21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Imagine this: You’ve got an epic idea for an app. Until now, the roadblock? Coding skills were a must—a bummer, right? Not anymore.

No-code app builders are shaking things up. They’re like a superpower, empowering anyone to bring their digital dreams to life, code-free. Think drag-and-drop simplicity meets robust app creation.

This article lights the path, giving you the lowdown on how these platforms put the tools of innovation right at your fingertips. We’ll dive into the nuts and bolts of platforms that make complex app development as easy as pie – no programming degree needed.

By the end, you’ll be clued in on making your bespoke app without writing a single line of code. From choosing the right platform for your needs to integrating databases seamlessly and even mastering user interface design, this read is your stepping stone into the world of no-code magic.

So, buckle up—and let’s unleash your inner app-developer!

No Code App Builders

No-Code/Low-Code PlatformFocus AreaPricing ModelEase of UseKey Features
AdaloMobile appsSubscriptionEasyDrag-and-drop, custom logic
BubbleWeb appsSubscriptionModerateVisual programming, extensible with plugins
GlideMobile appsFree tier, SubscriptionVery easyUses Google Sheets, template-based
Appy PieMobile apps, WebsitesSubscriptionEasyCode-less development, drag-and-drop
OutSystemsEnterprise appsFree tier, SubscriptionModerate to AdvancedFull-stack, scalable, DevOps support
ThunkableMobile appsFree tier, SubscriptionEasyDrag-and-drop, cross-platform
AppSheetData-driven appsSubscriptionEasyIntegrates with Google Sheets and other DBs
Zoho CreatorBusiness appsSubscriptionModerateIntegration with Zoho Suite, workflow automation
AppGyverMobile and web appsFree for small businesses, Subscription for enterpriseModerateVisual development, extensible
BuildFireMobile appsSubscriptionEasyApp management, marketplace for plugins
KnackDatabase appsSubscriptionModerateOnline database builder, integrations
Microsoft Power AppsBusiness appsSubscriptionModerateIntegration with Microsoft products, AI builder
QuickBaseBusiness appsSubscriptionModerateCustom workflows, app building
MendixEnterprise appsFree tier, SubscriptionModerate to AdvancedFull-stack, agile project management tools
Betty BlocksEnterprise appsSubscriptionModerateCitizen development platform, UI builder
VinylBusiness appsSubscriptionModerateLegacy system integration, rapid app creation
UnqorkEnterprise appsCustom pricingAdvancedCompletely code-free, complex enterprise solutions
DronaHQBusiness appsSubscriptionModerateLow-code, UI designer, workflow builder
RetoolInternal toolsSubscriptionModerateDrag-and-drop, connect to any database/API
KissflowWorkflow automationSubscriptionModerateWorkflow and project management


adalo-1 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Adalo is like a magic wand for your app ideas. It’s a platform that’s all about turning what’s in your head into something you can tap and swipe. Create apps with that slick, polished feel, all while keeping things as simple as choosing your dinner from a menu.

Best Features

  • Drag-and-drop design
  • Customizable UI components
  • Database management
  • Market-ready apps

What we like about it:
Adalo’s superpower is the way it democratizes app creation. It’s got a robust set of design templates that make your apps look off-the-hook without needing to know a single line of code.


bubble-roles 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Imagine building an app that can do a little bit of everything— that’s Bubble. This powerhouse lets you cook up web apps with dynamic content and sweet user interaction. And the best part? You’ll be waving goodbye to the coding headaches.

Best Features

  • Visual programming
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Rich plugin ecosystem
  • Workflow automation

What we like about it:
Bubble’s strength lies in its scalability. You start small, but as you grow, Bubble flexes with you, handling more users and more intricate workflows like a champ.


softr 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Softr is more than a no-code platform; it’s the simplest way to transform your spreadsheets or databases into fully functional business apps. Over 300,000+ teams build apps with Softr to streamline their workflows, ranging from small business owners to operations leaders in Fortune 500 companies.

