Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

Imagine unlocking your paycheck anytime, waving goodbye to the rigid pay cycle. That’s what apps like Even are all about, slicing through the wait like a hot knife through butter. They’re game-changers in a world where financial surprises wait around every corner like an over-enthusiastic friend.

This piece is your golden ticket to the treasure trove of apps that echo Even’s financial savvy.

It’s more than just about keeping your bank balance in the green; it’s about embracing tools that give you the reins to your cash flow. By the time you’re done here, you’ll navigate the landscape of money management apps with the ease of a seasoned traveler.

You’ll dive into the ecosystem of financial planning apps, discover the magic of instant pay, and unlock the mysteries of smart budgeting solutions.

No jargon, no confusion, just crystal-clear insights into picking the right financial ally. Welcome to your very own guide to taking control of your finances, minus the headache.

Apps like Even

App NameMain FeaturesFeesAccess to FundsAdditional Benefits
DaveBudgeting, $100 cash advances$1/monthUp to 2 days earlyNo interest, No credit check
CleoAI-driven budgeting, $100 salary advance$5.99/month Cleo+Instant with Cleo+Wallet categorization, Savings goals
AlbertSavings, investing, budgeting, $250 cash advanceFree basic, Albert Genius may have feesInstant with Albert InstantProfessional financial advice
EmpowerBudgeting, $250 cash advance$8/monthInstant for Empower CardholdersInterest checking, Savings goals
ChimeSpending account, savings account, $200 overdraftNo monthly feesUp to 2 days early with direct depositAutomatic savings, no overdraft fees
FlexWageOn-demand pay, pay cardVaries by employerInstant on pay cardFinancial education tools
PayactivEarned wage access, financial services$1 per transactionInstant to Payactiv cardBill pay, savings features
BrigitBudgeting, $250 cash advance$9.99/month for Plus planInstant with Plus planCredit monitoring, Financial insights
EarninPaycheck advance up to $500 per pay periodOptional tipInstant for Lightning Speed usersBalance Shield for overdraft protection
BranchEarned wage access, debit cardNo fee for standard accessInstant with Branch WalletFee-free checking, card rewards
MoneyLionBanking, investing, $250 cash advanceFree core membership, fees for other servicesInstant with RoarMoneyCashback rewards, financial tracking


Dave Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

Dave’s the buddy who spots you a $100 to dodge those pesky overdraft fees. It’s like having a friend who’s always got a twenty on hand, no strings attached. Dave also throws in some budgeting tools to keep your spending on the straight and narrow.

Best Features

  • No interest cash advances
  • Budgeting help
  • Low membership fee

What we like about it: The zero-interest angle Dave takes is a breath of fresh air. Who doesn’t appreciate a friend who lends cash without tacking on extra?


MeetCleo-App Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

Cleo is your digital finance pal with a bit of sass. It crunches numbers like a champ, crafting budgets with a side of humor. And when you’re feeling spendy, Cleo’s there with a ‘heck no’ to keep your wallet tight.

Best Features

  • Budgeting with personality
  • Savings goals
  • Money management

What we like about it: The cheeky chatbot! Because who said managing money can’t have a bit of wit?


1-1 Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

Albert is the genius pal we all wish we had, making money matters less of a migraine. Think automated savings, budgeting, and even professional financial advice from flesh-and-blood experts.

Best Features

  • Automated Savings
  • Subscription to human financial advice
  • Cash bonuses for referrals

What we like about it: Hands-on financial advice. It’s like a money mentor for your pocket.


Empower-Finance Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

Empower is that one mate who’s always one step ahead. Here’s an app that offers cash advances, tracks your spending, and nudges you when you’re spending too eagerly.

Best Features

  • Interest-free cash advance
  • Smart recommendations
  • Customizable alerts

What we like about it: The app’s smartwatch-your-spending thing—it keeps you in financial shape without the sweat.


chime Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

Chime rings in with a refreshing take on banking—no hidden fees, no problem. Get your paycheck early and wave goodbye to unnecessary charges.

Best Features

  • Early paycheck access
  • No hidden fees
  • Automated savings

What we like about it: Snagging your paycheck before everyone else? That’s something to celebrate.


flexwage Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

FlexWage gets you access to your earned wages when you need them. It’s like a bridge over choppy financial waters, giving you stability when the bills pile up.

Best Features

  • On-demand wage access
  • Pay card option
  • Financial wellness tools

What we like about it: The ability to tap into wages on demand—it’s control in your hands.


PayActiv Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

Payactiv’s the hero without a cape, offering a lifeline to your earned pay when the next payday feels ages away. It’s more than just cash; it’s also about financial counseling.

