Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Dallas isn’t just about cowboys and cuisine; it’s a simmering hotspot of ingenuity where tech companies are thriving like wildflowers after rain. Nestled within the Lone Star State, this metropolis is fast becoming an epicenter of digital transformation, rivaling the famed Silicon Valley.

Imagine a space where the buzz of innovation is palpable, where the Silicon Prairie stretches out with a spirit as tenacious as the city’s own history. Bold entrepreneurs, renowned tech hubs, and a supportive ecosystem are the backbone of this scene.

By diving into this article, you’re unlocking the door to Dallas’s digital dominion. You’ll get the inside scoop on emerging technology sectors, discover what fuels the tech job market in Dallas, and why venture capitalists are betting big on Big D. From Silicon Prairie to Telecom Corridor, expect a tour de force that shines a spotlight on the Dallas tech innovation landscape.

Consider this your exclusive pass to a world where connectivity is king, and every pixel pulses with potential.

Diverse Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Tech CompanySectorServices/ProductsFoundedNotable Information
SecuronixSecurity AnalyticsSIEM platform, threat detection, and management2008Uses big data analytics for cybersecurity
AT&TTelecommunicationsBroadband, wireless services, and digital entertainment1983One of the world’s largest telecommunications companies
O9 SolutionsEnterprise AI SoftwareAI-powered platform for integrated business planning2009Serves clients globally including Fortune 500 companies
Texas InstrumentsSemiconductor DesignAnalog chips and embedded processors, calculators1930Known for innovations in the semiconductor space
TelvistaContact CenterCustomer service solutions across various channels1997Provides bilingual (English/Spanish) services
AlkamiFinTechDigital banking solutions for credit unions and banks2009Offers a cloud-based digital banking platform
Solera HoldingsAutomotive SoftwareSoftware for automotive & insurance industries to manage assets, process claims2005Global presence with a suite of digital solutions
TellabsTelecommunicationsAccess solutions for mobile backhaul, metro ethernet, and more1975Focuses on passive optical network technologies
EPAM SystemsSoftware EngineeringProduct development, digital platform engineering, and digital and product design services1993Global company with expertise in complex software engineering
Tyler TechnologiesPublic Sector SoftwareSoftware solutions for local, state, and federal government offices1966Specializes in end-to-end information management solutions
GameStopRetail & GamingVideo games, consoles, and related products1984Known for its chain of retail stores and recent investment interest
SabreTravel TechnologySoftware, data solutions for the travel industry1960Key player in the travel sector processing over a third of bookings
MavenirTelecommunicationsNetwork software for building digital communication infrastructure2005Focuses on accelerating software network transformation
Stack SportsSports TechnologySoftware solutions for team management, registration, and sports organization2016Provides tech for various levels of sports associations
Pinnacle GroupStaffing & Workforce SolutionsWorkforce solutions including staffing, managed services1996Recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies
OculusVirtual RealityVR hardware and software products2012A subsidiary of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook)
OmnitracsFleet Management SoftwareSaaS-based solutions for transportation and logistics1988Pioneers in fleet management solutions
5milesOnline MarketplaceMobile app for local buying and selling2014Known for an easy-to-use platform and user-focused features
ACTIVE NetworkEvent Management SoftwareSoftware solutions for event and activity management1999Serves organizations offering events and activities
TheatroRetail & Hospitality TechCommunication solutions and apps for hourly workers2012Offers a wearable device for in-store team communications
BestowInsurTechDigital life insurance platform2016Makes applying for and obtaining life insurance simple
id SoftwareVideo Game DevelopmentDeveloper of popular games like DOOM and Quake1991Acclaimed for creating influential games in the first-person shooter genre
StackPathCloud ServicesEdge computing, CDN, WAF, and security services2015Focuses on providing a secure edge platform
Supreme GolfGolf TechnologySearch engine for finding and booking golf tee times2011Aggregates deals from other tee time sites or apps
Boingo WirelessWireless TechnologyWi-Fi and DAS networks for carriers, consumers, and military2001Offers wireless services in high-traffic areas such as airports
DialexaTech Research & DevelopmentCustom technology and product development services2010Specializes in end-to-end product development
AltoRide-HailingOn-demand personal car and chauffeur service2018Offers a premium ride experience with a focus on safety
IlumiLighting TechnologySmart LED lighting solutions2010Offers app-controlled, color-tunable LED lights
NectarOMMarketing AutomationOmnichannel personalization platform2012Helps brands with tailored marketing experiences
ParkHubParking Management TechMobile point-of-sale solutions for parking operations2010Providing tech to streamline parking management and payments
TopGolfSports & Entertainment TechVenue for golf entertainment with a high-tech driving range and other features2000Mixes technology with a traditional pastime
AscendixReal Estate TechCRM software solutions and consulting for real estate industry1996Specializes in software for commercial real estate brokers
Unique Software DevelopmentCustom Software DevelopmentApplications, digital transformation solutions, VR, drones2012Offers a diverse range of tech development services
AcqueonCustomer Engagement SoftwareAI-based conversational engagement software2003Combines AI and data analytics for customer interactions
AcerElectronics & HardwareComputers, monitors, projectors, and other electronics for consumers and businesses1976Global brand known for PC products and hardware
Allegro Development CorporationCommodity ManagementTrading, risk management solutions for power and gas markets1984Solutions for those participating in energy commodities markets
Palo Alto NetworksCybersecurityAdvanced firewalls and cloud-based offerings to secure networks and cloud services2005Renowned for its comprehensive cybersecurity solutions
Data AxleData, Marketing & SoftwareData-driven marketing solutions, business info, and software1972Specializes in data and data-driven marketing services
Capital OneFinancial ServicesBanking services, credit cards, loans, and savings products1994Fortune 500 company offering a range of financial products
Chewye-Commerce for Pet ProductsOnline retailer of pet food, products, and supplies2011Offers a vast assortment of pet products with a focus on customer service


