Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Picture this: nestled against a backdrop of majestic mountains and endless blue skies, there’s a hotbed of innovation brewing. That’s right, tech companies in Colorado are reshaping the future, and they’re doing it one breakthrough at a time.

Boulder’s energy pulsates with startups hungry to disrupt industries, while the Denver Tech Center stands as a beacon of corporate progression.

Talk of tech incubators and accelerators has become the new norm, with whispers of venture capital echoing through the Silicon Mountain. Now, why should this matter to you?

You’re here, aren’t you—thirsty for knowledge, ready to connect the dots in a tech landscape that’s as varied as the Colorado terrain itself.

By journey’s end, you’ll unearth the rich ecosystem of Colorado tech sectors, understand the impactful role of institutions like the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and be versed in the local vocab of innovation, from Boulder tech scene buzz to Colorado Springs software companies.

Unpacking the multi-layered tech community here? It’s a lot like summiting a Fourteener: challenging, exhilarating, and downright inspiring. Let’s dive in.

Tech Companies in Colorado

CompanySector/ServiceProduct/Service OverviewLocation in ColoradoFounding Year
MapQuestDigital MappingOnline web mapping serviceDenver1967
Lockheed MartinAerospace & DefenseSecurity, aerospace, and information technologyLittleton, Centennial1995 (merger)
Pinnacol AssuranceWorkers’ CompensationInsurance provider for workers’ compensationDenver1915
Nymbl ScienceDigital HealthCombines technology with healthcare to improve balanceDenver2015
ZayoTelecommunicationsBandwidth infrastructure servicesBoulder2007
SendGridEmail MarketingCustomer communication platform for transactional and marketing emailsDenver2009
HomebotReal Estate TechHelps homeowners maximize financial potential of their homeDenver2015
Zen PlannerFitness & Gym ManagementSoftware for gym and fitness studio managementHighlands Ranch2006
Procare SolutionsEducation TechChildcare management software solutionsColorado Springs1992


1-14 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Denver serves as the home of MapQuest, which AOL acquired in 2000. Using mobile apps for all devices, they offer a free online map and directions service.

Lockheed Martin

2-14 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

With its corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, Lockheed Martin is a leader in the aerospace, defense, and security sectors nationally. Autonomous Systems, however, is located in Littleton, Colorado, and there they work on autonomous aerial and terrestrial systems, vehicles, and surveillance.

Pinnacol Assurance

3-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

They are dedicated to ensuring worker safety and supporting the success of Colorado businesses as the leading workers’ compensation insurance provider in the state. For the fifth year running, they were named one of the best firms to work for when The Denver Post named them Colorado’s Best Big Employer in 2021.

Nymbl Science

4-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

By strengthening their balance, older persons can increase their mobility and quality of life by using Nymbl’s research-backed fall prevention program.


5-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Leading worldwide communications infrastructure provider Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. offers a variety of services, such as fiber and transport, packet, and managed edge services.


6-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

The industry pioneer in contract automation and intelligence is Ontra. The Ontra platform offers a complete and scalable solution for recurrent legal activities, such as executing ordinary contracts and managing obligations in complicated agreements. It does this by fusing the finest of artificial intelligence and software with a global network of competent lawyers.

7-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark is a rapidly expanding domain registrar that is committed to assisting users all around the world in putting their ideas online.

Deck Nine Games

8-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

They are a self-contained game studio committed to creating AAA interactive story games that entertain, inspire, and change players.


9-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

TextUs is the premier platform for business-class text messaging in real-time communication that has been created to significantly enhance how businesses communicate with their clients, employees, and consumers.


11-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Together, they connect consumers to make wise homeownership decisions. Their technology enables interaction with the professionals who can assist clients in managing this asset — their loan officer and real estate agent — throughout the entire homeownership lifecycle and provides them with individualized and actionable financial insights.


12-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Your channels, inventories, and accounting are all connected via Cin7. Along with creating exciting new prospects for product providers, it significantly lowers the cost of selling things through various channels.

Procare Solutions

15-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

The biggest and best provider of parent engagement, integrated payment processing, and child care administration software is Procare.

