Design Made Simple: 9 Top Apps Like Canva

Imagine crafting stunning graphics. Effortlessly. No design degree needed. That was the game-changer Canva brought to the table. Now, the landscape’s evolving. More players are joining the arena, diversifying the toolbox for creatives and marketers alike.

You’re after that same ease, a dash more flair, or perhaps a toolset that screams “unique.”

Pursue the quest here. You’ll unearth apps like Canva—gems hiding in plain sight. By the close, the knowledge to choose wisely will be yours.

Expect to tread through the bustling bazaar of graphic design software, online havens for typo-philiacs, and collaborative hubs where ideas merge and flourish.

We’re not just sprinkling another list into the cosmos.

We’re delving into the DNA of these platforms, the user-friendly interfaces, their offerings from drag-and-drop editors to infographic templates, all under a roof that doesn’t threaten to empty your wallet. Discover, evaluate, create.

Apps Like Canva

Apps like CanvaTemplates & Design AssetsEase of UsePlatform & CompatibilityPricing
FotorNumerous templates; rich in photo editing featuresUser-friendlyWeb, Windows, Mac, iOS, AndroidFree, Pro version available
VismeHigh-quality templates; focus on infographics and presentationsIntuitiveWeb-basedFree, Premium plans available
VistaCreate (Crello)Large variety of templates; strong focus on animation and videoVery user-friendlyWeb-basedFree, Subscription for advanced features
SnappaLimited selection compared to others; high-quality assetsVery easy to useWeb-basedFree, Paid plans available
PicMonkeyGood range of templates; photo editing emphasisSimple interfaceWeb, iOS, AndroidFree trial, Subscription required
PixlrExtensive photo editing options; fewer templatesModerate learning curveWeb, iOS, AndroidFree, Pro version available
VenngageSpecializes in infographics and reports; wide selectionStraightforwardWeb-basedFree, Paid versions for more features
Adobe Creative Cloud ExpressLarge template library; integration with other Adobe productsModerate learning curveWeb, iOS, AndroidFree, Paid plans for additional features
StencilSmaller selection; emphasis on speed and simplicityVery easy to useWeb-basedFree, Premium options available


Fotor Design Made Simple: 9 Top Apps Like Canva

Sit back and let your creative juices flow with Fotor, the snazzy and straightforward photo editor that’s picking up steam. Fotor is like your little design sidekick; it simplifies everything from touching up photos to crafting those eye-popping graphics.

Best Features:

  • Intuitive photo editing
  • A vast array of filters and effects
  • Template-driven design aid

What we like about it: Fotor’s edge is its one-click enhancement feature. Bang, and your photos are looking pro-level, no hassle!


Visme Design Made Simple: 9 Top Apps Like Canva

Visme is the secret weapon for anyone craving to tell a story visually. This powerhouse packs in all the tools needed to whip up infographics that hook, presentations that pop, and reports that rock.

Best Features:

  • Data visualization brilliance
  • Engaging presentation templates
  • Interactivity at its core

What we like about it: Interactivity is what sets Visme apart – you can bring life to those static figures in ways you never thought you could.


VistaCreate Design Made Simple: 9 Top Apps Like Canva

VistaCreate, your go-to for making visual content that turns heads and wins hearts. It’s like having a mini design studio in your pocket, but way less heavy.

Best Features:

  • Drag-and-drop brilliance
  • Heaps of stylish templates
  • An animation feature for static images

What we like about it: VistaCreate dazzles with animation. Suddenly, your designs are not just nice; they’re alive!


PicMonkey Design Made Simple: 9 Top Apps Like Canva

Unleash your inner Picasso with PicMonkey – the photo editing and design toolkit that’s equal parts fun and fabulous. It’s got all the photo filters you could wish for, and then some.

Best Features:

  • Touch-up tools galore
  • Clever collage maker
  • Graphic overlays that up your game

What we like about it: PicMonkey’s touch-up tools are magic. Flawless selfies? Done deal.


Pixlr Design Made Simple: 9 Top Apps Like Canva

Welcome to Pixlr, where your photo editing game levels up without you needing a degree in design. This app is about making those adjustments and layers work for you, not the other way around.

Best Features:

  • Layer-based editing
  • AI-powered tools for quick fixes
  • Massive range of effects and overlays

What we like about it: Pixlr’s big win is its flexibility—edit like a boss on your web browser or through the app, anywhere, anytime.


Venngage Design Made Simple: 9 Top Apps Like Canva

Meet Venngage – the infographic ninja that helps you transform data into dynamic, digestible visuals. It’s not just about looking pretty; it’s information storytelling at its finest.

