Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

Omaha, the unsuspecting frontiersman that’s forging a digital path through America’s heartland. Nestled between the rolling cornfields and the Missouri River’s winding tale, tech companies in Omaha are quietly fueling an innovation bonanza.

This isn’t your typical Silicon narrative. Here, “Silicon Prairie” resonates with a distinct twang of Midwestern tenacity.

I’m not just here to tell you it’s happening; I’ll show you how it’s thriving. Venture capital flowing through Omaha’s veins is no longer just a fantasy but a full-blown, pulsating reality.

The city’s transformation into a tech powerhouse isn’t by chance—it’s by design. The article’s promise? To unpack the layers of this burgeoning technology sector in Nebraska.

You’ll witness the blueprint of the local startup ecosystem, the venture strides shaping the future, and the tech entrepreneurship spirit that permeates the Old Market to West Omaha’s suburbs.

Plant yourself here, as we decode the DNA of Omaha’s tech renaissance—a story ’bout as intriguing as it gets.

Great Tech Companies in Omaha

Tech Company in OmahaPrimary Service/ProductTarget Audience/MarketYears in OperationNotable Feature/Accolade
ToastPoint of Sale softwareRestaurantsEst. 2013 (HQ elsewhere)Cloud-based, all-in-one system
Tango CardDigital reward solutionsBusinessesEst. 2009 (HQ elsewhere)Easy integration, vast reward options
Event VestaEvent management platformEvent planners/attendeesNew startupLocal events emphasis
National Indemnity CompanyInsurance servicesVarious sectorsEst. 1940Part of Berkshire Hathaway
CareerlinkJob search platformJob seekers/employersEst. 1992Specialized in Midwest jobs
Opti9 TechCloud and IT solutionsVarious sectorsEst. 1999 as CosentryComprehensive tech services
Ag Processing IncAgricultural cooperativeFarmers & retailEst. 1983Largest co-op for soybean processing
Advisor GroupWealth management softwareFinancial advisorsEst. 1996 (HQ elsewhere)Parent company of financial firms
Meridian Clinical ResearchMedical researchHealthcare sectorEst. 1999Conduct clinical trials
Leo A DalyArchitectural servicesVarious sectorsEst. 1915Sustainability-focused design
Election Systems & SoftwareVoting equipment and servicesGovernmentEst. 1979Largest voting machine vendor in the US
Local by FlywheelLocal WordPress developmentWeb developersEst. 2017 (HQ elsewhere)Simplified site management
ScantronAssessment and technology solutionsEducation & Corporate sectorsEst. 1972 (HQ elsewhere)Known for their ubiquitous test scanning systems
GrainBridgeAgribusiness softwareFarmers & agribusinessesStartup 2010Streamlines commodity management
CF WebtoolsWeb development servicesVarious sectorsEst. 2001Custom web solutions
First National Technology SolutionsData center solutionsVarious sectorsEst. 1996Financial industry focus
TEAM SoftwareWorkforce management softwareCleaning & security sectorsEst. 1989Specializes in backoffice solutions
BuildertrendConstruction project management softwareConstruction industryEst. 2006User-friendly cloud-based system
Concentrix CatalystCustomer experience solutionsVarious sectors(HQ elsewhere)Digital transformation focus
Orion Advisor SolutionsFinTech solutionsAsset managersEst. 1999Portfolio management software
TD AmeritradeBrokerage servicesInvestorsEst. 1971 (HQ elsewhere)Pioneered online trading
IntradoCommunication servicesBusinesses & NGOsEst. 1986 (HQ elsewhere)Leaders in 911 solutions
Tech Mahindra Americas Inc.IT services and consultingVarious sectorsEst. 1986 (HQ elsewhere)Global IT powerhouse
PinataNFT/customer engagementBusinesses & creativesNew startupSimplifying NFT usage
OpsCompassCloud security and complianceVarious sectorsEst. 2018Cloud compliance management
BreezeChurch management softwareChurches and non-profitsEst. 2016User-friendly church software
WorkshopEmployee communication platformHR professionalsEst. 2020Focus on internal company comms


1-18 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

Revolutionizing restaurant management, Toast is a cloud-based platform offering point-of-sale software, online ordering, and delivery solutions to streamline operations.

With dynamic features like inventory management and advanced reporting, Toast empowers restaurateurs to make data-driven decisions, driving their businesses toward new heights.

Tango Card

2-18 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

Looking to incentivize and engage your employees and customers? Look no further than Tango Card, a leading digital rewards and incentives platform. With fully customizable solutions, businesses can easily integrate gift cards, e-gift cards, and other rewards into their existing systems and workflows using Tango Card’s powerful API.

Event Vesta

4-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

Elevate your event planning game with Event Vesta, a powerful event management platform.

Offering intuitive registration, ticketing, and fundraising tools, Event Vesta helps organizers manage every aspect of their event with ease.

From digital marketing, and promotion to day-of logistics and post-event analysis, Event Vesta has you covered.