Best Features:

  • Different access levels
  • Search and filtering functionality
  • Project-specific task creation for relevant access levels
  • Separate team and client directory
  • Native integrations with Zapier, Stripe, Mailchimp, and more
  • Conditional visibility rules
  • Secure pay and download invoices
  • Responsive design
  • Comprehensive customer support with guides, articles, videos

What we like about it:

The platform’s security measures, including advanced server-side authentication technology, ensure the safeguarding of sensitive documents and invoices. Additionally, Softr’s native integrations with popular tools like Zapier, Stripe, and Mailchimp, coupled with responsive design and various access levels, make it an ideal choice for professionals looking to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration.


glide-1 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Glide turns spreadsheets into shiny apps. Sounds fun, right? It’s all about being swift. You won’t be guessing your next step; Glide guides you in turning rows and columns into something visually captivating.

Best Features

  • Spreadsheet-based design
  • No-code templates
  • Live app preview
  • Easy data sync

What we like about it:
Speed is the ace up Glide’s sleeve. Zip from a Google Sheet to a functioning app in moments, and all without tapping into your inner geek.

Appy Pie

apppie 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

If apps were pies, Appy Pie would be the kitchen where everyone bakes. This platform takes the complications out of app development, slicing it down into manageable, bite-sized processes for desktop, mobile, and even chatbots.

Best Features

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Codeless design
  • Built-in analytics
  • App monetization

What we like about it:
The standout ingredient? Appy Pie’s affordability and versatility bake up a treat that’s perfect for budget-conscious creatives looking to serve up something tasty across multiple platforms.


OutSystems-2 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

OutSystems is where serious business gets its app groove on. It combines the ease of no-code with the strength of low-code, so it means business needs meet developer creativity, and they get along like old friends.

Best Features

  • Advanced integrations
  • Speedy development cycles
  • Enhanced security features
  • Full-stack app development

What we like about it:
Its rapid deployment capability is a game-changer. OutSystems is like a time machine for development cycles, making the once timely process feel like a snap.


trunkable 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Thunkable is like a friend who helps you make apps—but keeps things light and easy. You start with what looks like a blank canvas and keep adding until, boom, you’ve got a full-fledged mobile app ready to hit the stores.

Best Features

  • Cross-platform building
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Live testing on devices
  • Extensive component library

What we like about it:
The real deal? Thunkable’s live testing steals the show, giving you a peek at your app on your own device, in real-time, as you build and tweak.


AppShee-1 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Got data? Make it work for you with AppSheet. With this tool, data in sheets becomes apps that do real work. It’s a straightforward approach: connect, customize, and you’ve got a smart, data-driven app that gets the job done.

Best Features

  • Easy data connect
  • Customizable workflows
  • AI features
  • Team collaboration

What we like about it:
AppSheet’s AI prowess stands out. It’s about letting your data do the talking, with AI smarts to automate and optimize tasks, making everything flow smoother.

Zoho Creator

zoho 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Zoho Creator is the whiz-kid of the no-code lot. It’s for the thinkers and tinkerers who love to map out workflows and see their logic come alive in functional applications that do something useful, quickly and with style.

Best Features

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder
  • Multi-platform app deployment
  • AI capabilities
  • Integration with Zoho suite

What we like about it:
With Zoho Creator, integration gets the spotlight. Tie it up with your current Zoho ecosystem, and watch as your business logics flow across apps with the precision of a symphony conductor.


AppGyver 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

AppGyver is for the artist in you that demands a masterpiece. With this builder, sophistication is just part of the package. An app that doesn’t just work but works wonders – that’s what AppGyver is all about, and it does so elegantly.

Best Features

  • High-fidelity prototypes
  • Rich UI components
  • Robust logic flow
  • REST API integration

What we like about it:
It’s the finesse that AppGyver brings to the table. You’re crafting experiences that feel premium and high-end, ushering you into a domain where your apps look and feel a class apart.


build-fire 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Hey, want to build an app that’s as easy to set up as a playlist? Cue BuildFire. It’s all about giving you the tools to construct mobile apps with a personal touch, and with zero stress on the coding front.

