The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Imagine a landscape where cacti and code coexist, where desert beauty meets digital innovation. That’s Arizona for you—fast becoming the unexpected nexus of cutting-edge tech ventures. Here, tech companies aren’t just blooming; they’re deeply rooted in the arid soil of opportunity and growth.

This isn’t just noteworthy—it’s article-worthy. Why? Because as someone who weaves the web into more compelling designs, even I’ve been gripped by the transformation. You’re in for a journey through Arizona’s vibrant technology sector, now dubbed the Silicon Desert.

By the close, you’ll unearth hidden gems: from Phoenix’s bustling startup ecosystem to Tucson’s burgeoning tech firms, and the catalytic role of venture capital. Marvel at the synergy between educational tech programs and innovation hubs that’s catalyzing the Grand Canyon state’s ascent.

Anticipate divisively interesting takes on how these components mesh to make Arizona a magnetic pole for tech aficionados and professionals. Buckle up; it’s a wild ride into the digital west!

Tech Companies in Arizona

CompanyIndustry DomainCore Products/ServicesNotable Achievements/AspectsHeadquarters
First Solar Inc.Solar energyPhotovoltaic (PV) solar panelsOne of the leading global solar panel manufacturersTempe, AZ
AxonLaw enforcement technologyTasers, body cameras, evidence management softwarePopular among law enforcement agencies globallyScottsdale, AZ
Insight EnterprisesIT services & solutionsIT hardware, software, and service solutionsFortune 500 companyTempe, AZ
EmergeLogistics techDigital freight marketplace platformInnovative approach to freight procurementScottsdale, AZ
GoDaddyInternet domain & web hostingDomain registration, web hosting, website builderOne of the largest domain registrars in the worldScottsdale, AZ
HoneywellDiversified technology & manufacturingAerospace, building technologies, performance materialsFortune 100 companyPhoenix, AZ (major presence)
MUFGFinancial servicesBanking, asset managementPart of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, a large global financial institutionTempe, AZ (U.S. operations center)
PersefoniEnvironmental techClimate accounting and carbon footprint management softwareClimate-tech startup with transparent carbon accountingTempe, AZ
ON SemiconductorSemiconductorsPower and signal management, logic, discrete, and custom devicesS&P 500 semiconductor end-market providerPhoenix, AZ
WebPTHealthcare techPhysical therapy softwareLeading rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient carePhoenix, AZ
Microchip TechnologySemiconductorsMicrocontrollers, mixed-signal, analog, Flash-IP solutionsNASDAQ-listed companyChandler, AZ
KeapBusiness & marketing automationCRM and marketing automation softwareServes small businesses and entrepreneursChandler, AZ
AvnetElectronics distributionElectronic components, services, solutionsOne of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components and embedded solutionsPhoenix, AZ
Northern TrustFinancial servicesWealth management, asset servicing and bankingA leading provider of wealth management servicesTempe, AZ
WorkivaSoftware-as-a-ServiceData collaboration, reporting, and compliance softwareLeading platform for connected reporting and complianceScottsdale, AZ
AmkorSemiconductor product packagingAdvanced semiconductor packaging and test servicesOne of the world’s largest providers of outsourced semiconductor packaging and test servicesTempe, AZ
DDC-ISoftware developmentEmbedded software, real-time operating systemsSpecializing in safety-critical applicationsPhoenix, AZ
ParadoxHR techAI recruitment assistant softwareOlivia AI, intelligent assistant for recruiting and HR processesScottsdale, AZ
SOURCE GlobalWater techHydropanels that produce water from sunlight and airPioneer in renewable drinking water systemsScottsdale, AZ
SiteLockCybersecurityWebsite security solutions including website scanning and malware removalProtects over 12 million websites worldwideTempe, AZ
Everspin TechnologiesSemiconductorsMagnetoresistive random-access memory (MRAM) solutionsA leader in MRAM technologyChandler, AZ
eVisitTelehealthVirtual care and telemedicine platformEnables healthcare providers to deliver virtual careMesa, AZ
Solera HealthHealthcareIntegrated chronic disease prevention and management platformProvides platform for prevention and management of chronic diseasesPhoenix, AZ
World View EnterprisesAerospaceStratospheric ballooning technologyProviding edge-of-space tourism and remote sensingTucson, AZ
AxwaySoftwareAPI Management, content collaboration, B2B IntegrationFacilitates secure integration of business-critical interactionsPhoenix, AZ
Blue YonderSupply ChainAI-driven supply chain management solutionsProvides end-to-end supply chain solutionsScottsdale, AZ
ASM InternationalSemiconductor equipmentSemiconductor manufacturing equipmentA leading supplier of semiconductor process equipmentPhoenix, AZ
ClimatecBuilding technologiesBuilding automation, energy conservation, security systemsOffers smart building solutionsPhoenix, AZ
ParchmentEducation techDigital credential managementManages the ordering, processing, and secure delivery of academic recordsScottsdale, AZ
McDonnell Douglas Helicopter SystemsAerospace & defenseMilitary helicopters (no longer operational; now part of Boeing)Helicopter manufacturer known for the Apache AH-64Mesa, AZ
RepayPayment processingElectronic payment processing solutionsSpecializes in integrated payment processing for niche marketsPhoenix, AZ
Anju SoftwareLife sciences softwareSoftware for managing medical affairs and clinical trialsProvides software solutions to life sciences industryTempe, AZ
AFS Technologies Inc.Supply chainSoftware for the consumer goods industryOffers comprehensive software solutions for the CPG industryPhoenix, AZ
Norton LifeLockCybersecurityIdentity theft protection and device securityOne of the leading names in consumer cybersecurityTempe, AZ
SmartRentSmart home techEnterprise home automation and internet of things for property managersSpecializes in smart home solutions for the multifamily industryScottsdale, AZ
USAAFinancial servicesInsurance, banking, investment, and retirement for military members and their familiesSpecializes in financial services for military and veteransPhoenix, AZ (a regional office)

