The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Imagine a place where innovation thrives like starlight in a clear night sky. Irvine isn’t just any suburb in Orange County; it’s a vibrant ecosystem, pulsing with tech companies that are shaping our tomorrow.

Here, high-tech collides with SoCal style in the most spectacular way. From bustling startups to global powerhouses, Irvine’s tech scene is as diverse as it is dynamic. Feel that? It’s the heartbeat of progress, the electric current of ideas sparking to life.

As someone embedded in this world, who has seen code turn into commerce and designs deliver delight, I’m stoked to share the insider scoop. Let’s dive into an exploration of the tech landscape where dreams are coded into reality.

By the article’s end, you’ll be well versed in just how Irvine is revolutionizing the tech industry, from the ground up. You won’t get any dizzying jargon here, just the straight dope on why this place is a magnet for tech titans and wizards-in-the-making alike.

Get ready to peel back the layers of this Southern California tech haven. Trust me, it’s more than just sunshine and beaches – it’s the future, unfolding in 1s and 0s.

Tech Companies in Irvine to Know


CompanyIndustry/SectorNotable Product/ServiceFoundedRemarks
Blizzard EntertainmentVideo GamesWorld of Warcraft, Overwatch1991Subsidiary of Activision Blizzard
CrowdStrikeCybersecurityFalcon Platform2011Cloud-native endpoint protection platform
CylanceEndpoint Security, AICylancePROTECT2012Acquired by BlackBerry Limited in 2019
iherbE-commerce, HealthOnline retail for supplements and health products1996Ships to over 150 countries
RazerGaming Hardware, SoftwareGaming peripherals, Razer Blade laptops2005Known for its gaming-focused hardware
ViantAdvertising TechnologyAdelphic (programmatic advertising platform)1999Provides a suite of digital advertising solutions
KofaxIntelligent AutomationSoftware for automation & digital transformation1991Offers a range of software products
Ingram MicroIT Products & ServicesGlobal distribution and supply chain services1979One of the largest distributors of IT products
LantronixIoT & Remote AccessXPort, SecureLinx1989Solutions for remote access to network devices
KareoHealthcare ITCloud-based electronic health record software2004Specializes in solutions for small medical practices
Mavenlink (Now Kantata)Project Management SoftwareProject and resource management software2008Merged with Kimble Applications in 2021
Better.comFinTech, Real EstateOnline mortgage and homeownership services2016Known for direct-to-consumer mortgage lending
AlteryxData Analytics, AutomationAlteryx Analytics1997Provides self-service data analytics software
NeudesicIT ConsultingCustom business and technology solutions2002Expertise across cloud, data, and digital technologies
CodazenWeb & Mobile DevelopmentCustom software development services2014Focuses on UX/UI design and application development
Digital Map ProductsMapping TechnologyLandVision, SpatialStream2000Geospatial mapping solutions for business & government
Gateway, Inc.Computer HardwareComputers and peripherals1985Stopped operations in 2011, previously major PC brand
RapidScaleCloud ServicesManaged cloud services2008Specializes in cloud computing solutions
TadHealthHealth TechSoftware and solutions for healthcare2021Enhancing healthcare efficiency and effectiveness
AcornsFinTech, InvestmentMicro-investing platform2012Helps users round up purchases to invest the change
SurePrepTax Automation Software1040 Tax Automation Solutions2002Provides tax productivity solutions for professionals
AndurilDefense TechAutonomous systems, AI solutions2017Focus on advanced tech for military use
divvyDOSEHealthcare, PharmacyPersonalized prescription delivery2014Simplifies medication routines with packaged doses
CalAmpTelematicsAsset tracking and management solutions1981Offers wireless products and services
VizioConsumer ElectronicsSmart TVs, sound bars2002Known for its entertainment technology
OnicaCloud ComputingAmazon Web Services (AWS) solutions2014AWS Premier Consulting Partner
AltoRide-Hailing, TransportationOn-demand ride service2018Focus on safety and consistency in ride services
Merlyn MindEducation TechAI powered digital assistant for education2018Designed to assist teachers in classroom
ABM Facility Services Inc.Facility ManagementIntegrated facility solutions1909Offers a wide range of facility services
DynTekIT ServicesProfessional technology services1988Solutions for government and commercial markets
MobilityWareMobile GamesSolitaire and other casual mobile games1990Pioneers in card games for mobile platforms


2-25 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Viant is not your average tech company. Really, think of them as the artists painting the canvas of digital advertising. They’re all about that ad tech that connects consumers and brands like never before, through a cloud-based platform that leaves people going, “Wow, how’d they target me so well?”

