Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Imagine the pulse of innovation thrumming through the streets of Orlando. This city, celebrated for theme parks and sunshine, is charting a course as a burgeoning beacon for tech companies in Orlando.

Central Florida is fast becoming a playground not just for tourists, but for visionary tech entrepreneurs and established industry giants alike.

Here’s the deal: the local tech scene is ablaze. The region’s transformation into a high-tech corridor reflects an emerging ecosystem where talent, creativity, and opportunity converge.

Think about this as your insider guide, offering a peek behind the curtain into Orlando’s tech renaissance.

By the time you reach the conclusion, you’ll have a grasp of the anchors of the local tech industry – from the startups energizing Orlando’s technology parks to established firms driving innovation.

Dive into the tech networking eventstech incubators, and research developments fueling this growth.

Ready to explore? Let’s uncover the digital landscape that has tech enthusiasts buzzing about Orlando’s tech frontier.

Tech Companies in Orlando

Tech Company in OrlandoIndustry/Service FocusYear EstablishedNotable Product/ServiceHeadquarters
Iron Galaxy StudiosVideo game development2008Video game porting servicesOrlando, FL
Sierra SpaceAerospace and defense2021 (As an independent company)Dream Chaser spaceplaneLouisville, CO
CapcoFinancial services tech1998Consulting and managed servicesLondon, UK
AssistRxHealthcare technology2009iAssist medication managementOrlando, FL
CollaborateMDMedical billing software1999Cloud-based billing solutionsOrlando, FL
UshahidiSoftware for data collection2008Crowdsourcing crisis infoNairobi, Kenya
Cole Engineering Services, Inc.Modeling and simulation tech2004Training and simulationOrlando, FL
Cuddlynest, IncTravel accommodation platform2017Online booking platformOrlando, FL
Fortress Information SecurityCybersecurity2014Asset to Vendor Network (A2V)Orlando, FL
Kore.aiAI and Chatbots2013Enterprise virtual assistantsOrlando, FL
Care.aiHealthcare AI2018AI-powered care automationOrlando, FL
BeepAutonomous mobility solutions2019Autonomous shuttle servicesOrlando, FL
Microchip Technology IncSemiconductors1989Microcontrollers, Integrated CircuitsChandler, AZ

Relativity Space

Relativity Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

A logical shift toward software-defined manufacturing is being led by Relativity. They are setting the bar for the modern factory by combining 3D printing, AI, and autonomous robotics.

Iron Galaxy Studios

Iron Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

One of the biggest independent video game publishers in the world, Iron Galaxy has released more than 60 games. They collaborate with the best gaming businesses to co-develop and provide the highest degree of assistance for AAA game creation.

Sierra Space

Sierra Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

In order to improve life on Earth, Sierra Space is creating a common ecosystem in space for scientific cooperation and innovation. The Long Integrated Flexible Environment (LIFE) Habitat, a modular, three-story commercial habitation and science platform, was also created by Sierra Space.


Paylocity Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

HR professionals can manage everyday activities in payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce management with ease because to their all-in-one software platform.

The Aerospace Corporation

Aerospace Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace) is a key architect for American space programs, helping to shape initiatives to counter threats to our national security while developing the technology required to advance this new era of space exploration and commercialization. Aerospace serves the public interest by working across the space industry.

Traffic Tech

Traffictech Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

They are a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that effectively links clients that have items to move with the top carriers to convey them securely by air, sea, rail, and land.


Capco Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

The financial services and energy sectors are the focus of the multinational management and technology consulting firm Capco.


AssistRX Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Despite the fact that AssistRx was just established in 2009, we have benefited from our 30 years of combined experience working in the speciality distribution channel, both in patient care and close cooperation with pharmaceutical producers. For the speciality pharma sector, AssistRx is committed to creating technology solutions and providing top-notch customer service.


Power Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

With a comprehensive compliance and content management solution from PowerDMS, enterprises can lower risk and liability. In order to keep firms compliant, we offer the useful tools required to collect and manage important papers and industry standards.

Tektronix Service Solutions

Tek Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Services for calibration, component screening, and product testing and evaluation are offered by Tektronix Service Solutions. It provides testing services for electronic and semiconductor components to ensure their quality and performance as well as metrology solutions for the calibration of electrical, mechanical, and process control instrumentation.


