Tech Companies In Burlington You’d Like To Work For

Tech companies in Burlington – no, we’re not pulling your leg.

Hidden in the scenic landscapes of Vermont is a buzzing hive, a sleeper cell of innovation and digital design. Believe me, Burlington isn’t just about maple syrup anymore. But let’s not get lost in the trees, let’s talk about the tech scene in the heart of the Green Mountain state.

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Once a quiet city known more for its idyllic views and winter sports, Burlington has quietly but surely morphed into a digital hub. It’s a canvas where a myriad of web designers, tech innovators, and eager start-ups have been splashing their colourful ideas.

It’s the kind of transformation story they don’t make movies about – yet.

A new dawn of tech prowess has risen from the snow-capped hills and stunning lakefront vistas. Tech companies in Burlington are seriously disrupting the scene, bringing a rush of that big city energy to our charming corner of New England.

So, buckle up. Let’s take a walk through Burlington’s digital district, a ride on the coding current, and introduce you to the trailblazers turning maple trees into microchips.

Tech Companies in Burlington

Dealer.com_ Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

Dreaming of the sleekest cars, yet my fingers only dance on keys? You got it, I’m all about designing those pixel-perfect websites for auto dealerships at Here, tech and creativity meet horsepower. Every click revs the engine of commerce. It’s not just about selling cars, it’s about creating digital journeys that’ll drive you wild. Yes, speed matters here. But in the web traffic, not the highway.


Inntopia Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

Welcome to Inntopia, the dreamland of hospitality management software! When I’m here, I weave my web magic to create the perfect vacation for you – from the comfort of your screen. From booking hotels to scheduling spa appointments, my designs help you plan your holiday faster than you can say “relaxation”. It’s like building sandcastles in the digital realm, each pixel contributing to a better vacation experience.


Burton Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

Ever wondered how the gnarliest snowboard gear flies off the shelves? Welcome to my Burton web lab. I blend cool designs with hot tech to put the best products in the spotlight. What’s my snow globe? The UX that gets you amped up about your next adventure. I create digital trails that lead you straight to the summit. It’s not all about the ride down the mountain, it’s also about the climb up our website.

The University of Vermont Health Network

The-University-of-Vermont-Health-Network Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

Here’s a healthy dose of web design. At The University of Vermont Health Network, I juggle information like a surgeon handles a scalpel. My goal? To design a site that keeps you well-informed about your health, no medical degree required. Health is a journey, and I make sure the road to wellness is as smooth as a heartbeat on a monitor.

Seventh Generation

Seventh-Generation Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

Green on your screen! At Seventh Generation, I translate eco-consciousness into web-speak. My mission is to design a website as clean as the products. Like a digital alchemist, I convert pixels into messages of sustainability. The ultimate victory? Turning users into earth defenders, one click at a time.

Vermont Information Processing

Vermont-Information-Processing Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

It’s all about the code at Vermont Information Processing. The “nuts and bolts” behind the beverage industry. My designs flow like a finely crafted beer, merging data with aesthetics. It’s not about drowning in information, it’s about finding the thirst-quenching facts that’ll keep the business bubbling.

FoodScience Corporation

FoodScience-Corporation Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

At FoodScience Corporation, I’m the digital chef. My ingredients? Clean lines, vivid colors, and intuitive navigation. The recipe? A dash of creativity, a pinch of technology, and a whole lot of passion. The result? A website that’s as nutritious and balanced as the products themselves.

Mach7 Technologies

Mach7-Technologies Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

Here in Mach7 Technologies, I architect digital landscapes where medical imaging data comes to life. My designs simplify complex information, turning scans and slides into comprehensible images. I’m not just a web designer, I’m a translator of tech, guiding users through the inner workings of the human body.

Champlain College

Champlain-College Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

At Champlain College, I paint digital dreams. Through vibrant interfaces and seamless navigation, I turn online education into a journey of discovery. It’s not just about earning a degree; it’s about fostering a love for learning, one click at a time.


MicroStrain Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

Within MicroStrain, I design a world where tiny tech creates massive impacts. Through sleek interfaces, I bring sensor technology to the forefront. Each pixel, each line of code, tells a story of precision and innovation. My canvas? The limitless possibilities of MicroStrain’s groundbreaking technology.

Burlington Bytes

Burlington-Bytes Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

Welcome to my digital playground at Burlington Bytes. Here, I craft experiences that enthrall, engage, and convert. It’s a blend of art and commerce, where captivating designs boost business performance. A digital shop window that’s always open, always inviting.

