Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Imagine the pulse of innovation thumping right in the heart of Ohio—tech companies in Columbus are igniting that rhythm. This city, not traditionally earmarked for its silicon aspirations, is now a hotspot for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike.

Waves of talent from the Ohio State University and beyond crash onto a burgeoning startup scene, generating ripples of disruption across industries.

By delving into this article, you’re tapping into the epicenter of Ohio’s tech renaissance. I’m here to unfurl a narrative that weaves through the digital streets of Columbus; a tale of hustle, growth, and opportunity.

You’ll emerge with insights into how this city is crafting a name for itself amid titans of technology.

Here’s the blueprint – we’ll explore the startup ecosystem, uncover the key players making waves, and decode the support structures catapulting these entities to success.

From Columbus technology education to the venture capital stoking the fires of innovation, you’re about to get an insider’s perspective on why Columbus is the tech hub to watch.

Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Tech Company in ColumbusIndustry/SectorProducts/ServicesTarget AudienceNotable Features
Sage Sustainable ElectronicsElectronics RecyclingIT Asset Disposition, Recycling ServicesBusinessesFocus on sustainable recycling of electronics
MentorcliQHR TechEmployee Mentoring SoftwareHR Departments, EnterprisesComprehensive mentoring programs
OARnetEducation, TechnologyNetworking, Technology solutionsEducational, Research, State Government entitiesHigh-speed broadband services, IT infrastructure
Aviso RetentionEdTechStudent Retention SoftwareHigher Education InstitutionsData analytics for student success
OCSiAlNanotechnologySingle Wall Carbon NanotubesVarious industries inc. Aerospace, AutomotiveTUBALL nanotubes enhance materials
Veeam SoftwareITCloud Data ManagementBusinesses of all sizesBackup & Recovery, Cloud Data Management
NCRCommerce, FinanceATMs, POS Systems, SoftwareRetail, Financial, HospitalityWide range of commerce-related products and solutions
VIAVI SolutionsNetwork, TechNetwork Testing and MonitoringTelecom IndustryNetwork and service enablement
FAST EnterprisesGovernment SoftwareGovernment Revenue SolutionsGovernment agenciesRevenue, Tax, and DMV software solutions
DigimarcDigital IdentificationWatermarking, Digital IDs, Product AuthenticationRetail, Manufacturing, GovernmentBarcode alternatives, anti-counterfeiting
PaycorHR, PayrollHR Management SoftwareSmall to medium businessesHR, payroll, and timekeeping solutions
ThousandEyesNetwork IntelligenceNetwork Monitoring, SecurityBusinesses of all sizesVisibility and insights into internet performance
V2SoftIT ServicesIT Solutions and StaffingVarious industriesCustomized technology solutions and services
Finite StateCybersecuritySupply Chain Security, Risk ManagementIoT Device ManufacturersFocus on IoT cybersecurity
battlefaceInsurance TechTravel InsuranceTravelersInnovative travel insurance solutions
AwareHR TechEmployee Communications MonitoringBusinesses, Compliance teamsMitigate risks in workplace communication platforms
FMXFacilities ManagementMaintenance and Operations SoftwareSchools, Property ManagersStreamlining maintenance and operations
BranchFintechDigital Banking and PaymentsWorkers, BusinessesMobile digital banking for hourly workers
Redi.HealthHealthTechDigital Health SolutionsHealthcare ProvidersHealth data interoperability platform
POINTVolunteer TechVolunteer Management PlatformNonprofits, VolunteersVolunteer engagement and management
RapchatMusic TechMusic Creation and Sharing PlatformMusicians, Music EnthusiastsMobile platform for creating and sharing music
Beam DentalDental Insurance TechDental BenefitsSmall and Medium BusinessesDental insurance that focuses on preventive care
OliveHealthcare AIAI for Healthcare AdministrationHealthcare OrganizationsAI and automation for healthcare processes
MaticInsurance TechDigital Insurance MarketplaceProperty OwnersDigital platform for comparing insurance policies
ARCOSWorkforce ManagementResource Management SoftwareUtility, Airline IndustriesAutomated crew callout and resource management
BARKPet TechDog Products, ServicesDog OwnersSubscription-based service for dog toys and treats
reAlphaReal Estate TechReal Estate Investment PlatformInvestorsPlatform for investing in short-term rental properties
FoxenProperty TechEnergy Management SoftwareProperty ManagersSaaS platform for property sustainability
KinInsurtechHome InsuranceHomeownersDirect-to-consumer home insurance model
FloQastAccounting TechClose Management SoftwareAccountants, Finance TeamsSoftware to streamline month-end close process
MicrosoftIT, TechVarious Software, Services, and DevicesConsumers, Businesses, DevelopersTech giant with a vast array of products
Veeva SystemsLife Sciences CloudCloud Solutions for Life SciencesPharmaceutical, Biotech IndustriesSpecialized solutions for life sciences
BattelleResearch and DevelopmentR&D, Product Development ServicesGovernment, Industry, NonprofitVarious areas including health and analytics
NationwideInsurance, Financial ServicesInsurance, Financial ProductsIndividuals, BusinessesWide range of financial products and services
VertivCritical InfrastructurePower, Cooling, IT InfrastructureData Centers and NetworkingSolutions for critical digital infrastructure
Huntington BankBanking, FinancialBanking Services, Lending, Wealth ManagementIndividuals, BusinessesFull-service banking and financial solutions
Cardinal HealthHealthcareHealthcare Products, ServicesHealthcare Providers, PharmaciesDistributor of pharmaceuticals and medical products
Bold PenguinInsurance TechCommercial Insurance ExchangeInsurance Carriers, AgentsStreamlines the commercial insurance process
Root InsuranceCar Insurance TechCar InsuranceDriversDigital-first car insurance company
Ready RoboticsAutomationIndustrial Robotics SystemsManufacturersSolutions for making robotics accessible
UpdoxHealthcare TechHealthcare Communication SolutionsHealthcare ProvidersImprove patient engagement and coordination
WiretapSecurity TechData Loss PreventionEnterprisesProtects against threats in digital collaboration tools
CrossChxHealth TechHealthcare Identification SolutionsHealthcare ProvidersBiometric patient identification and data
Drive CapitalInvestmentVenture CapitalStartups, Tech CompaniesInvesting in innovative tech companies in the Midwest
Lumos InnovationStartup AcceleratorFunding, MentorshipTech StartupsProvides support for early-stage startups

