Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Picture a vibrant ecosystem, brimming with innovation and buzzing with creativity. That’s Virginia, a state not just steeped in history, but also fiercely forging its future—one tech company at a time. Nestled in the heart of America’s East Coast, Virginia’s tech scene is a powerhouse hidden in plain sight.

From the Dulles Tech Corridor to the up-and-coming startups in Richmond, the landscape here is diverse. It’s where cloud computing intermingles with the intricacies of cybersecurity, and where robust research and development efforts are pushing boundaries beyond imagination.

In this deep dive, you’ll unpack the fabric of Virginia’s tech identity. Discover the emerging tech industries, the vital networking events, and how this region dubbed “Silicon Valley of the East” shapes our digital tomorrow.

Ready to get the inside scoop? By journey’s end, you’ll have navigated the maze of tech companies and peeked into the innovation hubs that are driving the state’s economic engine. Buckle up for a tour of what makes the tech scene here truly tick.

Tech Companies in Virginia

Tech CompanySpecialty/Core ProductsFounding YearNotable Aspects
Northrop GrummanAerospace and defense products, Cybersecurity1994Major defense contractor
General Dynamics Information TechnologyIT solutions, professional services1959Part of General Dynamics corp.
VerisignDomain name registry services, cybersecurity1995Manages .com and .net domains
SAICIT services, government services1969Spin-off of original SAIC in 2013
Promontory Financial GroupFinancial consulting and risk management2001Acquired by IBM in 2016
EllucianHigher education software1968Focus on higher education sector
GeoLogicsTechnical services, government services1992Defense and space contractor
MicroStrategyBusiness intelligence, mobile software1989One of the pioneers in BI
WidePointTelecom lifecycle management, cybersecurity1997Specializes in government sector
SoGoLytics (formerly SoGoSurvey)Online survey tools, experience management2013Rebranded to SoGoLytics
M.C. DeanElectrical and telecommunications services1949Building systems integration
Coalition Inc.Cybersecurity insurance and tools2017Combines insurance and tech
Pearl CertificationHome performance certification2015Focus on energy efficiency
Software AGEnterprise software, digital transformation1969Offers IoT & analytics solutions
VSEEngineering services, logistics support1959Focus on sustainment and maintenance
ManTechNational security, IT services1968Government and defense contractor
DXC TechnologyIT services, enterprise software2017Formed from merger of CSC and HPE ES
MITREPublic interest, R&D, systems engineering1958Operates FFRDCs for U.S. government
AppianLow-code automation platform1999Publicly traded (APPN)
DISYSIT staffing and services, cloud solutions1994Global presence
FontevaSalesforce-based association software2010Offers membership & events management
BachooWeb design, branding, development2015Creative studio focus
XB SoftwareCustom software development, IT outsourcing2008Provides web and mobile app solutions
SidebenchBusiness consultancy, tech strategy2012Unique approach to consulting
TRIAREMobile app development, web services2015Offers car wash solutions
GeomotivSoftware development, IT staff augmentation2010International client base
AccubitsBlockchain, AI, app development2012Emphasizes innovative technologies
infiCare TechnologiesIT staffing and consulting2001Provides a range of IT services
FullStack LabsCustom software development, UI/UX design2013Focus on quality and transparency
SmartSitesDigital marketing agency2011SEO, PPC, and Website Design
LeidosDefense, aviation, IT, biomedical research1969Focus on science and engineering
CACI InternationalIT services, data analytics, cybersecurity1962Serves US national security interests

Northrop Grumman

1-19 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Northrop Grumman stands as a titan, a behemoth in defense and aerospace technology. At the core, they’re innovating ways to keep skies and space just a little bit friendlier. Think high-tech radars and space exploration gear that’s out of this world, literally. But it’s not all just star-gazing; they’re grounded with a colossal cybersecurity arm that’s safeguarding data galaxies.

What they stand out for: Quality defense tech, space innovation, and next-level cybersecurity solutions.