3-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

A Dallas-based IT startup called Securonix offers cutting-edge security solutions for businesses. It provides a full security analytics and operations management platform that aids in the detection and response of large data and sophisticated cyber threats by enterprises.


4-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

The 1983-founded AT&T is a telecommunications and technology firm that provides high-speed networks, platforms for advertising technology, and other goods and services. It is among the biggest telecommunications companies in the globe and among the biggest suppliers of mobile phone services in the nation.

O9 Solutions

5-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

A software company called O9 Solutions offers cutting-edge, digital management and planning solutions to companies all across the world.

Texas Instruments

6-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Texas Instruments, a multinational semiconductor and manufacturing firm that was founded in 1930, creates, tests, manufactures, and distributes analogue and embedded processor chips.


7-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Telvista is a communications firm that was established in 1997 and provides customers with a range of technical solutions. IT services like application development, infrastructure and system integration, social media and multichannel support are some of its areas of expertise.


8-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

One of the leading tech firms in Dallas, Alkami Technology offers banks and credit unions cloud-based digital banking solutions. Financial institutions receive a full digital banking solution from the Alkami Platform for both retail and corporate customers.

Solera Holdings

9-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

The automobile and insurance industries receive data, applications, and services from Dallas, Texas-based Solera Holdings.


10-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Tellabs, a well-known provider of network solutions situated in Dallas, Texas, was established in 1975. For all phases of the network life cycle, it offers telecoms hardware and qualified network management services.

EPAM Systems

11-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

EPAM Systems is an IT business that offers software engineering help to industries including product development, digital platform engineering, and digital product and design. EPAM Systems was founded in 1993.

Tyler Technologies

12-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Leading provider of integrated software and technology services to the public sector is Tyler Technologies.


13-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

A retailer of consumer electronics and video games is called GameStop. It is among the biggest online sellers of video games in the world.


14-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

One of the leading IT firms in Dallas, Texas, Sabre Corporation provides a wide range of software solutions for the travel sector. Innovative solutions, such as data-driven business intelligence, automation, mobile-enabled, and SaaS solutions, are used to empower the travel and tourist industries.


15-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

The sole end-to-end, cloud-native network software provider in the sector is Mavenir, a telecoms software provider.

Stack Sports

16-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

A software development company called Stack Sports offers solutions for whole sports management. Additionally, it leads the world in providing SaaS solutions for the sports sector.