Agility Recovery

1-15 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

The best vendor of business continuity and disaster recovery software is Agility Recovery.

Level 3 Communications

2-15 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

With its headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, Level 3 Communications provides communications services to both the government and enterprise organizations. Based on coverage area, Level 3 is the second-biggest provider of fiber optic internet access in the United States and the largest competitive local exchange carrier.


17-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

You can send mass emails to your subscribers using their STMP relay and email marketing services.

Zen Planner

19-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Zen Planner is based in Littleton, Colorado, and offers studios, personal trainers, and gyms all-in-one fitness business software.


20-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

For prospecting purposes, FullContact enables sales representatives and marketers to find email addresses and social profiles.

Stack Infrastructure

21-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

In nine markets today—Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; New Albany, Ohio; Northern Virginia; Phoenix, AZ; Portland, Oregon; Silicon Valley, California; and Toronto, Canada—the company offers a full range of wholesale build-to-suit, colocation, and powered shell solutions.

Velocity Global

22-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

The future of work is accelerated by Velocity Global for everyone, wherever, and in any way. With the support of its Global Work Platform™, businesses can onboard, manage, and pay workers across more than 185 countries and all 50 US states. These solutions include a global Employer of Record and Contractor Management.

Crusoe Energy Systems

24-13 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

They are the forerunners of clean computing infrastructure, which lowers the costs and environmental effects of the growing digital economy around the world.

Friday Health Plans

25-12 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

A healthcare management firm designed specifically for the health insurance market of today is Friday Health Plans, Inc. The Denver-based business concentrates on general simplicity in order to provide affordable costs that enable more individuals to buy health insurance.

Boom Supersonic

26-12 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

A commercial aircraft manufacturer called Boom Supersonic specializes in building supersonic aircraft that are built for speed, safety, and environmental sustainability.


28-12 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

JumpCloud is reinventing the on-premise directory as a cloud-based platform that manages devices, secures identities, and grants secure access to all kinds of IT resources, whether they are located on-premises or in the cloud and run on Windows, Mac, or Linux.


29-12 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

People of all ages can receive mobile and virtual healthcare from DispatchHealth in the convenience of their own homes.

Mentor Spaces

30-12 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

A community-driven mentoring program designed to make it simpler for companies to discover, hire, and keep minority workers.


31-12 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

A web application and API protection solution called ThreatX assists companies in securing their whole portfolio of applications.


32-12 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Conga’s product line automates and simplifies data, documents, contracts, and reports to make businesses run more smoothly.

Quantum Metric

34-12 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Businesses can produce better products more quickly thanks to the continuous product creation platform known as Quantum Metric.


37-11 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

A software-as-a-service platform called Assignar helps construction companies increase output, efficiency, and security.


39-11 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

A Point of Service software program called Arryved assists bars and restaurants in providing outstanding customer service.


40-11 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

The next-generation SIEM platform LogRhythm combines UEBA, NDR, SOAR, and sophisticated security analytics into a single end-to-end solution.


41-10 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Ibotta is a shopping app that offers rewards to users whether they spend in-store or online.


42-10 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Data onboarding software company Flatfile helps businesses automate their data transfers.


43-10 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Denver-based Havenly is an online interior design and e-commerce platform.

Red Canary

44-10 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

A provider of cloud-based security solutions, Red Canary is a cybersecurity technology company.


45-10 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

IT tasks can be gathered into a single console thanks to the cloud-native endpoint management solution Automox.

AMP Robotics

46-10 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

AMP Robotics creates AI-based robotic systems that sort recyclable materials for a tenth of the price of current technologies.


47-9 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

An automated analytics method called unsupervised can find hidden patterns in vast volumes of data.


49-5 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Welltok is a data-driven corporate SaaS company that offers a platform for consumer activation in the healthcare industry.


50-5 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

By utilizing platforms for food processing based on fungi, MycoTechnology enhances the flavor and value of agricultural products.


52-4 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

With the help of the intelligent self-monitoring technology Notion, homeowners may take charge of the areas, people, and possessions in their care.


