Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Imagine discovering a vibrant playground of innovation, a hotspot buzzing with the intellect of Silicon Valley North. That’s Toronto for you, a city that’s rapidly redefining the digital landscape. Here, tech companies are not just growing; they’re thriving.

With each tick of the clock, Toronto‘s tech scene is expanding, boasting a dense network of game-changers and disruptors.

In this deep dive, we spotlight the tech titans calling Toronto home and the sprightly startups in the MaRS Discovery District.

You’ll get an insider’s take on Toronto’s tech tapestry.

From AI advancements to cutting-edge digital agencies, and the bustling world of high-tech businesses in Ontario, you’re in for a front-row seat to innovation.

By the tail end of this read, you’ll grasp the full spectrum of Toronto’s tech ecosystem—from networking events to key players like the DMZ and TechToronto.

Whether you’re eyeing the tech space or simply curious, this article uncovers the pulse of a city at the forefront of the digital era.

Tech Companies in Toronto to Know

CompanySector/IndustryKey Products/ServicesFoundedNotable Facts
Microsoft Canada Inc.Technology & SoftwareCloud services, Software & Gaming1985Canadian subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation
SAP CanadaSoftware & ITEnterprise software & Solutions1989Canadian subsidiary of SAP SE
TradeRevAutomotive TechnologyOnline automotive remarketing platform2009Acquired by KAR Auction Services
TaplyticsSoftware & AnalyticsMobile optimization software2013Offers a platform for A/B testing and personalization
TulipRetail TechnologyMobile application for retail services2013Partners with Apple and Salesforce
Sensibill Inc.FinTechReceipt management & analysis2013Provides digital receipt solution for financial institutions
EcobeeSmart Home TechnologySmart thermostats & sensors2007Competes with Google Nest and Amazon’s Echo
FlybitsFinTech & DataContextual personalization platform2013Focus on personalizing customer experiences
Top HatEdTechInteractive courseware platform2009Aims to make higher education more engaging and affordable
Think ResearchHealthTechClinical content management solutions2006Focus on evidence-based healthcare
InfluitiveMarketing SoftwareCustomer advocacy & engagement2010Gamifies the customer experience
LoopioSoftwareRFP response software2014Streamlines the RFP response process
CoinsquareFinTech & CryptoCryptocurrency trading platform2014One of Canada’s largest crypto platforms
Deep GenomicsBioTech & AIAI platform for genetic medicines2015Uses machine learning for drug discovery
HubSpotMarketing & Sales SoftwareInbound marketing platform2006International presence, Toronto office
Electronic ArtsVideo GamesGame development & Publishing1982Global company with a studio in Toronto
1PasswordCybersecurityPassword management software2005Operates globally
LeagueHealthTechHealth benefits platform2014Aims to revolutionize health benefits through tech
Flipp CorporationRetail & Advertising TechDigital flyer and coupon app2007Partnerships with major retailers
HootsuiteSocial Media ManagementSocial media marketing & analytics2008International presence, Toronto office
Slack TechnologiesCommunication SoftwareBusiness communication platform2009Acquired by Salesforce
ELEKSSoftware DevelopmentCustom software development1991International company with office in Toronto

Microsoft Canada Inc.

1-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Powering Canada with technology, Microsoft Canada is a branch of the iconic Microsoft Corporation. Rooted in Toronto’s tech soil, they’re known for their innovative software, services, and cloud solutions. With a mission to empower, they’ve become synonymous with productivity, security, and enterprise-grade tech.

What they stand out for: Microsoft Canada is celebrated for driving digital transformation across businesses of all sizes. They’re pivotal in pushing Canada’s innovation envelope, tapping into local talent, and cultivating technology that propels society forward.


2-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Sage bridges the gap for Canadian businesses seeking smart accounting and finance solutions. Their software helps enterprises big and small manage everything finance with ease and precision.

What they stand out for: Beyond software, Sage stands proud in their commitment to local business communities, offering resources to fuel growth and sustainability in a rapidly digitizing world.

SAP Canada

3-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

As part of the global SAP network, SAP Canada delivers robust enterprise software solutions. In Toronto, they’re a touchstone for organizations aimed at business process optimization.

What they stand out for: SAP Canada excels in integrating intelligence into business operations, providing tools for data management, analytics, and enterprise resource planning critical for today’s competitive markets.


4-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

TradeRev is redefining Toronto’s automotive tech space with their revolutionary vehicle auction platform. This platform is designed to enhance the buying and selling experience, making it as seamless as possible.