National Indemnity Company

6-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

With a proven track record of success, National Indemnity Company is a trusted provider of property and casualty insurance products.

From commercial auto to liability and workers’ compensation, National Indemnity Company offers innovative insurance solutions to businesses of all sizes, backed by the financial strength and stability of the Berkshire Hathaway group.


7-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

Looking for your dream job? Look no further than Careerlink, the premier job board and career resources website for Nebraska and Iowa.

With a user-friendly interface and powerful search tools, Careerlink connects job seekers with employers and helps them find opportunities that match their skills and interests.

Opti9 Tech

8-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

At Opti9 Tech, they understand the power of technology to transform businesses. That’s why they offer custom software development and IT consulting services to help companies of all sizes unlock their full potential.

With a focus on quality and innovation, Opti9 Tech an information technology company helps businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve their strategic goals.

If there are any top software developers wanting to apply to this company, they’d better not hesitate.

Ag Processing Inc

9-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

As a leading cooperative in the agricultural industry, Ag Processing Inc processes soybeans into high-quality soybean meal and oil.

With a network of processing plants and export terminals across the United States, AGP provides a range of agricultural products and services to customers around the world.

Advisor Group

10-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

 For independent financial advisory firms, Advisor Group is the ultimate partner for growth and success.

Offering unparalleled support and resources, Advisor Group helps advisors stay ahead of industry trends and best practices with a focus on technology and innovation.

Meridian Clinic Research

11-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

When it comes to clinical research, Meridian Clinical Research is a name you can trust.

With expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas, Meridian conducts clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, helping to accelerate the development of new drugs and treatments.

Leo A Daly

12-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

From corporate headquarters to healthcare facilities to military installations, Leo A Daly is a trusted architecture and engineering firm that provides design and planning services for a wide range of projects.

With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Leo A Daly helps clients create buildings and spaces that are both functional and visually stunning.

Election Systems & Software

16-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

With a focus on security and reliability, Election Systems & Software is a leading provider of voting systems and election management software to government agencies and election authorities.

By providing fair, accurate, and transparent elections, ES&S helps ensure that democracy works as intended.

Local by Flywheel

17-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

 For developers looking to create and test WordPress websites on their own computers, Local by Flywheel is a local development environment that streamlines the website development process and improves collaboration.

With features like one-click WordPress installs and easy SSL setup, Local by Flywheel makes website development easier and more efficient.


19-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

For education, government, and commercial markets, Scantron is a provider of assessment and survey solutions that helps organizations make data-driven decisions and improve outcomes.

From test scoring to survey design and data analysis, Scantron has the tools and expertise needed to succeed.


23-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

For farmers, GrainBridge is a software platform that helps manage grain marketing, risk management, and financial analysis.

With real-time data and analytics, GrainBridge helps farmers make informed decisions and improve profitability.

CF Webtools

25-16 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

From custom software development solutions to IT support, CF Webtools is a software development and IT consulting company that helps businesses in various industries improve performance and reduce costs.

With expertise in a wide range of technologies and platforms, CF Webtools has the tools and expertise needed to succeed.

First National Technology Solutions

28-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

With a focus on customer service and proactive support, First National Technology Solutions is an IT services and support company that provides managed IT services, cloud computing, and cybersecurity solutions to businesses in various industries.

By reducing IT costs and improving performance, FNTS helps businesses achieve their strategic goals.

TEAM Software

29-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

The next one on this list of tech companies in Omaha, we have Team Software.

As a provider of integrated workforce management solutions for the security and facilities management industries, TEAM Software helps businesses improve efficiency and reduce costs.

With features like scheduling, time and attendance tracking, and payroll processing, TEAM Software makes it easy to manage your workforce and improve performance.


31-16 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

Buildertrend, a cloud-based project management tool for home builders, contractors, and remodelers, was established in 2006. The construction process is streamlined in terms of things like estimating, scheduling, change orders, client communication, and document management.

Concentrix Catalyst

32-17 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

Concentrix Catalyst, a global provider of digital services that was founded in 2003, works with businesses to develop interactions that improve outcomes for clients, partners, and staff members. Digital engineering, analytics, mobile, cloud engineering, big data, and robotic process automation are some of its strengths.

Orion Advisor Solutions

33-16 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

Orion Advisor Solutions, which was established in 2002, is a turnkey asset management platform that assists financial advisors in fortifying their client connections, gaining a competitive edge, and developing robust and successful businesses.

TD Ameritrade

34-18 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

TD Ameritrade is an online broker for stock trading, long-term investment, and retirement planning that was established in 1975. It provides a wide range of investment tools and services to make investing simpler, quicker, and more effective while assisting clients in confidently pursuing their financial goals.


35-16 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

The 1986-founded Intrado is a telecommunications firm that offers wireless phone providers, state and local governments, incumbent and rival local exchange carriers, and emergency call operations support services.