Pinnacle Group

17-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

One of the biggest staffing companies in the USA is Pinnacle Group, commonly known as Pinnacle Technical Resources Inc. It is a provider of workforce solutions and a pioneer in the field of hiring and managing employees.


18-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Oculus, formerly known as Oculus VR, is now a brand of Meta Technologies. It provides platforms and virtual reality goods that let users experience augmented reality from any location.


19-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

SaaS solutions and comprehensive, intelligent fleet management software are available from Omnitracs. It integrates data, applications, and devices to give employees from various organisations, teams, and even industries one-stop solutions so they can collaborate for improved business outcomes.


20-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

A Dallas-based company created the free-to-use smartphone app 5miles, an online marketplace. Its goal was to develop a safe, user-friendly marketplace where nearby buyers and sellers could conduct business with ease.

ACTIVE Network

23-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

An American multinational corporation called ACTIVE Network offers SaaS solutions for managing participation and activities. Its SaaS technology platform provides cutting-edge solutions that simplify the administration of events and activities.


24-9 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

For the indoor mobile workforce, Theatro, a Dallas-based software provider, offers business applications for wearable, voice-activated IoT devices.


25-8 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Bestow is a Dallas, Texas-based provider of insurance technology that provides consumers in the USA with all-inclusive digital life insurance solutions.

id Software

111-7 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

The Dallas-based software development business id Software is responsible for some of the most popular video games.


27-8 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

A Dallas-based IT business called StackPath offers an edge computing platform. It is a SaaS business that provides edge services, which physically bring computer power closer to users than core cloud services.

Supreme Golf

28-8 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

A Dallas-based technology business called Supreme Golf offers the most thorough tee times search engine. It boasts the largest collection of golf tee times in the world and was constructed by golfers for golfers.

Boingo Wireless

111-8 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Boingo offers a range of wireless solutions to meet customer demand for speedier connectivity. Companies can provide 5G, antenna, small cell, private network, and Wi-Fi services to clients and employees in a variety of locations, including airports and real estate.


31-8 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Technology research, design, and creation company Dialexa offers full-cycle development services.


32-8 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

A membership-based ridesharing service called Alto is currently present in Dallas’s neighbourhoods.


33-8 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

LED smart light bulbs are produced by Ilumi. Ilumi bulbs fit into standard sockets and are controlled by a mobile app. They offer light scheduling and a range of lighting environments established by colour presets.


35-7 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

NectarOM develops AI-driven consumer engagement products. The platform combines data from many sources, develops targeted consumer profiles, chooses and transmits pertinent content, and evaluates performance.


36-7 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Event venues, colleges, parking operators, and state parks can all benefit from ParkHub’s parking experience-enhancing solutions.


37-7 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

A place for entertainment, TopGolf offers cutting-edge, interactive golfing experiences. TopGolf, a venue for entertainment, makes use of ball-tracking technology to enable a range of gaming experiences for players of various skill levels.


38-7 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Ascendix Technologies has been a dependable proptech partner and advisor focused exclusively on commercial real estate for almost 20 years.

Unique Software Development

40-7 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

With talented strategists, technologists, designers, and developers on board, Unique Software Development offers specialised solutions that are catered to your demands.


41-6 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

With the help of Acqueon’s conversational engagement software, sales, marketing, and service businesses can have honest, open, and meaningful conversations with customers that provide significantly better outcomes.


42-6 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Acer Inc. is a worldwide hardware and electronics company with its headquarters in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan. It specialises in cutting-edge electronics technology.

Allegro Development Corporation

46-6 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

For electric and gas utilities, producers, refiners, traders, retailers, and consumers, Allegro is the top provider of energy trading and risk management solutions.

Palo Alto Networks

47-6 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Palo Alto Networks is an IT business that offers cybersecurity services. It was established in 2005.

Data Axle

48-3 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Data Axle, a provider of data-driven resources for targeted sales, marketing, and research solutions, was established in 1972.

Capital One

49-3 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Credit cards, checking and savings accounts, vehicle loans, and other banking services are all offered by Capital One, a provider of financial services.


