Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Recently, I’ve been digging around to find out more about the tech scene in different cities, and guess what? I discovered that there’s a growing number of tech companies in Columbus. Who would’ve thought, right? Columbus, Ohio, home to Buckeye football and now a tech hotspot!

Here’s a quick overview:

  • 🏠 Heartland city with a touch of tech flair
  • 🌱 A supportive environment for startups and entrepreneurs
  • 🤝 Collaboration between local businesses, government, and universities

So, it’s high time we explore this hidden gem and uncover some of the coolest tech companies making waves in Columbus. I’m super curious to learn more about their unique contributions to the tech industry.

Grab a snack, sit back, and let’s embark on this exciting journey through Columbus’ tech landscape together!

Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Sage Sustainable Electronics

1-13 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Sage Sustainable Electronics is a privately held Company. Sage is fielding the most experienced team in IT asset disposition with leadership that incorporates decades of work in IT Operations, Asset Management, Compliance, and Security (ITAD).


2-13 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

As a mentoring software solution, MentorcliQ assists firms in the development, implementation, and expansion of high-impact staff mentoring programs. Several mentoring and talent development programs can be easily managed with the MentorcliQ system from a single location. The company’s headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio, and it was established in 2012.


3-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) offers technological solutions to the state of Ohio’s government, healthcare, public broadcasting, and educational sectors.



resume-builder Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio


Via an app, Rhove enables users to purchase shares in commercial real estate properties.


5-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Dolr is a platform for repaying student loans that enables users to quickly reach debt zero using their own money, money from their work, and money from the applications they use.

Aviso Retention 

6-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Underserved schools and universities can keep underserved students engaged, improve retention, and maximize the odds of degree and certificate completion with the aid of Aviso Retention, an AI student success software and equity solution.

Astute Solutions

7-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The world’s most intelligent customer engagement software is Astute Solutions. Best-in-class capabilities for communication, relationship management, information, self-service, and analytics are combined in their fully integrated suite of solutions.


8-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

OCSiAl is a multinational nanotechnology business with activities all over the world.

Basis Theory 

9-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The most adaptable platform to safeguard data in transit and at rest is offered by Basic Theory. It guarantees constant data security while preserving full functionality for both analytical and operational use cases.

Veeam Software

10-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Veeam is a unified platform for cloud, virtual, and physical data backup and management. It specializes in intelligent data management for enterprises that require high availability.


11-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

A technological corporation called NCR Corporation (NCR) offers goods and services that let companies communicate, engage, and conduct business with their clients. Automated teller machines are part of NCR’s portfolio of self-service and assisted-service solutions, which cater to consumers in the financial services, retail, hotel, travel, and entertainment sectors (ATMs).

VIAVI Solutions

12-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

End-to-end visibility is provided by Viavi software and hardware platforms and tools across physical, virtual, and hybrid networks. Viavi is a pioneer in both high-value optical components and instruments for various government and commercial uses, as well as anti-counterfeiting systems for cash authentication.

FAST Enterprises

13-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

FAST is committed to finding answers to issues, working closely with governmental organizations, and solving problems. To the best of their abilities, they assist their clients in meeting the demands of their local communities.


14-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Leading technology vendor and innovator Digimarc. Digimarc gives organizations and governments all over the world the tools to identify all types of content, including audio, video, and picture, to improve daily life.


15-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Paycor offers small and medium-sized organizations with user-friendly, cloud-based onboarding, HR, payroll, and timekeeping software in an effort to help them become more productive and make better decisions regarding their people and procedures.


16-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Tekmark has been providing technology and communications solutions to clients all around the world for more than 35 years. It has a team of competent people with vast experience in creating and integrating information systems, safeguarding against network intrusion, technology, and streamlining business operations.


17-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Businesses can see, comprehend, and enhance connected experiences anywhere thanks to ThousandEyes. The ThousandEyes cloud platform provides unrivaled perspectives across the entire global Internet and instant visibility into every user’s and application’s experience across any network, enabling businesses to successfully migrate to the cloud, deliver better digital experiences, and modernize their enterprise WAN.


18-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

V2Soft offers clients all around the world high performance IT solutions, staffing, engineering solutions, consulting, workforce management, and service outsourcing.

Finite State

19-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

IoT cybersecurity startup Finite State was founded. The business focuses on supply chain security and employs data analysis to monitor a vast network of potential vulnerabilities in order to protect the technology and data of its clients.