Best Features:

  • Robust infographic templates
  • Customizable charts and data widgets
  • Collaboration features that keep the whole squad in sync

What we like about it: The variety of chart options in Venngage is primo – because who said data had to be dull?

Adobe Express

Adobe-Photoshop-Express-1 Design Made Simple: 9 Top Apps Like Canva

Dip your toes into the Adobe universe with Creative Cloud Express. It’s the express lane to pro designs, minus the overwhelm.

Best Features:

  • Seamless connectivity with other Adobe products
  • Slick, professional-grade design templates
  • A colossal portfolio of stock images

What we like about it: Creative Cloud Express brings that Adobe magic without needing to navigate a maze of tools.


Stencil Design Made Simple: 9 Top Apps Like Canva

Stencil is here to make your design workflow feel less like work and more like play. Fast, flexible, and factoring in all your social media needs, it’s a definite crowd-pleaser.

Best Features:

  • Optimize images for every social platform
  • Access millions of icons and graphics
  • Effortless branding with custom watermarking

What we like about it: The sheer speed with which you can turn ideas into share-worthy visuals is what makes Stencil a total game-changer.

FAQ On Apps Like Canva

What’s the deal with apps like Canva – any good free ones out there?

Absolutely. Though Canva leads the pack, options like Adobe Spark and Piktochart offer free plans. They’re solid for starting out, giving you the essentials: templates, basic design elements, and ease of use. Mind the pro features though; they’ll tempt you with their siren call.

Are these apps just for social media graphics?

No way. Beyond social media graphics, these tools serve up everything from printable event flyers to hefty business reports. Some, like Crello, dish out animated graphics – real eye-candy for digital platforms. Others, like Snappa, focus on web banners. There’s a tool for every visual need.

Can I collaborate with my team on these platforms?

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Most have collaboration baked in. You and the crew can co-create, share feedback, and fine-tune designs in real-time. Platforms such as Fotor and PicMonkey champion this collaborative spirit, though features vary. Check each app’s team options.

Do I need to be a design pro to use these apps?

Not at all. The beauty of these tools lies in their simplicity. Even if terms like “kerning” sound alien, you’ll fare just fine. Stencil and Desygner, for example, are made for design newbies. They pick up the slack with intuitive drag-and-drop editors and pre-made design layouts.

How do these apps fare for creating business materials?

They’re not just about pretty pictures; they mean business. Literally. You’ll find industry-specific templates for presentations, business cards, or marketing material. Some extend to digital asset management, syncing with your workflow. Think brand consistency across all materials.

What about the quality of templates? Are they any good?

Quality’s the name of the game. The template libraries are vast and varied, marrying professional design with plug-and-play ease. You’d be hard-pressed to tell they were template-based. From minimalist to avant-garde, these tools are template treasure troves.

Can these apps handle heavy-duty design tasks?

Some can surprise you. While they may not replace heavyweights like Adobe Creative Suite for complex tasks, many handle more than just light flyer-making. Advanced options allow for custom dimensions, high-res exports, and even some video features. Desygner, I’m looking at you.

How secure are these online design apps?

Security’s a hot ticket. Reputable apps are locked down tight—your masterpieces are in safe hands. They comply with data protection regs, and cloud storage ensures that your designs don’t vanish if your computer does. For the privacy-focused, check out each app’s security creds before diving in.

Will I find unique graphics and photos, or is it all stock?

Stock doesn’t have to be blah. Sure, there’s a wealth of stock photos and graphics, but the variety’s wild. Some tools include collections of unique vector images and creative assets, or let you upload your own for that personal spin.

What if I need to design on the go – are these apps mobile-friendly?

Mobility’s a given these days. Virtually all contenders boast mobile apps or mobile-responsive platforms. Snap a pic, launch the app, and create – whether you’re in line for coffee or mid-flight. Apps like Canva and Adobe Spark have strong mobile offerings.


So, we’ve navigated the bustling expanse of apps like Canva, each with its unique flavor of creative zest. We’ve peeked behind the curtains at the likes of Adobe SparkPiktochartStencil, and more, discerning what sets each apart in the realm of visual content creation.

These platforms, they’re not merely tools; they’re conduits for expression, enabling stories to unfold visually. Whether through infographic templatesdrag-and-drop ease, or collaborative crescendos, they empower creation without the barrier of complex software.

In the end, it’s about finding that sweet spot – a companion that aligns with your rhythm, narrative, and audience. Consider the templates’ quality, collaboration options, the array of designs, or even ease of mobile use. But whatever your pick, creativity now has a new sidekick, and it’s ready to amplify your ideas into visual realities. Design boldly.

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