First Solar Inc.

1-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

First Solar was founded in 1999 and focuses on creating sustainable energy products. The business accomplishes this by providing goods that assist with issues like carbon footprints, water accessibility, and energy security.


2-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Axon is a top producer of technology products that businesses and private consumers can use for security. Tasers, security cameras, and automated reporting gear are some of the company’s best-known goods.

Insight Enterprises

3-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

The largest supplier of information technology (IT) solutions to businesses in Arizona is Insight Enterprises, Inc. In addition to managed and professional services, cloud solutions, systems integration and consulting, security solutions, and telecommunications, the company also offers a wide range of other IT solutions.


4-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Via its prestigious Freight Procurement Platform, Emerge fosters deep logistics connections. Emerge is modernising the procurement process by providing tools that empower shippers and carriers to make better informed, strategic decisions supported by real-time connectivity and AI-driven decision making. Emerge was created by freight experts for other freight professionals.


5-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

One of Arizona’s leading tech firms is GoDaddy. With millions of domain names under management, GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world.


6-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Among other industries, Honeywell, a Fortune 100 corporation, is renowned for its innovative technical solutions.


7-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

One of the top financial groups in the world is MUFG, also known as the Mitsubishi UFG Financial Group.


8-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

The best platform for climate management and accounting is provided by Persefoni, Inc. (CMAP). With the utmost confidence, openness, and simplicity, businesses and financial institutions may meet stakeholder and regulatory climate disclosure obligations with the help of the company’s software-as-a-service solutions.

ON Semiconductor

9-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Products for controlling energy use and power supplies are produced by ON Semiconductor, which was founded in 1999.


11-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

General practise and occupational therapy are only two of the many specialisations that the SaaS startup WebPT provides services to.

Microchip Technology

12-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

For thousands of different customer applications throughout the world, Microchip Technologies Inc., a leading supplier of microcontroller and analogue semiconductors, offers low-risk product development, lower total system costs, and quicker time to market.