Sage Sustainable Electronics

1-13 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Sage Sustainable Electronics is a privately held Company. Sage is fielding the most experienced team in IT asset disposition with leadership that incorporates decades of work in IT Operations, Asset Management, Compliance, and Security (ITAD).


2-13 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

As a mentoring software solution, MentorcliQ assists firms in the development, implementation, and expansion of high-impact staff mentoring programs. Several mentoring and talent development programs can be easily managed with the MentorcliQ system from a single location. The company’s headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio, and it was established in 2012.


3-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) offers technological solutions to the state of Ohio’s government, healthcare, public broadcasting, and educational sectors.

Aviso Retention 

6-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Underserved schools and universities can keep underserved students engaged, improve retention, and maximize the odds of degree and certificate completion with the aid of Aviso Retention, an AI student success software and equity solution.


8-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

OCSiAl is a multinational nanotechnology business with activities all over the world.

Veeam Software

10-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Veeam is a unified platform for cloud, virtual, and physical data backup and management. It specializes in intelligent data management for enterprises that require high availability.


11-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

A technological corporation called NCR Corporation (NCR) offers goods and services that let companies communicate, engage, and conduct business with their clients. Automated teller machines are part of NCR’s portfolio of self-service and assisted-service solutions, which cater to consumers in the financial services, retail, hotel, travel, and entertainment sectors (ATMs).

VIAVI Solutions

12-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

End-to-end visibility is provided by Viavi software and hardware platforms and tools across physical, virtual, and hybrid networks. Viavi is a pioneer in both high-value optical components and instruments for various government and commercial uses, as well as anti-counterfeiting systems for cash authentication.

FAST Enterprises

13-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

FAST is committed to finding answers to issues, working closely with governmental organizations, and solving problems. To the best of their abilities, they assist their clients in meeting the demands of their local communities.


14-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Leading technology vendor and innovator Digimarc. Digimarc gives organizations and governments all over the world the tools to identify all types of content, including audio, video, and picture, to improve daily life.


15-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Paycor offers small and medium-sized organizations with user-friendly, cloud-based onboarding, HR, payroll, and timekeeping software in an effort to help them become more productive and make better decisions regarding their people and procedures.


17-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Businesses can see, comprehend, and enhance connected experiences anywhere thanks to ThousandEyes. The ThousandEyes cloud platform provides unrivaled perspectives across the entire global Internet and instant visibility into every user’s and application’s experience across any network, enabling businesses to successfully migrate to the cloud, deliver better digital experiences, and modernize their enterprise WAN.


18-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

V2Soft offers clients all around the world high performance IT solutions, staffing, engineering solutions, consulting, workforce management, and service outsourcing.

Finite State

19-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

IoT cybersecurity startup Finite State was founded. The business focuses on supply chain security and employs data analysis to monitor a vast network of potential vulnerabilities in order to protect the technology and data of its clients.


22-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

A full-stack worldwide travel insurance provider, battleface, Inc. makes it simple for clients and partners to choose specifically tailored goods and services that meet their requirements.