50-3 Awesome Tech Companies in Dallas, Texas

Chewy is an online pet store that was established in 2011. Online pet store products are available, as well as customer service assistance.

FAQs on these tech companies in Dallas, TX

What’s Fueling the Growth of Tech Companies in Dallas?

The energy here is electric. You’ve got a cocktail of passion-filled entrepreneurs and deep-pocketed investors. Capital is flowing, with venture funds eager to inject cash into Dallas’ tech innovation. Plus, the Dallas startup scene benefits from a strong network of tech incubators and Tech Titans fostering a culture of collaboration.

How Is Dallas’ Job Market for Tech Professionals?

It’s booming, plain and simple. Dallas’ tech job market is competitive but rich with opportunity. Opportunities span across software development, data analytics, and cybersecurity, driven by a mix of homegrown startups and renowned tech hubs. If you’ve got the skills, Dallas has the demand.

What Are the Key Tech Sectors in Dallas?

Dallas is diverse; it’s not a one-trick pony. Noteworthy sectors include telecommunications, courtesy of the Telecom Corridor, and a burgeoning scene in big data and AI. Cybersecurity firms and biotech are also hitting their stride. Let’s just say, there’s a lot under this city’s tech umbrella.

Which Major Tech Companies Have Offices in Dallas?

Oh, where to start? Texas Instruments is a legacy, a true pioneer here. You’ve also got AT&T’s headquarters laying down roots. Add to that a slew of other major players in software, telecom, and beyond—each playing a part in Dallas’ technology narrative.

What Types of Tech Events Can One Find in Dallas?

If there’s a day without a tech event in Dallas, I haven’t seen it. The calendar’s packed with technology conferences, local networking events for tech, and pitch competitions. The Dallas Regional Chamber keeps the community buzzing with events that bring techies together for learning and collaboration.

How Are Tech Startups Supported in Dallas?

Beyond the big names, there’s palpable energy pumping through Dallas’ startup arteries. Spaces like the Dallas Entrepreneur Center nurture early-stage techies with mentorship and resources. Plus, tech incubators and accelerators are practically sprouting up like mushrooms after rain—full of resources and guidance for those fueling the tech innovation in Dallas.

What’s the Influence of Universities on Dallas’ Tech Scene?

Huge. Universities are talent factories. Right at the forefront, you’ve got the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) churning out fresh tech talent with cutting-edge skills. Their collaboration with the industry through research and internship programs is a significant driver of the tech ecosystem in our city.

Is Dallas Primed for Tech Investments?

Investors are all over this place like BBQ sauce on brisket. There’s money on the table, especially for sectors like AI, health tech, and emerging technology sectors. With a solid mix of angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms, Dallas is a veritable magnet for tech investments.

What’s the Impact of Dallas Tech Companies on the Local Economy?

Let’s talk impact – it’s like a powerful engine revving up. Local economy? The tech companies here are injecting cash, creating jobs, and driving innovation. Their influence spreads, boosting everything from real estate to hospitality. This is what transforming the local business landscape looks like.

How Does Dallas Attract and Retain Tech Talent?

Perks, people, plus potential. Dallas is alluring, offering a sweet mix of job opportunities, competitive salaries, and a cost of living that doesn’t make your wallet weep. The city’s culture is dynamic, featuring everything from arts to sports—elements that, trust me, make the stay worthwhile.


Wrapping our digital deep dive, it’s clear that the landscape of tech companies in Dallas is more than a passing storm; it’s a climate change in the tech ecosystem.

Dallas’ tech innovation isn’t just a tagline; it’s witnessed in the bustling Silicon Prairie, where tech is the new king of the hill. The pulse of our local economy beats stronger with every new startup and every round of venture capital fueling our homegrown talents.

From the robust tech job market to the diverse sectors making waves – telecom, big data, and cybersecurity stand tall. And let’s not forget the academic prowess pillared by institutions like UTD.

All told, this isn’t just about tech. It’s about a future sculpted with Texas grit and digital dreams where every pixel counts and every innovation story deserves its own rodeo. Dallas, watch out Silicon Valley; we’re just getting started.

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