What they stand out for: Their deep understanding of marketing strategies and audience engagement is one for the books.


3-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

These guys, RapidScale, they make cloud computing look easy. And it’s not – but they’ve got the magic touch that helps businesses soar up to the cloud without the turbulence. Think secure, think cutting-edge, and super scalable.

What they stand out for: Tailor-made cloud services, with security tighter than the lid on grandma’s pickle jar.


4-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

SurePrep is like the Gandalf of tax automation. They swoop in, wands out – well, tax software, really – and bang! Tax prep gets a whole lot less headache-y for CPAs and tax professionals across the land.

What they stand out for: Transforming tax workflows into a breeze, with technology that’s sharp as a tack.


5-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Talking about Anduril is like talking about the future coming alive. These folks are building defense tech that’s so next-level, it’s like sci-fi without the fiction. AI, drones, you name it – they’re on it, keeping things secure.

What they stand out for: Defense solutions that are less about brute force, more about brainy tech finesse.


6-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Ever try keeping track of meds? It’s like herding cats. Enter divvyDOSE, who streamline the whole gig into something manageable. Personalized pill packs, direct to your doorstep, no more oops-I-forgot-my-meds moments.

What they stand out for: Streamlining the pill routine for better health outcomes – yeah, they’re that good.

7-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About is flipping the housing market on its head, making mortgages and home buying smoother than your morning latte. Seriously, they’ve taken out the bumps, and everything is online.

What they stand out for: Home-financing that doesn’t make you pull your hair out. Revolutionary? Pretty much.


8-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Doc’s in the house, and Kareo is setting the table. They’re simplifying how doc’s offices run the show with their cloud-based medical software. It’s slick, quick, and loads better than the old school paper chase.

What they stand out for: Healthcare management that’s got both the brains and the looks.


9-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

If there’s a cyber boogeyman out there, CrowdStrike’s got the tech flashlight to find it. They’re cybersecurity legends, shooing away the digital ghouls with some of the strongest cyber defenses known to mankind.

What they stand out for: Keeping the internet safe with a combo of smarts and muscle only they can muster up.


10-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

What if your computer caught a virus but could fight it off before you even knew you were at risk? That’s Cylance magic right there. Using AI, they spot the cyber threats you don’t even see coming.

What they stand out for: Mind-blowingly proactive cyber protection that’s all about prevention.


11-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Imagine if Mother Nature had an online store. Well, iHerb is pretty much that. They’ve got all the health and wellness goodies you could dream of, and then some, delivered to your door with a green footprint.

What they stand out for: Eco-friendly, health-conscious choices at the click of a button. Sweet, huh?

Combatant Gentlemen

12-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

So you want to look sharp without selling your kidney? Combatant Gentlemen’s got you covered with dapper attire that doesn’t break the bank. From suits to boots, they deck you out.

What they stand out for: Affordable style that actually lasts. Because looking primo shouldn’t cost a mint.

Digital Map Products

13-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

These folks bring you the world – no, really. Digital Map Products takes mapping to a whole new level, giving businesses the power to see the big picture and the tiny details, thanks to some serious geo-spatial tech.

What they stand out for: Next-gen mapping solutions that make location data your BFF.


14-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Mavenlink is where projects come to get done. Managing work, resources, you name it, all in one sleek package that screams efficiency. Teams actually teaming up seamlessly? That’s the Mavenlink promise.

What they stand out for: Bringing order to chaos in the project management cosmos.


15-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

In the land of tech, Neudesic is the guide you want by your side. They take businesses through the digital transformation jungle like it’s a walk in the park, making tech work for them, not against.

What they stand out for: Helping businesses rock the digital age without missing a beat.


16-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Here, in the world of connected things, Lantronix is the puppet master. Their hardware and software solutions are why your toaster and your car might just have a chat one day about… being more efficient?

What they stand out for: Masters of the IoT universe, making devices smarter and our lives easier.


18-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Codazen’s like that cool band everyone’s talking about – but for web design. Think crafting user experiences that stick with you, making websites and apps your fingers just can’t stop tapping.

What they stand out for: Digital designs that don’t just say hello, they sing.