Best Features

  • Intuitive app builder
  • Plugin marketplace
  • Push notifications
  • Custom app development services

What we like about it:
BuildFire’s plugin marketplace is a treasure trove. You want features? Just pick and plug, and keep your app loaded with all the bells and whistles without breaking a sweat.


Knack-1 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Imagine having a knack for turning data tables into online databases that do almost anything you could dream up – enter Knack. It lets you whip up web apps that manage, analyze, and display data in ways that make sense to you and your team.

Best Features

  • Online database builder
  • Customized data applications
  • Automated workflows
  • User permissions

What we like about it:
The sheer data dexterity Knack offers steals the thunder. Manipulate and visualize data like a pro, tailor everything to the T, and watch your databases turn into hubs of productivity.

Microsoft Power Apps

powerapps 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Got a Microsoft vibe going? Power Apps has got your back. As part of the big M’s suite, it’s all about squishing the gap between business needs and app development, weaving it all into the Microsoft ecosystem.

Best Features

  • Seamless Microsoft 365 integration
  • Pre-built templates
  • Advanced data services
  • AI builder and components

What we like about it:
What’s not to love about Power Apps’ cozy relationship with Microsoft 365? Plug into your existing work scenario without a fuss and let automation do the heavy lifting.


QuickBase 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

QuickBase takes all the number crunching, process mapping, and data dance you’ve got going and turns it into web and mobile apps. It’s about fast, efficient setups where your workflows become streamlined app experiences that tick all the boxes.

Best Features

  • Real-time data insights
  • Process automation
  • App customization
  • Team collaboration

What we like about it:
The real-time data insights that QuickBase offers keep you savvy. You’re pulling the strings behind the curtain, always one step ahead as you juggle data and processes like a seasoned pro.


Mandix 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Mendix says, ‘Let’s get down to business,’ and do it swiftly. It’s not just no-code; it’s low-code too, so when you need that extra oomph for your enterprise-grade app, Mendix has the muscle.

Best Features

  • Enterprise-level scalability
  • Visual development
  • Collaboration tools
  • Agile project management

What we like about it:
What turns heads? Mendix’s approach to scalability. Expect to level-up your app with solid infrastructure backing you, ready to stand its ground as your enterprise expands.

Betty Blocks

Betty-Blocks 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Betty Blocks is like that customizable toy set where the possibilities just keep expanding. Here, you’re building apps that fit like gloves on your business needs, with the precision of tailored apparel.

Best Features

  • Visual modeling
  • No-code and low-code capability
  • Citizen development focus
  • Flexible integrations

What we like about it:
The flexibility Betty Blocks provides is second to none. Offering solutions that are both no-code and low-code, it’s a versatile canvas whether you’re a citizen developer or an IT whiz.


Vinyl-1 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Vinyl is the DJ of app development platforms, mixing and remixing business processes into smooth, functioning apps. It takes the bits and pieces of your business logic and auto-tunes them into an application that sings to your rhythm.

Best Features

  • Multi-data-source integration
  • Functional prototyping
  • Rapid deployment
  • Business user focus

What we like about it:
The standout feature has to be its rapid deployment. Vinyl’s not playing games when it comes to speed. They mean business, and they make it snappy!


Unqork 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Unqork rolls up the sleeves for the enterprise scene. This platform is for when you mean to take over the world (or at least your industry) with powerful applications that skip over the code but lead the innovation race.

Best Features

  • Codeless architecture
  • Enterprise-grade capabilities
  • Extensive integrations
  • Robust security measures

What we like about it:
The robustness in security and integration that Unqork showcases makes it a fortress. Creating complex apps without the worry lines? Unqork makes it happen.


DronaHQ-1 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

DronaHQ is your go-to when you want your apps snazzy but don’t have time for coding classes. It’s for the speedsters, the quick-setup fans who want their internal tools up and running yesterday.

Best Features

  • Drag-and-drop UI builder
  • Custom logic
  • Workflow automation
  • Data binding features

What we like about it:
Its intuitive UI builder commands respect. DronaHQ lets you design with ease, speed, and flexibility, making it a beloved tool in the arsenal of those who value time and swiftness.


