Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

A wave of innovation crashes through the scenic coasts of Santa Cruz, a secret not just held by surfers but tech enthusiasts too. Here, the air buzzes not just with salty breezes but pioneering spirits. Tech companies in Santa Cruz are carving out their niche, building a vibrant community away from the shadow of Silicon Valley.

Why’s this matter to you? Because amidst the redwoods, there’s a tech renaissance brewing. A place where ideas grow as naturally as the towering trees and where the next big thing could be taking root at a seaside café.

By the end of our dive, you’ll have the inside scout on Santa Cruz’s dynamic tech scene. From the stealthy startups taking flight to the economic growth shooting from tech’s fertile soil, your map to understanding this ecosystem is about to get colorful.

We’re breaking down the who, what, and where that shape Santa Cruz’s unique tech landscape:

  • The Trailblazers: Meet the game-changing locals
  • Tech’s Terroir: Why Santa Cruz? Why now?
  • Navigating the Networks: From meetups to incubators

Hang tight. Your tech tour’s about to launch.

Tech Companies in Santa Cruz

CompanyIndustry/FieldPrimary Products/ServicesInnovation or Focus AreaNotable Remarks
Looker Data SciencesBusiness Intelligence, Big DataData analytics platformData visualization, analyticsAcquired by Google Cloud in 2020
Plantronics (Poly)CommunicationsAudio and video products for businessesHeadsets, conference phones, video conferencingKnown for office and contact center solutions
Fullpower TechnologiesDigital Health, AISleep technology platform, IoT solutionsSleep tracking, AI, wearable technologySpecializes in patented biosensing tech
Joby AviationAerospaceElectric air taxisElectric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL)Pioneering in electric air mobility
AmazonE-commerce, TechnologyOnline retail, cloud computing servicesAWS, AI, logisticsGlobal leader in e-commerce and cloud services
OnewheelElectric TransportationElectric skateboardsSelf-balancing electric boardsKnown for innovation in personal transport
ProductOpsConsultancy, Software DevelopmentCustom software solutions, consultingData science, app developmentProvides business and software strategies
Modern TribeDigital AgencyWebsite design and developmentCustom WordPress developmentKnown for creating beautiful digital products
SupplyShiftSupply Chain ManagementSoftware for responsible supply chainsTransparency, supplier sustainabilityHelps businesses ensure responsible sourcing
Cloud BrigadeIT Consulting, Cloud SolutionsCloud services, managed IT servicesMachine learning, business solutionsFocuses on advanced cloud technology
EgnyteCloud Storage, Data SecurityEnterprise file sharing, data protectionSecure collaboration, compliance, ransomware protectionBalances accessibility and security for businesses
Zero MotorcyclesElectric VehiclesElectric motorcyclesZero-emission transportationLeader in electric motorcycles and innovation
PayStandFinancial TechnologyB2B payment network, digital paymentsBlockchain-based payments, cashless systemsAims to make B2B payments more efficient
PredPolLaw Enforcement TechnologyPredictive policing softwareCrime prediction analyticsControversial for its predictive policing tools

Looker Data Sciences

Looker-Data-Sciences Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

Looker is a game-changer in business intelligence tools and big data analytics. Tucked away in Santa Cruz, they’ve made it their mission to help companies harvest and make sense of their data oceans.

What they stand out for: Their platform is like a Swiss Army knife for data analysis, merging business insights with user-friendliness. A jewel in Santa Cruz’s tech crown, Looker stands for transforming raw numbers into strategic gold.

Plantronics (Poly)

Plantronics-Poly Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

Once known as Plantronics, Poly’s the name for Santa Cruz’s proud contributor to the world of audio communications.

What they stand out for: Innovation in sound. Whether it’s for jams or conference calls, their gear is about pristine clarity. They’re the unsung heroes behind those crystal-clear calls.

Fullpower Technologies

Fullpower-Technologies Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

In the quest for wearable technology and IoT, Fullpower Technologies is making strides, all from their Santa Cruz hub.

What they stand out for: They’re the brains behind sleep-tracking algorithms and smarter homes. Pioneers putting tech to bed, quite literally.

Joby Aviation

Joby-Aviation Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

Soaring above Santa Cruz, Joby Aviation is audaciously reimagining the trajectory of urban air mobility.

What they stand out for: Electric. Air. Taxis. This isn’t just talk; it’s the future they’re engineering. Far-out as it sounds, they’re crafting an eco-friendly path above traffic-jammed streets.


Amazon-Santa-Cruz Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About


Yeah, that Amazon. They’ve pitched a tent in Santa Cruz, touching down with some of their A-team.

What they stand out for: E-commerce turned tech titan, they’re the household name shaping the now and the next. Jobs, tech, you name it. They’re the full meal deal.


Onewheel Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

Onewheel brings a fresh spin to personal mobility and electric transportation, literally a wheel that’s one of a kind.

What they stand out for: They’ve taken the notion of a board to new heights. Call them the mavericks of moving people in cooler, cleaner, funner ways.


ProductOps Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

ProductOps is meshing design, strategy, and software development into a seamless symphony.

What they stand out for: Their mastery in creating apps and software solutions that don’t just work but wow. They’re coding their way to a smarter world.

Modern Tribe

Modern-Tribe Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

Donning the hat of digital agency and lifestyle brand, Modern Tribe infuses remote work with digital craftsmanship.