Blizzard Entertainment

19-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Even if you don’t game, you know Blizzard. They’re the storytellers spinning digital yarns in Worlds of Warcraft and Overwatch battles. They make the games that define gaming.

What they stand out for: Epic gaming adventures that pull you in and keep you coming back for more.


google The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About


Google – ever heard of ’em? Yeah, thought so. But did you know they’ve got a slice of their kingdom right here? From search to solutions, they’re the giants we all know, crafting the digital age one click at a time.

What they stand out for: Being the search-and-everything-else titan that’s woven into everyone’s daily lives.

Ingram Micro

21-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Ingram Micro’s the behind-the-scenes hero for tech products worldwide. Think of them as Santa’s workshop for tech, but it’s all year round, delivering the gadgets and gizmos that keep the world ticking.

What they stand out for: Distributing tech happiness with efficiency that would make Santa jealous.


22-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

SEGA’s like the cool arcade of our childhood but for the modern age. Sonic’s their poster child, and they’re gaming pioneers, always playing to win.

What they stand out for: Creating gaming legends and entertainment that spans generations.


23-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Ah, Microsoft. Where would we be without them? Probably still stuck in the ‘90s. They’re the architects of the digital office, the Windows to… well, everything.

What they stand out for: Empowering pretty much everybody to do more, whether that’s work, play, or creating the next big thing.


24-23 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

These wizards at Syntiant? They’re putting the smarts in tiny chips, making sure your gadgets get AI superpowers while sipping on power like it’s fine wine. Efficiency meets intelligence.

What they stand out for: Tiny tech with huge impact, bringing AI to the edge – literally.

ABM Facility Services Inc.

25-22 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

ABM Facility Services keeps it all running smoothly. They’re like the backstage crew at a rock concert but for buildings. Maintenance, cleaning, security – they do it all, so the show can go on.

What they stand out for: Making sure the workspaces are more about ‘wow’ and less about ‘ew’.


26-22 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

In the IT world, DynTek is like your super reliable pal who knows it all. Providing IT solutions that make enterprise tech headaches go poof, they’re the buddies businesses count on.

What they stand out for: Navigating the IT maze with you, making tech less ‘ouch’ and more ‘ahh’.


28-22 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Kofax takes paper and turns it into pixels. They’re the digitizing dynamos, transforming the way we handle documents, making everything accessible with just a click.

What they stand out for: Leading the charge into a paperless world, one scanned document at a time.


29-22 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

With Razer, it’s all about the game, and the gear is top-notch. They equip gamers with the slickest, smoothest tools of the trade.

What they stand out for: Gear that gamers swear by, igniting the gaming experience to new highs.


30-22 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Feeling iffy about who to trust? HireRight’s like a detective for your hiring needs, screening backgrounds and keeping things honest.

What they stand out for: Background checks that ensure your team’s as solid as it gets.

Gateway, Inc.

31-22 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Remember the cow-spotted boxes? Gateway was the trailblazer, computers for every home. They paved the way, big time.

What they stand out for: Being the home computer pioneers with a penchant for standout branding.


32-21 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

CalAmp’s putting the ‘telematics’ in ‘automatics’. They’re all about vehicle connectivity and data jazz that keeps fleets talking.

What they stand out for: Crafting tech that keeps vehicles smart and businesses savvy.


33-21 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Vizio’s your go-to for screens without the obscene price tags. Quality that sparkles, tech that entertains.

What they stand out for: Delivering an A-list viewing experience on a B-list budget.


34-21 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Cloud computing with Onica feels like smooth sailing. They take the tech reins, steering companies through cloud transformation.

What they stand out for: Clearing the clouded path to digital transformation with ease and expertise.


35-19 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Alto’s like that reliable postman for legal documents. Digital signing without the lining up or mailing.

What they stand out for: Slinging signatures into the 21st century with digital convenience.

Merlyn Mind

36-18 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Merlyn Mind’s crafting AI that feels like it’s from the next chapter of the tale. EdTech with a wizard’s touch.

What they stand out for: Weaving AI into education in ways that truly make a difference.


37-18 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Arcules is gazing into the cloud, not to daydream but to redefine how we do security video.

What they stand out for: Security that’s always on guard, with the power of cloud intelligence.


38-18 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Just like a tadpole, TadHealth is about growth and health. They’re making sure your well-being is tracked and trended, forging paths to a fitter you.

