Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Imagine unraveling the digital tapestry of connectivity, threading together distant hearts with a single tap. In an age where the click-clack of keyboards often echoes our sentiments, apps like FaceTime redefine presence, bringing us face-to-face with those miles away.

Exploring beyond this iconic staple in video communication unravels a realm where innovation meets intimacy, where features like screen sharing tools and end-to-end encryption calling forge digital bridges as strong as the human connection.

It is not just about witnessing a smile in 720p; it’s about seeking platforms where bandwidth becomes the least of our worries, and cross-platform messaging champions inclusivity.

Through this journey, you’ll unearth alternatives equipped with virtual backgrounds, and dive into Zoom alternatives perfect for the boardroom battles or virtual family banquets alike.

Prepare to navigate an ocean of online communication apps, where each wave brings you closer to the shores of digital camaraderie.

By the article’s end, expect to be conversant with not just names, but the nuances that set each of these video meeting services apart. The expectation? That you will have discovered the perfect vessel to voyage across the high seas of internet interactions.

Apps Like FaceTime

ServicePlatformsMax ParticipantsKey FeaturesEncryption/Security
FaceTimeiOS, Mac32Integrated with Apple devices, High-quality videoEnd-to-end encryption
SnapchatiOS, Android16Filters and Lenses, Snaps (images & videos)In transit
WhatsAppiOS, Android, Web, Desktop8Text, Audio & Video Calls, End-to-End Encrypted ChatsEnd-to-end encryption
Facebook MessengeriOS, Android, Web, Desktop50Instant Messaging, Audio & Video Calls, GamesIn transit (Secret Conversations feature offers end-to-end encryption)
SignaliOS, Android, Desktop8Focus on security, Voice & Video Calls, Text MessagesEnd-to-end encryption
Jitsi MeetWeb, some native apps for iOS and AndroidNo hard limitOpen-source, Plugins available, Can be self-hostedEncryption in transit (E2EE in beta testing)
ImoiOS, Android, Web, DesktopNot specifiedAudio and Video Calls, Text MessagingIn transit
Google HangoutsiOS, Android, Web10Instant Messaging, Voice Calls, Video CallsIn transit
TelegramiOS, Android, Desktop, Web200 video / 1000 audio viewersChannels, Bots, Large Groups & PollsMTProto encryption (Secret Chats use end-to-end encryption)
Marco PoloiOS, Android1-on-1 or groups (not live)Video Messaging, Speed ControlsIn transit
ZoomiOS, Android, Desktop, Web100 (up to 500 with add-on)HD Video Calls, Screen Sharing, WebinarsIn transit (E2EE option available)
LINEiOS, Android, Desktop, Web200Line Games, Stickers, Line Pay, and other servicesLetter Sealing (E2EE for 1-on-1 chat/calls)
Google DuoiOS, Android, Web32Simple Interface, Knock Knock featureEnd-to-end encryption
HousepartyiOS, Android, macOS, Chrome8Group Video Chat, GamesIn transit
SkypeiOS, Android, Desktop, Web, Xbox, Alexa50Audio & Video Calls, Screen Sharing, File SharingEncryption in transit (Private Conversations feature offers end-to-end encryption)
ViberiOS, Android, Desktop20Messages, Audio & Video Calls, Stickers, Viber OutEnd-to-end encryption
JioMeetiOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Web100HD Audio and Video, Screen Sharing, Scheduled MeetingsIn transit
TangoiOS, AndroidNot specifiedVideo Calls, Social Community FeaturesIn transit
ooVooDiscontinued in 2017
DiscordiOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web25 video (Discord Nitro increases limit)Gaming-focused, Voice Channels, Screen ShareIn transit (E2EE for direct messages)
JusTalkiOS, AndroidUp to 50Doodles, Games, Free online callsEnd-to-end encryption
InstagramiOS, Android6Photo & Video Sharing, Direct MessagingIn transit
WeChatiOS, Android, DesktopUp to 9Instant Messaging, Stickers, Mobile PaymentsIn transit


Snapchat Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Snapchat redefines the essence of fleeting moments with its truly ephemeral nature. Initially a realm of vanishing photos, it has burgeoned into a comprehensive platform for real-time video chats and multimedia messages, enhanced by playful filters and lenses that add a whimsical layer to our digital personas.

Best Features:

  • Self-destructing messages
  • Fun AR filters and lenses
  • Snap Map location sharing

What we like about it: Snapchat’s unique feature of disappearing messages entices a younger crowd, fostering a carefree environment where moments are savored but not stored.


