Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta

Imagine tapping your screen a few times and watching cash pile up in your account. Sounds like a daydream, right? Nope. It’s a sweet reality, thanks to a breed of smartphone gems better known as cashback apps, cousins to the well-regarded Ibotta.

Now, in this swirl of digital savvy, folks often wonder about other apps like Ibotta that open the door to similar, if not better, treasure troves of savings.

I’ll take you straight into the heart of money-saving cyberspace, where every receipt scan beams you closer to that gadget you’ve been eyeing or that vacation you desperately need.

No more sifting through coupon clippings; these apps are the modern-day gold rush for deal hunters.

By sticking with me, you’re signing up for an exploration of the best saving apps, tools designed to line your pockets and revolutionize your shopping experience.

So brace yourself for the big reveal of cashback offersdiscount codes, and more, seamlessly stitched into your daily buys. Get ready to transform your smartphone into a savvy shopper’s best friend.

Apps Like Ibotta

Apps Like IbottaEarning MethodsPayout MethodsUnique FeaturesAvailability
ShopkickWalk-ins, Scans, Purchases, VideosGift cardsEarn points (‘kicks’) for visiting storesiOS, Android
Fetch RewardsScanning receiptsGift cardsEasy earning by just scanning any receiptiOS, Android
DoshAutomatic cashback via linked cardsDirect deposit; PayPal; CharitySeamless cashback without scanning receiptsiOS, Android
NCPMobileScanning barcodesGift cards; Merchandise; Sweepstakes entriesPanelist program with regular scanning dutyiOS, Android
Checkout 51Scanning receipts of specific productsCheckWeekly updated offers; Threshold of $20 for payoutiOS, Android
Coupons.comDigital coupons; In-app purchase offersPayPalDirect savings with linked store loyalty cardsiOS, Android
Coupon SherpaIn-store couponsNot applicableInstant access to in-store coupons and dealsiOS, Android
Krazy Coupon LadyHandpicked coupon dealsNot applicableExpert tips; Aggregates deals from multiple sourcesiOS, Android
ShopSavvyPrice comparison toolNot applicableBarcode scanner for price checks across retailersiOS, Android
Receipt HogScanning receiptsPayPal; Amazon gift cards; MagazinesGamified elements with slots to win extra pointsiOS, Android
Receipt PalScanning receiptsGift cards; Sweepstakes entriesAccepts a wide variety of receipts for pointsiOS, Android


Shopkick Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta

Scooping up points as you shop, Shopkick turns the everyday grocery run into a scavenger hunt. We’re talkin’ bountiful bonuses for doin’ simple stuff like walking into stores and scanning items.

Best Features:

  • Points earned just for walking into stores
  • Scan products for additional rewards
  • Redeem points for gift cards

What we like about it: Getting kicks (that’s points) for just stepping into a store feels like being welcomed like a VIP at every entrance.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch-Rewards Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta

Snap a pic of your receipt with Fetch Rewards and watch the rewards roll in. All kinds of receipts are game – from supermarkets to restaurants. It’s like your spending’s got superpowers!

Best Features:

  • Accepts various types of receipts
  • Instant reward processing
  • Partnered with hundreds of brands

What we like about it: Turn any shopping trip into points for gift cards – it’s like findin’ money in your pocket you didn’t know was there!


Dosh Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta

Link that plastic (credit or debit card, mind you) to Dosh and get cash back automatic. We’re talkin’ hassle-free, forget about it cash back at tons of places you already chill at.

Best Features:

  • Automatic cash back
  • No need to scan receipts
  • Wide range of participating merchants

What we like about it: The set-it-and-forget-it vibe. Link your card once and get cash flowin’ without liftin’ another finger.


NCPMobile Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta

Sharin’ your supermarket sweep details with NCPMobile hooks you up with points you can trade for cool stuff. Keep it real consistent, and they’ll surprise you with bonuses.

Best Features:

  • Points for every shopping trip
  • Bonus rewards for consistent participation
  • Variety of redeemable rewards

What we like about it: Making each grocery run count for more than just stockin’ your pantry – can you say “points party”?

Checkout 51

Checkout-51 Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta

Say goodbye to the old cut-and-clip and hello to Checkout 51, where weekly deals get your cashback stackin’. Tick items off your list and cha-ching – save those bucks!

Best Features:

  • New offers every week
  • Easy redemption process
  • No need for physical coupons

What we like about it: That fresh batch of savings every week keeps the cashback thrill alive!

Coupons.com_ Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta is like having a mega stash of savings right at your fingertips. Clip digital coupons or print ’em out – either way, you’re in for major discounts.

Best Features:

  • Huge selection of coupons
  • No membership required
  • Digital and print options

What we like about it: Who wouldn’t wanna dive into a big ol’ pool of discounts without even signin’ up for anything?

Coupon Sherpa

Coupon-Sherpa Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta

With Coupon Sherpa as your guide, you’ll summit the peak of savings. Their arsenal of digital coupons is so vast, you’ll wonder how you ever paid full price for anything.

Best Features:

  • Vast collection of in-store coupons
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Savings at local and national retailers

What we like about it: Baggin’ discounts left and right like a true bargain-huntin’ champ!