What they stand out for: Innovation in real-time vehicle auction technology. Their bold approach has streamlined the traditionally complex process of auto trading, making it transparent and efficient.


5-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Located in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant tech community, Taplytics brings mobile-first thinking to the fore with their suite of experimentation and engagement tools designed to fine-tune the user experience.

What they stand out for: They’re making waves with their intuitive software, enabling companies to instantly grasp what works for their users and adapt in real-time.


6-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Elevating retail experiences, Tulip provides mobile software that empowers retail workers with omnichannel tools to provide exceptional customer service and support.

What they stand out for: Their platform shines for intuitive design and the ability to provide a seamless connection between online and in-store shopping experiences.

Sensibill Inc.

7-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Sensibill offers a service that turns cluttered paper receipts into digital data, easing the burden for both freelancers and businesses. Based in Toronto, they harness AI to categorize and manage expense records, streamlining the tedious task of tracking spending.

What they stand out for: Sensibill is a champion of simplifying expense management, making financial operations more accessible and less overwhelming for end-users and financial institutions.


8-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Ecobee is among the pioneers in Toronto’s growing smart home industry. They’re known for their intuitively designed smart thermostats that not only offer comfort but also conserve energy.

What they stand out for: Ecobee’s smart devices are at the forefront of environmental consciousness in tech, helping users save on energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint through innovative HVAC technology.


9-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

As digital becomes the standard, Flybits steps in with a platform that allows financial institutions to offer hyper-personalized banking experiences. This Toronto-based company is leveraging context to enhance customer interactions in the financial services sector.

What they stand out for: Their signature offering is in real-time data intelligence, creating personalized digital channels that resonate with customers’ needs.

Top Hat

10-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Top Hat takes classroom engagement to the next level. Their education technology, born in Toronto, transforms the teaching and learning experience with interactive software that promotes collaboration between educators and students.

What they stand out for: Their emphasis on active learning and real-time student feedback solidifies Top Hat’s position as an educational innovator, modernizing higher education.

Think Research

11-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Based in Toronto, Think Research is all about improving healthcare through evidence-based decision support tools. They aim to bridge gaps in clinical knowledge to equip practitioners with the best possible information at the point of care.

What they stand out for: They’re recognized for tackling healthcare’s information challenge, transforming the way clinical knowledge is accessed and utilized across medical facilities.


12-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

In Toronto’s marketing tech sphere, Influitive takes the lead with a platform that enhances customer engagement through advocacy. It’s a tool that helps brands harness the power of customer loyalty and referrals.

What they stand out for: Their software excels at building and sustaining customer advocate communities, driving marketing through the voice of satisfied consumers.


13-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Loopio simplifies the complex process of responding to RFPs (Requests for Proposals), RFIs (Requests for Information), and security questionnaires. As a Toronto-headquartered business, they’re all about efficiency and helping companies show off their best side when it’s bidding time.

What they stand out for: Their platform stands out for streamlining proposal management, empowering teams to collaborate and respond to competitive bids with ease and precision.


14-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Coinsquare rides the crypto wave right from Toronto, offering a secure platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. They’re a heavyweight in the FinTech arena, known for bringing digital currency to the mainstream.

What they stand out for: In the realm of financial innovation, Coinsquare stands tall with its user-friendly interface, robust security protocols, and commitment to making crypto trading accessible and trustworthy.

Deep Genomics

15-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

This Toronto-based biotechnology company merges the world of AI with genetics to discover new therapies. Deep Genomics uses machine learning to understand genetic diseases and accelerate the development of treatments.

What they stand out for: They’re on the frontline of precision medicine, using their AI-driven platform to unlock the mysteries of the human genome and push the bar in drug discovery.


16-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

CareGuide matches families with care providers across multiple services such as childcare, pet sitting, housekeeping, and elder care. Their network, spanning from Toronto, is all about making those vital connections between those who need care and those who provide it.

What they stand out for: They’re prized for their comprehensive online marketplaces that make finding reliable care a smooth and secure process.


18-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Operating in Toronto’s robust healthtech scene, Mavencare offers a novel solution to home healthcare. Their approach combines technology and personalized service to provide high-quality homecare tailored to individuals’ needs.

What they stand out for: Mavencare distinguishes itself with exceptional patient-oriented service and an app that updates families in real-time about the care their loved ones receive.


