The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Imagine waking up to extra cash in your wallet—cha-ching!

Apps that make you money? Sounds like a gimmick, right? Wrong. We’re talking cold, hard cash for tapping away on your phone. And no, you don’t need to be a finance guru or tech whiz. These apps are your ticket to a side hustle that fits in your pocket.

In a hustle-happy world, who doesn’t want a slice of the money pie?

Stay with me, and I’ll guide you through a treasure trove of apps—from survey sidekicks to cashback champions—that can fatten your bank account.

By the end of this read, you’ll have the lowdown on the top apps ripe for making money.

Think survey apps like Swagbucks, gig giants like TaskRabbit, or selling sensations like Mercari. Get ready to learn how to transform your smartphone into a money-making machine.

Top Money-Making Apps

App NameMain PurposeBest for…Monetization MethodPlatform AvailabilityPayment TypePayout Threshold
IbottaCashback for shoppingGrocery shoppersCashback on purchasesiOS, AndroidPayPal, Gift Cards$20
RakutenOnline cashbackOnline and in-store shoppersCashback from partnered retailersWeb, iOS, AndroidCheck, PayPalNo minimum; Paid quarterly
SwagbucksRewards for tasksSurvey lovers, video watchersPoints for various online activitiesWeb, iOS, AndroidGift Cards, PayPal$3 (for certain gift cards), $25 for PayPal
FiverrFreelance servicesFreelancers in various fieldsPayment for service completionWeb, iOS, AndroidPayPal, Fiverr Revenue Card$1
UpworkFreelance projectsProfessional freelancersPayment for project completionWeb, iOS, AndroidDirect to Local Bank, U.S. Bank Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer$100 for direct bank, less for other methods
OfferUpLocal buying and sellingSecond-hand buyers and sellersSale of goodsiOS, AndroidCash, App WalletNo minimum
PoshmarkFashion marketplaceFashion enthusiastsSale of fashion itemsiOS, AndroidBank Transfer, Check$0.01
Branded SurveysPaid surveysOpinionated individualsPoint collection for survey completionWebPayPal, Gift Cards$5
Survey JunkieMarket research via surveysPeople who like sharing their opinionPoint collection for survey completionWeb, iOS, AndroidGift Cards, PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer$5
InboxDollarsVariety of online tasksThose who like a mix of activitiesCash for completing various tasksWeb, iOS, AndroidCheck, Prepaid Visa, Gift Cards$30
DoorDashFood delivery serviceDrivers/ridersDelivery fees and tipsiOS, AndroidDirect Deposit, DasherDirect$0 (Immediate Withdraw with DasherDirect)
UberRideshare and food deliveryDrivers/riders for ride and deliveryFees from rides/delivery & tipsiOS, AndroidDirect Deposit, Instant PayVaries
InstacartGrocery shopping & deliveryShoppers/driversDelivery and shopping fees & tipsiOS, AndroidDirect Deposit$10
Capital One ShoppingAutomated coupons & rewardsOnline shoppersSavings and rewards on online purchasesWeb, iOS, AndroidGift CardsNo minimum
AcornsMicro-investment servicesAnyone looking to invest changeInvestment of spare changeiOS, AndroidBank TransferNo minimum
Rocket MoneyPersonal finance managementThose looking to manage financesSavings on bills through negotiationiOS, AndroidBank TransferNo minimum
UpsideCash back on everyday purchasesAnyone buying gas, groceries or dining outCash back from participating businessesiOS, AndroidBank account, PayPal, Gift Cards$10
M1 FinanceAutomated investing servicesInvestors looking for automationInvestment managementiOS, Android, WebBank Transfer$25


ibotta-2 The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Shop, snap, and save—it’s that simple with Ibotta. A pioneer among cashback apps, this savvy tool reimburses you for purchases across a myriad of stores. The process involves selecting offers, buying the products, then photographing your receipt. Hello, savings!

Best Features

  • Cashback on everyday purchases
  • Bonuses for referring friends
  • Compatible with many retailers

What we like about it: The real-time cash rewards for everyday shopping can really add up, making it a hit for budget-conscious folks.


Rakuten The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten sweeps in as your cashback cupid, hitting you with money arrows every time you shop online. It’s a breeze—a click-through gateway to most of your favorite online retailers, and poof, part of your spend is back with you.

Best Features

  • Expansive network of partner merchants
  • Periodic double cashback events
  • User-friendly browser extension

What we like about it: You’re shopping anyway, so why not earn some of that money back? The browser extension nails it for ease of use.


Swagbucks The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Swagbucks turns your digital rambles into rewards. From surveys to web searches, and even games, each task adds up to points—Swagbucks (SB). Trade ’em in for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Best Features

  • Diverse ways to earn points
  • Free gift cards or cash as rewards
  • Daily goal bonuses

What we like about it: The sheer variety of ways to earn makes it stand out. Surveys, videos, shopping: choose your weapon.


fiverr The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Welcome to Fiverr, the bustling freelance bazaar. This platform is a matchmaker between your skills and those scouring for them—graphic design, digital marketing, you name it. Set your rates, offer your gig, and start raking in cash on your terms.

