Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

Apps like Periscope, yeah, those are the thing!

Ever popped popcorn while watching someone dive into the deep blue on your screen?

I did.

With the rise of live streaming, it’s like opening a portal to the whole world from your phone.

They’re magical, really.

Let’s dive in:

  • See a concert from a fan’s eye view.
  • Explore a city with a local.
  • Share a cup of joe with someone across the globe.

Okay, so, you might ask, “What’s the big deal with all these live-streaming apps?” And I say, it’s a whole universe of real people, real emotions, and real experiences, all packaged into tiny pixels on your device.

You just need to tap in and let the world embrace you. Get ready for the ride of your life, buddy! In the next paragraphs, we’re gonna explore this world together, and trust me, you won’t look at your phone the same way again. Strap in.

Brief history of Periscope

So, let’s dive right in. Periscope was this super cool app that let people broadcast live videos straight from their phones.

Imagine being able to share any moment, anywhere, with anyone in the world. That was Periscope. It was like having a TV channel right in your pocket.

The need for alternatives post-Periscope shutdown

But here’s the twist: Periscope shut down. Yep, just like that. And with its exit, there was this huge gap. People were like, “Where do I go now to share my live videos?”

And that’s where apps like Periscope come into play. There’s a whole world of them out there, waiting to be explored.

Understanding Live Streaming Platforms

Importance of live streaming in today’s digital age

Alright, so why is live streaming such a big deal? Think about it. We’re living in an age where everything is instant. We want our news now, our entertainment now, and our connections now.

Live streaming is like the ultimate answer to our “I want it now” culture. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s happening right this second.

And with apps like Periscope, it’s become super easy for anyone to jump in and be a part of this live streaming world.

Features to look for in a live streaming platform

Now, if you’re thinking of diving into the world of live streaming, there are some things you gotta keep in mind. Not all platforms are created equal, you know. So, what should you look for?

  • Ease of Use
    You don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to go live. The best apps like Periscope are the ones that let you start streaming with just a tap or two.
  • Audience Reach
    What’s the point of going live if no one’s watching, right? Look for platforms that have a good user base or can help you reach a wider audience.
  • Interactivity
    Live streaming is all about interaction. Comments, likes, shares – these are the things that make live streaming so much fun. So, make sure the platform you choose has these features.
  • Quality
    No one likes pixelated videos. So, check if the platform supports HD streaming.
  • Monetization
    If you’re thinking of turning your live streams into a business, then this is super important. Some platforms let you earn money through ads, donations, or even paid content.

Top Periscope Alternatives


Twitch-1 Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope


Overview and history
So, Twitch started off as this gamer’s paradise, right? Everyone was hopping on, streaming their epic gameplays, and just having a blast. But now, it’s not just for gamers. It’s for artists, musicians, talk show hosts, and well, pretty much anyone who wants to share their thing with the world.

Key features and benefits

  • Super interactive chats
  • Epic emotes (those little icons in chat? Love ’em!)
  • A massive community that’s always up for some fun

Monetization opportunities
You can make some serious cash on Twitch. We’re talking ads, subscriptions, and even donations from your viewers. How cool is that?


YouNow-1 Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope


Popularity and user base
YouNow is like that cool underground club where all the artists hang out. It’s got this super chill vibe, and the community is tight.

Unique features for content creators

  • Live Q&A sessions (like, real-time!)
  • Virtual gifts from fans (because who doesn’t love presents?)
  • Super cool badges for top broadcasters

Subscription costs
They’ve got this “partner program” thing. If you’re in, you get a share of the revenue. Sweet deal, right?


StreamYard Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

Multi-platform streaming capabilities
Want to go live on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn all at once? StreamYard’s got your back.

Customizable layouts and branding

  • Add your logo
  • Play with the colors
  • Make it yours

Pricing plans
They’ve got a free plan, but if you want the fancy stuff, you might have to shell out a bit.


BigMarker Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

Webinar-focused features
This one’s for the pros. If you’re into webinars, workshops, and all that official stuff, BigMarker is where it’s at.

White-label customization
You can make it look like your own platform. No BigMarker branding. Nada.

Pricing tiers
It’s a bit on the pricier side, but hey, you get what you pay for.

Facebook Live

Facebook-Live Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

Integration with the Facebook ecosystem
It’s Facebook. Need I say more? Your grandma’s on it, your dog’s on it. Everyone’s on it.