20-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

At more than 10,000 retail outlets in the United States and Puerto Rico that primarily cater to clients who prefer to pay with cash, T-CETRA, a major provider of financial technology, transforms cash purchases into safe, auditable, cashless transactions.


21-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

By effortlessly connecting pharmacies and patients to a network of skilled, experienced couriers and delivery drivers through their patented technology, the team of healthcare experts at ScriptDrop has revolutionized the distribution of prescription medications.


22-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

A full-stack worldwide travel insurance provider, battleface, Inc. makes it simple for clients and partners to choose specifically tailored goods and services that meet their requirements.


23-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

For enterprise organizations implementing today’s top collaboration and messaging platforms, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Yammer, Workplace from Facebook, and others, Aware is the only enterprise-grade collaboration governance platform that makes sense of human behavioral data.


24-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

In terms of geometric deep learning technology, Physna is the market leader. By codifying the 3D world through a deeper grasp of the physical qualities of real-world objects and the interactions between them, the company’s software bridges the gap between the physical world and digital code.

Circulo Health

25-11 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Using cutting-edge technology, Circulo is creating the Medicaid insurance business of the future to serve the sickest and most underprivileged people in the country.

Matrix Meats

The world’s leading nano-fiber scaffolds are designed and made by Matrix Meats, Inc., whose mission is to responsibly feed the world by producing clean, healthy, and ecologically friendly cultured meat.

River Financial 

River Financial is a financial technology firm with its headquarters in San Francisco that was established in 2019. It develops tools and services for long-term Bitcoin investors.


28-11 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Facilities managers can enhance the KPIs that are most important to them by streamlining their maintenance procedures, boosting asset productivity, and using the FMX computerized maintenance management system.


29-11 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Branch is an insurtech firm based in Columbus that leverages data and technology to lower the cost and make insurance more accessible. For house, vehicle, umbrella, renter’s, motorcycle, boat, and ATV coverages, Branch makes it simple to receive an estimate and coverage.


30-11 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

With Fleri, immigrants can purchase reasonably priced healthcare coverage for their family members back home.


31-11 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The Ryze app makes it simple to provide and receive cashback, enabling millions of people to pay down their student debts. Its platform directly connects businesses with devoted fans.


32-11 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

With a digital coach on Slack, Helm helps prevent burnout and builds resilient workforces. Helm assists workers in understanding their energy while providing managers with timely information on how to inspire their workforce.


33-11 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Tandem is a free service that connects families with babysitters that have been thoroughly screened. Tandem is the only unrestricted market for care services that is transforming how providers are compensated.


34-11 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Redi gives patients more straightforward tools than ever before and develops new connections to the resources and support they would not otherwise have access to.


35-10 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Tools are combined to improve and streamline efficient community volunteering, including the company’s free app for individual users and equivalent Dashboard for NGOs and businesses.


36-10 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Rapchat makes it simple for anybody, anywhere, to generate music on their phone thanks to its millions of rappers who produce more than 250,000 tracks each month. To produce high-caliber songs, users choose from thousands of rhythms, record vocals, and use editing features like voice effects and mastering.

Forge Biologics

37-10 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

A hybrid gene therapy contract manufacturing and medicines development business is Forge Biologics.

 Path Robotics

38-10 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Artificial intelligence firm Path Robotics specializes in the manufacturing sector.

Beam Dental 

39-10 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Beam Dental is a company that offers dental benefits only online and prices policies based on how well customers maintain their oral hygiene.


40-10 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Every company and recording artist uses Cuttime as their on-demand platform for fact-based, impartial customer insights and worthwhile relationship connections.


41-9 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The Internet of Healthcare is being developed by the automation business Olive. Olive sheds a bright light that encourages linkages between disparate technology by tackling healthcare’s most difficult problems with intelligent automation.


42-9 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Matic offers independent insurance advice by fusing a potent digital experience with a team of reliable consultants.


43-9 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The top SaaS-based resource management platform designed exclusively for the utility and other critical infrastructure sectors is offered by ARCOS.


45-9 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The world’s most dog-centric business, BARK is committed to providing dogs with the best goods, services, and content.


46-9 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Your short-term rental investments are managed, financed, and simplified by ReAlpha, a digital marketplace.


47-8 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Foxen creates cutting-edge technology to offer financial services and insurance options to landlords, managers, and tenants. Foxen’s products fix broken and out-of-date procedures while also generating property money and improving inhabitants’ financial security.


