Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Nestled between the rolling waves and rugged mountains, Santa Barbara isn’t just a paradise for beachcombers—it’s a pulsating hub for tech gurus and startup dreamers. Underneath its serene skyline, you’ll find a tapestry woven with innovation and digital ambition. The secret’s out: Santa Barbara is not just a pretty face.

Tapping into the emerging tech industries here is like unlocking a treasure chest of opportunity.

This article promises you a map to the tech goldmine along the Central Coast. Whether you’re hungry for the next big thing in clean technology or curious about the latest startup culture, stay tuned.

By the end, you’ll be equipped with insider knowledge on tech companies in Santa Barbara: who’s who, what they brew, and how they can include you.

Diving into the local tech job market to the ventures blooming with venture capital, we’ll explore the ecosystem that’s making waves in the high-tech industry—right here, where the ocean meets the tech.

Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Company NameIndustry/SectorPrimary Product/ServiceFoundedNotable Information
AppFolioReal Estate SoftwareProperty Management Software2006Publicly traded (NASDAQ: APPF)
SonosAudio ProductsSmart Speakers2002Known for high-fidelity wireless speakers
QADEnterprise SoftwareERP for Manufacturing1979Acquired by Thoma Bravo in 2021
CurvatureIT Services & HardwareNetwork and Data Center Solutions1986Provides third-party maintenance
InTouch HealthHealthcare TechnologyTelehealth Solutions2002Acquired by Teladoc Health in 2020
LogicMonitorIT InfrastructureSaaS-based Performance Monitoring2007Cloud-based IT infrastructure monitoring
ShipHawkLogistics/Shipping SoftwareShipping and Freight Software2012Helps businesses optimize their shipping operations
ProcoreConstruction SoftwareConstruction Project Management2003Publicly traded (NYSE: PCOR)
InvocaMarketing TechnologyAI-powered Call Tracking and Analytics2008Platform for analyzing phone call data
ImpactMarketing TechnologyPartnership Automation Platform2008Provides partnership automation services
Apeel SciencesFood TechnologyPlant-derived Food Preservative Technology2012Known for extending the shelf life of produce
NSI PartnersMarketing and AdvertisingOnline Marketing Services2002Offers search engine and social media marketing
FLIR SystemsSensing SolutionsThermal Imaging Cameras and Sensors1978Acquired by Teledyne Technologies in 2021
HG DataData AnalyticsCompany Intelligence and Data Analytics2010Renamed to HG Insights in 2019
CJ AffiliateAffiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing Network Services1998Formerly known as Commission Junction
Green Hills SoftwareSoftware DevelopmentReal-Time Operating Systems1982Focus on high-security embedded systems
Yardi SystemsReal Estate SoftwareProperty Management Software for Real Estate1984Offers an end-to-end suite of real estate management solutions


AppFolio Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Discover AppFolio, the architect of cloud-based software that’s changing how property managers and real estate investors handle business. It’s a game-changer, juggling everything from leasing to maintenance, all while keeping user experience slick and smooth.

What they stand out for: Making life easier for property folks with tech that streamlines and simplifies. Their cutting-edge approach marries innovative software development with real-world needs—now that’s smart tech.


Sonos Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Sonos brings music to life with smart, wireless speakers that fill your home with sound and soul. They’re pioneers, harmonizing sleek design with top-notch audio tech that’s user-friendly.

What they stand out for: They’ve orchestrated a home audio revolution with speakers that sync seamlessly and sound heavenly. A cue for the future of sound right there.


QAD Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

QAD’s all about helping manufacturing companies get even better at what they do. Their cloud ERP solutions are designed to be flexible, helping businesses adapt and thrive in the ever-changing manufacturing landscape.

What they stand out for: Their focus is razor-sharp on manufacturing efficiency. By tuning into the specific needs of manufacturers, they’re sculpting a future where every production line can hum a little smoother.


Curvature Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Welcome to the world of Curvature where they’re redefining how businesses think about IT equipment and services. Think of them as the pros who give hardware a new lease on life, delaying the retirement party for tech that still has a lot to give.