General Dynamics Information Technology

2-19 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

These folks are the muscle behind some seriously critical tech infrastructure. With a focus on government and industry clients, they’re providing the kind of IT that doesn’t just run smoothly; it’s pivotal. From cybersecurity warriors to systems engineering geniuses, it’s about technology that matters.

What they stand out for: Defense-centric IT services, engineering excellence, and cybersecurity prowess.


3-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Ever typed in a web address? These are the guardians of internet domain names. It might not sound like a thriller movie plot, but it’s vital. Every .com and .net you’ve ever visited? There’s a good chance Verisign’s the force behind it, ensuring the web’s address book is up to snuff.

What they stand out for: Domain name registry services and internet infrastructure maintenance.


4-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

SAIC is a wizard when it comes to solving complex tech challenges. They conjure up science and technology solutions that have the government and commercial clients nodding in approval. Whether it’s engineering or IT services, they’re kind of a big deal in weaving innovation into reality.

What they stand out for: Technology integrations and sophisticated engineering for government contracts.

Promontory Financial Group

5-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Think financial sherlocks with a technological twist. These are the pros in risk management and compliance, ensuring that tech behemoths in finance are staying within the lines, making sense of regulations while embracing digital transformation.

What they stand out for: Financial risk advisory and reg-tech solutions.


8-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Education and tech blend into one at Ellucian. They’re rewriting how institutes of learning manage data with their software, making campus life a bit less about paperwork and more about insights. Think smarter, not harder, for everything from enrollments to grading systems.

What they stand out for: Specialized higher education software solutions and data management systems.


9-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

GeoLogics knows geography and its tech cousin, geospatial intelligence. Mapping out solutions that square up to the complexities of Earth and space, they’re the go-to for those who need to know more than just which way is north.

What they stand out for: Geospatial data analysis, IT services, and engineering support for both public and private sectors.


10-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Analytics just got a makeover thanks to MicroStrategy. They’re dishing out business intelligence like it’s haute cuisine, helping companies take a bite out of big data. Their software makes understanding trends and consumer behavior less of a puzzle and more of a picture.

What they stand out for: Enterprise analytics, mobile software, and business intelligence expertise.


11-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Widepoint is all about trust—digital trust, that is. They have their finger on the pulse of telecom lifecycle management and cybersecurity solutions, helping businesses communicate securely and efficiently, minus the migraine.

What they stand out for: Telecommunications management, cybersecurity services, and mobile tech solutions.


12-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Sogolytics is marching forward to the beat of data-driven decisions. Once known as SoGoSurvey, their software tools are paving the path for feedback that fuels progress. Customer and employee insights? They’ve got the map and compass for that expedition.

What they stand out for: Feedback-driven business analytics, survey tools, and employee engagement software.

M.C. Dean

13-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

M.C. Dean electrifies with its electrical engineering prowess. Specializing in complex infrastructures, they’re the wizards behind the curtain making sure that when you flip a switch, magic happens. Integration and automation are their spellbook, and they’re casting wide nets in the construction industry.

What they stand out for: Leading electrical engineering, systems integration, and smart infrastructure services.

Coalition Inc.

15-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Coalition Inc. merges cybersecurity with insurance, safeguarding businesses in an interconnected world. They’re pioneers in risk management, turning cyber threat data into protective policies that empower clients against digital disasters.

What they stand out for: Cybersecurity insurance and real-time data analytics to mitigate risks.

Pearl Certification

18-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Pearl Certification shines a light on home value, helping homeowners and buyers understand and improve their property’s worth. Their certification system adds tangible value, making home upgrades clear and beneficial.

What they stand out for: Energy efficiency certification and boosting home values through green upgrades.

Software AG

20-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Software AG operates on the frontline of digital transformation, serving up integration, Internet of Things, analytics, and database solutions. They’re not just connecting software; they’re connecting the dots to a smarter digital future.

What they stand out for: Digital business platform services and enterprise integration solutions.


23-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

VSE stands as a trusted ally in the fields of logistics and fleet management. They optimize the life cycle of heavy equipment, ensuring durability and efficiency for their clients.

