The Best Online Cloud Computing Bootcamps in 2024

Cloud computing has become an essential part of businesses, and the demand for cloud computing professionals is expected to grow in the next couple of years. It is crucial to possess the right skills to succeed in this field. Bootcamps are a valuable method of improving knowledge and practical skills in this area. Therefore, we have compiled this list of cloud bootcamps available today.

1. Cloud Mastery Bootcamp

1 The Best Online Cloud Computing Bootcamps in 2024

First on our list, this bootcamp hosted by Digital Cloud Training is a 12-month intensive training program that prepares students for careers in cloud computing. The program covers a wide range of cloud technologies, including AWS, Linux, Python, Kubernetes, and Terraform.

Students learn through a combination of live instructor-led training, on-demand video courses, and hands-on labs. The numerous live training sessions are held in a virtual classroom (via Zoom) and allow students to interact directly with experienced instructors and ask questions in real time. The on-demand video courses provide students with the flexibility to learn at their own pace and review topics as needed. The hands-on labs give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned and gain real-world experience with cloud technologies. The career advancement program offers comprehensive interview preparation, resume building and career coaching to ensure students are adequately prepared for their new career path.

The cost of the bootcamp hosted by Digital Cloud Training is $2,500 USD. The bootcamp can be paid in full or in installments.

2. upGrad Cloud Computing Bootcamp

2 The Best Online Cloud Computing Bootcamps in 2024

This is a 6.5-month online program that also covers the fundamentals and advanced concepts of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP.

The upGrad Cloud Computing Bootcamp is being hosted in India. The bootcamp is offered in collaboration with IIIT Bangalore, which is one of the top engineering institutes in India. Upon completion of the bootcamp, students will earn an Advanced Certificate Programme in Cloud Backend Development from IIIT Bangalore.

The cost of the upGrad Cloud Computing Bootcamp starts from 6,300 INR.

3. AWS Cloud Institute Program

3 The Best Online Cloud Computing Bootcamps in 2024

This is AWS-specific one-year training that consists of 12 courses covering a wide range of cloud computing topics over the course. Overall, this program endorsed by AWS is a good option for those who intend to specialize in Amazon Web Services and obtain the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP) certification. This program provides a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that covers the fundamentals of AWS concepts and principles. It also provides hands-on experience in AWS Cloud services.

The cost of the AWS Cloud Institute Program is $7,560 USD + tax for all 12 courses (can be spread out between 12 and 36 months).

4. Caltech CTME Cloud Computing Bootcamp

4 The Best Online Cloud Computing Bootcamps in 2024

The bootcamp is taught by USA instructors, making it much more expensive.This is a 6-month online immersive program that covers the fundamental and advanced concepts of cloud computing, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The bootcamp is taught by experienced industry experts and includes a mix of lectures, hands-on labs, and projects. This is a rigorous program that requires strong commitment from students.

The cost of the Caltech CTME Cloud Computing Bootcamp amounts to about $13,000 USD.

5. Fullstack Academy’s Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp

5 The Best Online Cloud Computing Bootcamps in 2024

The longest and most expensive option – this is a 26-week, part-time program that teaches students the skills and knowledge they need to become cloud computing professionals. The bootcamp covers a wide range of topics, including cloud computing fundamentals, cloud architecture, cloud security, and cloud computing networking. It also covers popular cloud computing platforms (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform).

The cost of the Fullstack Academy Online Cloud Computing Bootcamp runs about $16,000 USD.

Let’s conclude that all of these programs offer a comprehensive curriculum, with courses ranging from beginner to advanced. Regardless of your amount of time and budget, these cloud computing bootcamps will help you become an expert.

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