WhatsApp Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

WhatsApp stands as a colossus in the world of messaging, with its sturdy encryption and frictionless international chatting experience. Video and voice calls integrate seamlessly into its robust platform, ensuring that your connections are a tap away, all wrapped in a blanket of security.

Best Features:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • Group chats support

What we like about it: The end-to-end encryption fortifies the trust in WhatsApp, ensuring that every smile and secret shared stays between you and the recipient.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook-Messenger Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

As the offspring of the behemoth that is Facebook, Messenger carries on the legacy, connecting friends and family across Facebook’s vast social network. Impressively versatile, it facilitates instant messaging, voice, and video calls with a treasure chest of interactive features.

Best Features:

  • Integration with Facebook contacts
  • Instant games and chatbots
  • Messenger Rooms for group calls

What we like about it: Messenger’s seamless integration with Facebook makes it irresistibly convenient, bringing communication into an expansive social context.


Facebook-Live-Audio-Rooms-a Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Steeped in the philosophy of privacy, Signal is the sanctuary for those seeking serenity in their communications. This non-profit service doesn’t just whisper; it guarantees that only intended ears receive its message, blessing its users with peace of mind.

Best Features:

  • Powerful privacy protocols
  • Open-source credibility
  • Minimalist interface design

What we like about it: Signal’s devotion to privacy is unrivaled, making it the gold standard for secure communication.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi-Meet Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Jitsi Meet emerges as the open-source knight, riding high on the virtues of accessibility and customization. It is a haven for developers and users alike, seeking freedom from the shackles of proprietary constraints in their video conferencing endeavors.

Best Features:

  • No account necessary to use
  • Open-source and modifiable
  • Integrates with existing workflows

What we like about it: Its open-source platform beckons those who wish to mold and meld their video conferencing software to their heart’s content.


Imo Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Imo sails the digital oceans, bridging conversational isles with its straightforward approach to video calls and messaging. Stripping down to the basics, it endears itself to many, particularly in regions where connectivity remains a marauder on high seas.

Best Features:

  • Compact size and resource efficiency
  • International calls over low bandwidth
  • Simple, user-friendly interface

What we like about it: Imo shines when bandwidth is scarce, ensuring connections persist with remarkable low-data usage.

Google Hangouts

Google-Hangouts Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Google Hangouts plays the versatile symphony of Google’s suite, harmonizing chats, voice calls, and video conferencing in a seamless composition. It beckons for professional colloquys and casual banter alike, composing each interaction with a maestro’s touch.

Best Features:

  • Integration with Google accounts
  • Easy access via Gmail
  • Support for multiple participants

What we like about it: Hangouts’ greatest hit is its integration with Google services, wrapping users in a familiar ecosystem.


Telegram Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Telegram dispatches messages with the swiftness of a mythical steed, renowned for its layers of security and blossoming features. Evoking poetic notions of freedom, it offers both individual privacy and vast public channels, catering to the whispers and shouts of the digital age.

Best Features:

  • Telegram Channels for public broadcasting
  • Secure and encrypted communication
  • Expansive file sharing capabilities

What we like about it: The app’s channels feature speaks volumes, turning the individual into a broadcaster of ideas.

Marco Polo

Marco-Polo Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Marco Polo embarks on a unique voyage, combining the intimacy of video calls with the convenience of text messaging. This video walkie-talkie lets asynchronous communication flow like a river, allowing users to dive in and out of conversations at their leisure.

Best Features:

  • Video messages for asynchronous chats
  • No time limits on video storage
  • Emphasizes close-knit, personal networks

What we like about it: Its stand-out feature is the video walkie-talkie mode, allowing the craft of conversation to weave seamlessly through time.


Zoom Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Zoom takes the stage as the juggernaut of the pandemic era, its name synonymous with video conferencing for every tier of society. It’s been more than just software; it’s been a lifeline, a boardroom, a classroom, and a family reunion.

Best Features:

  • High-quality video and audio
  • Robust for large group meetings
  • Extensive screen sharing options

What we like about it: Its proudest feature? The large-group gatherings it hosts with unwavering stability, no matter the number of faces lighting up the screen.


LINE Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

LINE sketches its place in the digital canvas, popular in parts of Asia, where it’s grown beyond its roots as a messaging app. It offers voice and video calls, a social network, and even mobile payments, painting a comprehensive picture of connectivity.