Pwnie Express

Pwnie-Express Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

At Pwnie Express, I design for the digital detectives. My task? To make cyber threat detection as straightforward as reading a map. I paint a picture of network security, turning abstract threats into concrete visuals. When it comes to the web, knowledge is power, and my designs empower users.

Data Innovations

Data-Innovations Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

Data may be complicated, but at Data Innovations, my designs make it simple. With intuitive interfaces, I transform raw data into comprehensible charts, graphs, and tables. It’s a digital symphony where every note plays its part in a harmonious understanding of data.


Mamava Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

Creating a space for nursing moms on the web is my mission at Mamava. My designs cultivate an environment as warm and welcoming as our lactation pods. Like a digital haven, I aim to give mothers a sense of comfort and belonging.

Logic Supply

Logic-Supply Tech Companies In Burlington You'd Like To Work For

Building rugged computer solutions calls for robust web design at Logic Supply. I bridge the gap between users and products, creating a platform where tech meets toughness. My design elements echo the resilience of the products, crafting a user experience that’s as durable as it is dynamic.

FAQ on tech companies in Burlington

What’s the tech scene like in Burlington?

Absolutely buzzing! Burlington boasts an evolving tech scene, with a vibrant mix of established tech giants and growing startups.

You’ll find businesses dabbling in software development, fintech, green tech, and a lot more. It’s an exciting space where creativity and innovation are the norms.

Which are the standout tech companies?

Burlington hosts a variety of noteworthy tech companies. Some key players include, which has revolutionized the digital marketing world for automotive retail. Also, MicroStrain Sensing Systems is really shaking things up in the microsensor space.

What kind of tech jobs are available?

Loads of different opportunities! The tech job market in Burlington spans across many disciplines such as software engineering, data analytics, UX/UI design, and project management. It’s pretty much a candy store for tech professionals.

Are there any tech startups?

Oh yes, definitely! Burlington is teeming with innovative startups. Companies like Benchmark Space Systems and Packetized Energy are making a big splash. Their work in aerospace and energy management respectively is truly impressive.

How’s the tech talent in Burlington?

It’s top-tier, seriously. Burlington benefits from a pool of highly educated talent, thanks to its local universities and colleges. Plus, the diverse array of tech companies in the city attracts professionals from all over the globe.

What’s the lifestyle like for tech workers?

Quite balanced, to be honest. Burlington offers a unique mix of small-town charm and big-city amenities. It’s not all work, with a lively arts scene, plenty of outdoor activities, and fabulous food and craft beer.

How’s the pay scale for tech jobs?

Pretty competitive, actually. Tech jobs in Burlington often offer salaries that are competitive with those in larger metro areas, and the cost of living is lower. It’s a win-win!

What are the future prospects of tech companies in Burlington?

Super promising. With its growing reputation as a tech hub and the ongoing support from the city and state for innovation and entrepreneurship, Burlington’s tech future looks incredibly bright.

Are there tech events and meetups?

Yes, plenty! Burlington’s tech community hosts regular meetups, hackathons, and networking events. It’s a fantastic way to connect, learn, and grow.

Is Burlington a good place for tech entrepreneurs?

Absolutely! The city is very supportive of entrepreneurship. From local coworking spaces to incubator programs, there’s a whole ecosystem here designed to help tech entrepreneurs thrive.

Ending thoughts on tech companies in Burlington

Wrapping this up, tech companies in Burlington have truly set the pace.

These silicon junctions, tucked away in the lap of Vermont, they’re the real deal. Innovators, change-makers, you name it. Packing that sweet, sweet tech punch in a cityscape where you’d least expect it.

Now, this ain’t no ordinary tech hub. It’s like a low-key tech symphony, orchestral maneuvers in the digital. Each startup, each code whiz, they’re playing a unique tune. A crescendo of creativity, right?

  • Vibrant
  • Inventive
  • Bold

That’s Burlington for you, folks.

Burlington tech, it’s a gem wrapped in binary and a promising blueprint of tomorrow. And remember, in this virtual orchestra, every note counts. Every algorithm, every wireframe, every line of code, it’s contributing to the melody of innovation. So, don’t sleep on Burlington.

Tech companies in Burlington— the underdog story we all need. Here’s to the ones who code differently. In Burlington, they’re just warming up.

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