48-5 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Homeowners insurance is offered at reasonable prices by the insurtech firm Kin Insurance.


49-4 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The industry leader in accounting process automation developed by accountants for accountants is FloQast.

50-4 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Their solution makes it simple for businesses to record, maintain, and publish their best practices and standards for data and AI.

Cloudbreak Health

51-4 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Cloudbreak is a telehealth and language access startup that offers interpretation services. The business that provides a full range of industry-leading services to enable all of your telehealth solutions.


52-3 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Microsoft is a multinational American company that creates, produces, licenses, maintains, and markets a variety of software goods and services.

Veeva Systems

53-3 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

A pioneer in cloud-based software for the worldwide life sciences sector is Veeva Systems.


Battelle Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Look, they’re not kidding when they say “the world’s most trusted source for discovery and innovation”. We’re talking about Battelle here. These peeps are big into tech R&D. They have their hands in everything – cybersecurity, health, environment, even national security. Being around for over 90 years, they’ve got the experience and the expertise to tackle complex challenges.


Nationwide Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Believe it or not, insurance companies like Nationwide can be pretty tech-savvy too. They’re using AI, data analytics, and blockchain to improve their services. Imagine getting your insurance claim sorted quicker because of tech advancements! They’re transforming the way they do business and it’s definitely an exciting journey to witness.


Vertiv Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

It’s all about supporting the digital world at Vertiv. They’re the backbone for data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial facilities. What does this mean? Well, they make sure your Netflix doesn’t buffer, your e-mails get delivered, and your online shopping goes through smoothly. Important stuff, right?

Huntington Bank

Huntington-Bank Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Let me spill the tea on Huntington Bank. They’re investing heavily in digital banking, making it super easy to manage your money with just a few taps. Artificial intelligence? Mobile banking? They’ve got it all. And they’re not stopping there. Innovation is their jam, and they’re keen on making banking even more user-friendly.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal-Health Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

What’s the secret sauce to good healthcare? Tech! Cardinal Health is in the business of medical logistics and supply chain solutions. They’re using technology to improve efficiencies, making sure healthcare professionals have what they need, when they need it. It’s like Amazon Prime for the healthcare industry. Kinda cool, huh?


Clarivoy Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Don’t let the name fool you, Clarivoy isn’t a fortune teller, but they’re pretty good at predicting what consumers want. They’re a marketing analytics firm that uses data to understand and anticipate customer behavior. This tech is super powerful, helping businesses to target their audience with laser precision.

Columbus Collaboratory

Columbus-Collaboratory Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Okay, imagine a supergroup but instead of musicians, it’s tech companies. That’s what Columbus Collaboratory is. They tackle big cybersecurity and data analytics challenges, working collaboratively to create innovative solutions. It’s like a tech think tank, coming up with fresh ideas to keep us all safe online.

Bold Penguin

Bold-Penguin Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Bold Penguin is on a mission to simplify commercial insurance, making it easy-peasy for businesses to get the coverage they need. They’re using tech to create an insurance marketplace that’s more efficient and user-friendly. It’s like the Amazon of business insurance. Pretty neat, huh?

Root Insurance

Root-Insurance Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Ever felt like your driving skills should be rewarded? Root Insurance hears you. They’re using tech to assess your driving and offer insurance based on your actual habits, not just general statistics. It’s fairer, more personalized, and all around more awesome.

Ready Robotics

Ready-Robotics Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Ready Robotics is all about… you guessed it, robots! But not the scary, take-over-the-world kind. They’re into industrial robotics, using tech to make factories and warehouses more efficient. Robots that can pack, sort, assemble – you name it, they can probably do it.


12233 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Remember the days when going to the doctor meant paper forms and long waits? Updox is changing all that. They’re bringing healthcare into the digital age, making it easier for patients and doctors to communicate and share information. It’s modern, it’s efficient, it’s the future.


Beaconforce Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

What if your company could understand your needs better? Beaconforce is making that a reality. They’re using AI to analyze employee engagement, helping companies to create better work environments. It’s like having a personal advisor for your job satisfaction.


Wiretap Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Okay, Wiretap isn’t as spooky as it sounds. They’re all about secure collaboration, making sure your company’s communication is safe, secure, and efficient. It’s like having a guardian angel watching over your Slack chats and Microsoft Teams meetings.


CrossChx Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

CrossChx is like the Swiss Army knife of healthcare tech. They’re using AI to tackle a range of challenges, from patient identification to managing health records. They’re making healthcare more efficient and less frustrating for everyone involved. It’s like having a tech superhero on your side.