23-12 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

For enterprise organizations implementing today’s top collaboration and messaging platforms, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Yammer, Workplace from Facebook, and others, Aware is the only enterprise-grade collaboration governance platform that makes sense of human behavioral data.


28-11 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Facilities managers can enhance the KPIs that are most important to them by streamlining their maintenance procedures, boosting asset productivity, and using the FMX computerized maintenance management system.


29-11 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Branch is an insurtech firm based in Columbus that leverages data and technology to lower the cost and make insurance more accessible. For house, vehicle, umbrella, renter’s, motorcycle, boat, and ATV coverages, Branch makes it simple to receive an estimate and coverage.


34-11 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Redi gives patients more straightforward tools than ever before and develops new connections to the resources and support they would not otherwise have access to.


35-10 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Tools are combined to improve and streamline efficient community volunteering, including the company’s free app for individual users and equivalent Dashboard for NGOs and businesses.


36-10 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Rapchat makes it simple for anybody, anywhere, to generate music on their phone thanks to its millions of rappers who produce more than 250,000 tracks each month. To produce high-caliber songs, users choose from thousands of rhythms, record vocals, and use editing features like voice effects and mastering.

Beam Dental 

39-10 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Beam Dental is a company that offers dental benefits only online and prices policies based on how well customers maintain their oral hygiene.


41-9 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The Internet of Healthcare is being developed by the automation business Olive. Olive sheds a bright light that encourages linkages between disparate technology by tackling healthcare’s most difficult problems with intelligent automation.


42-9 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Matic offers independent insurance advice by fusing a potent digital experience with a team of reliable consultants.


43-9 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The top SaaS-based resource management platform designed exclusively for the utility and other critical infrastructure sectors is offered by ARCOS.


45-9 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The world’s most dog-centric business, BARK is committed to providing dogs with the best goods, services, and content.


46-9 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Your short-term rental investments are managed, financed, and simplified by ReAlpha, a digital marketplace.


47-8 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Foxen creates cutting-edge technology to offer financial services and insurance options to landlords, managers, and tenants. Foxen’s products fix broken and out-of-date procedures while also generating property money and improving inhabitants’ financial security.


48-5 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Homeowners insurance is offered at reasonable prices by the insurtech firm Kin Insurance.


49-4 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The industry leader in accounting process automation developed by accountants for accountants is FloQast.


52-3 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Microsoft is a multinational American company that creates, produces, licenses, maintains, and markets a variety of software goods and services.

Veeva Systems

53-3 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

A pioneer in cloud-based software for the worldwide life sciences sector is Veeva Systems.


Battelle Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Look, they’re not kidding when they say “the world’s most trusted source for discovery and innovation”. We’re talking about Battelle here. These peeps are big into tech R&D. They have their hands in everything – cybersecurity, health, environment, even national security. Being around for over 90 years, they’ve got the experience and the expertise to tackle complex challenges.


Nationwide Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Believe it or not, insurance companies like Nationwide can be pretty tech-savvy too. They’re using AI, data analytics, and blockchain to improve their services. Imagine getting your insurance claim sorted quicker because of tech advancements! They’re transforming the way they do business and it’s definitely an exciting journey to witness.


Vertiv Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

It’s all about supporting the digital world at Vertiv. They’re the backbone for data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial facilities. What does this mean? Well, they make sure your Netflix doesn’t buffer, your e-mails get delivered, and your online shopping goes through smoothly. Important stuff, right?

Huntington Bank

Huntington-Bank Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Let me spill the tea on Huntington Bank. They’re investing heavily in digital banking, making it super easy to manage your money with just a few taps. Artificial intelligence? Mobile banking? They’ve got it all. And they’re not stopping there. Innovation is their jam, and they’re keen on making banking even more user-friendly.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal-Health Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

What’s the secret sauce to good healthcare? Tech! Cardinal Health is in the business of medical logistics and supply chain solutions. They’re using technology to improve efficiencies, making sure healthcare professionals have what they need, when they need it. It’s like Amazon Prime for the healthcare industry. Kinda cool, huh?

Bold Penguin

Bold-Penguin Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Bold Penguin is on a mission to simplify commercial insurance, making it easy-peasy for businesses to get the coverage they need. They’re using tech to create an insurance marketplace that’s more efficient and user-friendly. It’s like the Amazon of business insurance. Pretty neat, huh?

Root Insurance

Root-Insurance Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Ever felt like your driving skills should be rewarded? Root Insurance hears you. They’re using tech to assess your driving and offer insurance based on your actual habits, not just general statistics. It’s fairer, more personalized, and all around more awesome.

Ready Robotics

Ready-Robotics Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Ready Robotics is all about… you guessed it, robots! But not the scary, take-over-the-world kind. They’re into industrial robotics, using tech to make factories and warehouses more efficient. Robots that can pack, sort, assemble – you name it, they can probably do it.