13-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Keap is a manufacturer of technical products for automated sales and marketing. The business achieves this by providing platforms with a range of tools for process automation, including applications for document signing, scheduling, and data organisation.


14-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Avnet was established in 1921 and focuses in developing business-to-business technological solutions. The company manufactures a wide range of electronic items, such as computer hardware, cables, and subsystems.

Northern Trust

15-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

One of the top employers and financial institutions worldwide is Northern Trust.


16-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Workiva was established with the goal of revolutionising the way that individuals manage and report company data using multiple collaborative tools, data sources, documents, and spreadsheets.


18-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Amkor is a Tempe-based public firm. Amkor Technologies is a top supplier of semiconductor packaging and test services to electronics OEMs and semiconductor manufacturers.


19-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

For applications that are mission- and safety-critical, DDC-I is a top provider of software and professional services.


20-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Their main offering is Olivia, an AI recruiting assistant that assists businesses in capturing and screening prospects, providing 24/7 (on any device) candidate support, automating the back-and-forth of scheduling interviews to save everyone valuable time, and much more.


23-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

The technology from SOURCE provides safe, clean drinking water for business, household, and community uses. Their revolutionary SOURCE® Hydropanel uses the unending supply of solar energy and atmospheric moisture to produce drinking water completely off-grid in a self-contained system.


24-10 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

In 2008, SiteLock was established on the tenet that small and medium-sized enterprises shouldn’t have to fork over a lot of money to get effective website security.

Everspin Technologies

25-9 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) and Spin-Torque MRAM are designed, produced, and shipped by the respectable firm Everspin Technologies (ST-MRAM).


26-9 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Using their own network of providers to deliver virtual care, healthcare organisations may increase results, revenue, and efficiencies with the help of eVisit’s market-leading virtual care platform.

Solera Health

27-9 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

By pointing people in the direction of better health options, Solera Health is dedicated to changing lives. In order to have an influence on the most common and expensive chronic conditions in the nation, the company has developed a dynamic platform that offers intense, evidence-based lifestyle and behavioural social interventions.

World View Enterprises

28-9 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Stratollite uncrewed flight systems and Explorer human spaceflight systems are their two main business sectors, and together they provide significant knowledge to organisations, government agencies, and private individuals.


29-9 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Axway is a software startup that focuses on connecting people, systems, businesses, and ecosystems to unleash digital experiences and opportunities while assisting organisations in through their own digital transformation.

Blue Yonder

30-9 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Enterprise and supply chain software solutions as well as consulting services are offered by JDA Software, Inc.

ASM International

32-9 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

ASM International is an international company with its headquarters in the Netherlands that focuses on the design, production, sales, and support of equipment for processing semiconductor wafers in order to create semiconductor devices.


34-9 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Climatec has been improving the security, comfort, and effectiveness of buildings since 1975.


35-8 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Leading provider of educational technology, Parchment offers the most cutting-edge academic credentials management system, enabling learners, instructors, and employers to request, verify, and exchange credentials.

McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems

39-8 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Designing and producing helicopters for both military and commercial usage is the business of McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems, doing business as MDHC Boeing Subsidiary.


40-8 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Repay is working on solutions to make it simpler for people to get payment for their goods and services.

Anju Software

41-7 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Anju Software is an enterprise life sciences software platform dedicated to providing first-rate business application solutions along with first-rate customer service.

AFS Technologies Inc.

43-7 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Enterprise software for the food and beverage industry is provided in North America and the Caribbean by AFS Technologies, Inc., doing business as Advanced FoodSystems.

Norton LifeLock

44-7 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

With its Cyber Safety products, Norton LifeLock assists consumers in protecting their online privacy, devices, and residence.


45-7 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

Enterprise home automation startup SmartRent creates hardware and software for landlords, tenants, and other stakeholders in multifamily complexes.


46-7 The Tech Companies in Arizona To Check Out

USAA is a company that offers more than just financial services. By utilizing technology, the company is dedicated to going above and above for servicemen and their families.

FAQs on tech companies in Arizona

What are some of the top tech companies in Arizona?