Collaborate Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Workflows are streamlined by practice management and medical billing software, which also enables quick payment of medical insurance claims.


Ushahidi Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Dedicated to creating free and open source software for data collection, visualization, and interactive mapping, Ushahidi is a non-profit technology business.

Cole Engineering Services

Cole Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

A full-spectrum (live, virtual, constructive, and gaming) training and analysis developer, integrator, and services provider is Cole Engineering Services. CESI uses operational, modeling, simulation, and gaming-based technologies to support First Responders and Warfighters in providing services to the country.


Workday Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise solutions for human resources, payroll, and financial management, Workday offers new levels of company agility at a fraction of the price of acquiring, implementing, and maintaining legacy on-premise systems.


Apple Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Apple is a multinational firm that develops, produces, and distributes personal computers, portable digital music players, mobile communication and media devices, as well as a number of related peripherals, networking products, software, services, and third-party digital content and applications.

 Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Global security corporation Lockheed Martin Corporation is involved in the development, manufacture, integration, and maintenance of high-tech systems and products.


Amd Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

The American multinational semiconductor corporation Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., with headquarters in Santa Clara, California, creates computer processors and related technologies for both commercial and consumer markets.


Mantech Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

ManTech was established in 1968 to offer the US government cutting-edge technology services.


Microchip Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

In order to maintain its continuous growth and financial success, Microsemi Corporation is a semiconductor manufacturer that specializes in system-engineered integrated circuits and high reliability semiconductors.

Electronic Arts

ea-1 Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Games, content, and online services are provided by Electronic Arts (EA), a multinational interactive entertainment software provider, for internet-connected consoles, personal computers, mobile devices, and tablets.


ctg Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Information technology (IT) personnel and solutions are predominantly offered in North America and Europe by Computer Task Group, Inc. (CTG). Its services cover all stages of the life cycle of an IT business solution, such as planning, creating, deploying, managing, and supporting the solution.

General Dynamics

gd Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

The American aerospace and defense company General Dynamics Corporation has its main office in Reston, Virginia.


Veradigm Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

A publicly listed American firm called Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. offers practice management and electronic health record technologies to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

 A10 Networks

a10 Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Appliances from A10 Networks help with network identity problems, bandwidth management, and web application delivery.


Netsuite Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, NetSuite Inc. is an American cloud computing firm that offers software and services to manage business finances, operations, and customer relations. The company was formed in 1998.

Cuddlynest, Inc

Cuddly Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

CuddlyNest is the fastest-growing lodging booking site, providing millions of stays across 200+ countries in every style, price range, and traveler preference.

 Sungard Availability Services

Sungard Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Managed IT services, information availability consulting, business continuity management software, and disaster recovery services are all offered by Sungard AS.


Stax Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Stax, a market leader in payments technology, is totally transforming the way that payments are processed. Businesses of all sizes may handle finances, payments, invoices, inventories, sales data, customer data, and more with the help of the all-in-one Stax Platform.

Fortress Information Security

Fortress-1 Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Fortress supplies essential industry and critical infrastructure with cyber supply chain risk management solutions. One of the biggest cybersecurity companies in the US, Fortress offers solutions for managing asset vulnerabilities and supply chain risk.


Servicenow Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

For enterprise operations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia Pacific, and other nations, ServiceNow offers cloud-based solutions that define, structure, manage, and automate services.


Presidio Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Presidio is a leading global integrator of digital systems that offers collaboration, security, and software-defined cloud solutions to clients of all sizes.

Kore Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

For Global 2000 enterprises, is a market-leading conversational AI and digital UX technology partner. It offers conversational AI and digital assistants with sophisticated user interfaces (UX), created expressly for businesses, for a variety of use cases across sectors to engage clients, partners, and employees.

Virtual Dining Concepts

vdc Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

By using your current kitchen, Virtual Dining Concepts enables you to create additional revenue streams without increasing overhead. We have numerous fully branded solutions that are simple to include into any kitchen. To free you up to concentrate on your restaurant and brand, we take care of the menus, training, marketing, and more.

care Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

By continuously monitoring clinical and operational workflows and learning from them to forecast, prevent, and protect in real-time, allows AI-powered smart care facilities. These facilities improve the patient and provider experience and ultimately enable more human care.


beep Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

For scheduled and on-demand transportation services in first-mile and last-mile use cases, we provide customers turnkey mobility networks. For each deployment, Beep oversees and manages all parts of the launch, oversight, and ongoing management to provide a clean, safe, excellent rider experience.