19-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

EventMobi leads the way in Toronto’s event tech space, providing organizers with a comprehensive platform for creating interactive event experiences. Their tools touch every aspect of event planning, from registration to feedback collection.

What they stand out for: What truly sets them apart is their integrated technology suite that allows for unprecedented attendee engagement before, during, and after events.


20-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Known for pioneering the inbound marketing methodology, HubSpot provides tools that support businesses in marketing, sales, and customer service. Their Toronto office is a hub of innovation, bringing together a talented pool of professionals who are ready to support businesses in their growth journey.

What they stand out for: HubSpot’s integrated operation in Toronto excels at helping businesses attract visitors, convert leads, and delight customers through its comprehensive software suite.

Electronic Arts

21-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Electronic Arts (EA), a leader in the video game industry, boasts a presence in Toronto that bolsters the city’s reputation for digital entertainment. EA’s teams work on globally recognized titles, delivering engaging gaming experiences across multiple platforms.

What they stand out for: In Toronto, EA is celebrated for its creative contributions to the interactive entertainment sector and for fostering a community of talented game developers.


22-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

1Password’s mission revolves around simplifying online security. Their user-friendly tools help individuals and businesses across Toronto and beyond manage their passwords and personal data effectively, minimizing risks and enhancing their overall digital security posture.

What they stand out for: This Toronto-based company distinguishes itself with robust yet intuitive security solutions that protect users’ sensitive information with cutting-edge encryption technology.


23-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

League is at the foreground of transforming the healthcare experience in Toronto by offering a digital platform that integrates health insurance, wellness programs, and access to healthcare professionals, all aimed at empowering individuals to take control of their health.

What they stand out for: Their innovative approach to healthcare is marked by a focus on preventative wellness, personalized health journeys, and streamlined access to a variety of health services.

Flipp Corporation

24-2 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Flipp Corporation revolutionizes the way Torontonians shop by providing a digital marketplace that aggregates flyers and coupons from multiple retailers. The platform helps consumers find the best deals and simplifies the shopping experience.

What they stand out for: Flipp stands out for its dedication to modernizing the traditional shopping experience, allowing users to save both time and money through its comprehensive deal-finding app.


25-1 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

With operations extending to Toronto, Hootsuite makes managing social media a breeze for businesses and individuals alike. Their platform allows users to curate content, schedule posts, and track social media performance effortlessly.

What they stand out for: Hootsuite excels in streamlining social media management, offering tools that allow users to gain insights, grow their online presence, and engage with their audience more effectively.

Slack Technologies

26-1 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Slack Technologies has revolutionized workplace communication, offering a platform that enhances collaboration among teams. Hailing from the bustling tech community of Toronto, Slack’s tools are designed to streamline work by bringing team communication and collaboration into one place.

What they stand out for: Noteworthy for their impact on communication dynamics, Slack enables real-time messaging, file sharing, and integration with other work tools, setting a standard in team interaction.


27-1 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

ELEKS caters to a variety of tech needs, ranging from custom software development to quality assurance and consultancy services. Their Toronto presence signifies their commitment to delivering innovative and strategic tech solutions to North American businesses.

What they stand out for: Equipped with a team of expert developers and consultants, ELEKS is celebrated for its expertise in solving complex business challenges through tailor-made digital solutions.


28-1 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Cubix stands out for its prowess in crafting customized digital experiences that are both engaging and business-driven. They offer full-spectrum development services, including design, development, and strategy that help businesses excel in the digital realm.

What they stand out for: Their portfolio evidences expertise in mobile app development and game creation, establishing Cubix as a go-to resource in the Toronto tech community for interactive and user-centric digital solutions.


29-1 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Iflexion has established itself as a strong presence in Toronto’s tech sector, specializing in web and enterprise application development. They cater to a wide range of clients and industries, bolstering their operations with robust, scalable software solutions.

What they stand out for: Known for a customer-centric approach to technology, Iflexion stands out for delivering highly customizable software that meets the unique requirements and objectives of their diverse client base.


30-1 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

In Toronto’s competitive tech landscape, OpenXcell carves out a niche with expertise in mobile app development, software solutions, and web development. They prioritize bringing clients’ ideas to fruition with innovation and agility.

What they stand out for: OpenXcell shines in its ability to execute projects that capture and retain user attention, from visually appealing designs to functionally rich applications.