Retool 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Retool brings together developers and non-coders under one roof. It’s your toolkit for custom internal apps that glisten with potential, turning your operational gears with efficiency, built speedily on a platform that’s got a tool for every need.

Best Features

  • Modular component system
  • Custom query writing
  • One-click deployment
  • Version control

What we like about it:
The superpower here is the one-click deployment. Retool serves up efficiency on a silver platter, making the distance from build to live use blisteringly fast.


Kissflow 21 No-Code App Builders To Build Stunning Apps With

Kissflow is about planting a peck on complexity and watching it vanish. Workflow and process management through apps that don’t twist your brain into knots—it’s designed for those who want to keep things straight, no-frills, no fuss.

Best Features

  • Easy workflow design
  • Process automation
  • Cloud-based tools
  • Pre-built app templates

What we like about it:
What wins hearts is Kissflow’s devotion to simplicity in workflow design. It’s like a serene garden where everything grows just right, making process automation a breeze.

FAQ About No Code App Builders

What are no-code app builders and how do they work?

These are the rebel mavericks of the app development world. You’ve got these sophisticated platforms that let you visually create software – think building blocks, but for apps. They use a visually intuitive interface, ditching traditional coding for a user-friendly drag-and-drop setup.

Can I really build a professional app without coding?

Absolutely. Tools like Adalo or Bubble are changing the game, enabling you to piece together an app that could stand shoulder to shoulder with any coded counterpart. Visual programming interfaces and pre-made elements translate your ideas into reality, professionalism intact.

What are the limitations of using a no-code app builder?

Like any trailblazer, they’re not without their quirks. The trade-off? You’re working within a set framework, so there’s a threshold to customization and scale. Don’t expect to build the next Facebook, but for a vast majority of ideas, they’re more than enough.

How much does it cost to use no-code platforms?

Costing runs the gamut — from free tiers with basic features to premium subscriptions for advanced tools and capabilities. Some platforms might also take a cut when you start raking in the cash with your app. Always read the fine print.

What types of apps can I create with no-code app builders?

Your creativity’s the limit. From simple productivity tools to sophisticated business app solutions and e-commerce sites. Granted, you won’t be crafting the next AAA video game, but for many app dreams, these tools have you covered.

How secure are apps built with no-code platforms?

Typically, these platforms are pretty solid on security, using established cloud-based infrastructures. However, the onus is still on you to set up secure user authentication and data handling practices. Never cut corners when it comes to safeguarding user data.

Are no-code app builders suitable for startups?

They’re a startup’s dream. Minimal investment, rapid development, and the chance to test ideas without burning the budget on devs. Start with a prototype, gauge interest, and iterate – all while reserving precious capital for other business areas.

Can I integrate databases and APIs with no-code tools?

Indeed, many no-code app builders offer integrations with popular databases and APIs. Platforms like Airtable even have built-in databases, and services like Zapier can connect your app with a whole universe of web tools and services.

What about app maintenance and updates?

No-code solutions really shine here. They simplify updates, often reducing them to a few clicks within the platform interface. Maintenance becomes less about wrangling code and more about tweaking your app to better serve your users.

Can I scale my app as my business grows?

Moderately, but know this: as your user base grows, complexities grow too. Initial scaling is a breeze, but there’s a ceiling to everything. At some point, if your app blows up big time, you may need to transition to a custom-coded solution.

Ending Thoughts

So, we’re at the finish line. What a ride through the lands of no-code app builders, right?

You’ve seen all the knobs and buttons—how they empower you with DIY app creations, the clever ways they simplify design, and the sheer marvel of putting together an app without writing code. All this, done by picking and placing like a pro builder using play blocks.

And guess what? You got this. You’re now ready to dive in, test waters with a free tier, or go full-throttle with a premium plan. Sure, the road has its bumps—like figuring out the best rapid application development tools or customizations. But that’s just part of the journey.

Remember, keep your ideas flowing and your apps growing. Who knows, the next big thing on the app store might just have your name on it. Go on, unleash your creativity, no coding degree required.

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