Microchip Technology Inc

microchip-1 Tech Companies in Orlando You Should Check Out

Leading semiconductor provider for intelligent, networked, and secure embedded control systems is Microchip Technology Inc.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Orlando

What’s Fueling the Growth of Tech Companies in Orlando?

Orlando, right? More than just theme parks. The growth—it’s like wildfire, sparked by the Central Florida tech ecosystem.

A mix of tech industry friendly policies, innovation hubs like Lake Nona, and a strategic location. Plus, partnerships with academic giants like UCF ramp up the tech sector growth.

How Does Orlando’s Tech Scene Compare to Silicon Valley?

Orlando’s scene is different—it’s unique. Think of it as more approachable, with a vibrant community feel. While it’s not Silicon Valley, the Orlando tech industry is a hotspot for defense, simulation, and aerospace, with serious investment in emerging tech companies.

What Types of Tech Companies are Proliferating in Orlando?

Diversity’s the word here. Orlando’s teeming with software companies, game design studios, and innovative health tech firms. The presence of big names like EA rubs shoulders with up-and-coming tech startups. It’s not just one flavor, and that’s the beauty of the Orlando tech scene.

Are There Opportunities for Tech Professionals in Orlando?

Absolutely. This city’s humming with possibilities. From tech careers at industry stalwarts to roles in scrappy start-ups shaking things up—it’s all here. Add to that a community fostering technology sector growth, and you’ve got a landscape ripe for talent to plant roots.

How Do Tech Companies in Orlando Contribute to the Local Economy?

Major players! The tech businesses in Orlando aren’t just taking up office space. They’re pumping life into the economy—creating jobs, investing locally, and fostering an environment where innovation thrives. It’s a kind of feedback loop that builds value all around.

What Support is Available for Tech Startups in Orlando?

The support system? It’s robust. With tech incubators, accelerators like StarterStudio, and entities like Orlando Economic Partnership, startups get the leg-up they need. They’re the ones turning fresh ideas into tomorrow’s successes.

What is Orlando’s Outlook on Technology and Innovation?

Forward, always forward. The city’s outlook is shaped by a commitment to tech education and workforce development. It’s about creating a hub for technology parks and digital innovation.

Stepping stones like the Creative Village tech hub, it signifies Orlando’s long-term investment in a tech-forward future.

How Does Orlando’s Infrastructure Support Tech Companies?

Infrastructure’s key, right? In Orlando, it’s like the city planned for the growth. With state-of-the-art facilities, business parks, and advancements in transport and digital connectivity, it’s a place where tech industry statistics often point skyward.

Hey, there’s a reason why high-tech businesses in Orlando are setting up shop here.

What Role Do Educational Institutions Play in Orlando’s Tech Industry?

A lead role. Educational giants like UCF are not just bystanders; they’re proactive participants. Feeding the industry with graduates in tech, powering research, and facilitating tech incubators. We’re talking about a synergy that fuels innovation for tech companies in Orlando.

How is Orlando’s Tech Community Cultivated and Maintained?

Community—it’s the cornerstone. Tech meetups in Orlando, conferences, and events like Orlando Tech Week knit people together.

We’ve got a wealth of networking opportunities fostering collaboration that helps maintain and grow this vibrant tech community. It takes a village, right? Well, Orlando’s built one for tech.


And there you have it. A deep dive into tech companies in Orlando, and man, what a ride. This city, once a canvas of theme parks and endless sunshine, has sketched a new skyline – one etched with the silhouettes of innovation and opportunity.

At this journey’s end, you’re now in on the secret: Orlando’s not just keeping pace; it’s setting the tempo for tech sector growth. It’s a crossroads where tech careers, business acumen, and a spirit of enterprise merge into the fast lane of the digital highway.

  • Collaborative spaces are buzzing.
  • Tech incubators are nurturing.
  • Technology parks are expanding.
  • And the talent? It’s thriving, driven by a network of educational institutions and a vibrant community that relentlessly fuels progress.

With every entrepreneur and tech startup adding to the mosaic, Orlando’s narrative as a tech haven is just getting started. Closing this chapter, one thing’s clear: In Orlando’s tech tale, the best is yet to come.

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