Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Ever stopped to gaze at the tech companies in Texas? You know, like staring at a cool, neon sign buzzing away into the night? Yeah, that’s it. These aren’t your typical silicon valley giants. No siree, they’re Texas born and Texas proud. Think brisket, big hats, and binary code.

The land of cowboys is not just churning out delicious barbecues anymore. It’s got a brand spanking new title – the Silicon Prairie. See, it’s kinda catchy, ain’t it?

Now, you might be wondering why there’s so much fuss about these tech gunslingers. So, let’s hop on this ride together as we unravel the story behind the rise of tech companies in the Lone Star State.

Fasten your seat belts, folks, it’s going to be a wild, wild, tech-y west!

Tech Companies in Texas


Dell-EMC-1 Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Dell? More like the juggernaut of computers. This beast of a company, nestled right in Round Rock, is a powerhouse in the tech sphere. They churn out everything from PCs and servers, to storage solutions and network switches. If there’s a digital challenge out there, Dell’s got a solution for it. Trust me, I’ve seen them in action.

Rackspace Technology

Rackspace-Technology Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

So, you’ve got the Cloud, right? Well, Rackspace Technology is like a map for navigating it. These San Antonio tech wizards provide multi-cloud solutions. Whether it’s public, private, hybrid cloud, or even bare metal, Rackspace knows what’s up. Their services? As vast as the sky itself.

National Instruments

National-Instruments Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

National Instruments, or NI for the cool kids, is all about empowering engineers and enterprises. Based out of Austin, they’re the masters of test, measurement, and automation equipment. So, if you’ve got a complex engineering problem, NI’s your go-to.

WP Engine

WP-Engine Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

WP Engine’s what I like to call the WordPress Whisperer. They’re an Austin-based firm that breathes life into your WP site with managed hosting services. For speed, reliability, and security, WP Engine’s the turbo-charged engine your WordPress site needs.

Data Foundry

Data-Foundry Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Data Foundry, this Austin-based crew, it’s like they’re the guardians of the internet. They provide data center colocation, disaster recovery, and network services. When it comes to your data’s security and integrity, they’re your digital bodyguards.


SoftServe Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Need some software developed? SoftServe, stationed in Austin, has got you covered. They’re all about digital strategy and tech, specializing in experience design and product development. They’re the bridge connecting your ideas to reality.


Bazaarvoice Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Bazaarvoice, these Austin dwellers, they’re your brand’s best buddy. They make it their mission to connect brands with consumers, harnessing the power of reviews, social commerce, and shopper insights. Want to hear the voice of your customers? These guys amplify it.


Spiceworks Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Spiceworks? I call them the IT lifeline. Austin-based, they’re a platform that unites IT professionals and tech brands. From software, hardware, services, to how-to advice, they’re your IT first-aid kit.


1232 Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Forcepoint is your digital shield. From Austin, they provide cybersecurity services that focus on safeguarding users, data, and networks. If you’re in a digital war, Forcepoint is your knight in shining armor.


RetailMeNot Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For


Ever wanted a genie that grants discounts? Meet RetailMeNot. Operating from Austin, they provide online coupon and deal services. With them, shopping’s a breeze, and your wallet, it just might thank you.


Atlassian Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Atlassian, oh boy, these guys know team collaboration. They’ve set up shop in Austin and provide tools like Jira and Trello. Whether your team’s in the office or spread across the globe, Atlassian keeps everyone connected.

HomeAway (Vrbo)

HomeAway-Vrbo Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

HomeAway, now known as Vrbo, they’re the keymasters. Based in Austin, they provide an online vacation rental marketplace. Want to unlock the door to your next vacation stay? Vrbo’s got the keys.


SailPoint Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Identity got you in a knot? SailPoint is the crew you need. An Austin native, they offer identity governance solutions. They’ll help navigate the choppy waters of identity management, making sure you don’t get tangled up.


Indeed Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Job search? More like a treasure hunt with Indeed. Operating out of Austin, they’re the world’s top job site. They connect job seekers with employers like a matchmaker, but for careers.

Mutual Mobile

Mutual-Mobile Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Say hello to Mutual Mobile, the masters of mobile solutions. In Austin, they design and build mobile applications, VR, AR, and IoT products. They take the phrase “world at your fingertips” to a whole new level.

Civitas Learning

Civitas-Learning Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

With Civitas Learning, education gets a high-tech makeover. Based in Austin, they use data science to create tools that help colleges and universities. They’re like the tech whisperers for higher education.

Kendra Scott

Kendra-Scott Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

Kendra Scott, sure, they’re a jewelry brand. But behind those shiny gems is a tech-savvy Austin-based firm. They’ve perfected the art of blending fashion with technology, making your accessories shopping experience seamless and fun.