What they stand out for: They’ve got this unique knack for breathing new energy into existing IT systems, morphing old into gold. That’s their superpower.

InTouch Health

InTouch-Health Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

InTouch Health is leading the charge into the future of telehealth, crafting solutions that connect doctors and patients like never before—virtually. No waiting rooms, just a direct line to wellness.

What they stand out for: Telemedicine trailblazers, that’s them. In a world where healthcare access is crucial, they deliver it straight to your screen.


LogicMonitor Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Meet LogicMonitor, your eyes in the skies of IT infrastructure. They’re all about visibility, making sure IT pros can see what’s what in their tech landscape and hop on issues before they blow up.

What they stand out for: These folks are swooping into IT systems, making sure everything’s ticking just right, all from one sleek dashboard—pretty sharp, right?


ShipHawk Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

ShipHawk is on a mission to redefine shipping logistics with its next-level software that helps businesses orchestrate their shipments without hiccups. No box too big, no goal too grand.

What they stand out for: They navigate the complex seas of logistics so businesses can sail smoothly. Their software is like a good captain—smart, reliable, and all about good timing.


Procore Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Procore is building bridges—virtually. They craft construction management software that’s way ahead of the blueprint. Projects get streamlined, teams stay connected, and buildings rise more efficiently.

What they stand out for: They nail it in construction tech, building tools that bring teams together and keep projects on track. Construction’s never been so cohesive.


Invoca Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Ever wonder how companies fine-tune their call marketing campaigns? Invoca’s software is the answer, dialing into call data to paint a picture of what customers really want.

What they stand out for: A maestro of call analytics and automation, Invoca gives marketing calls a voice that echoes in valuable insights. Ring in the new age of call data with them.


Impact Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Impact zooms in on partnerships, amplifying their strength through powerful automation software. Think collabs supercharged—tracking, managing, and optimizing made a breeze.

What they stand out for: They have this ace up their sleeve for amplifying partnership potential. Companies link elbows better because Impact ensures everyone’s stride is in sync.

Apeel Sciences

Apeel-Sciences Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

They’re not magicians, but what Apeel Sciences does with plant-derived tech might make you think otherwise. They extend the life of fruits and veggies with their natural protective peel, slicing down food waste.

What they stand out for: It’s like they handed Mother Nature a lab coat, and together, they’re keeping food fresher, longer. Science meets sustainability—that’s their kind of green.

NSI Partners

NSI-Partners Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Digital marketing’s their game, and NSI Partners plays to win. They’re the digital strategists making sense of SEO, PPC, and all the online acronyms, turning them into success stories.

What they stand out for: They crack the code on driving web traffic and converting clicks to customers. It’s like they have a genie for the digital age.

FLIR Systems

FLIR-Systems Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

FLIR Systems gives you superhero vision. Their thermal imaging cameras, components, and sensor systems unveil a world invisible to the naked eye, detecting heat signatures and stuff you just can’t see.

What they stand out for: These folks bring the heat in tech, quite literally. From public safety to industrial inspection, they highlight what would otherwise hide in plain sight.

HG Data

HG-Data Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

HG Data has their fingers on the pulse of tech intelligence. They deliver insights on tech usage and trends that companies crave for making strategic, data-driven decisions.

What they stand out for: Their knack for harvesting tech insights is like striking a data goldmine. Firms craving market intelligence hit them up, because HG’s got the goods.

CJ Affiliate

CJ-Affiliate-1 Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara


Affiliate marketing’s their jam, and CJ Affiliate tunes it to perfection. They connect advertisers and publishers, ensuring that every click and sale hits the right note.

What they stand out for: Mastering the affiliate symphony, CJ Affiliate orchestrates ad campaigns that sing success. It’s about making connections that count—audible in the ring of a cash register.

Green Hills Software

Green-Hills-Software Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Enter the realm of Green Hills Software, where code meets safety and performance. They develop operating systems and embedded software that run like dreams and guard like gatekeepers.