31-1 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Bachoo emerges in the Toronto tech scene as a design and software development company well-versed in creating meaningful digital products. From websites to mobile applications, they are dedicated to delivering standout experiences.

What they stand out for: Their distinct advantage lies in their commitment to aesthetically appealing and user-friendly design, backed by technical excellence and industry insights.

Synergo Group

32-1 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Toronto’s own Synergo Group provides custom software development services with a focus on creating value for clients. They offer full-cycle product development, championing the continual evolution of software to meet and exceed market demands.

What they stand out for: Synergo Group is recognized for its dedication to producing high-quality, reliable, and scalable software tailored to each business’s unique needs.

Qubit Labs

33-1 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

As a custom software development company in Toronto, Qubit Labs brings together innovation and efficiency. They specialize in building dedicated development teams for businesses looking to outsource talent.

What they stand out for: Qubit Labs is commended for their agile practices and flexible business models, which allow clients to scale their development efforts up or down as needed.


34-1 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Gearheart establishes its presence in Toronto with a team of professionals dedicated to crafting custom web applications. They’re specialists in turning complex business ideas into functional, user-friendly software solutions.

What they stand out for: Their stand-out trait is the commitment to transparent processes and a collaborative approach, ensuring clients are part of the journey every step of the way.


35 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

instinctools is a technology company with operations in Toronto known for delivering top-notch software development and consultancy services. They excel in providing digital transformation solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

What they stand out for: What sets instinctools apart is their ability to simplify complex technological challenges and provide innovative, future-ready solutions that drive business growth.


36 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Rocketech is a Toronto-based software development company that focuses on creating high-quality digital products, including web and mobile applications for startups and established businesses alike.

What they stand out for: The company stands out for its agile development processes and a keen focus on user experience, ensuring that every product they deliver meets the intricate needs and expectations of end-users.

Zymr, Inc.

zymr Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Located in the tech-driven ecosystem of Toronto, Zymr, Inc. is a full-stack cloud software development company that offers bespoke solutions to help businesses accelerate their cloud strategies.

What they stand out for: Zymr’s team is lauded for its cloud expertise and ability to craft scalable, secure, and robust cloud applications that empower businesses to operate more efficiently in the digital space.

Sigma Data Systems

38 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Data-driven decision-making is the forte of Sigma Data Systems. Based in Toronto, this company provides data science and analytics solutions to help businesses extract valuable insights from their data.

What they stand out for: Their standout feature is the deep expertise in data analysis, which enables businesses to leverage data for strategic advantages, making informed decisions that enhance performance and growth.

Roweb Development

39 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Roweb Development’s presence in Toronto is marked by their bespoke software development services tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses across various sectors.

What they stand out for: Roweb Development is celebrated for its user-centric approach, creating responsive and intuitive software solutions that drive engagement and streamline business operations.

Selleo Labs

40 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Selleo Labs offers a tech playground for businesses looking to build custom applications. From Toronto, they extend their services globally, covering web development, mobile app creation, and project management.

What they stand out for: Their creativity and expertise shine in the custom software they craft, ensuring clients receive not just a product, but a full-cycle development experience that aligns with their business goals.


41 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

InStandart operates from Toronto, specializing in providing businesses with seamless software engineering and development services. Their approach is to harness technology to create solutions that offer tangible business benefits.

What they stand out for: The company stands out for its commitment to high standards in software development, delivering robust and dependable solutions that cater to the technology needs of modern enterprises.

KMS Solutions

42 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

KMS Solutions, operating out of Toronto, specializes in providing consultancy and tailored software solutions, primarily focusing on streamlining business processes through innovative technology.

What they stand out for: Their stand-out feature is their strategic approach to problem-solving and dedication to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations in efficiency and productivity.

Custom D

43 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Custom D is a creative tech company in Toronto known for offering bespoke software development services. They take pride in their ability to craft custom digital solutions that perfectly fit the unique requirements of their clients.

What they stand out for: They shine with their client-centric methodology, ensuring that each software solution is not just functional but also aligns seamlessly with the client’s business model and long-term vision.

Aimdek Technologies

Aimdek-Technologies Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

With a presence in Toronto’s tech hub, Aimdek Technologies delivers comprehensive e-commerce and CMS solutions. They focus on creating platforms that enhance the digital presence and sales channels of businesses.

What they stand out for: Aimdek is distinguished by its e-commerce expertise, providing robust and scalable solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the competitive online marketplace.