Best Features:

  • Fun stickers and themes
  • Integrated social networking feed
  • Mobile payment option

What we like about it: Its quiver of playful stickers and themes gives every conversation a personal, vibrant flair.

Google Duo

Google-Duo Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Google Duo steps into the spotlight with a straightforward simplicity in its video calling ambition. Focusing on one-to-one conversations, it delivers high-quality video feeds, even in low-light conditions, making sure your face is always in clear view.

Best Features:

  • “Knock Knock” preview feature
  • Excellent video quality in various conditions
  • Simple interface for ease of use

What we like about it: Its “Knock Knock” preview feature offers a glimpse of callers before you pick up, adding a warm touch to each call.


Houseparty Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Houseparty throws open the digital doors, inviting a spontaneous twist to group video chats. The app simulates a casual hangout session, letting friends drop in and out, fostering a sense of impromptu togetherness in our scheduled lives.

Best Features:

  • Drop-in, drop-out group chats
  • In-app games and activities
  • Casual, user-friendly atmosphere

What we like about it: The impromptu group hangouts recreate that lively, buzzing atmosphere of a party without needing to leave the couch.


Skype Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Skype – a pioneer, a stalwart in the hall of digital communication. Facilitating calls between the farthest flung corners of the globe, it remains a steadfast choice for many, offering voice, video, and instant messaging with features rich enough to fill any conversational need.

Best Features:

  • Widespread usage and recognition
  • File sharing and screen sharing
  • Live translation for international calls

What we like about it: Its enduring appeal lies in its versatility – a trusted tool for both personal and professional communication.


Viber Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Viber radiates its charm with fun stickers and widespread international appeal. Encapsulating calls, messages, and video chats, it provides a snug harbor for those looking to escape SMS costs, especially when reaching out across oceans.

Best Features:

  • Viber Out for calling non-Viber users
  • Extensive sticker market
  • Public chats for following brands and celebrities

What we like about it: Its ability to make international calls on the cheap, including to non-Viber users, marks its territory on the map.


JioMeet Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

JioMeet sails forth from the bustling shores of India, offering a straightforward video conferencing solution. Designed to tackle the demands of a burgeoning market, it holds its own in a sea brimming with big international players.

Best Features:

  • HD quality video
  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Screen sharing and collaboration tools

What we like about it: What catches the eye is its generous participant capacity, bringing together voices from all walks of life.


Tango Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Tango dances onto the scene, merging social broadcasting with video chat. This vibrant platform gives a stage to performers and friends alike, blurring the line between audience and participant in a rhythm of shared experiences.

Best Features:

  • Live video streaming and interaction
  • Personalized newsfeed for content discovery
  • Games and music during calls

What we like about it: It’s the live video streaming element that steals the show, making every call an event in itself.


ooVoo Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

ooVoo once wove its way into the hearts with multi-platform video calls, inviting sleek chat rooms for the youth. Although its voyage has ended, it once claimed its own niche in the tapestry of communication apps, connecting smiles and stories.

Best Features:

  • Multichat video calls
  • Integrated messaging
  • Video message recording

What we like about it: Its legacy lies in the multichat video calls it pioneered, making group conversations a vivid, engaging activity.


Facetime Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

FaceTime – the virtuoso of the Apple symphony, blending superior video and audio call quality into iOS’s sleek design language. It’s become an iconic pillar of personal connection for Apple users, defined by its reliability and ease of use.

Best Features:

  • Deep integration with Apple devices
  • Group calls up to 32 people
  • Audio-only option for bandwidth saving

What we like about it: The seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem is unmatched, offering a frictionless experience to iDevice loyalists.


Discord Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Discord calls forth a legion, largely gamers, with its rich symphony of communication tools. It sings beyond just gaming; communities of all hues flock together, sharing voices, video, and vivid dreams through its smooth interface.

Best Features:

  • Community server creation
  • Robust voice chat channels
  • Customizable notifications and bots

What we like about it: The power of community servers is apparent, crafting a bespoke home for every fandom and fellowship.

JusTalk – Video Chat & Calls

JusTalk-Video-Chat-Calls Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

JusTalk presents a colorful quilt of features, stitching together doodles, games, and secure video chats into its tapestry. It is designed with families in mind, ensuring that every call is not just a conversation, but an interactive joy.

Best Features:

  • In-call games and doodles
  • Parental controls for child safety
  • Secure and reliable connections

What we like about it: Fun in-call activities like games and doodles set JusTalk apart, painting each call with the brushstrokes of mirth.