What they stand out for: Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) capabilities, enhancing vehicular operational longevity.


24-17 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

ManTech is a beacon in the world of government-focused IT and technical services. They specialize in defense, intelligence, and federal civilian sectors, providing advanced technological solutions that support national security.

What they stand out for: Cybersecurity expertise and mission-focused technology solutions for government agencies.

DXC Technology

25-16 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

DXC Technology is a global player in IT services and consulting, driving innovation to deliver excellence in insurance, healthcare, and financial services technology.

What they stand out for: End-to-end IT services and industry-specific digital solutions for business transformation.


26-16 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

MITRE operates primarily as a not-for-profit organization, managing federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs). They focus on engineering and IT solutions serving public interest.

What they stand out for: Public-sector innovation and strategic guidance for federal agencies.


27-16 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Appian leads in low-code and business process management, providing a platform that empowers organizations to rapidly develop powerful applications with minimal coding.

What they stand out for: Low-code application development that accelerates digital transformation.


28-16 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

As a global managed services and staffing firm, DISYS bridges the gap between talent and technology, ensuring businesses have the IT support they need to thrive.

What they stand out for: Global staffing solutions and managed IT services aligned with industry needs.


30-16 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Fonteva unlocks the power of Salesforce for membership and events management, making the Herculean task of organizing and knowing members a smooth sail. They stitch Salesforce magic into the fabric of associations and businesses.

What they stand out for: Salesforce-based membership management and event planning tools.


32-16 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

The next of these tech companies in Virginia is Bachoo. The company is about making the web look good and work better. They’re designers and developers who spin sites and apps that are a treat for the eyes and a breeze for fingers to dance over.

What they stand out for: Creating chic, user-friendly web designs and mobile applications.

XB Software

34-16 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

With a toolkit that’s brimming with custom software goodies, XB Software takes businesses on a digital joyride. Be it web or mobile, they code the course to success with top-tier development services.

What they stand out for: Bespoke software development focused on user experience and modern web technologies.


39-15 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

TRIARE is the swiss-army knife of software, offering a toolbox of services from web to mobile app development. Their work empowers businesses to carve a niche in the digital landscape with bespoke, razor-sharp tech solutions.

What they stand out for: Custom software development and mobile app mastery for competitive digital presence.


41-13 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Geomotiv is a digital locomotive, powering through the complex terrain of Big Data and Adtech. They lay tracks for companies to ride swiftly into the land of informed decisions and strategic growth.

What they stand out for: Robust software solutions centered around Big Data and cutting-edge Adtech.


42-13 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Accubits shoots for the moon with AI and blockchain, sculpting futures where businesses operate smarter, sleeker, and more secure. They’re the alchemists turning digital lead into gold.

What they stand out for: Artificial intelligence innovations and blockchain-driven transformations.

infiCare Technologies

43-13 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

At infiCare Technologies, it’s about stitching together the perfect digital fabric for healthcare and e-commerce. They weave robust platforms and apps that merge state-of-the-art tech with practical use.

What they stand out for: Specialized healthcare IT solutions and e-commerce platforms that push boundaries.

FullStack Labs

44-13 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

FullStack Labs are architects of the internet realm, constructing solid sites and applications. If it’s bespoke and built to last, chances are they’ve had their hands in it, from blueprint to finishing touches.

What they stand out for: Custom, enduring web and software development that drives growth and functionality.


45-13 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

SmartSites is a beacon in the digital marketing domain, steering businesses big and small through the choppy waters of the online world. They craft campaigns that not only sparkle but also draw crowds, turning clicks into customers.

What they stand out for: Innovative digital marketing strategies that enhance visibility and engagement.


48-9 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

Leidos tackles some of society’s biggest challenges with solutions that sound like science fiction but are very much science fact. From national security to health, they’re applying tech know-how where it truly matters.

What they stand out for: Impactful technological solutions in the fields of defense, health, and engineering.

CACI International

49-8 Innovative Tech Companies in Virginia You Should Know Of

CACI International stands as a fortress in the defense and national security sectors. They don’t just respond to changing threats—they stay several steps ahead, crafting a safer world with advanced technology.