What they stand out for: Health tracking tech that nudges you toward better habits and happier days.


39-18 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Acorns believes in mighty oaks from little savings growing. They’re the squirrels turning pocket change into investment forests.

What they stand out for: Helping average Joes invest without having to decode the stock market.


40-17 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

Alteryx is taking data, slicing and dicing it into delicious insights. It’s analytics that chefs – erm, businesses – swoon over.

What they stand out for: Cooking raw data into mouth-watering business intelligence banquets.


41-16 The Tech Companies in Irvine You Should Know About

MobilityWare’s dealing the deck of digital cards games. When you’re playing solo, they’re your ace up the sleeve.

What they stand out for: Classic games, fresh twists – mobile entertainment that’s truly captivating.

FAQs on Tech Companies in Irvine

What makes Irvine a notable hub for tech companies?

Irvine’s got this unique blend of academia, industry, and lifestyle that just works. Being near UCI, there’s a constant influx of fresh talent eager to innovate. Plus, with the city’s support of the tech sector – think Irvine Chamber of Commerce – it’s a nurturing ground for tech ventures.

How do Irvine’s tech companies contribute to the local economy?

Tech firms in Irvine? They’re like turbochargers for the local economy. Jobs, for sure. But also, the tax inflow and investments in local infrastructures are huge. High-tech gigs are abundant here, and these companies’ growth means more money floating around in the city.

Are there specific industries where Irvine’s tech scene excels?

Absolutely, Irvine’s not a one-trick pony. It’s kicking major butt in various sectors, especially in biotech, software development, and information technology. And let’s not forget about MedTech – with giants like Masimo around, the med-tech field here is just thriving.

What type of tech events can one find in Irvine?

Tech events? Irvine’s calendar is packed. There’s everything from low-key networking mixers to big-deal conferences like the Irvine Technology Summit. And for those with a start-up twinkle in their eye, events like Eureka Fest are golden opportunities.

Are there opportunities for tech investors in Irvine?

Oh, you bet! Tech Coast Angels are always on the lookout for the next big thing here. The start-up scene is ripe and ready. This place is like a candy store for investors with a keen eye on rising tech players.

Which are the major tech companies headquartered in Irvine?

Big names have set up shop right here. Think Blizzard Entertainment’s epic game worlds or Western Digital’s storage solutions. Broadcom’s got a big footprint too. Irvine’s like a who’s who of tech trendsetters, seriously.

How supportive is the city of Irvine towards new tech startups?

Irvine rolls out the red carpet for start-ups with resources like The Cove at UCI. You’ve got collaborative spaces, mentorship programs, and access to capital. It’s an ecosystem designed to grow seedlings into redwoods.

What’s the talent pool like for tech companies in Irvine?

The talent here? Top tier. With UCI churning out bright minds, plus the sunshine calling in out-of-towers, companies here don’t struggle to attract brainpower. The diversity of skills in this pool is mind-blowing.

How does Irvine’s tech industry compare to Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley’s the godfather, sure. But Irvine? It’s the savvy up-and-comer. You get a similar innovative spirit without the crushing cost of living. Plus, Irvine’s quality of life is off the charts – making it a magnet for those techies looking for balance.

What role do research institutions in Irvine play in the tech sector?

Research institutions in Irvine are game-changers. Anteaters at UCI’s Calit2 are pioneering groundbreaking tech research every day. These hubs bridge the gap between theory and practice, spinning academic gold into commercial success.


We’ve journeyed through the digital orchards of Irvine, where tech companies flourish like California poppies. It’s no longer just a secret spot on the map; it’s a destination, a tech ecosystem buzzing with innovation and dripping with opportunity.

  • “Silicon Valley of Southern California” isn’t a label thrown around lightly, but Irvine’s earned it.
  • Every tech niche, be they software gurusbiotech visionaries, or AI trailblazers, has found fertile ground here.
  • Events like the Irvine Technology Summit, they’re not just meet-and-greets, they’re incubators of genius.

So, zip up that digital backpack we’ve packed together. What’s inside? A snapshot of a city where ideas morph into pixels and code, a place where your tech dreams aren’t just welcome, they’re expected to take root and soar.

Here’s the upshot: Irvine’s tech landscape isn’t just booming; it’s a beacon. A beacon that says, “This is where the future is.”

Let that sink in. The future? It’s happening right here, every day, with every startup launch, every line of code, and every breakthrough innovation.

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