Best Features

  • Diverse categories of gigs
  • Direct communication with clients
  • Control over your pricing

What we like about it: Flexibility is king here. Work as much or as little as you want, based on your life’s rhythm.


upwork The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Freelancers, assemble! At Upwork, you’re the hot ticket item. The site’s a goldmine for gigs—writing, coding, designing—all up for grabs. Create a profile that sings your praises, then pitch for projects that scream your name.

Best Features

  • Range of job categories
  • Protection through escrow payment system
  • Ability to work with a global client base

What we like about it: Serious clients with serious projects—this platform is where careers are carved.


OfferUp The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Picture this: a virtual garage sale where your phone’s the cash register. OfferUp invites you to sell whatever’s collecting dust in your abode. Snap, post, sell—it’s the circle of stuff, and cash.

Best Features

  • User-friendly mobile app
  • In-app messaging
  • User ratings for trustworthiness

What we like about it: Safety’s a standout, with real profiles and ratings for a smoother, transparent local selling scene.


poshmark The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Fashionistas and closet clearers, unite at Poshmark! It’s a social marketplace for your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Click a photo, add a description, set a price, and you’re in business, style guru.

Best Features

  • Social features like ‘parties’ for selling
  • Flat rate shipping
  • Posh Protect buyer guarantee

What we like about it: The community vibe is solid, making buying and selling feel like a fashionable get-together.

Branded Surveys

branded-surveys-1 The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Opinions wanted? Branded Surveys needs ’em! A questionnaire queue lines up, hungry for your thoughts on… well, tons of stuff. Finish a survey, bag some points, and redeem them for gift cards or cash.

Best Features

  • Points for even attempting surveys
  • Reasonable payout thresholds
  • Option for charitable donations

What we like about it: Consistency. They’ve got a steady flow of surveys, keeping that points pot simmering.

Survey Junkie

Survey-Junkie-2 The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Chime in, and get those coins. Survey Junkie adds your voice to brand decisions by turning your views into virtual Visa cards or PayPal payouts. The surveys are quick-ish—the perfect tag-along activity to your daily scroll.

Best Features

  • Clean, easy-to-use interface
  • Quick point accumulation
  • E-gift cards and cash options

What we like about it: The streamlined experience makes it a breeze for anyone to jump in and start earning immediately.


InboxDollars The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

InboxDollars injects a doze of fun into earning extra cash. Surveys, emails, even watching TV shows—little tasks, here and there, build up to a tidy sum. No points, no gimmicks, just real dollars.

Best Features

  • Cash payment, not points
  • Variety of activities
  • Signup bonus

What we like about it: Ditching the points system for actual cash is a game-changer. Literally, money for almost nothing!


DoorDash The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Cruising the city as a DoorDash deliverer, you feed the hungry masses while fattening up your wallet. You’re the hero with the takeaway—a few clicks on the app, a few meals delivered, and boom, you’re making bank on your schedule.

Best Features

  • Choose your delivery hours
  • Immediate payment option
  • Tips go 100% to you

What we like about it: Time’s on your side. Work around your life’s chaos, not the other way around.


uber-app The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Uber, the OG ride-share ruler, turns your car into a money motor, zipping passengers here and there. Tap the app, find a fare, and the meter in your pocket ticks up the earnings.

Best Features

  • Flexibility in work hours
  • Surge pricing during high demand
  • Instant pay options

What we like about it: You’re behind the wheel in more ways than one; drive when you want, earn as you please.


Instacart-1 The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

For the supermarket savants, Instacart pays you to play personal shopper. Grab a cart, fill it with groceries on someone else’s list, check out, and deliver. Simple.

Best Features

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Ability to choose orders
  • Tips can boost earnings

What we like about it: It’s perfect for those who know their way around the grocery aisles and love a bit of hustle.

Capital One Shopping

Capital-One-Shopping The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Capital One Shopping is your stealthy sidekick in the game of deals. This genius browser extension seeks out coupon codes, price drops, and better offers. Save as you spend, effortlessly.

Best Features

  • Automatic coupon application
  • Price comparison tool
  • Credits for gift cards

What we like about it: Saving money without having to think about it? That’s some serious shopping-leveling up.


acorns The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Acorns is like your digital piggy bank but smarter. It rounds up your purchases and invests the spare change. Over time, it’s a little acorn that could grow into a mighty oak of savings.

Best Features

  • Painless savings and investment
  • Round-up from everyday purchases
  • Educational content on finance

What we like about it: Investing without the heavy lifting; it’s making future you quite the money-savvy squirrel.

Rocket Money

Rocket-Money The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Previously known as Truebill, Rocket Money is your finance tracker with a black belt in bill negotiation. It monitors your subscriptions, finds better rates, and even cancels stuff you forgot you’re paying for.