What they stand out for: WordPress wizards, designing and developing for users and eyes across the globe, while championing the remote-work revolution.


SupplyShift Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

Spearheading the charge towards more ethical supply chains, SupplyShift operates at the intersection of data and sustainability.

What they stand out for: Their platform isn’t just about tracking; it’s about transforming how companies source. They’re the sentinels of supply consciousness.

Cloud Brigade

Cloud-Brigade Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

Cloud Brigade is Santa Cruz’s bespoke answer to cloud computing challenges, big and small.

What they stand out for: Custom-tailored cloud solutions. It’s like having a digital tailor for your business’s cloud wardrobe: neat, fit, perfect.


Egnyte Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

In the world of cloud storage and collaboration, Egnyte stands tall, offering secure file sharing that’s smooth as silk.

What they stand out for: They’re the bridge between data security and collaboration, ensuring teamwork doesn’t mean a trade-off with data protection.

Zero Motorcycles

Zero-Motorcyclesli_6_25_2023_12-30-20-AM Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

Zero Motorcycles pushes the throttle on electric motorcycles, proving that two wheels can be green and mean.

What they stand out for: Zero emissions, full speed. They’re marrying performance with planet-loving principles and pulling it off with flair.


PayStand-1 Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

Redefining B2B payments, PayStand is digitizing money moves in the business world, one transaction at a time.

What they stand out for: Banking on blockchain, they’re the torchbearers for a more ethical, efficient way of moving money in business.


PredPol Tech Companies In Santa Cruz That You Might Not Know About

PredPol takes a dive into predictive analytics to give law enforcement a leg up on crime prevention.

What they stand out for: Their software is a crystal ball for the boys in blue – aiming to nip crime in the bud before it blooms.

FAQ on tech companies in Santa Cruz

What’s the buzz about tech companies in Santa Cruz?

The buzz? It’s real. We’re seeing a surge in innovation and economic development linked to tech. Beyond the postcard-perfect beaches, Santa Cruz is fostering a start-up culture that’s becoming the backbone of its modern identity. Think Silicon Valley’s creative cousin with a laid-back twist.

How do Santa Cruz tech companies compare to Silicon Valley?

Here’s the scoop – they’re smaller but mighty. Less about fierce competition, more community and collaboration. Companies here thrive on local vibes, personal networks, and a slower pace. Some say it’s the secret sauce for outside-the-box thinking.

Are there many tech job opportunities in Santa Cruz?

Oh, for sure. It’s not just the big names making waves; local firms and innovative startups are on the hunt for tech talent. From software development to clean energy, the doors are open if you’ve got the skills to match.

What kind of industries do Santa Cruz tech companies focus on?

Diverse as the sea life here. Biotech to AgriTechcleantech to cybersecurityTech incubators are nurturing all sorts, building a tech landscape that’s as varied as the oceanfront.

Can startups find funding in Santa Cruz?

You bet, it’s all about connections. Tap into the vibrant network at one of the many tech meetups or pitch to local angel investors. It’s got its own venture capital presence – smaller pots but plenty willing to back a fresh idea.

What role does UC Santa Cruz play in the local tech scene?

UCSC? They’re a powerhouse. Firing up the knowledge-sharing, sprouting new research, and supplying fresh tech graduates. They’ve got their fingers in a bunch of pies from technology development to collaboration with local tech accelerators.

How’s Santa Cruz for tech startups compared to other cities?

Alright, think high quality of life, plus a techie bent. It’s a hotbed for growth without the pressure-cooker environment of larger cities. The community’s tight-knit; support’s solid. Coworking spaces? You’re spoilt for choice.

What’s the future for Santa Cruz’s tech industry?

Brighter than an LED screen. The growth’s organic; the economic environment is ripe. And the culture? It’s innovation married with lifestyle. As tech investment opportunities mature, expect more head-turners choosing surfboards as their thinking spots.

Are there tech events or conferences in Santa Cruz?

Events are the city’s jam. Local tech conferences, informal networking events, and the famous Santa Cruz New Tech MeetUp lay the groundwork for collaboration and innovation. It’s like the heartbeat of the tech industry here.

How do tech companies in Santa Cruz impact the local community?

Massively. They’re not just opening up new STEM jobs. They’re shaping the culture, driving sustainable practices, and boosting the local economy. It’s not just jobs; it’s a mindset. Tech’s seeding change into every facet of Santa Cruz life.


So, we’ve taken a pretty epic trek through the digital forests where tech companies in Santa Cruz pitch their tents. We’ve seen the local giants, the sprightly startups, and the game-changers turning heads with their fresh ideas.

Here’s what we’ve unpacked:

  • The heart and soul of Santa Cruz tech scene, blending lifestyle with the digital frontier.
  • The community canvas, painted with networking events, and meetups that spark those ‘aha’ moments.
  • UC Santa Cruz, with its brainpower pipeline, feeding the tech river with new grads.
  • Silicon Valley’s chill cousin – fostering a culture where innovation rides the waves of creativity and collaboration.

Call it a wrap – Santa Cruz is more than a spot on the map; it’s a state of mind. It’s where the tech-savvy come to flip the script on what a tech hub looks like, trading in city skyscrapers for the redwood giants. With its arms wide open to the tech industry workforce, the city’s story in tech is just getting started, ready for the next chapter, ready to surprise.

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