What they stand out for: Security is their stronghold and efficiency their creed. In a world where every bit of code matters, these are the guardians of the cyber galaxy.

Yardi Systems

Yardi-Systems Must-Know Tech Companies in Santa Barbara

Real estate’s vast landscape gets plotted and navigated smoothly with Yardi Systems’ software suite. They serve up property management solutions with a side of innovation, making sure real estate pros have the right tools.

What they stand out for: Property management gets a techy twist with their toolkit, shaping up the industry one byte at a time. Yardi’s where properties and pixels come together.

FAQ on tech companies in Santa Barbara

What’s fueling the growth of tech companies in Santa Barbara?

It’s a vibrant cocktail of academic prowess from UCSB, active local investment networks, and an unbeatable quality of life. The city’s leap into tech prominence is driven by these, plus a thriving startup culture that magnetizes talent and venture capital alike.

Are there major tech events in Santa Barbara I should know about?

Absolutely. Events like Santa Barbara Startup Week and the South Coast Tech Summit are hotspots for networking. They’re where seeds of collaboration get planted among tech entrepreneurs, investors, and local talent ready to dive into the tech ecosystem.

What types of tech companies dominate Santa Barbara’s scene?

Diversity reigns here. Software developers, clean technology pioneers, and innovative startups in biotech are part of the mosaic. It’s not just SaaS companies making waves, but also those pushing boundaries in AI and digital innovation.

Can you find a job easily at a tech company in Santa Barbara?

If you’ve got the skills, they’ve got the desks. With a burgeoning job market fueled by both established firms and startups, opportunities spread across engineering, product management, and tech consulting services. Job seekers with a knack for innovation are in demand.

How does UCSB contribute to the tech industry in Santa Barbara?

UCSB is a cornerstone, spinning out research that leads to breakthroughs and startups. It’s the cradle of tech talent, where tech education meets real-world application, and students often slide right from graduation to local tech firms.

What role does venture capital play in the growth of Santa Barbara’s tech companies?

Venture capital is like a supercharger for growth here. Investors are eager to back local tech ventures with funding and expertise, fueling a cycle of growth, and attracting even more investments. It’s a nurturing climate for startups to bloom.

What sort of support network exists for tech startups in Santa Barbara?

It’s a robust one, with tech incubators and accelerators paving the path from concept to reality. Co-working spaces and tech networking events in Santa Barbara further knit a web of support. You’ll find guidance, mentorship, and a collaborative spirit ready to uplift the next big idea.

How does the quality of life in Santa Barbara attract tech companies and talent?

Tech talent thrives in a place where life’s good – and Santa Barbara’s unbeatable. Think work-life balance with a scenic view. After intense innovating, you can recharge with some beach time or a hike. That appeal lures companies and pros alike.

Are tech companies in Santa Barbara involved in environmental sustainability?

You bet. With a drive toward clean technology, many local firms prioritize sustainability. It’s not just good ethics; it’s smart business. Environmental consciousness is woven into the fabric of the Santa Barbara tech scene.

Do tech companies in Santa Barbara cater to specific industries?

Yes, they’re a versatile bunch. Some specialize in software for hospitality and real estate, while others delve into cutting-edge fields like biotechnology and artificial intelligence. It’s a playground of technological variety, serving numerous sectors with their innovative solutions.


Wrapping it up, the story’s clear. Santa Barbara’s more than just sunshine and shorelines. It’s home to a tech scene bursting at the seams with ambition and innovation. Here, bytes and beaches combine in a way that’s pretty unique.

Tech companies in Santa Barbara? They’re a breed of their own. Fueled by a mix of academic excellence and laid-back living, they’ve set up a place where ideas flourish, and tech pros find their niche. From clean technology to digital innovation, the range is impressive.

This place proves that when smart folks gather around the table, some with laptops, others with lattes, big things happen. And hey, this could be where you find your fit as well. Whether diving into the tech job market or just soaking up the scene at the next technology conference, Santa Barbara’s a spot to watch – or better yet, be part of.

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