Ikove Capital

Ikove-Capital Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio


Ever wonder where tech startups get their funding from? Meet Ikove Capital. They’re investing in the next generation of tech companies, helping to turn cool ideas into successful businesses. They’re the fairy godmother of the tech world, helping Cinderella startups get to the ball.


PriorAuthNow Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

PriorAuthNow is taking on the paperwork. They’re streamlining the process for medical prior authorizations, using tech to make it faster and less of a headache. It’s a game-changer for doctors and patients alike, taking the stress out of healthcare.

Drive Capital

Drive-Capital Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Just like Ikove, Drive Capital is backing the tech dreamers. They’re a venture capital firm investing in innovative startups across the Midwest. It’s like being on Shark Tank, but with less drama and more support.

Lumos Innovation

Lumos-Innovation Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Finally, let’s shine a light on Lumos Innovation. They’re a startup accelerator, helping young tech companies to grow and succeed. It’s like having a personal trainer for your business, pushing you to reach your full potential.

FAQs on Columbus tech companies

What are some of the biggest tech companies in Columbus?

IBM, JPMorgan Bank, and Nationwide are just a few of the huge IT businesses that have established significant operations in Columbus. Root Insurance, CoverMyMeds, and Updox are a few of Columbus’s other noteworthy tech companies.

What is the startup ecosystem like in Columbus?

The startup community in Columbus is flourishing, and there are many resources available to help new businesses get off the ground.

Many accelerators and incubators, such as Rev1 Ventures and The Ohio State University Technology Commercialization Office, are located in the city, offering guidance, money, and other support to local entrepreneurs.

What types of tech companies are prevalent in Columbus?

Finance, insurance, healthcare, and logistics are just some of the many fields served by Columbus’s thriving tech sector.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain are just a few of the cutting-edge technology that many Columbus firms are tackling.

How is Columbus working to attract tech companies and talent to the city?

Tax incentives for companies that create jobs in the area and agreements with institutions to train workers in high-demand digital skills are just two of the many strategies Columbus has implemented to attract tech companies and talent.

In order to make itself more appealing to IT businesses and their employees, the city has also invested in bettering its infrastructure and quality of life.

What resources are available for tech startups in Columbus?

Co-working spaces, mentorship programs, and funding options are just some of the things that Columbus has to offer tech businesses.

There are also a number of accelerators and incubators in the city, such as The Point at Otterbein University and Fintech71, which help startups get off the ground.

What is the talent pool like for tech companies in Columbus?

Many colleges in the Columbus area, particularly The Ohio State University, which generates a large number of graduates in technology-related subjects, contribute to the city’s highly educated workforce. The city has also launched a number of programs to entice and keep tech workers.

What is the impact of Ohio State University on the tech industry in Columbus?

The tech industry in Columbus has benefited greatly from Ohio State University, which has created a pool of skilled workers and useful tools for local businesses, both new and old.

Some successful technology businesses have benefited from the university’s Technology Commercialization Office.

How does the cost of living in Columbus compare to other tech hubs?

Living expenses in Columbus are often lower than in other major technology centers, making it a desirable location for tech companies and professionals.

Yet, growing property costs in recent years may have an effect on the city’s long-term affordability.

What is the impact of Columbus’ location on its tech industry?

Columbus’ proximity to other big markets like Chicago and New York is only one of the many benefits the city’s location offers the tech sector.

The city’s central Midwest position also facilitates networking and cooperation with other regional businesses.

How is the tech industry in Columbus contributing to the city’s economy?

More than eight percent of Columbus’ GDP comes from the technological sector. In addition to bringing in capital and top expertise, the business also supports high-paying employment opportunities for locals. Real estate and the hospitality sector have benefited from the expansion of the IT sector.

Conclusion on these Columbus tech companies

We’ve dug into some outstanding tech companies in Columbus, right? This city is definitely making its mark in the tech world, and we’ve merely glimpsed a portion of it.

Now, let’s sum it up:

  • Columbus tech scene? Constantly evolving
  • Opportunities for discovery? Countless

As tech aficionados, what’s our part in all this? Simple as pie:

  1. Stay curious about emerging startups
  2. Engage with the local tech community
  3. Keep learning to stay on top of our game

The Columbus tech landscape is truly inspiring – with groundbreaking ideas constantly taking shape, we need to stay informed. So, let’s not call it quits here, friends

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