnesota. Add to that a culture of innovation and supportive policies, and voilà – growth is inevitable.

Are there specific cities leading in tech innovation?

Absolutely. Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Twin Cities, are spearheading this charge. They’re not just population hubs; they’re innovation hubs with ecosystems ripe for tech startups and incubators. And hey, don’t overlook Rochester due to Mayo Clinic’s influence on health tech.

Which tech sectors are most prominent in Minnesota?

Diverse as our seasons, the tech landscape here spans from robust medtech companies to sophisticated cybersecurity firms. There’s a strong presence of enterprise software and ag-tech, too, thanks to our agricultural roots – pun intended.

What resources are available for tech startups in Minnesota?

Startups? They’ve hit the jackpot here. Between Minnesota High Tech AssociationTECHdotMN, and various tech incubators in the Twin Cities scene, the resources are plentiful. Angel investors, Minnesota Cup competition, and a network of mentors – you name it, we’ve got it.

How does the local government support tech companies?

The local government stokes the tech fire with tech grants, R&D tax incentives, and business development programs. They’re playing a long game, investing in infrastructure and education, ensuring we can tap into next-gen tech talent.

What job opportunities are available in the Minnesota tech industry?

Techies looking for gigs have got options galore. From data analytics to software development, UX design to cloud computing solutions, someone’s always hiring. And with that steady infusion of fresh ventures, the tech job market here stays lively.

How has the presence of large tech companies affected the startup culture?

It’s a dual-edged sword. Giants like Best Buy and Target anchor us, attract talent, and foster a tech-savvy culture. That said, startups get to bask in the glow, often collaborating and leveraging these relationships to scale faster than bingeing on leftover tater tot hotdish.

What is the state of diversity in Minnesota’s tech industry?

It’s a work in progress, to be honest. While there’s headway in building a more inclusive workforce, gaps do exist. Initiatives are underway, aiming to widen the pipeline for STEM education and create more equitable access in the field.

How do Minnesota tech companies contribute to the global tech scene?

Hey, we’re a global player. Take Medtronic, for example. Their medical devices are saving lives worldwide. And Code42 in cybersecurity is keeping data safe, which is, let’s face it, global currency nowadays. We’re small but mighty on the world stage.

Are there any notable tech events or conferences in Minnesota?

Absolutely, jump into networking nirvana with Minnesota tech conferences and Twin Cities Startup Week – they’re hot tickets. Here, the brightest minds converge, ideas ping-pong, and innovative spirits soar. It’s where connections are made and the future is shaped.


We’ve come full circle, haven’t we? Journeying through the digital prairies of Minnesota, we’ve dug deep into the landscape where tech companies not only survive the winters but thrive in them.

  • Droplets of innovation have coalesced into a downpour of ingenuity.
  • Visions are being coded into realities across diverse sectors, from medtech to ag-tech, hinting at a future as bright as northern lights.

Looking back, it’s the blend of venture capital, the Minnesota tech sector growth, and brilliant minds graduating from the University of Minnesota that keeps this engine running. As the curtains close on this pixelated stage, remember the foundations laid by entities like Best Buy and Medtronic. These titans not only define the economy but sketch a blueprint for up-and-coming tech startups to dream bigger.

So whether you’re a tech enthusiast, investor, or job seeker, remember this – MN is a hotspot, not just because of the below-zero temps. It’s where tech heats up, and the future is happening now.

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