User engagement features

  • Real-time reactions (those hearts and thumbs up flying on the screen? Yep.)
  • Share to stories or pages
  • Invite friends to watch

Monetization through ads
You can make money with ads, but you gotta have a decent following. So, get on it!

BlueJeans Virtual Events

BlueJeans-Virtual-Events Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

Check it out here

Video conferencing and broadcasting
So, imagine having a virtual room, where you can invite like, a ton of people. And not just for chit-chat, but for legit professional stuff. That’s BlueJeans for you. It’s like the VIP lounge for virtual events.

Integration with other platforms
You know how you have those apps you just can’t live without? Well, BlueJeans plays nice with them. Whether it’s Slack, Trello, or even apps like Periscope, it’s got you covered.

Pricing structure
They’ve got different plans, depending on what you need. But trust me, it’s worth every penny.


Restream Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

Jump in here

Multi-platform broadcasting
Why stick to one platform when you can rule them all? With Restream, you can go live on multiple platforms at once. It’s like being in multiple places at the same time. Magic, right?

Analytics and audience insights
Want to know who’s watching? Or which platform gets you the most love? Restream’s analytics is like a magnifying glass for your audience.

Subscription costs
They’ve got a free plan, but if you’re serious about streaming, you might want to look at their other plans.

YouTube Live

YouTube-Live Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

Integration with the YouTube platform
It’s YouTube. The place where you binge-watch cat videos. But with YouTube Live, you’re the star. And the best part? It’s integrated with YouTube, so all your stuff is in one place.

Monetization through ads and super chats
Show me the money! With YouTube Live, you can earn through ads. And if your fans really love you, they can send you super chats. It’s like a virtual tip jar.

360-degree broadcasting
Ever wanted to show off every angle? With 360-degree broadcasting, your viewers can see everything. It’s like giving them a virtual tour.

Vimeo Live

Vimeo-Live Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

Peep it here

Professional-grade streaming
Alright, so you know when you’re watching a movie and you’re like, “Whoa, that’s some crisp quality!”? That’s what Vimeo Live is all about. It’s not just any streaming; it’s like the Rolls Royce of streaming.

Branding and customization
Want to make your stream look fly? With Vimeo Live, you can slap on your logo, play with colors, and basically make it scream “YOU”. It’s like giving your stream a dope makeover.

Pricing plans
They’ve got different plans, each with its own set of cool features. So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re the big boss of streaming, they’ve got something for you.

Twitter Live

Twitter-Live Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

Hit it up here

Broadcasting within the Twitter ecosystem
So, you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed, and boom! Someone’s live. That’s Twitter Live for you. It’s like bumping into a live concert while you’re just out for a walk.

Engagement features

  • Heart reacts
  • Retweets
  • Real-time comments

It’s all there to make your stream pop and get the convo going.

Integration with other platforms
You can link it up with other apps like Periscope and bring in more peeps to your stream. It’s like throwing a party and having friends bring their friends.


Hype Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

Check this out

Real-time broadcasting and interaction
Ever wanted to share something RIGHT NOW? With Hype, you hit ‘Live’ and you’re on. And the best part? People can chat with you, real-time. No delays, no waiting.

Monetization through donations and sponsorships
Your fans can show you some love with donations. And if you’re really killing it, you might even land some sponsorships. Ka-ching!

Subscription pricing
They’ve got a few plans up their sleeve. Depending on how big you wanna go, you can pick and choose.


FaceCast Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

Real-time interaction with viewers
It’s not just about going live. It’s about connecting, you know? With FaceCast, you can chat, laugh, and maybe even cry with your viewers. All in real-time.

Monetization through ads and donations
Ads can pop up during your stream, making you some cash. And if your viewers are feeling generous, they can drop you some donations.

Subscription costs
They’ve got a range of plans. Depending on how deep you wanna dive into streaming, you can pick your plan.


Livestream Broadcasting Live: Must-Have Apps Like Periscope

See it here

Multi-device broadcasting
Phone, tablet, laptop – whatever device you’ve got, you can go live. It’s all about freedom, man.

Integration with social networks
You can link up with other platforms, including some cool apps like Periscope. More platforms, more fun.

Pricing plans
They’ve got a buffet of plans. Just pick what suits your appetite.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Alternative

Alright, so you’re on the hunt for apps like Periscope, and you’re thinking, “Where do I even start?” Well, sit tight, ’cause I’m about to drop some knowledge bombs on ya.

User base and popularity

So, first things first. You want an app where there’s a crowd, right? It’s like showing up to a party. You don’t wanna walk into an empty room.