Best Features

  • Subscription monitoring
  • Automated savings options
  • Bill negotiation services

What we like about it: Who doesn’t want their own automated financial advocate, right? Money management, on cruise control.


Upside The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Upside turns your errands into earnings by offering cash back on gas, groceries, and dining out. Before you pump or munch, check the app for participating spots and tap into the savings.

Best Features

  • No points, just cashback
  • Generous % back on gas
  • User-friendly design

What we like about it: The rewarding feeling of saving cash on that tedious tank fill-up is way underrated.

M1 Finance

M1-Finance The 18 Best Apps That Make You Money

Meet M1 Finance, where the automated investment brigade assembles. Build custom portfolios or go for expert pie—yeah, they call ’em pies—of stocks and bonds, then let the robo-adviser handle the rest.

Best Features

  • Automated investing
  • Customizable portfolios
  • No management fees

What we like about it: The hands-off approach of a robo-advisor, with the control to cook up your investment strategy your way.

Comparison of Top Apps

Having taken a closer look at each app, let’s stack them up against each other.

In terms of earning potential, TaskRabbit and Rover can bring in substantial income, especially if you’re in a busy area. Acorns has potential for long-term growth, while Swagbucks and Sweatcoin are more about a bit of extra pocket money.

When we talk about ease of use, apps like Swagbucks and Acorns shine with their user-friendly interfaces. TaskRabbit and Rover may require more active management, but they’re pretty straightforward too.

As for reliability, these apps have built solid reputations over the years. However, like any app, they have their quirks and issues. Always check out user reviews and do your own research before diving in.

FAQ about apps that make you money

Can you really make money with apps?

Absolutely. We’ve crossed into an era where your phone is a potent tool for making bank. From snapping pics of grocery receipts on Ibotta for cash back to completing quick tasks on Swagbucks and TaskRabbit, the reality is, profit’s at your fingertips.

What apps pay you instantly?

Those that do often have a threshold, but apps like PayPal offer quick payouts. With apps like Uber, your earnings can go straight to your debit card. Mind you, “instant” can still mean within a day or two, but hey, that’s near lightning speed in the finance world.

How much can you earn with money-making apps?

No sugarcoating here—it varies. An app like Etsy could net you a pretty penny if you’ve got the crafts people crave. Acorns can round up spare change into investments. You’re not looking at retirement money, but hey, it’s a neat supplement to your income stream.

What are the best apps for passive income?

Passive income is the dream, right? You’ve got Acorns blending investing with everyday spending. Rakuten and Honey hand you cash back without lifting a finger during online shops. We can’t forget about those real money games and investment apps that grow your funds while you live life.

Are there apps that pay you to walk?

Bet your sneakers there are. StepBet, for example, is like a fitness bet; you hit your step goals, and you cash in. Then there’s Sweatcoin, converting steps to digital currency. Who knew that your daily stroll could inch you toward financial fitness, too?

Which apps are best for surveys that pay?

Got opinions? Get paid. Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are like your chatty best friends who actually reward you for your two cents. Plus, they’ve got a range of topics, so you’re likely gabbing about stuff you dig.

Can you make money from playing games on apps?

Truth? Yes. Apps like Mistplay or InboxDollars offer up games that reward you with points convertible to dollars. This isn’t hitting the jackpot, but for the casual gamer, it’s a nice bonus to level up your wallet while you’re leveling up in-game.

What’s the catch with free money-making apps?

Think of it like this: if it’s free, you’re the product. Your data, your time, your eyeballs on ads—they’re worth something. Understand the trade-off—your privacy settings and how you engage. It’s not all cloak and dagger, but a heads-up moment.

Are money-making app earnings taxable?

Yes. Uncle Sam extends his reach to your digital dollar pursuits, too. If you’re hauling in a decent sum, expect to report it at tax time. The apps don’t withhold taxes, so that’s a dance you do with the IRS directly.

How do you stay safe using apps that make you money?

Let’s keep it 100—always check reviews and read up before downloading. And those permissions they ask for? Read ’em. You don’t wanna give away the digital farm. Always stick to reputable platforms, keep a tight password game, and remember the golden rule: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Conclusion on apps that make you money

And there you have it, a digital playground of apps that make you money, all ready for the taking.

It’s like opening up a toolbox, each app a different gadget to fix up your finances, little by little. Whether you’re clicking through surveys during your coffee break or selling your closet’s hidden treasures, your phone could be the key to your next payday.

To wrap this up:

  • Tread the digital streets of money-making with legit platforms.
  • Slide your way through hassle-free tasks with a tap and swipe.
  • Let your opinions, daily steps, or shopping habits stack up some extra dough.

Keep it savvy, friends. Dive into the opportunities, but stay wise.

There’s gold in them hills of the app world, and armed with the right info, you’re set to mine it. So, best of luck—may your notifications be plentiful, and your earnings be sweet.

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