Best Features

  • Earned wage access
  • Bill pay assistance
  • Financial counseling

What we like about it: Bills payment services right from the app—because paying bills should be simple, right?


brigit Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

Brigit swoops in to save the day from overdraft disasters. With tools to help you budget and a cash cushion when you’re close to the red, Brigit’s got your back.

Best Features

  • Overdraft predictions
  • Cash advances up to $250
  • Credit monitoring

What we like about it: Overdraft warnings give peace of mind. It’s like a financial weather forecast.


Earnin-2 Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

Earnin empowers you to withdraw the dollars you’ve already earned. No fees, no interest, just your money on your terms. It’s like flipping payday on its head.

Best Features

  • Fee-free cash out
  • Tipping model instead of fees
  • Balance Shield to prevent overdrafts

What we like about it: The pay-what-you-think-is-fair tip system is clever and fair.


branch-loan Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

Branch isn’t just about getting paid early; it’s about thriving. With tools for schedule management and financial wellness, it’s for those who like their money matters and work life neat and tidy.

Best Features

  • Fee-free checking
  • Early wage access
  • Work scheduling

What we like about it: The work schedule feature. Because life isn’t just about money, it’s about time too.


MoneyLion-Instacash Apps Like Even (One @ Work): 11 Awesome Alternatives For You

MoneyLion roars onto the scene with a full suite of financial tools. From loans to investing, this app isn’t playing around. It’s serious finance for those ready to grow their greenbacks.

Best Features

  • Investing
  • No interest cash advances
  • Rewards program

What we like about it: Investment options. It’s like opening the doors to the finance gym where your money muscles grow.

FAQ about apps like Even

What exactly does an app like Even do?

Apps like Even (now One @ Work) are like having a financial Swiss Army knife in your pocket. They’re designed to smoothe out the bumpy road of personal finance, offering features from earned wage access to budgeting solutions. They give you a peek at your earnings before payday and tools for managing your dough effectively.

Can these apps help with saving money?

You bet they can! They’re not just about giving you cash when you’re in a pinch. They double up as savings apps, often with automated saving algorithms to help you stash away money without breaking a sweat. It’s like having a financial buddy nudging you to put a little aside.

Are apps like Even secure?

High-five to that concern! Security is a top priority for financial apps. Encryption, robust authentication, and data protection—these apps have got it all. They’re like digital fortresses, keeping your user financial data safer than a squirrel’s nut stash.

How do they make money?

Let’s pull back the curtain. Some take a tiny subscription fee; think of it as a gym membership for your wallet. Others might offer premium features or get a cut from financial wellness programs they partner with. No secrets here, just good old-fashioned business models in the FinTech sector.

Do I need a good credit score to use them?

Wipe that sweat off your brow; your credit score can take a breather. These apps are more about what you earn than what you owe. They’re offering a hand to manage your finances without the glare of your credit score judging from the corner.

What happens if I switch jobs?

As free as a bird! Your account’s not chained to your job. If you’re switching gigs, you can typically pack up your app and take it with you. Just update your employment info, and you’re as good as gold.

Is there a limit on how much I can advance?

Imagine a financial watering hole, but yes, there’s a cap. Each app has its own rules, but they’re all about responsible lending. It’s tied to how much you rake in, so it’s fair play and avoids that dreaded debt trap.

Are there any hidden fees I should know about?

Straight talk—nobody likes hidden fees. Most financial planning apps these days are upfront. They’ll tell you if it’s free as a public park or if there’s a small subscription fee. No booby traps here.

Will using these apps affect my taxes?

Relax, it’s chill on the tax front. Advances and budgeting tools don’t tango with taxes. It’s your money, just getting to you faster or managed smarter. It doesn’t complicate your tax situation any more than a coffee run would.

Can these apps improve my financial health?

Imagine your bank balance getting a wellness boost. That’s what budget tracking software and advance apps are for. By helping you avoid late fees, manage spending, and save a dime or two, they’re like a fitness coach for your finances, all about getting you fiscally fit.


So, we’ve zipped through the ins and outs, the whys, and the how-tos when eyeing apps like Even. By now, you’re clued up on the versatility these financial planning apps pack—they’re dynamite when you’re in a cash crunch or when your savings plan needs a nudge.

To cap it off, we’ve unraveled the mysteries, like fees—no longer a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Security? These apps come built like a digital Fort Knox. Credit scores taking a nap while you use ’em, and switching jobs is as smooth as fresh asphalt.

We’ve opened doors to balance-boosting wisdom with budget tracking software and insights to ensuring your hard-earned dough is in good hands. Knowing all this, you’re ready to leap into the arms of a financial sidekick that turns your phone into a pocket-sized financial guru. Cheers to healthier finances, folks—one tap at a time!

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