That’s just awkward. You want an app that’s buzzing, where there’s action, where people are hanging out. The more popular the app, the more peeps you’ll find. And hey, more peeps mean more fun.

Monetization opportunities

Alright, let’s talk moolah. If you’re gonna spend time on an app, why not make some cash while you’re at it?

Some apps let you run ads, some have this cool donation feature, and others let you charge for premium content. So, if you’re looking to make some side cash (or hey, even turn it into a full-time gig), keep an eye out for those dollar signs.

Customization and branding

You want your stream to look fly, right? It’s gotta have that “you” vibe. Some apps let you play around with colors, slap on your logo, and even choose how your stream layout looks.

It’s like giving your stream a wardrobe makeover. So, if you’re all about aesthetics, dive into the customization options.

Integration with other platforms

Okay, so you’re on this new app, but you’ve also got followers on, like, a gazillion other platforms. You don’t wanna leave them hanging, do you?

That’s where integration comes in. Some apps let you broadcast to multiple platforms at once. It’s like shouting from the mountaintop and having the whole valley hear you. So, if you’re all about reaching out to every single follower you’ve got, no matter where they are, check out the integration options.

FAQ about apps like Periscope

What Is Periscope, and How Does It Work?

Ah, Periscope! That’s a live streaming app that lets users broadcast video from their mobile device. Simple and fun. You press a button, and boom!

You’re live. People can comment, share, and interact with you.

It’s a window into someone else’s world, right from your phone. Twitter owned it, but they’ve since discontinued the app. Still, similar tools are out there, continuing the same idea.

Can I Use Periscope for My Business?

Businesses found ways to use Periscope, absolutely. Showcasing products, hosting Q&A sessions, giving behind-the-scenes tours, you name it. It’s like inviting customers right into your store.

Even though Periscope’s gone, the concept remains powerful. Other platforms let you do the same thing. Live connections with customers? Priceless.

How Do I Sign Up and Start Using Periscope?

Well, you can’t sign up for Periscope anymore, since it’s shut down. But back in the day, it was as simple as downloading the app, signing up with Twitter, and hitting “go live.” Plenty of other apps offer similar experiences now. Same dance, different tune, really.

Is Periscope Safe to Use?

Safety online’s a big deal. Periscope had moderation, but trolls happened. Reporting tools were there, but it’s the internet, right? Some wild stuff could go down. Now, newer platforms have learned from that, taking extra measures for user safety.

How Can I Find People to Follow on Periscope?

Finding folks to follow on Periscope was a breeze. Explore tab, search, friend suggestions – they had it all. Now, other apps, they’ve picked up where Periscope left off. Finding cool content or friends? It’s still part of the live streaming game.

What Happened to Periscope?

Good question! Periscope got folded into Twitter, then shut down in 2021. Times change, platforms evolve. Still, its spirit lives on. The concept? It’s ingrained in how we connect now.

How Can I Save My Periscope Broadcasts?

Back in the Periscope days, you could save your broadcasts to your device or keep them on the web for 24 hours. Some folks found other ways too. But now, with other platforms, saving and sharing live streams is often a built-in feature.

Can I Monetize My Periscope Streams?

Monetize? Oh yeah. Periscope allowed for Super Hearts, which were like tips from viewers. Virtual applause with real cash. Today, many live streaming apps have similar features. The idea’s alive and well.

Is There a Way to Watch Periscope Without an Account?

Yep, you could watch Periscope streams without an account, just by using a link or viewing on the web. No commitment needed. It’s a common feature even in today’s streaming apps.

How Does Periscope Compare to Other Live Streaming Platforms?

Periscope was a pioneer but not alone. It had its quirks, its style, its charm. Other platforms might have more features, different vibes, or unique communities.

It’s like comparing apples and oranges – each tasty, but in different ways. Today, lots of apps do what Periscope did, each with its twist. Live streaming? It’s a big, exciting world out there!


Apps like Periscope, they’re like unlocking doors, right? You’ve got your phone, and boom! – the world’s connected.

Imagine this, people from all corners:

  • Sharing stuff
  • Laughing
  • Crying
  • Broadcasting their cat (why not?)

It’s wild!

Apps like Periscope, they bring you closer to things you’d never even think of. You could be on a mountain somewhere, and there’s someone in a city across the globe sharing their day.

People connection, that’s what it’s about.

But hey, it’s not all sunshine and roses. There’s this dark side too, with people sharing things they shouldn’t. So, let’s keep it clean, keep it fun, and let’s remember, we’re all on this big spinning rock together.

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