Krazy Coupon Lady

Krazy-Coupon-Lady Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta

Follow the trail blazed by the Krazy Coupon Lady, and you’ll uncover deal after deal. This site ain’t just about clippin’ coupons – it’s about mastering the art of savin’.

Best Features:

  • Deal tutorials and tips
  • Comprehensive coupon database
  • Community of savvy savers

What we like about it: It’s the ultimate cheat sheet to becoming the sensei of savings yourself!


ShopSavvy-1 Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta


Turn your phone into a price-slashin’ weapon with ShopSavvy. Just scan a barcode, and bam – instant price comparisons that’ll knock your socks off.

Best Features:

  • Barcode scanner for price checks
  • Real-time price comparisons
  • Alerts for price drops

What we like about it: Catching those price drops like a pro keeps more dough in the wallet.

Receipt Hog

Receipt-Hog-1 Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta

Snap a shot of that receipt and let Receipt Hog gobble it up for points. It doesn’t care where you shop; every receipt’s a feast!

Best Features:

  • All types of receipts earn rewards
  • Fun slots game for extra points
  • Hassle-free points redemption

What we like about it: It’s like turning your expense trash into treasure – one receipt at a time.

Receipt Pal

Receipt-Pal Savvy Shopping: 11 Cashback Apps Like Ibotta

Keep those receipts coming and Receipt Pal will keep the points flowin’. They accept almost any kind of receipt, making every purchase count.

Best Features:

  • Wide variety of accepted receipts
  • Easy submission process
  • Weekly sweepstakes for cash prizes

What we like about it: That thrill when your everyday shopping might just win you a fat wad of cash.

FAQ On Apps Like Ibotta

How do cashback apps work?

Well, cashback apps are like your shopping sidekicks. You buy your stuff, usually through the app or by uploading receipts, and voila – you earn a percentage back on your purchases. The concept is simple: shop, claim rewards, and get some dough back into your pocket. It’s not magic, just smart shopping.

Can you really save money with apps like Ibotta?

Yep, absolutely! These apps are designed to maximize your savings by offering cashback, discounts, and coupons on your everyday buys. You do have to put in a bit of effort to scan receipts or find deals, but trust me, that little hassle can add up to significant savings over time.

Are cashback app rewards worth it?

For sure. The rewards might look small at a glance, but they stack up. Imagine earning back a chunk of your grocery bill every single week. Yeah, those numbers get juicy. Stick with it, and you can treat yourself with the rewards – maybe even splurge on something nice.

What’s the best app for earning cashback on groceries?

Well, I’m an Ibotta kind of person, but there’s also Fetch Rewards and Checkout 51. They’re both big players when it comes to grocery cashback. Different apps offer different rates, so it’s wise to compare and see which one tickles your fancy for the grocery run.

How do cashback apps differ from coupons?

Coupons cut your costs upfront – snip a bit off your bill right at the register. Cashback apps, on the other hand, are like a refund after the fact. Buy now, get money back later. Both save you some greens, but the timings are like night and day.

Are there any hidden fees with cashback apps?

Sneaky fees? Nah, not usually. Most cashback apps are free to download and free to use. But always keep an eye out. Some might tempt you with premium features that come with a price tag, but it’s your call if the extra perks are worth your coin.

How quickly do you receive cashback after a purchase?

Not going to lie, it varies. Some apps show you love instantly, while others play hard to get, making you wait a few days, or sometimes a couple of weeks. If immediate gratification is your jam, just check the app’s policy before getting too attached.

Look, reputable apps take security seriously. Encryption, security protocols – the works. But remember, you’re the gatekeeper of your data. Only link up with apps you trust, keep your software tight, and stay alert for any shenanigans. Safety first, always.

How do these apps make money if they’re giving cashback?

Good question. It’s a give and take. These apps often get a cut from retailers for driving traffic their way, and they may also earn through ads or upselling premium features. Plus, not every user claims their rewards – that unclaimed cash is another stream for them.

Can you use multiple cashback apps for the same purchase?

Why not? Layer up those rewards. Scan that receipt on multiple platforms. Different apps have different deals; combine them, and you’re winning at the savings game. Just make sure you’re not breaching any terms of service – some combinations might not be allowed, so always double-check.


So, we’re wrapping this up, and what a ride through the digital aisles of apps like Ibotta it’s been. By now, your brain’s probably swimming in an ocean of cashback offersmoney-saving tips, and visions of a fatter wallet. And trust me, that’s a good thing.

In our quest, we unearthed a trove of reward programs and coupon apps—all set to turn every swipe and tap into potential savings. From the giants of shopping rebates to the new kids on the block offering that sweet cashback goodness, it’s clear these apps don’t just stack deals; they stack opportunities. Opportunities to make every cent of your hard-earned dough work just as hard as you do.

And hey, if you’re about to pivot your shopping habits, let this be the nudge you needed. Find your match from the array of apps we’ve paraded before you, and set forth to shop smarter, not harder. Here’s to keeping those pockets lined and those savings climbing. Cheers!

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