Instagram Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

Instagram is no longer just a shrine of snapshots; it now weaves video chats into its tapestry, letting you slip from the public square into private spaces. It melds conversations with the spontaneity of ephemeral stories, crafting a mosaic of modern social interaction.

Best Features:

  • Video chat within Direct Messages
  • Seamless integration with Stories
  • Familiar platform for social media enthusiasts

What we like about it: The cozy nook of video chat within Direct Messages attracts those fond of visual storytelling, blending private and public dialogues.


WeChat Face to Face: Video Calling Apps Like Facetime

WeChat is the behemoth of China’s digital ecosystem, a sprawling cityscape of communication and services. It marches further than mere messaging, offering a plaza of mini-programs, payments, and social feeds, binding together the facets of daily life.

Best Features:

  • Feature-rich with many integrated services
  • “Moments” for social sharing
  • Real-time location sharing

What we like about it: What captivates is WeChat’s vast arsenal of features, not just connecting you to friends, but to an entire digital society.

(Note: As of my last update, ooVoo has discontinued its service, but the description is kept for the sake of completion as requested.)

FAQ on Apps Like FaceTime

What are the best alternatives to FaceTime for cross-platform use?

Skype, without a question, tops the chart for cross-platform video communication, closely followed by Google Duo and Zoom.

They’ve become the digital conduits for those who tread between the realms of iOS and Android, a bridge over the once-turbulent waters of incompatibility.

Can I use FaceTime on an Android device?

Sadly, as the tech stands, FaceTime remains an Apple exclusive. But don’t let your spirits dip; WhatsApp video calling or Google Duo can be your Android’s best friend.

They’ve stepped up, offering the ease and clarity FaceTime users have come to expect.

How secure are FaceTime alternatives?

Apps like Signal private messenger and WhatsApp have hoisted the flag of privacy high. With end-to-end encryption, they ensure that your virtual whispers remain just between you and the intended ears, fortifying your digital fortress against uninvited guests.

What’s the best app for group video calls?

In the realm of group interactions, Zoom and Microsoft Teams reign supreme, courting businesses and families alike.

They host the masses smoothly, with dozens (even hundreds) of participants, offering tools like screen sharing and collaborative whiteboards as additional diplomatic gifts.

Are there any free apps with features like FaceTime?

The digital kingdom is generous, bestowing upon us myriad free video chat services. SkypeGoogle Duo, and Jitsi Meet open source offer compelling treasures without the need for coin, ensuring your conversations are as free as the air you breathe.

How do FaceTime and its alternatives differ in video quality?

While FaceTime boasts an impressive sheen, competitors don’t fall far behind. Zoom Video Communications delivers quality that can often match or even surpass, especially in settings where lighting conditions are the nemesis of clarity.

Can I record video calls on apps like FaceTime?

FaceTime itself might shy away from such features, but champions like Zoom and Skype offer recording capabilities natively. Such features are akin to bottling memories, keeping the essence of conversations alive to revisit again.

Is there a limit to how long I can video call on these apps?

Unlike the relentless tick-tock of a clock, apps such as WhatsApp and Google Duo impose no temporal borders. However, some like Zoom might set up time fences unless you wield the key of premium subscriptions.

What’s the best app for video calling on low bandwidth?

In lands where internet speeds crawl, WhatsApp video calling walks with you, optimizing calls to suit slender bandwidths. Google Duo also scales the mountain peaks of efficiency, ensuring a reliable video bridge regardless of network weather.

How intuitive are the user interfaces compared to FaceTime?

FaceTime’s simplicity is its crown jewel; yet, Skype and Google Duo dance closely behind with interfaces that cater to tech neophytes and wizards alike. With gently-guided tutorials and clear call-to-actions, they echo the whisper of intuitiveness FaceTime users adore.


Embarking on this digital odyssey, we’ve navigated through a constellation of apps like FaceTime, each star blazing with its own unique spectrum of features. From the encrypted whispers of Signal private messenger to the high-seas group gatherings on Zoom Video Communications, infinite choices abound.

  • Skype and Google Duo champion the cause of seamless, cross-platform communication.
  • WhatsApp video calling ensures that one’s face is but a click away, no matter the device.
  • With Microsoft Teams, the collaborative spirit thrives, transcending physical offices.

Now, standing at this journey’s end, may you wield the power to select the digital conduit that resonates with your frequency. May each video call remind you of the beauty of human connection, unbound by cords, transcending physical spaces, reminding us of the very essence that connects us all – our shared moments, our laughter, our stories, joyfully entwined in the limitless space of ones and zeros.

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