12233 Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Remember the days when going to the doctor meant paper forms and long waits? Updox is changing all that. They’re bringing healthcare into the digital age, making it easier for patients and doctors to communicate and share information. It’s modern, it’s efficient, it’s the future.


Wiretap Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Okay, Wiretap isn’t as spooky as it sounds. They’re all about secure collaboration, making sure your company’s communication is safe, secure, and efficient. It’s like having a guardian angel watching over your Slack chats and Microsoft Teams meetings.


CrossChx Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

CrossChx is like the Swiss Army knife of healthcare tech. They’re using AI to tackle a range of challenges, from patient identification to managing health records. They’re making healthcare more efficient and less frustrating for everyone involved. It’s like having a tech superhero on your side.

Drive Capital

Drive-Capital Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Just like Ikove, Drive Capital is backing the tech dreamers. They’re a venture capital firm investing in innovative startups across the Midwest. It’s like being on Shark Tank, but with less drama and more support.

Lumos Innovation

Lumos-Innovation Must Know Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Finally, let’s shine a light on Lumos Innovation. They’re a startup accelerator, helping young tech companies to grow and succeed. It’s like having a personal trainer for your business, pushing you to reach your full potential.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Columbus

What’s sparking the growth of tech companies in Columbus?

It’s a cocktail of things, really. Columbus has a strong base with institutions like Ohio State University fueling the talent pipeline. Add to that, initiatives like Smart Columbus, robust local funding through entities like Rev1 Ventures, and you’ve got a fertile ground for tech’s bloom.

How do Columbus tech companies attract top talent?

Well, these companies have a knack for collaboration with local universities. They offer mouth-watering incentives and cultivate a work culture that’s as vibrant as the Short North Arts District on a Saturday night. Plus, the city’s affordability makes it a magnet for sharp minds.

What types of tech companies are thriving in Columbus?

You’ll see a spectrum, from healthcare tech and fintech like CoverMyMeds and Root Insurance to startups focusing on AI development and digital transformation. It’s a well-rounded tech ecosystem, where software companies and cybersecurity firms are also gaining serious traction.

What role does government play in supporting Columbus tech?

The government’s not just a bystander; they’re in the fray. Through initiatives like Smart Columbus, they’re actively promoting tech innovation. They provide grants, facilitate partnerships, and are keen on turning Columbus into a model smart city. They’re making it easy for tech to plant its roots here.

Can startups really compete with bigger tech hubs like Silicon Valley?

Absolutely. Columbus is like the under-the-radar track star showing up big at the nationals. The startup ecosystem here is robust, cost of living is way more manageable, and there’s a sense of community you don’t always find in larger hubs. It’s a competitive advantage, no doubt.

How are Columbus tech companies impacting the local economy?

They’re the shot of espresso in Columbus’ morning coffee. They boost job creation, attract investments, and bring a sense of dynamism to the region. More tech means more business, more innovation, and a solidified spot on the map for the city.

You’re talking a city at the forefront of smart city initiatives, right? Columbus companies are pushing boundaries in digital transformation, investing in AI, and cybersecurity. There’s also a lean towards sustainable tech and integrated cloud services, which is neat.

How is Columbus fostering a community for tech startups?

It’s all about connections. The startup scene here is tight-knit. With incubators like Rev1 Ventures and accelerators, there’s a consistent push towards community events, networking opportunities, and collaborative efforts. They’re creating a community vibe while keeping the tech gears turning.

What opportunities are there for tech investors in Columbus?

Oh man, where to start? There’s ripe potential for venture capital in Columbus due to the diversity of the tech landscape. You have Columbus Seed Fund and NCT Ventures playing matchmaker between cash-ready investors and innovative startups eager for growth. It’s an investor’s playground.

How does Columbus retain tech talent against bigger cities?

Think about it – Columbus offers a quality of life that’s tough to beat. Affordable housing, great schools, less congestion. There’s an appealing balance of work and leisure here. And tech companies are quick to offer perks that reflect the city’s lifestyle. That’s how they keep ‘em around.


We’ve surfed the digital tide of tech companies in Columbus, revealing a scene that’s as dynamic as it is promising. For anyone keeping score, the takeaways are clear:

  • Columbus isn’t just up-and-coming; it’s here, brimming with innovation that’s reshaping the tech frontier.
  • The fusion between Ohio’s smart mobility corridor and Columbus innovation hubs is nothing short of electric.
  • From the talent minted at Ohio State University to the nurturing arms of incubators and accelerators, there’s a conveyor belt of brilliance at play.

As the last pixel dims on this narrative, remember: Columbus is a canvas where tech’s future is being sketched. It’s a place where software developmentAI, and cybersecurity aren’t just buzzwords; they’re the pulse of the city. Watch this space. Because in the tech world, Columbus is both a player and a game changer, and the next chapter promises to be even more exhilarating.

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