The National Data Services Center of Intrado routes 9-1-1 calls to the appropriate public safety organization along with the caller’s location and call-back number. Also, it sells network operators licenses for its software so they can handle 911 services internally.

Tech Mahindra Americas Inc.

36-15 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

As a provider of custom software solutions and digital transformation services, Tech Mahindra Americas Inc. helps businesses in various industries improve performance and achieve their strategic goals.

By leveraging innovative technology to stay ahead of the competition, Tech Mahindra helps businesses stay agile and adapt to changing market conditions.


37-15 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

By providing a blockchain data management platform, Pinata helps developers store and manage data on the blockchain.

With features like decentralized storage and smart contract integration, Pinata helps developers build more secure and transparent applications and make the most of blockchain technology.


39-12 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

OpsCompass, a cloud security management platform that is enterprise-ready, was established in 2016 and promotes multi-cloud operational control, visibility, and security. Businesses may gain higher security and performance by removing expensive compliance and misconfiguration issues with OpsCompass.


40-12 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

Breeze is a mission-driven insurtech business that is dedicated to assisting individuals and families in making emergency plans.


42-12 Uncovering Hidden Gems: 27 Great Tech Companies in Omaha

Workshop is a wonderful internal communications tool that provides your staff with a central location for crucial information and makes it simple for you to distribute it. Send messages to a specific audience by email, SMS, or Slack in minutes using a relevant template. Think of Workshop as a hassle-free newsletter and an emergency text alert system combined into one piece of software as a service that can be used for all forms of internal communication.

FAQ On Tech Companies In Omaha

What’s sparking the tech boom in Omaha?

Omaha’s got this unique blend—a Silicon Prairie cocktail, if you will. It’s the perfect mix: venture capital, community-led tech incubators, and educational powerhouses like the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Throw in a dash of Midwest work ethic, and you’ve got a recipe for tech success.

How big is the tech job market in Omaha?

It’s growing strong, like corn in July. Opportunities? Plenty. From data whizzes to software devs, the Omaha tech job market is ripe for the taking. Big players and startups alike are scouting for talent—that could be you.

Can start-ups find support in Omaha?

Absolutely—support is practically Omaha’s middle name. With entities like the Omaha Start-up Collaborative, funding and mentorship have got local start-ups covered. Silicon Prairie News keeps the buzz alive; it’s a nurturing ground here.

What sectors are Omaha tech companies focusing on?

These tech outfits aren’t playing small. Fintech in Omahabiotech, and cybersecurity firms mark just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a diverse ecosystem, each pushing the envelope, each with a unique code to crack.

Are there any major tech events in Omaha?

For sure, the calendar’s studded with events. Omaha technology conferences roll through town, bringing insights and networking flush to your doorstep. Not to mention, TD Ameritrade Park has played host to some real headline-grabbers in tech meetups.

How do tech companies in Omaha foster innovation?

Innovation in Omaha? It’s kind of like jazz—you improvise, you sync up, you create. Tech incubators in Omaha set the stage, collaboration with academia stokes the fire, and venture capital keeps the engine humming. It’s a symphony of ideas here.

What impact do tech companies have on the local economy?

Big impact—like steak on the local menu. Tech companies infuse Omaha’s economy with fresh jobs and growth. Silicon Prairie’s standing tall and proud, an unexpected titan in the land of the Cornhuskers.

Are there opportunities for learning tech skills in Omaha?

In heaps. Tech training programs in Omaha are sprouting up, thanks to the likes of Aim Institute and local colleges. Continuous learning? It’s the Omaha way, feeding the tech machinery with ever-sharper minds.

How are tech companies and local culture in Omaha interconnected?

It’s woven tight—a rich tapestry. Blend the Old Market’s brick street charm with the zest of a start-up pitch at an Omaha Tech Connect meet, and you’ve captured the essence. Quality of life and tech growth—Omaha plays host to both.

What future developments are expected for the tech industry in Omaha?

We’re talking an oncoming surge—wave upon wave of innovation. Omaha’s tech industry jobs forecast to boom, and sectors like cloud computing services and mobile app development are set to lead the charge. Future’s as bright as a Nebraska summer day.


So, what’s the real scoop on tech companies in Omaha? They’re flipping the script on what it means to be a major player in the tech game. Silicon Prairie isn’t just catchphrase fodder—it’s the grass-roots reality here where the digital landscape is as fertile as the farmland.

  • Innovation hubs are sprouting up faster than one can say “download”.
  • Venture capital is moving in, setting up shop with local visionaries.
  • Fintech, biotech, the whole tec-spectrum—firms here are carving out niches sharper than a steak knife.

Closing this narrative, don’t just take away the metrics or the swelling job market stats. It’s the spirit. The local pulse. That spark of ‘hell-yeah-we-can’ you can’t duplicate anywhere else. If ever you doubted Omaha’s place in the tech constellation—well, best think again. Round here, we’re coding a different kind of future, and no doubt, it’s one heck of a ride.

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