Intel, GoDaddy, and Carvana are just a few of the leading tech firms headquartered in Arizona. Axon, Benchmark Electronics, and ON Semiconductor are a few other well-known firms in this field.

Arizona’s really crushing it lately. It’s not just the sun and the golf; it’s the startup ecosystem vibing up the place. People talk about affordable living, solid tech talent from schools like ASU, and super supportive tech legislation. Plus, they’re rolling out the red carpet with business incentives.

What are the key sectors within Arizona’s tech industry?

Tech’s got flavors, and Arizona’s tasting the rainbow. Think aerospace technology soaring high and cybersecurity firms putting up digital shields. Then there’s the biotech scene blossoming like desert wildflowers. And hey, clean energy tech? It’s as hot as the Arizona sun here.

Which cities in Arizona are big tech hubs?

Phoenix and Scottsdale? They’re the cool kids in the Arizona tech scene. Chandler’s not far behind with companies like Intel and Microchip Technology. Let’s not snooze on Tucson, either—it’s pulling its own with a techie crowd bolstered by the University of Arizona’s tech initiatives.

How does the cost of doing business in Arizona compare to other states?

It’s a sweet deal, really. Business costs are on the low side. Think tax perks, lower operationals, and you won’t burn cash like in Silicon Valley. Arizona rolls out that business incentives carpet, and it’s quite the catch for bootstrapped startups and big guns alike.

What kind of tech talent is available in Arizona?

There’s real talent brewing here. Universities like ASU are churning out tech brains. And we’re not talking run-of-the-mill grads, but these are kids with hands-on experience in tech entrepreneurship programs. The workforce is ripe, skilled, and oh-so-ready for the innovative bustle.

What is the “Silicon Desert”?

Picture this: a tech oasis amidst the cacti. Folks started calling Arizona the Silicon Desert when they noticed the tech boom here, with its own unique vibe—the energy, the people, the innovation. It’s less about copying Silicon Valley and more about carving Arizona’s own digital legacy.

How are tech companies in Arizona supported by the local government?

Let me tell ya, the local gov’s all about that support life. They’re pushing initiatives, fueling technology grants, and they’ve set up the Arizona Commerce Authority just to help techies thrive. It’s a nurturing nursery for tech startups with dreams bigger than the Grand Canyon.

Can you name some successful tech startups from Arizona?

Successful startups? Got a list! There’s WebPT smashing it in the healthcare tech space. How about Paradox with its AI assistant, Olivia? And let’s not forget about CampusLogic making student financial aid a breeze. Just a few stars in Arizona’s innovation hubs.

What are the major tech events to attend in Arizona?

Events are the spice in the tech stew. The Phoenix Startup Week is a buzzing hive of ideas. There’s the Arizona Technology Summit attracting brainiacs from all over. And for those who code, Desert Code Camp is where learning and collaboration explode like a piñata.

How is Arizona fostering innovation and technology research?

It’s all in the ecosystem. Think tech incubators like Galvanize Phoenix and the ASU SkySong. Then there are research initiatives with mad funding, partnerships with academia, and a general culture that’s just thirsty for innovation. It’s a blend, a balance, a perfect mix where technology research doesn’t just survive, it thrives.


Wrapping up, Arizona’s not just about jaw-dropping canyons and roadrunners. It’s a hotspot where tech companies plant seeds in fertile ground and grow big. Those seeds, they sprout into innovation hubs and startup ecosystems that defy the heat.

  • Venture capital’s making rain in the desert here, giving life to new ideas.
  • Tech talent flows like the Colorado River, fed by institutions eager to push boundaries.

And the term ‘Silicon Desert‘? It’s more than catchy. It’s a mantle Arizona’s wearing with pride. It speaks to the spirit here – a blend of wild west and digital frontier, creating a future that’s as bright and bold as the Arizona sky.

So, as the sun sets on our exploration, remember, big things are brewing in the land of the saguaro. Arizona’s tech landscape is a narrative of resilience, a narrative of ambition, and a place where tomorrow is being coded today.

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