53-4 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

A global network of channel partners can obtain cloud-based solutions from Pax8, a cloud commerce platform.


54-3 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

A self-service and autonomous digital advertising software platform is called Choozle.


55-3 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

Stream builds conversation and feeds for apps at scale in a tenth of the time and cost of creating internally.


56-3 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

BillGO is a bill payment engine that offers customers security, quick routing, and real-time payments.


57-3 Tech Companies in Colorado Making a Mark

CyberGRX provides a global cyber risk exchange as part of its third-party cyber risk management program.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Colorado

What’s kickstarting the tech boom in Colorado?

It’s not just the mountain air; it’s a killer combo of educated talent from universities like CU Boulder, lifestyle draw, and a supportive state government that digs innovation. Plus, venture capital is starting to see Denver and Boulder as hot alternatives to Silicon Valley.

Who are the key players among Colorado tech companies?

Think of Arrow Electronics and DISH Network Corporation as the established giants. But don’t sleep on the rising stars—those sprouting in the Boulder tech scene and around Denver’s Tech Center, companies that are turning heads with fresh tech and savvy business moves.

What tech sectors are most prominent in Colorado?

It’s a mixed bag, really. Software development takes a hefty slice of the pie, and so does aerospace, thanks to giants like Ball Aerospace. Don’t overlook biotech and energy tech firms either—Colorado’s rocking it with entities like NREL driving the clean energy revolution.

How are Colorado tech companies impacting the local economy?

Like a gold rush, but this time it’s jobs and innovation flooding in. Tech innovation in Colorado means high-paying gigs—spurring growth and diversifying the economy. Beyond that, there’s a culture of entrepreneurship that keeps the economic wheels greased and spinning.

What kind of support do tech companies get in Colorado?

There’s a sense of “we’re in this together” here—tech incubators and accelerators like Techstars Boulder play matchmaker, pairing ideas with investors. Colorado’s Office of Economic Development also chips in with grants and incentives, making it real cozy for tech firms to plant roots.

Are there tech-focused educational programs in Colorado?

Absolutely—Colorado tech education is top-tier, with Galvanize offering state-of-the-art coding bootcamps. University of Colorado shapes sharp minds, priming students with cutting-edge skills that local tech companies crave. Tech and STEM go together here like weekends and mountain climbing.

What is the tech job market like in Colorado?

It’s booming, with tech employment in cities like Denver and Boulder on a serious uptrend. STEM careers are plentiful and varied, from software developers to data analysts. A blend of startups and heavy hitters keeps the job scene here dynamic.

Are there notable tech events or conferences in Colorado?

Oh, you bet. There’s a calendar chock-full of meetups, like “Denver Startup Week,” that’s basically a magnet for anyone eager to swim in the tech tide. Clear some space in your schedule for tech networking events—they’re frequent, fun, and could open doors.

How do Colorado tech companies contribute to innovation?

Innovation’s practically the state motto. Firms here don’t just ride the wave—they make tsunamis, launching products that go global and solutions that push boundaries. The concentration of tech sectors, from digital transformation to research and development, fuels a nonstop idea-factory vibe.

What do tech companies in Colorado look for in potential employees?

It’s a mix, right? Technical chops are a given—coding, data science, you know the drill. But there’s a thirst for problem-solvers, the adaptable types who think on their feet and aren’t scared of a rocky path—’cause hey, we’ve got plenty of those in Colorado!


Okay, let’s wrap this up. The lowdown on tech companies in Colorado? They’re a force. Seriously, this region has transformed into a tech powerhouse with a culture that’s breeding innovation faster than a spring snowmelt fills the Colorado River.

  • Silicon Mountain isn’t just a quirky nickname; it’s a testament to the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • From startups to Fortune 500 firms, there’s a synergy here buzzing louder than any coffee shop on Pearl Street.

So, looking to plug into this tech surge or just curious about the scene? Well, you’ve got the scoop now. The Colorado tech sectors—ranging from IT services to energy solutions—are stacking up to play in the big leagues.

Keep eyes on this space, because with the kind of pull the Denver technology hub and the broader area’s got, the next wave of tech evolution might just have a mountain view.

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