What they stand out for: Next-gen national security solutions and strategic intelligence capabilities.

FAQs on tech companies in Virginia

What’s the scene like for tech companies in Virginia?

Oh, it’s buzzing! Think clusters of innovation, especially in spots like the Dulles Tech Corridor where there’s a serious mix of established giants and sprightly startups. Ranging from cybersecurity to cloud computing, the state’s well-known for a collaborative spirit that’s really fostering the next wave of technology breakthroughs.

How do tech companies impact Virginia’s economy?

They’re like rockets boosting the state’s financial health. Seriously, with big names like Amazon HQ2 landing in Crystal City, there’s a ripple effect. It’s creating jobs, levelling up the local talent pool, and laying a magnet for even more business investments. The tech sector here? It’s a major economic engine.

Are there opportunities for startups in Virginia’s tech industry?

Absolutely, you bet. It’s a startup playground! With business incubators, events like RVA TechFest, and the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority backing innovation, newcomers have the tools to thrive. Add a dash of venture capital stirring the pot, and voila – Virginia’s a true launching pad for tech ventures.

What role do educational institutions play in supporting tech in Virginia?

Here’s the scoop, they’re cornerstones! Places like Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia aren’t just churning out degrees; they’re hotbeds for tech talent and research. Collaborations between these universities and tech companies are shaping up to be a dominant force in the tech ecosystem.

Can you tell me about government support for tech companies in VA?

Sure thing! There’s a solid lineup from the Department of Technology to tax incentives that put wind in the sails of tech companies. Initiatives like Smart City programs show commitment to nurturing a tech-friendly environment. Trust me, the government’s all about creating a sweet spot for tech growth.

What kind of tech jobs are available in Virginia?

You’re looking at a smorgasbord. From entry-level IT gigs to seasoned roles in AI and data centers, the job market’s as diverse as it gets. Northern VA’s like a tech employment honeycomb, with plenty of roles in programming, systems administration, and more, all seeking savvy minds.

What’s drawing tech companies to Virginia, specifically?

Well, flip the comforts of a stable business environment with the perks of the Northern Virginia Technology Council, and you’ve got a magnetic combo. Plus, the proximity to D.C. doesn’t hurt – it’s prime real estate for defense contractors and companies looking to work closely with federal agencies.

How is the tech community in Virginia fostering diversity and inclusion?

It’s on the radar, front and center. Initiatives like inclusivity programs within companies and tech councils are shaking things up. This push toward diversity isn’t just talk; it’s sewn into networking events and hiring practices. They’re molding an inclusive scene as vibrant as Virginia’s tech tapestry itself.

Are there specific industries where Virginia tech companies are leading?

Oh, for sure. It’s like a tech stew: cybersecurity firms are flexing muscles, while data analytics is another standout. Also, Virginia’s data centers are pivotal, serving as the backbone for global internet traffic. Bio and health tech is another arena where VA companies are taking point.

What’s the future for tech companies in Virginia?

Bright. Like, wear-your-shades kind of bright. We’re talking expansions in digital transformation efforts and investments in emerging tech industries. With the state’s dedication to innovation and fostering a robust network through places like Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, expect Virginia to remain a top contender on the tech stage.


Wrapping up, this dive into tech companies in Virginia has been a wild ride. We’ve seen that the state is absolutely kickin’ it with a tech sector that’s both deep-rooted and shooting for the stars.

  • The innovation here? Staggering.
  • The community? Tight-knit and mighty welcoming.
  • The opportunities? They’re blooming like cherry blossoms in spring.

But, let’s not forget those digital transformation champs and the emerging tech industries that are keeping things fresh and fast-moving. The game here is all about adapting, evolving, and sprinting ahead.

Virginia’s not just trotting along a tech trail; it’s full-on sprinting, and the pace is only getting snappier with every tech networking event and start-up incubator that pops up on the scene. Keep your eyes peeled, because if the present is anything to go by, Virginia’s tech future is a horizon that’s ever-expanding.

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