AlertMedia Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

AlertMedia? They’re the digital town crier. Operating out of Austin, they provide an emergency communication software. When things go haywire, AlertMedia ensures you’re in the know.


hitch-1 Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

No, not the Will Smith movie. Hitch is a long-distance rideshare service in Austin. They leverage technology to connect travelers heading the same direction. Think of it as carpooling, but supercharged with tech.

Valley Services Electronics

Valley-Services-Electronics Tech Companies in Texas That You Could Work For

In Richardson, you’ll find Valley Services Electronics. They’re all about electronic manufacturing services. They’ve got the tech and the skills to bring your electronics project from prototype to production.

FAQ on tech companies in Texas

Which tech companies are notable in Texas?

You’ve probably heard of big shots like Dell and AT&T, right? Well, they’ve got their roots dug deep in Texas soil. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Texas has also been drawing in tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook who’ve set up large operations here. Not to mention, we’ve got a heap of rising stars in the startup scene too!

What’s the tech scene like in Austin?

Austin is like the tech beacon of the South. There’s a vibrant startup culture flourishing amidst the live music and barbecues.

Known as “Silicon Hills”, Austin’s got a rad mix of tech companies, innovative ideas, and a bunch of tech-related events. It’s more than just cowboy boots and country music, you know?

Are there opportunities for tech jobs in Texas?

Heck yeah! With the tech industry booming in Texas, there’s a ton of jobs ripe for the picking. Whether you’re into software engineering, data analysis, IT management or cyber security, there’s something for everyone.

Big name companies and smaller startups alike are always on the hunt for fresh talent to join their teams.

Why are tech companies moving to Texas?

One word – opportunities! Lower taxes and cost of living, access to a huge pool of talent, and a generally business-friendly environment make Texas a pretty attractive option for tech companies.

Plus, with cities like Austin and Dallas becoming major tech hubs, it’s a no-brainer for companies wanting to expand or relocate.

What’s the average salary for tech jobs in Texas?

Ah, the million-dollar question! While it can vary a lot depending on your role and experience, on average, you’re looking at around $85,000 to $100,000 per year. Not too shabby, eh?

And remember, with a lower cost of living compared to places like California, your paycheck will stretch even further.

What are the best cities for tech in Texas?

Austin and Dallas are definitely the big players, each with their own unique tech vibes. Austin, the so-called “Silicon Hills”, is a buzzing hub of innovation. Dallas, on the other hand, is known for its strong telecoms sector.

And let’s not forget Houston and San Antonio – they’re upping their tech game too!

How is the tech startup scene in Texas?

The startup scene in Texas is popping! Particularly in Austin, where young companies are sprouting up like wildflowers in spring.

There’s a strong entrepreneurial spirit here, backed by a supportive ecosystem of investors, incubators, and networking events. It’s a great place to start your tech journey or grow your company.

What sectors are prominent within Texas tech companies?

Everything from software development, IT services, data management to cyber security – the list goes on. Texas tech is also big in energy, with many companies innovating in the renewable energy and clean tech sectors.

And let’s not forget the burgeoning field of biotech! There’s a whole lot of tech going down in Texas.

Are there tech investment opportunities in Texas?

Definitely! With a strong tech sector and a flourishing startup scene, there are ample opportunities for investors. Venture capitalists and angel investors alike are finding rich pickings here in Texas.

With the right research and some savvy decision-making, there’s potential for some pretty solid returns.

How is the future of tech looking in Texas?

The future is looking bright, my friend! With more and more companies setting up shop and a growing workforce of skilled tech professionals, Texas is set to continue its tech growth.

Advancements in areas like AI, data science, and clean tech are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. So, keep an eye on Texas, we’re just getting started!

Ending thoughts on tech companies in Texas

Weaving tales of tech companies in Texas, right? An unexpected epicenter for innovation, where cowboy hats meet code. It’s a spicy mix, ain’t it?

Cracking open this Pandora’s box, we’ll delve into a land once dominated by oil barons and cattle ranchers. Now, sprouting with modern-day digital gold miners – Silicon cowboys if you will.

  • Start-ups on every corner.
  • Big-names migrating south.

Just like wildflowers after a Texan rain.

Gone are the days of ‘only big in Texas’. Now, it’s all about being ‘smart’ in Texas, ain’t that a hoot?

And me, your guide, I’m gonna take you on a roller-coaster ride through the world of Texan tech.

So saddle up, ’cause we’re about to embark on a riveting journey through technological wild west, the Lone Star State’s own digital frontier. Let’s head on into the heart of this tech-infused landscape and see what surprises it’s got in store. Strap in, folks. It’s gonna be one heck of a ride.

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