Next Big Technology(NBT)

44 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Next Big Technology, known as NBT, fuels Toronto’s tech growth with web and app development services. They cater to businesses of all sizes, delivering digital products that stand out in the crowded tech landscape.

What they stand out for: Their ability to stay ahead of the tech curve and deliver cutting-edge solutions that reflect the latest trends and industry standards makes NBT a standout choice for businesses looking to innovate.

5StarDesigners Ltd

46 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

Toronto-based 5StarDesigners Ltd excels in delivering high-quality web design, branding, and digital marketing services. Their holistic approach aims to boost clients’ online identities and drive engagement.

What they stand out for: The firm is renowned for its creative excellence and dedication to crafting bespoke designs that not only catch the eye but also effectively communicate brand values and messages.


47 Discover the Top Tech Companies in Toronto

AllianceTek combines business acumen with technical expertise to provide tailored IT solutions and services in Toronto. From CRM implementations to custom app developments, they address a wide array of technical needs.

What they stand out for: AllianceTek stands out for their client-focused approach, ensuring each project is delivered with the utmost attention to detail and alignment with business goals.

FAQs on Toronto tech companies

What sort of tech companies can I find in Toronto?

You’ll discover a mosaic here; from scrappy startups with fresh ideas in the MaRS Discovery District to global giants reshaping the digital world. It’s not just software, though—fintech, healthtech, AI, the whole tech gamut calls Toronto home.

How does Toronto’s tech scene compare to Silicon Valley?

Now, Toronto’s no Silicon Valley copy, but it’s carving its niche with a collaborative startup ecosystem and a growing tech talent pool. Plus, it has a rep for innovation that’s starting to turn heads internationally.

Are there opportunities for tech employment in Toronto?

Absolutely. The Toronto tech job market is hot. With a dynamic range of roles in startups, mid-size companies, and big players like Shopify, the city’s a haven for coders, designers, and tech gurus alike.

What’s driving the growth of tech companies in Toronto?

It’s like a cocktail of brilliance: a mix of government incentives, high-quality tech talent, world-class academic institutions, and a supportive network of tech incubators and accelerators like the DMZ. Oh, and don’t forget the allure of the city’s diverse culture and quality of life.

Are there tech events or conferences in Toronto I can attend?

You bet! Tech events are buzzing all year round. The Collision Conference, Elevate Tech Fest, and TechToronto meetups provide incredible networking opportunities. Set your calendar; these events are where insights and innovations collide.

What type of support is available for tech startups in Toronto?

Toronto rolls out the red carpet for startups—think funding from venture capital, mentoring in incubators, and incubation spaces. Look into big names like Communitech or MaRS; they’re the breeding ground for the next tech heavyweights.

Can international tech companies establish a base in Toronto?

Absolutely, and many are catching on. The city’s multicultural environment makes it an attractive spot for setting up shop, plus there’s a healthy smattering of government programs designed to make that move smoother.

What is the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor?

It’s a tech powerhouse stretch connecting Toronto with Waterloo, a booming hub dotted with tech firms, startups, and research institutions. The Toronto-Waterloo Corridor is essentially Canada’s answer to Silicon Valley—nurturing innovation, collaboration, and tech success stories.

What kind of investment is flowing into Toronto’s tech companies?

We’re seeing some serious cash flow. From local venture capital to international investors eyeing the Toronto tech scene, the investments are fuelling growth, pushing the boundaries of technology, and driving economic expansion.

How is the government supporting tech companies in Toronto?

The Ontario government, alongside the federal, is all in. Whether it’s through R&D tax credits, business grants, or initiatives like the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade, the support structure is solid for tech companies to bloom.


So, we’ve looped around the block and peeked behind the curtains. What’s clear is that tech companies in Toronto aren’t just sprouting; they’re branching out in every direction, becoming a forest of digital innovation.

In this electric city, the Toronto tech industry buzzes louder each day. Ideas here don’t just spark; they ignite, fueled by a spirited startup ecosystem and a rich foundation laid by institutions like MaRS Discovery District and movers like Sidewalk Toronto. It’s a network that’s alive, pulsing with possibility, and it’s just getting started.

We navigated the avenues of venture capital, watched startups bloom, and felt the energy of the Toronto technology scene. And if words had the power to teleport, consider this the part where you’re standing smack-dab in the middle of Toronto’s tech glory, eyes wide, mind whirring with potential.

Toronto’s tech tale is being written in bold, inspired strokes—care to be part of the next chapter?

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